Articles & interviews


Discussion after the autumn drums 


January 1997 
Ann Shayne Interview



The Outlandish Companion 


1999  Interview with Diana Gabaldon after the release of the bookanuary  

ByLinda Richards




The Fiery cross 


2002 Discussion after the book  

ByLinda Richards




Fall treat for "Outlander" fans  


2009 - About the 7th opus: The echo of distant hearts
By Rebecca Bain




Jamie or the rule of three 


2010 - Some rules of writing 

By Diana Gabaldon 




Interview about the 8th opus 

 Interview about the 8th opus 

2013 - for the release of "Written in my own heart's blood"  



The Outlander effect 

2015 - Diana Gabaldon writes about her way of writing
Interview with Rebecca Monks 



The "Kilt-factor" 

2018 - The underside of the Outlander saga
By Fasseur Barbara 



Why Sex-Ed Classes Should Use Steamy Scenes From 'Outlander' To Teach Consent" 

2018 - By Carey Goldberg 



Sam is Jamie, by Diana Gabaldon 

 2013 - to talk about the choice of Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser's interpreter 


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