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The structure

The title, announced since the summer of 2016 is   Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone. It is inspired by an old tradition. View the photo. 

On Diana Gabaldon's website, we can read: “ Talking to your bees is a very ancient Celtic custom (also known in other parts of Europe) that reached the Appalachians. You always tell the bees when someone is born, dies, comes or leaves - because if you don't keep them informed, they will fly away . ”

She has made it clear on many occasions to consider the term "GONE" to mean "to leave" and not to "die". 

Go tell the bees that I am gone

The theme
Titles of the first chapters
The publication
Translation an audiobook
The end
The tittle

Diana Gabaldon has made a habit of naming the structures (or form) of her books.

For Bees, "It's  too early to be sure, but right now he looks a lot like a honeycomb. "


Then, "Honeycomb" refers to the six main characters (or pairs) whose story we follow throughout the book; the internal structure, cellular, if you will. "Serpent" is the general form of the book. It slips, it rolls up, it slips, it climbs (then falls from a tree on you), it turns on itself as it moves forward, it has occasional bulges where it has swallowed something big ... and he has fangs.

Diana Gabaldon is also used to identifying her novels with only one word.

So for volume 1 - thistle and tartant - she chose " love ",

For volume 2,  the talisman - she chose " marriage "  

For volume 3 -The trip - she chose " identity " 

For volume 4 - The drums of autumn - she chose " family " 

For volume 5 - The cross of fires ", she chose" community "

For volume 6 - Snow and ash - she chose   "Loyalty" 

For volume 7  - The echo of distant hearts - she chose "Nexus"

And finally, for  volume 8  - Written with the ink of my heart - she chose "octopus" (for the 8 branches)


For the ninth volume, Diana first thought of " conscience (source: thelitforum, January 2018) to change her mind in August 2019 by confiding on Twitter that" The theme would be "equal between betrayal and loyalty, which I guess are two sides of the same coin. So if you could name this coin with one word, that would be the theme ".  

She then added, "Or maybe I'll just say it's Faith." 

The author claimed that volume 9 would be a block, but not as big as volumes 5 and 6 (which are the biggest of the saga with around 500,000 words). She also explained that she wanted to make Bees shorter than volume 8 (which is about 400,000 words) because she would have promised it to her agent in charge of foreign rights.

So size level, it would be more at the level of volumes 2 and 3 (which are respectively 340,000 and 380,000 words) (in original version).


We also know that it will have 5 parts and that the 4th will be impressive with around 110,000 words.

In early 2019, Diana unveiled some info about the intrigues that will compose volume 9:

"It's a six-sided story (roughly speaking), with the six big storylines involving 1) Jamie and Claire, 2) Roger and Brianna, 3) Rachel and Ian, 4) John and Hal, 5) William and 6) a mysterious person, whom we will not mention here ".


Regarding this mystery character, Diana clarified: "You have met the person in question".

But 6 plots, does it correspond to 6 points of view?

Diana replies, “No, some people share a major storyline - like Brianna and Roger, Jamie and Claire, etc. (which isn't to say that some people sharing a storyline can't have subplots of their own. ..) "

So who could this mystery figure be? Percy? Denys Randall? Amaranthus Gray? Do you have another idea ?


Diana also added in an interview with TV series producer Maril Davis that "it's a really, really interesting book, especially now that I'm in the final stages and know all that is left. I cannot say that there is no tragedy ".

When Maril asks her more about these "tragedies", she answers:

“Let's say it's not Jamie. Someone asked me a few months ago, 'Can you say something in five words or less that will make people want to read Book Nine? I said, "Yeah, he's still alive," because that's what they're afraid of, that Jamie will die in this book. I will tell you that is not the case ".

Maril Davis noted that Diana did not say Claire was safe from the tragedy. What she confirmed by:

"I didn't. We'll have to wait."


Finally, she added:


"There are definitely some things you won't see coming ..." 

On her site, the author unveiled the titles of the first chapters in spring 2019. They are likely to have changed since that date. However, here they are:



SECTION I: A Swarm of Bees in the Carcass of a Lion

A swarm of bees in the carcass of a lion  (from the Bible)

CHAPTER 1: The MacKenzies are Here!
The MacKenzies are here! 

CHAPTER 2: A Blue Wine Day
Un jour de vin bleu 

CHAPTER 3: Meditations on a Hyoid
Meditations on a Hyoid  (bone located above the larynx)

CHAPTER 4: Home is the Hunter, Home from the Hill
Home is the Hunter, Home on the Hill  (diversion from a poem by RL Stevenson)

CHAPTER 5: Dead or Alive
Dead or Alive 

Visits Visits 

CHAPTER 7: Animal Nursery Tales Animal Nursery

SECTION II: No Law West of the Pecos

No law west of the Pecos  (see here: )

CHAPTER 8: Lightning
Lightning / Lightning 

CHAPTER 9: Erstwhile Companions
Companions of yore 

CHAPTER 10: What Is Not Good for the Swarm Is Not Good for the Bee (Marcus Aurelius)
What is not good for the swarm is not good for the bee ( Marcus Aurelius)

CHAPTER 11: My Dear Boyfriend
My Dear Boyfriend 

CHAPTER 12: The Hound of Heaven
The watchdog sky 

CHAPTER 13: Reading by Firelight Reading by

CHAPTER 14: Duck, Duck, Goose
Handkerchief Game 

To readers already worried about a final cliffhanger (a bit like that of volume 7 ), Diana replies that volume 9 will have a conclusion, a "full stop". 

Faced with the impatience of her many readers, Diana Gabaldon has long been announcing an imminent release of her particularly awaited ninth opus. 


In a tweet from December 2018, she announced a release in 2019. .. missed !!

After many " it will be released before Christmas" , " soon finished",  " a few more weeks "… Diana admitted that she could not make any prognosis.


She still recently affirmed to reach the end, and to hope for a publication " during 2021" which will perhaps be complicated because of the health crisis. (See post: " Why volume 9 is delayed ) 


On March 7, 2021, Diana claimed on thelitforum that BEES will be released long before season 6 of the tv series unless there is a "total collapse of civilization" 


On March 27, 2021, she announced on social media that she was done!

All that was left was to wait for the announcement of an official release date, which she did on April 15, 2021.

The official publication (in original version of course) is scheduled for November 23, 2021!  

Diana revealed that she has already given parts of volume 9 to Davina Porter, the reader of the audio books in their original version, so that she can prepare. Audiobooks should then be released at the same time as the text in English speaking countries.

The German translator working in close collaboration with Diana, it is likely that there the release of volume 9 is facing simultaneously with the original version. 


But for the others, it will be necessary to be patient ...

As an indication, the first part of volume 8 was released 1 year and 4 months after the release of the original version. We had to wait 3 more months for the second part. Hoping that things will go faster from now on, with the French-speaking success of the literary saga since the broadcast of the tv series.

Always close to her readership and particularly generous, Diana has never spared the extracts that she has posted in large numbers on her personal blog. 

You can find them here in French: Extracts volume 9   

Those and those who would like to remember the previous volume, here in PDF format, a summary of volume 8, written by Diana herself. A summary of 106 pages all the same! But when you love Diana, you don't count! 


Written with the blood of my heart - Summary & excerpts  (Only in French) 

Were are we

The past may seem the safest place to be . . . but it is the most dangerous time to be alive. . . .
Jamie Fraser and Claire Randall were torn apart by the Jacobite Rising in 1743, and it took them twenty years to find each other again. Now the American Revolution threatens to do the same.
It is 1779 and Claire and Jamie are at last reunited with their daughter, Brianna, her husband, Roger, and their children on Fraser’s Ridge. Having the family together is a dream the Frasers had thought impossible.
Yet even in the North Carolina backcountry, the effects of war are being felt. Tensions in the Colonies are great and local feelings run hot enough to boil Hell’s tea-kettle. Jamie knows loyalties among his tenants are split and it won’t be long until the war is on his doorstep.
Brianna and Roger have their own worry: that the dangers that provoked their escape from the twentieth century might catch up to them. Sometimes they question whether risking the perils of the 1700s—among them disease, starvation, and an impending war—was indeed the safer choice for their family.
Not so far away, young William Ransom is still coming to terms with the discovery of his true father’s identity—and thus his own—and Lord John Grey has reconciliations to make, and dangers to meet . . . on his son’s behalf, and his own.

The synopsis
News from Diana Gabaldon

Diana Gabaldon answered a few questions about Volume 9 for The Dipp webzine.

* She says that "life on the Ridge varies between bucolic and terrifying depending on what is going on there". And when asked how many moments in Bees will leave readers speechless, she answers: "Oh, at least a dozen more or less serious moments" ...

* Regarding the characters who surprised her in this ninth opus, she quotes "William, to begin with". Of course, she does not give details, but she teases the return of Denys Randall: "We will see him again here, doing something unexpected".
* She adds that readers "should feel a great deal of trepidation in several places in the book, because what these people are doing is somehow dangerous", and that "there is a very strong element of threat and mystery."

* She informs us that Bees will end at the beginning of the year 1781 (in Jamie's time, no info on possible time travel). And the majority of the book will take place in the American colonies, no "exotic" trips like France or Jamaica).
* She adds that the recently returned Frasers and MacKenzies will have more to fear than the American Revolution when it comes to threats: "I'm not revealing much by mentioning that Frank Randall still has a small part to play in this story." she said about the mysterious aspect of Bees.
* People get hurt in this book. And Claire medically interacts with them in various interesting and quaint ways. "
* The article ends: "Considering that at one point people thought Claire was going to die in Bees, it's good to hear that Dr Randall is experimenting with what Gabaldon calls medical procedures." news "rather than receiving it. But even though Jamie and Claire will likely survive to make it through Book 10, they're also likely to get stung along the way. And no medical intervention - neither penicillin, nor EpiPens - will be able to. help them. That's the Gabaldon guarantee. "



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