Like most enthusiasts, Pitch Mani fell into the pot when she was little, encouraged by her mother who gave her a taste for colors and painting very early on.

To overcome her loneliness, she decides to immortalize the moments of importance by illustrating the scenes that touch her.

Having become the mother of two treasures, she quickly understands that it is easier to shelter curious little hands, a graphics tablet rather than pots of colored pencils. This is how she turns to digital technology, which allows her, in addition to a multitude of technical options, to share her work on various social networks.

It begins with faires parts, then extends its activity to the sandstone of meetings and orders.


At the same time, she discovered the literary saga of Diana Gabaldon from her teenage years. Right away, it's passion. She even admits that it is thanks to this that she has developed values ​​that seem essential to her, such as loyalty, commitment and life alongside the ideal man. All of Claire's qualities have guided her in her own life, and if she confides that she is not very good at taking care of plants, at least she has become a nurse!


It is therefore quite natural that she brought together her two passions, for our greatest pleasure.