And of course, from 2014, he composes the original music for the Outlander series, with the talent and success that we know him. For the little anecdote, the song of the credits, Skye Boat Song, is interpreted by his wife Raya Yarbrough. 

It would be unfair not to take the time to discuss the wonderful music of Bear McCreary that is inseparable from the mood of the Outlander series. 

This is not the first time that Bear has composed for film and television, far from it! Since 2005 he composes the scores of many series, such as Battlestar Galactica, Eureka, Terminator: The Chronicles of Sarah Connor, Caprica, Human Target: The Target (the first season only - with the particularity of having used for the final episode the largest orchestra assembled for an episode of television series), The Cape, The Walking Dead, Defiance and, in parallel, those of several DVD direct-output films and two video games, Dark Void and SOCOM 4. 

The music of Bear McCreray

Brianna and Roger 

Dance of Druides 

Fallen through time 

The marriage contrat 

The handfasting ceremony 

The wedding

Fraser familly réunion 

The veil of time 

Eye of  storm 

Running out of time 

Destiny of Culloden 

Blood on the moor 

The key of Lallybroch 

The promise of John Grey 

To Wentworth 

Je suis prest 

Setting sail 

Welcom to the tribe

Charge of the highland cattle 

The uprising begin 

Man of worth