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Part 2

-1- What does Claire say to Colum when he asks her what she was doing in the woods?

She was looking for medicinal plants
She was on honeymoon
She was on her way to France

-2- To what smell does Murtagh compare France when they arrive in Le Havre

With snails
Burnt bread

-3- What was the name of the henchman sent to the brothel by Sir Pervical to find Jamie's records?

Greg Edgars
John Barton
Albert Hayes

-4-How many biological children has Jamie had?


-5- Where does Black Jack Randal hurt Jamie before he kills him?

To the arm
To the leg
On the side

-6- Which Claire plant did she use to peacefully end Colum's life?

Thymus vulgaris
Yellow jasmine

-7- Who reigns over France at the time when Claire and Jamie are traveling to Paris?

Louis XIV
Louis XV
Louis XVI

-8- What does Aunt Jocasta describe as a privilege that she wishes to be able to appreciate?

Be authorized to speak
Be allowed to say what she thinks
Be empowered to make your own financial decision

-9- What is Jamie's date of birth?

May 1, 1721
April 30, 1719
May 13, 1720

-10- What was the name of the director of Wentworth Prison?

Sir Archer
Sir Owen
Sir Fletcher

the number of correct answers is : sur 10