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Season 5 Episode 2  

Between twoo fires   

Written by Toni Graphia & Luc Schelhaas  



Based on the novel by Diana Gabaldon

October 30, 2019

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Fraser's Ridge/ Roger and Brianna's Cabin /Big House /Infirmary

Hillsboro Kitchen/Hillsboro Tavern/Hillsboro Courthouse/Jail Hallway

Prison cell/Court



Fraser's Ridge /Big House /The Porch /Roger and Brianna's Cabin

Cemetery /Woods /Road /Roadside /Hillsboro / Court /Forest




Two loaves of bread bake in the oven, golden and beautiful.

A wooden paddle slides under one of them (held by Claire, although we can't see her face) and places them on the counter next to a row of others.

The pleasant steam rises. You can almost smell the delicious scent. Someone is baking a lot of bread...


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "We don't always put title cards in the script, but this season we started to do that because they often played into the story in a more direct way. A clue, a hint, a teasing, a blank that could be filled, intelligently, without words. In this case, someone making a "whole" bread is a fun way to open the veil on Claire's bold plan to make penicillin without spoiling anything. Besides, it looks so delicious... « 



On BRIANNA as she sits against a tree, completely absorbed in her drawing. From where she sits, she has a view of the Big House, but she concentrates on her pencil strokes, until suddenly... A wagon speeds in, driven by Mrs. Nonie Farrish (a resident of Fraser's Ridge). Her husband, LEITH FARRISH collapsed in the seat, barely conscious.

BRIANNA looks up, instinctively sensing that something is seriously wrong. She takes a moment to look at her sketch: Stephen Bonnet's face, before closing her pouch and running to the porch where the cart stops abruptly.


 Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "At one point, we thought we'd start the whole episode with an insert on Bonnet's drawing – a disturbing image – but we decided to start with a shot on Brianna's drawing; let the audience think it's a bucolic moment (it's so beautiful at Fraser's Ridge at this time of year), only to reveal what she's drawing. She is still haunted by this man. Kimberly, in our incredible art department, drew dozens of different versions of Bonnet's drawing – more than thirty of them at the end: some we see in a later scene of this episode, others (not Bonnet's) that you may notice framed on a bedside table in later episodes. We talked a lot about what this drawing should look like – how realistic is it that Brianna can draw from memory a face that looked exactly like Stephen Bonnet. Even a very good artist has trouble drawing with a perfect resemblance someone totally from memory. And yet, the public needs to know in an immediate and visceral way who it is.  

Later in the episode, we'll see drawings that look less obviously like Bonnet — the ones Brianna didn't succeed — unsuccessful attempts, the chaotic images of someone's troubled mind. The idea being that she is haunted by this man and has drawn him again and again and again. She doesn't succeed every time – and that, in itself, haunts her. Thus, not all images are a perfect resemblance, but this one, ultimately, is. This question - is it real? Will this be credible? - is something we ask ourselves all the time when we comment on episodes in the writers' room. «  


Mrs. Farrish jumps off the cart.

The commotion attracts the attention of some settlers who are working on the Big House.

MRS. FARRISH: "Please help us!"

MURDINA BUG and ARCH BUG come out of the inside of the house and join Brianna at the wagon, with a few men working on the house - all rushing to help her.

They grab Leith from the cart, he is pale, sweaty and clearly very sick. He has trouble breathing.

ARCH BUG: "Mrs. Farrish. What happened...? «

MRS. FARRISH: "Please! He can't breathe... «


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "In our initial plan and the writers' draft, the arrival of Leith Farrish – and what it triggers for Claire, Brianna and Marsali – comes much later in the story. This was originally the last straw in Claire's decision to make Marsali her apprentice, rather than, as now, the "first drop," so to speak. It was originally something we built the plot towards, but in the rewrites that inevitably happen after a draft, we decided to build from that. It's certainly a more exciting opening.  

A version of the later "list-making" scene, as well as the "candle-making" scene, both originally appeared before Mr. Farrish's death. In fact, candle making was the very first scene in Claire's story. It's a cute little scene, but it may not be the most exciting way to start an episode! »  


MURDINA BUG: "Lord, he is on the verge of death... «

Brianna knows something is wrong.

BRIANNA: "Let's take him to the infirmary!"

Mr. Bug and the workers hoist a weakened Mr. Farrish and carry him into the house, followed by Brianna and Mrs. Bug.



MARSALI shows CLAIRE several dresses she made for her.

CLAIRE: "Beautiful, Marsali, your stitches are so precise. Thank you. ! »


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: This simple moment between Claire and Marsali does two things:  

1) it explains where some of Claire and Jamie's new clothes for the season come from (in this day and age, you wouldn't just go out to buy new clothes at the store)  

2) it reminds us of Marsali's skills as a seamstress.  

In the end, this scene was cut due to lack of time. «   


They look up as the group bursts in with Mr. Farrish.

BRIANNA: "Mom! Something is wrong with Mr. Farris! »

Ms. Farrish is also distressed: panicked, overwhelmed by a sense of impending doom and virtually hyperventilating.

MRS. FARRISH: "Oh Lord. Oh my god! »

Claire goes into doctor mode as she takes care of him

CLAIRE: "Lay it down here!"

In all her states, Mrs. Farrish frantically seeks sympathy and understanding.

MRS. FARRISH: "I can't believe we've gotten to this point... I bled, I gave him purgatives... What more could I have done... »

Claire and Brianna exchange a look -- appalled to hear this... If only Mrs. Farrish understood the irony of what she was saying -- the harm she did to her husband.

But Claire's priority is to examine Mr. Farrish and she must remain calm.

Mr. Farrish is seated on the examination table. Mr. Bug and the workers step back into the kitchen to watch Claire touch Farrish's forehead and face.

CLAIRE: "Mrs. Bug, bring me a bowl of water and some rags, we need to refresh it."

Claire examines her abdomen. From the way he stands, she has already figured out what he might be suffering from, but all the information she can glean is vital.

CLAIRE: "Mr. Farrish... Is it your belly? «

It gently touches the area. Mr. Farrish is weak and barely lucid. His face is colorless, his lips blue. He speaks with difficulty in a breath and indicates his lower abdomen on the right side.

MR. FARRISH: "Yes, like a knife in my stomach."

Claire sees that Mr. Farrish faints quickly - he suffers and weakens from moment to moment. His breathing is labored.

Claire notices several gashes on his arms, proof that Mrs. Farrish has bled him. It's not good for him...

CLAIRE: "There now... Please

Claire turns to Mrs. Farrish, intending to extract information as quickly as possible –

CLAIRE: "Did you give him purgatives?"

Mrs. Farrish nods diligently

CLAIRE: "For how long? And what exactly? «

As Claire listens to Mr. Farrish's heart and lungs with a primitive stethoscope...

MRS. FARRISH: "Two days ago, his belly was swollen and he couldn't eat. So I gave him some calomel powder to purge the harmful materials. »

Mrs. Bug wipes her forehead with a damp cloth and Mr. Bug watches. Claire looks at the gashes on her arms.

CLAIRE: "But it got worse, so you bleed him a bloodletting? «

MRS. FARRISH: "yes, and gave blue pills"

Claire's jaw clenched.

CLAIRE (low up, to Brianna): "Mercury... «

These are obviously not good things to do. Mr. Farrish now has an ash-grey face. He begins to suffocate, a moan of death in his throat.

MRS. FARRISH (panicked): "Does he need another bloodletting?"


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "Matt Roberts came up with the idea of looking at the real remedies that people believed in at that time to make them part of the problem; not just silly notions that make you shake your head in disbelief (as we did in episode 408 when a surgeon suggests a tobacco smoke enema to cure a hernia), but as the serious health threats they really were – threats to Claire's progress as a modern doctor here.  

Whenever we can use historical and cultural differences, not only to bring interest and detail, but as real plot engines, we try to do so. «   


CLAIRE (gently): "No."

The truth is that they lose it and there is nothing she can do: she does not have the proper equipment. She does the nicest thing she can. It is also the hardest.

CLAIRE: "I'm sorry... There is nothing more I can do, Ms. Farrish. You should say goodbye... «

Mrs. Farrish looks at Claire, desperate.

MRS. FARRISH: "Can't you help him?"

Claire shakes her head – not this time, although it twists her own guts to admit it. Brianna sees her mother suffering: the agony of helplessness...


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "It's not often that we've seen Claire so totally incapable of doing anything to save someone. But it's incredibly real, even for modern doctors — that horrible moment when you know the most compassionate thing you can do is be upfront and tell the patient's loved ones to prepare for the inevitable.  

It was important for us to highlight that moment when Brianna realizes how Mr. Farrish's death affected her mother. And it was just as important to show that Marsali was intervening with good, kind instincts here – and that Claire realized that at that moment. »  


Mrs. Farrish whispers softly in the ear of her dying husband. Marsali comforts Mrs. Farrish by putting a hand on her shoulder, then intervenes to encourage onlookers to head to the kitchen.

MARSALI: "We're going to leave them alone... «

Claire notices him and nods in thanks to Marsali, then checks Mr. Farrish's neck to feel his pulse. He doesn't have one. He's dead. Mrs. Farrish begins to cry.

CLAIRE: "I'm so sorry."

Mrs. Farrish lets out a sob.




JAMIE FRASER and LIEUTENANT HAMILTON KNOX [Episode 501] went on the hunt for fugitive Murtagh Fitzgibbons. They stopped for lunch and their horses to drink. With them are Knox's troop of soldiers (8 dragoons with their horses, 6 infantry) and three of Jamie's new militiamen, including Isaiah Morton. As Jamie and Knox prepare their horses to continue...

LIEUTENANT KNOX (sarcastic): "A pleasant meal but not remarkable enough to be recorded for posterity, no doubt?"

With Jamie's slightly surprised look, Knox continues...

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "The governor has communicated your missives to me."

Jamie is not surprised. But it bothers him a little.

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "I hope you don't mind. He just wanted me to know the geography of the country – the terrain you traveled in search of Fitzgibbons. «

Jamie doesn't believe it.

JAMIE: "He just wanted you to know the kind of man I am. What do you think? «

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "A man I'm happy to eat with... A hard-working man, certainly. «


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "Jamie's script also started differently in previous versions of the script. We used to start with Jamie and Knox already in Hillsboro, meeting the man who was tarred and feathered in the riot (now Scene 6). But we decided we needed to see Jamie and Knox get to know each other because we, the audience, need to get to know Knox and hopefully love him... or at least acknowledge that he's a good guy (sort of). It's nice to have Jamie as Knox, to recognize the goodness in him, only to be torn apart later in the episode, when Knox kills Ethan. It's good to put Jamie between a rock and a hard place. «   


LIEUTENANT KNOX: "Your efforts to cultivate the land that Tryon has granted you confirm your loyalty to the king and the country. You have brought men and women together. And your gathering is proof of that. «

JAMIE: "Thank you. I will not fail to mention the affable lieutenant in my next missive... «

A remark Knox receives with a smile.

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "I only hope that one day I will be granted a piece of land that will be almost as prosperous as yours... Maybe when we catch Fitzgibbons and he is hanged, maybe then the governor will be kind enough... »

The last thing Jamie wants is capture Murtagh - but he has to fake the deal for now. Still, he can't help but appreciate Knox, who is kind and kind, a man of his word, who just does his job. A man like Jamie.


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "We loved this moment. Jamie spent time with Lt. Knox. He came to appreciate it, despite the fact that they are here looking for Murtagh. Jamie tests Knox a bit here, but he respects it. And then Knox says what he says about Murtagh's hanging and Jamie's impossible dilemma comes upon him again. »  



Jamie and Knox ride in front, Morton and the dragons follow (the other Redcoats and militiamen are on foot). They approach a cart pulled by a mule. Near the wagon is a poor farmer with a hay rake on his shoulder, accompanied by his wife and two young children. The cart seems to contain all the material possessions of the family. Lieutenant Knox nods in greeting as they pass by and pulls out of his pocket some coins which he throws at the children.

The farmer and his wife are visibly annoyed, although they do not refuse the lieutenant's charity. Nevertheless, the farmer ostensibly spits on the ground in response and gives Jamie a hostile look.

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "Lovely. These backcountry people don't have many manners, do they? It's only civility that keeps us all from killing each other. JAMIE: "No time for good manners when you have a family to feed. Be glad he only spat on us. »

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "I disagree. Her Majesty's army must always be respected. Nothing says that we must receive what we expect. We should take what is given to us and be happy. And men like you and me make sure it's not worse... «

JAMIE: "He doesn't seem to agree on that"

LIEUTENANT KNOX (really interested): "And you agree?"

It's a slippery slope, and Jamie tries to deflect the conversation to a light tone by jokingly.

JAMIE: "Why? Do you take notes for your own missives? Are you recording my words for posterity?

The lieutenant laughed.

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "No, but what if it was?"

JAMIE: "Then I would have to agree with you, we are both united to protect those we promised to defend... »

Lieutenant Knox watches Jamie for a moment. Jamie spoke honestly, but Knox feels his discomfort.

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "I admire a man who puts duty and honor above all else."

It's hard for Jamie not to worry about Murtagh, a sense of guilt pulling his conscience.

JAMIE: "So you admire a man who would rather die than dishonor his conscience?"

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "Am I to detect any sympathy for the Regulators here, Colonel Fraser?"

JAMIE: "I have sympathy for any man who cannot afford to eat, lieutenant. And given your generosity, I'm sure you agree. »


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "It's one thing to say, 'We need a scene where Jamie and Knox get to know each other.' It's another thing to decide what to talk about it and give that conversation specificity and detail (like throwing coins at a poor family on the road, or revealing a bit of someone's story). And that's the screenwriter's job in a nutshell. Often, when we write an episode on the board, the map that is displayed (telling us what the scene is about) will simply say "Jamie and Knox go to Hillsborough getting to know each other". The challenge is to build this idea.  

It's also fun. Much of this conversation was originally to be played on a game of chess (Jamie and Knox camped overnight en route to Hillsborough). We have moved away from this to show instead some of the people who are victims of corruption and thus the reason for their rebellion - the homeless family affected by the colony's overly onerous taxes. »  


Lieutenant Knox agrees.

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "I believe it is right to give to those who need it. (Then jokingly) And I guess there's never a good time for death and taxes. »

Jamie smiles, does Knox soften his point of view a little? Jamie reminds him of Knox's previous words, mocking gently.

JAMIE: "Do I detect any sympathy for the Regulators, Lieutenant?"

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "You have confirmation that a man can honor both his family and his country."

Not much Jamie can say to that. He looks into the distance, perhaps thinking of Murtagh.

Just then, one of Jamie's militiamen, Ronnie Sinclair, gallops towards them on his horse. He was sent as a scout.

RONNIE SINCLAIR: "The Regulators provoked riots in Hillsborough."

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "Are there any wounded?"

RONNIE SINCLAIR: "Yes, a few... But luckily, they managed to capture three of these bastards."

Knox glances at Jamie, full of enthusiasm. Events could turn out to be very positive.

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "We must hurry, our presence will reassure the citizens."

Jamie fears the worst.



The charred remains of a burnt wagon lie on the road as Jamie, Knox, Sinclair, Morton and two dragons drive through town... examining the damage caused by the recent riot [Episode 501].

Many buildings, including the Palace of Justice, have broken windows; some have minor fire damage; A railing fell near a store. Men clean up debris. A woman screams in the street. A man enters the tavern limping with a crutch. Many of the tavern's broken windows were condemned.


LIEUTENANT KNOX: "This is what a world without citizenship looks like."

Jamie sees someone standing outside the tavern - and recognizes him as the friend of Governor Tryon Edmund FANNING [Episode 408].

JAMIE: "I know this man. He is a friend of the Governor. Mr. Fanning! «

Jamie and Knox get off their horses.

JAMIE (to his men): "Sinclair, Morton, take care of the horses!"

ISAÏE MOTON: "Yes, Colonel."

Jamie and Knox walk towards him.

EDMUND FANNING: "Mr. Fraser... It's good to see a familiar face. «

It bows as etiquette dictates.

JAMIE: "Mr. Fanning, may I introduce Lieutenant Hamilton Knox."

Fanning glances at Knox.

JAMIE: (to Knox): "Mr. Edmund Fanning."

Jamie notices that Fanning's face has a few bruises. Knox in turn bows to Fanning.

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "I'm sorry to meet you under such circumstances... I hope it will get better now that we have men stationed in the city. «

EDMUND FANNING: "Thank God you are here. The situation is getting worse. This country is drifting."

JAMIE: "What did they do to you?"

EDMUND FANNING: "Come with me, I'll show you."



Fanning leads Knox and Jamie inside and makes his way through a crowd of angry men who are drinking and trying to figure out recent events. EDMUND FANNING: "They took control of the Palace of Justice. The Honourable Justice Henderson was forced to hear their complaint under duress, before fleeing. »

JAMIE: "They wanted to kill him?"

EDMUND FANNING: "He certainly had good reason to believe so. Mr. Evans...

Fanning gestures to a man sitting at a table. It was JOHN EVANS, the justice of the peace who was tarred and feathered in the riot [episode 501]. He suffers and wears a blanket wrapped around him like a shawl. Fanning is angry.

EDMUND FANNING: "When they saw that their own type of justice was not applied by the court, they did that."

Fanning gently opens Evans' blanket to show off his bare chest and back. His torso, shoulders and head are covered with terrible burns, tar and feather remnants too painfully encrusted to be removed. He shudders in pain.



Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "The description of the tar and feather victim was at one point the very first thing in the script. Literally, the first words of the script were: "A man is looking at us. His bare torso, shoulders and head are covered with terrible burns, encrusted tar and feather remnants too painfully encrusted to be removed. He shudders in pain. Now that moment comes to page 8. It's interesting to see how these things change. There are always a million ways to tell a story, distribute information, and develop plot and characters. Hopefully, in the end, through hard work and collaboration, we will come up with the best way to tell this story. «  


JEAN EVANS (bitterly): "I was paraded through the city like a boiled goose... For enforcing a tax they don't want to pay. «

Jamie is affected by this unnecessary brutality – he himself bears scars from this type of torture.

JAMIE: "In time, you will wear your scars with honor, knowing that you received them while doing your duty."

This goes for both Knox and Evans. Jamie plays a role here.

JEAN EVANS: "I pray that you are right."

Evans wraps himself around again and starts drinking drinks again, trying to numb the pain.

EDMUND FANNING: "William Hooper suffered the same fate. He is lying down as we speak, unable to move... and could still succumb to his injuries. «

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "Cowardly dogs! Violence in war is one thing; Seeing civilians abused so cruelly is another matter. «

EDMUND FANNING: "They beat me and forced me to watch. They might as well have blinded me, because I don't want to see that anymore. They destroyed my house... (to Jamie) Too bad your wife isn't with you. We would certainly need a surgeon of his talent... «

Jamie looks around at the abuse and damage caused by the Regulators, seeing them with a different eye now. Were Murtagh and his comrades there? Was Murtagh one of the torturers? Knox reads Jamie's gaze.

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "Do you still feel that sympathy, Colonel?"

JAMIE: "I didn't think they could do that."

LIEUTENANT KNOX (at Fanning): "We are told that you have captured three."


JEAN EVANS: "And they should be hanged!"

The assembled men proclaim their support. Evans hammers the table. Fanning turns to him.

EDMUND FANNING: "And they will be, John. Providence brought us Lieutenant Knox and Colonel Fraser. »

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "In this case, we are looking for one of the insurgents, a ringleader. "

JAMIE (worried): "Yes... A certain Murtagh Fitzgibbons. Do you know if he is among the men you arrested? «

EDMUND FANNING: "No. But I will lead you to them. ».

Close-up of Jamie, about to enter the lion's den.



Claire is alone with Mr. Farrish's body. The curtains of all windows have been closed for privacy. Claire needs to know what killed Mr. Farrish

Claire does something we've never seen her do before: an autopsy. She opened the body with a complete "Y" incision - from the top of the shoulders to the bottom of the belly.

The belly is open, the ribs apart. Claire looks at his face: the first settler to die on the Ridge. There is a knock on the door. Claire covers Mr. Farrish's face with a cloth. She is cautious as she lets Brianna in and locks the door behind her. This is not something that anyone in this century would understand.

BRIANNA: "I came to see if you needed help... «

Brianna stops dead in her tracks, seeing the body open, a terrible vision. She is in shock and feels like vomiting.

BRIANNA: "Oh my God Mom, what did you do? «

CLAIRE: "An autopsy."

Brianna instinctively turns away, not wanting to look.

CLAIRE: "It's okay, my dear... «

BRIANNE : "Mom, there is a dead man on the board. He was alive this morning. And I knew him. »

Brianna doesn't just feel sick – it's also an emotional crisis.

CLAIRE: "I know it's hard to see someone like that. But I had to do it. I had to know the cause of death. «

Brianna finds the courage to turn back. Claire covers the body with a sheet. BRIANNA: "Practically and intellectually, yes. This is understandable in 1969. Mom, what if someone finds out? «

CLAIRE: "It won't, and I'll make sure. And you know the worst part of all this... His wife hastened his death... His appendix burst; He was in septic shock. And the bacteria in his abdomen caused a serious infection, the association of bloodletting with mercury did not make it possible to... »

Brianna lowers her voice, whispers almost as if she is afraid Mr. Farrish can still hear her.

BRIANNA: "What to hasten his death. But no one will understand. »

CLAIRE: "Maybe not. But if I have to protect people, I need to know what makes them sick... I can't watch someone die like this, knowing that if they had come earlier, I could have saved them. An appendectomy is one of the simplest procedures that can be done. «

Claire will sit down for a moment. Brianna comes up behind her, her hands on Claire's shoulders and begins massaging her, trying to relieve her tension.

BRIANNA: "I know how hard it was for you to see him die... But there was nothing more you could have done. «

This is not the first time Claire has faced medical ignorance in this century. And she knows it won't be the last.

CLAIRE: "It's hard enough to fight the disease... But fighting the cure is something else. «

Brianna sees the body again and puts a hand on her stomach, feeling sick.

BRIANNE : "I'm sorry, I think I need air. "

She goes out.


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "Since Claire would later make Marsali her apprentice, we felt we had to establish why she didn't decide to make Brianna her apprentice instead. In some ways, Brianna would be the most logical choice: she understands modern concepts of medicine; She knows at least something about physiology and biology and germs, etc. only on the basis that she went to 20th century schools. We even imagined that Claire would make Brianna her apprentice before Marsali, but we knew that Brianna's character simply never wanted to follow her mother to medicine.  

In the end, that moment when Brianna saw the body autopsied and reacted as she does was enough to clarify all of this. And then Claire comes out and sees Marsali cutting up a goat and has an idea. Much can be done without many words. «   




After finishing the autopsy, Claire leaves the house... and notices Marsali expertly butchering an animal. Marsali and she and Claire look at each other. Marsali smiled at him, full of compassion. She knows it was hard for Claire to lose a patient.

The sight of Marsali seems to give Claire an idea...



Exterior view of the courthouse and jail.


10INT. COURTHOUSE - CORRIDOR OUTSIDE THE CELL BLOCK - DAY (D4) Fanning leads Jamie, Knox and two dragons to the prison cells. Jamie is still trying to figure out what he's going to do if one of the men inside is Murtagh. He spots a door, a rear entrance. A loophole?

Knox, meanwhile, is still angry, still deeply affected by the sight of the tar and feather victim seeing. Jamie hopes to use this to his advantage; he arrests Knox, out of earshot of the prisoners we don't see yet.


JAMIE: "Do you need time to... Pull yourself together? Could I talk to them one-on-one? »

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "No. Their actions disgust me, but I will confront them. «

Knox is clearly resolved. So Jamie changes tactics.

JAMIE: "Let me talk to them first. From Highlander to Highlander. That might get them talking. »

Knox nods. Jamie nods to Fanning.

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "Bring them."

Fanning nods to a guard. Jamie nervously waits for the first prisoner to come out of his cell and stand in front of them. This is not Murtagh, but a young man Jamie does not know. Her name is LEE WITHERS. He is 18 years old and afraid. Jamie waits. The guard unlocks a second cell and two men come out. To Jamie's relief, again, Murtagh is not one of them. But then, Jamie recognizes the two men: BRYAN CRANNA and ETHAN MACKINNON [Episode 405] and they recognize him too.

Most importantly, Jamie knows that Bryan knows his secret: that Murtagh is his godfather. Their hands are chained. Fanning and the guards leave him alone with the prisoners. Bryan is about to speak, but Jamie intervenes.

JAMIE: "I'm Colonel James Fraser, and this is Lieutenant Hamilton Knox."

His eyes search for Bryan and Ethan's, looking for a tacit agreement, begging them not to divulge his secret.

JAMIE: "We're looking for Murtagh Fitzgibbons, this... Your leader we hear so much about. »

A moment of silence. Jamie cannot believe that Murtagh could have taken part in such abuses, in the torture of unarmed men. His question is posed sincerely.

JAMIE: "Was he the one who planned all this? I know how persuasive a Highlander can be, I was born on the same land. «

Bryan understands Jamie's attitude and is willing to play the game, at least to some extent, although he wants to cover his back.

BRYAN CRANNA: "And given your situation, I bet you have to have a few acres of new land now... »

Jamie tries to stay calm and measured - Murtagh's life depends on it.

JAMIE: "I took in settlers. Highlanders among others. Men and women who rely on me... «

Bryan studies Jamie, desperate to find encouragement in Jamie's words. Ethan, however, is a little less optimistic. Why should they trust Jamie?

ETHAN MACKINNON (sarcastic): "This is a real Laird!"

Ethan looks at Jamie and Knox with contempt.

ETHAN MACKINNON: "Look at yourself, on your high horses! You are no better than us!


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "It was great to bring back these characters from The Regulators: Ethan and Bryan. The tension of the scene centered on Jamie hoping against hope that he would not see Murtagh in the cell; waiting for every man to come out, relieved that Murtagh isn't one of them, to realize he knows these guys – and more importantly, they know him and can blow his blanket with Knox. Fun to write. Fun to shoot. Fun to watch. «   


Jamie feels anger rising in his chest... But it's Knox who explodes. He is furious.


LIEUTENANT KNOX: "How dare you!"

Jamie is more measured

JAMIE: "Look me in the eye and tell me that what you did was justified. »

Ethan steps back, challenging Jamie and satisfied with himself.

ETHAN MACKINNON: "Oh, it was more than justified. They are all thieves and extortionists. I regret not having plunged them all into tar."

Jamie shakes his head, overwhelmed.

JAMIE: "You don't really think so... »

ETHAN MACKINNON: "We will declare war on you, if necessary. Entire villages will be brought down. «

Knox is disgusted.

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "Nothing but cowards of disbelievers, as evidenced by their repugnant crimes."


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "Poltrons of disbelievers. Our new favorite insult. «  


ETHAN MACKINNON: "Try repeating that to me, once you've untied my hands."

Knox's patience wears out.

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "Where are the others hiding? Where is Murtagh Fitzgibbons? »

ETHAN MACKINNON: "I'd rather bite my tongue than tell you."

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "I'll ask you again. Where is Murtagh Fitzgibbons? «

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "I remind you that I am a Lieutenant in Her Majesty's Army.

BRYAN CRANNA: "Don't threaten the boy!"

ETHAN MACKINNON: "Ha, he can't help it: a blood-red coat, the color of the devil himself."

Knox now has the point of the sword at Ethan's throat, prodding him, challenging him. LIEUTENANT KNOX: "If you are really that brave, I will ask you one last time: Where is Murtagh Fitzgibbons?"

Ethan steps forward.

ETHAN MACKINNON: "Here. I am Murtagh Fitzgibbons. «

Jamie reacts, surprised. Knox looks at Ethan: Knox is not a fool and it sounds too good to be true. He sighs, exasperated.

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "Really? What a little respect you show me... »

Ethan spits in her face. Unbelievable -- the second time in a day. Knox is livid. He draws his sword and points it at Ethan, then at Lee, the youngest and most frightened.

ETHAN MACKINNON: "I will have even less pity for you once you are covered in tar and buried in the mud."

Knox reacts impulsively by puncturing Ethan with his sword. Ethan is suffocating. Blood runs down Knox's right hand.


Bryan rushes to his dying friend. Lee is in shock.


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "That moment – that idea of Knox piercing Ethan – was the seed of the whole story. That's why we wrote it. Or let's put it this way – having this idea in the room was that moment when you collectively realize as a group of writers that you have an exciting episode in your hands, and all of a sudden you start to see the shape it takes. We knew we wanted Jamie and Knox to be together on the road; we knew we wanted Jamie to be caught between a rock and a hard place when it came to finding Murtagh, but hoping we couldn't find him. But this idea – this murder – was the thing that made history imprinted itself in our minds, where an idea took on a structure and a life of its own. «   


BRYAN CRANNA: "I'm here, Ethan."

Ethan coughs up blood. Jamie is shocked and drives Knox away from the prisoners, as Knox's Redcoats run outside to fetch Fanning and the guards. Jamie is silent, concerned.

JAMIE: "What did you do? I don't think it was Fitzgibbons... «

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "You've seen what they're capable of."

JAMIE: "You executed a man without trial."

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "Well, it's never the right time for death or taxes. Let God judge his soul and the devil will take it. »

They hear the guards and Fanning return. Knox suddenly looks panicked - Jamie's words reveal to him the seriousness of what he did... He murdered a man. He abused his position. Fanning sees the body and reacts, surprised, but not disapproving.

EDMUND FANNING: "They attacked you too?"

Jamie hates lying about it, but he has to take control of the situation. He looks at Knox.

JAMIE: "Yes, sometimes a man has to put aside his honor... »

Jamie now looks at Bryan, begging him to understand. There is a message for each of them in his words.

JAMIE: "... to defend oneself. (To the guards): Take these men back to their cells. «

Bryan looks at Jamie accusatory as the guard takes him away from Ethan, now dead, and back to his cell.

Close-up of Jamie, overwhelmed.



Close-up of a squirrel searching for nuts on the ground.

Boom! A shot whistles in the earth, some distance from the squirrel, which is now moving away.

Roger and Brianna are holding guns. Roger just missed the shot.


ROGER: "Captain Roger MacKenzie, in your service... »


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "The squirrel hunt is a scene we loved in the book, but we put our own twist on it. We combined it with Roger's anxiety about being named captain, something he knew nothing about. We also integrate Brianna's anxiety about Bonnet and allude to her growing desire to stay in this century, something that runs counter to Roger's desire to return home. Brianna reads his frustration and tries to reassure him. «   


BRIANNE : "They are fast"

ROGER: "It's all ridiculous. Just the fact that a militia captain doesn't know how to shoot... and the fact that I'm aiming at a squirrel first, (then, ironically) it's all unnatural, Bree, it's like shooting Tufty Flyffytail. »

BRIANNA: "On what?"

Roger shakes his head with false disbelief

ROGER: "Never heard of Tufty Fluffytail? I should have suspected that my American wife would not know him. Tufty is a squirrel that teaches children about road safety... Like your Smokey Bear, in a way, but there are clubs... «


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "Tufty Fluffytail. A nice little British reference from the 1960s. «  


BRIANNA (teasing): Sounds a lot of fun. I think I'd rather be in the militia. «

ROGER: "I must confess that during my studies at Oxford, I had not heard of the squirrel brigades on the battlefields. "

Brianna gives him an amused look of reproach. Roger starts charging.

ROGER: "So you're keeping me busy hunting these little rodents, while the real men are gone?"

BRIANNA: "What are you talking about? Da left you here to protect the Ridge while he left. We train "

ROGER: "Protect him from what? Rabies? The Regulators are not threatening us here, you know that. He doesn't respect me, Bree. And it doesn't help that Jemmy was baptized by a Presbyterian. «

BRIANNE (teasing): "Well, we already had a heretic in the family, and two are better than one."

He gives her a disappointed look. He finished loading the rifle.

BRIANNA: "Try on something that doesn't move. Aim for that pine cone... «

She puts her arms around Roger to correct his position. He breathes close to her, excited. ROGER: "Now you're driving me crazy now... «

But when Roger snuggles into her neck, Brianna steps back as a Stephen Bonnet flash [Episode 408] imposes itself on her. She hides her emotion, and luckily at that moment, she hears something in the forest, an excuse to change the subject. She puts a finger on his lips to silence him.


ROGER: "What?"

It points to the spot where a group of wild turkeys are scratching the ground for acorns. She motions for him to shoot. It aims... catches his breath and then holds him. Boom! A sheaf of leaves flies away -- Roger missed again at close range. He swears in his beard. The turkeys gurgle and fly a short distance to land again. Brianna spots one of the birds and explodes it. Roger is impressed. Brianna goes to get the turkey. She sees Roger's face.

BRIANNA: "You want to go back, don't you?"

Roger doesn't say anything. His silence speaks volumes. It's a conversation they've had before but never resolved because Jemmy was too young to travel. This is a very sensitive subject for them and they have postponed the decision. But Roger seems to have made up his mind. After a long time...


ROGER: "Who knows? Maybe I want Jemmy to be part of the Tufty club."

BRIANNA: "There are a lot of squirrels out here. We will choose one, we will call it Tufty. And that's it. Welcome to the club. «

He gives her a look: she is facetious.

BRIANNA: "Maybe we should be happy. Jem doesn't need to learn road safety here. At least we know he will never be injured in a car accident. »

ROGER: "Brianna ... »

BRIANNE : "Our family is here."

ROGER: "You and Jemmy are my family. James Fraser is my colonel. «

BRIANNA: "What about Mom?"

ROGER: "You don't want to leave them... «

And thereupon, Roger picks up the dead bird and they return to the house, the subject far from being resolved between them.



Jamie sits with Knox drinking a beer. He finds himself in a complicated situation, consoling Knox - who, even though he tries to hold on, is clearly struggling to cope with the guilt following his murder. But did Murtagh also go too far? LIEUTENANT KNOX: "I should write to the governor asking for reinforcements... If lawless men are willing to die for their leaders, it will be our downfall. «

JAMIE: "And if righteous men like yourself can be made to act this way – maybe you need to show mercy. Unlike them, I see that you feel remorse... «

Knox puts his head in his hands. A moment of vulnerability.

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "What have I done? I have become everything I despise. I'm a hypocrite."

Jamie can't believe he's comforting this man who poses such a threat to his godfather. He takes a deep breath.

JAMIE: "What's done is done. Perhaps you should try to make amends. «

It has no effect. Knox seems to fall deeper into despair. Jamie continues.

JAMIE: "Making sure others get a fair trial... «

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "And they will be found guilty and hanged" ...

Knox recovers a little, realizing...

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "I gave him the death of a soldier. The other two will not be so lucky. Tomorrow they will be hanged in New Bern as proof of the work we are doing here to stop the uprising. »

JAMIE: "Is this what they deserve?"

Knox looks at Jamie for a while. A glimmer of mercy sparkles, but quickly fades

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "I gave this man more than he deserved."

Jamie is looking to adapt his strategy.... He studied Knox for a moment, to understand him better.

JAMIE: "Is there no cause for which you could die, lieutenant?"

Knox looks at Jamie with a hint of distrust

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "We're here, aren't we? To die for the King and the country, because it is an oath that we both took »

JAMIE: "Yes. Indeed. »

Jamie is caught between a rock and a hard place. He thinks of Ethan, Claire, and maybe Murtagh...




Close-up of Claire standing with Mrs. Farrish (and her 14-year-old son) near a casket that is six feet deep in a hole. This is Leith Farrish's funeral. Also reunited are Brianna and Jemmy, Marsali and Fergus with Germain and Joan, Lizzie, Mr. and Mrs. Bug and a handful of settlers.

Roger serves as a pastor and sings a beautiful hymn...


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "This was the first scene shot in season 5. "   


ROGER: "Fast to its end, the little day of life, the joys of the earth fade, its glories disappear, change and decompose, everywhere around me I see, O you who do not change, stay with me. "

Claire glances at Marsali during the anthem...


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "This hymn is quite old, but it is nevertheless a hymn that Roger knows of the future (not yet written in 1770). So, it's likely that after the funeral, more than two people complimented Roger on his singing and then said... "This anthem... I had never heard it before..." At one point, "Abide with Me" was the title of the episode but in the end, we loved the book's line about being "between two fires".  


The service is now complete.

As Mr. Bug and other settlers begin shovelling dirt on the coffin, Roger goes to see Claire. He whispers privately as they both look at the coffin.

ROGER: "If you need more help... »

CLAIRE: "Thank you."

Claire heads to Marsali, but Mrs. Bug blocks her way. Mrs. Bug begins to rant.

MURDINA BUG: "Oh my God, a sad day indeed, and he will be missed by all, our Mr. Farrish. He knew what a good heart you have and I dare say, he is with the Lord now, looking at us saying "Bless Mistress Fraser for all she has done..." Osh -- and I appreciate the work you do and the work your husband has given me and Arch, making him a stage manager... »

CLAIRE (politely interrupting): "Please, Mrs. Bug."


As Mrs. Bug takes her leave, Claire heads to Marsali.

CLAIRE: "Fergus... Can you take care of the children for a little while? I need to talk with Marsali. «

FERGUS: "Yes, of course."

Fergus takes Joan to Marsali. As Claire and Marsali walk together...

CLAIRE: "I want to show you something. (Hesitant) Do you trust me? »

It's clear that Claire has something important in mind.



Claire and Marsali enter. Again, all window curtains are closed. Claire locks the door and walks to the operating table and pulls off a sheet to reveal Leith Farrish's face!

We now understand what Roger means by his offer of help. Marsali's eyes widen and she is about to scream, but Claire puts a hand over her mouth, to silence her.

CLAIRE: "You said you'd let me explain it to you."

Slowly, Claire withdraws her hand. Marsali is still horrified. She doesn't know what to think. She closes her eyes and begins to pray.

MARSALI: "Lord, have mercy! Deliver us from evil"

CLAIRE (interrupting him): "Please, Marsali, stop shouting!"

Marsali looks at Claire, fearfully, afraid of what she might discover.

MARSALI: "Don't force me to say it Claire, don't force me to say it... (Reluctantly) Was my mother right? «

CLAIRE: "I'm not a witch. You have more common sense than that, Marsali. That's why I brought you here... «


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "We loved it all, loved writing it. I loved how these two actresses played it and played against each other. Especially given Laoghaire and Claire's story, the fact that Laoghaire's daughter, who has learned to respect, even love, Claire, is confronted with the fact that her mother may have been right. »  


Marsali straightens up upon hearing this compliment, curious to know more.

CLAIRE: "Knowing me as you know me after all this time, why do you think Mr. Farrish is on this table?"

Marsali doesn't need to think too much. She glances at the room, and the medical instruments. She admits the reality: Claire is a doctor. She is still hesitant to give Claire the answer she hopes for, she's not there yet. Instead, it demands to know.

MARSALI: "Who did we bury?"

CLAIRE: "No one. Roger and I filled the coffin with stones."

MARSALI: "Shouldn't a doctor be more concerned about the fate of the living?" CLAIRE: "The curse of the living is that they can't tell us the secrets of the dead."

MARSALI: "What are these secrets?"

CLAIRE: "How to save the living. How to perform life-saving surgeries. Doctors learn by practicing on the dead. And I think you'd be a good apprentice. I've seen you cut up animals... «

Claire watches Marsali's expression change... in a strange kind of macabre satisfaction. Marsali has clearly never thought of cutting this way before.

CLAIRE: "You know how to use a knife. You know the anatomy of an animal and what each piece is for... Humans are similar in many ways. «

To prove the point, Claire carefully removes the sheet.

CLAIRE: "See for yourself."

She covers Farrish's face with the sheet while revealing the exposed abdominal cavity.

MARSALI: "May God help us! »


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "If Knox murdering Ethan was the beginning of Jamie's story, then this moment – Claire guarding Leith Farrish's body and using it as a corpse to teach Marsali – was the beginning of Claire's story. Again, this is the moment in the writers' room where you realize you have something cool, exciting, and different – a story we've never told before. Visual and interesting, emotional and bold (for the characters, if not for us). »  


Claire tries to persuade her...

CLAIRE: "I think it is. It is a miraculous thing, the human body. And I want to use this body to teach you. So that we can protect God's miracle. »

Marsali blushed at the compliment, but still hesitated.

CLAIRE: "You are kind and caring, and you have good instincts... And I need help."

MARSALI: "But I could never defile a corpse. «

CLAIRE: "I didn't defile him, Marsali. I did what is called an autopsy, to understand why he died. «

Despite herself, Marsali is curious.

MARSALI: "Can you know the cause of death by opening a body?"

Claire nods. Marsali understands this, intrigued.

CLAIRE: "Yes. I could not save Mr. Farrish, but in this way, his death will be useful, to save other lives. When I finish teaching you, we will sew it up and bury it properly, I promise. Roger said he would help. «

MARSALI: "Stitch it up. Like a seamstress? «

Claire nods and smiles. Marsali straightens up. She approaches the body as if drawn to it, and observes it, captivated.

Claire smiled... She found her apprentice.



It's the middle of the night. Jamie looks at the prison, hidden. He wears a crowbar. The prison door opens and two guards come out, carrying Ethan's body, covered in canvas. They place the body in a handcart, which they then push into the street.

Trying his luck, Jamie enters the prison... knowing that he does not have much time.



Jamie enters. A blood stain is still on the floor. Jamie turns down the hallway and checks the cells.

JAMIE: "Bryan!"

Bryan and Lee look up. Jamie can see how angry and betrayed Bryan feels.

BRYAN CRANNA: "You have the nerve to come back here, Mr. Fraser. Or is it Colonel Fraser? You came to finish us off, didn't you? If Murtagh had seen you here... »

It's like a stab in Jamie's chest. He interrupts her.

JAMIE: "No. Knox shouldn't have done what he did. But you shouldn't have tortured these men. I'm sorry for what happened to Ethan, and for my role in it, but... »

BRYAN CRANNA: "And what role exactly? Money, right? Tryon's money? «

JAMIE: "Tryon bonded me with him. I am trying to save our lives. »

LEE WITHERS (sarcastic): "How noble of you! But it's not very successful so far."

JAMIE (angry): "Don't tell me about what is noble after what you have done."

LEE WITHERS: "There's a war going on. We believe in our cause. «

JAMIE: "And I believe in mine: preserving as many lives as possible. And I hope you will grant the same mercy to others... Now step back. We don't have much time. «

He lifts the crowbar, locks it in the lock, and blows it up.



Jamie leads Bryan and Lee to the exit in the back. He looks outside to make sure the way is clear, then hands Bryan the crowbar, so they can break their chains.

JAMIE: "Be careful. English soldiers guard the city. »

As they turn around to leave, Jamie stops them.

JAMIE: "I told Murtagh to hide well I didn't believe his friends would trace a path of tar and feathers to him."

BRYAN CRANNA: "Murtagh was here with us."

It's something Jamie had hoped he wouldn't hear. It hurts him.

JAMIE: "Then tell him not to come back. Knox has an army under his command. «

LEE WITHERS: "She may be on the other side of the water, but we have an army too. Men who have nothing to lose. And we farmers have turned our ploughs into swords and we are training for battle.

(He holds Jamie's gaze) How many men do you have? «


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "It was an important moment: to see Jamie realize that the Regulators could actually be a force to be reckoned with and, more importantly, that if Jamie is forced to fight them, well, he might not be ready. He knows he doesn't have enough men. He doesn't really want to fight, but he may have to because of his word in Tryon; because he cannot yet change sides and go against the Crown; because he has his family and settlers. And if he fights... He could lose. «   


Jamie has no answer. Bryan and Lee run away. Bryan's question remains unresolved as Jamie realizes Bryan is talking about recruitment - the Regulators have a lot of men. And Jamie doesn't.

Close-up on Jamie.



Claire works with a small group of women from Fraser's Ridge, including MME. MARGARET CHISHOLM, MRS. RUTH ABERFELDY and MS. UTE MCGILLIVRAY (who is German). They make candles for the community – a task that requires a lot of hands. Several women stir heavy pots, heat the melted tallow until it dissolves.

Others cut the cotton strands to the desired lengths. The strands are soaked in the mixture, then removed, covered with a thin layer of tallow. The strands are tied by five or six on a stick and hung to dry.

The women hold sticks terminated at both ends and dip them back into the mixture. The candles are soaked to have more layers of wax, until the desired thickness is reached... An ethereal and beautiful visual process.


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "We asked our researcher, Courtney, to look at the different group tasks we could use for this scene. She found that women in one colony often gathered to pool their energy for large tasks. We considered soap making, butter making, maple syrup picking and many others before choosing candle making because of its beautiful, ethereal visual quality. Here is a light scene that shows us Claire's willingness to do everything she can to protect the people who are now her settlers. To keep them safe and healthy, to the best of his ability. «   


MRS. ABERFELDY: "I'm going to light a candle for poor Mrs. Farrish."

MRS. MCGILLIVRAY: "It's horrible, isn't it? He was so young. If only he could have made it to Cross Creek. «

MRS. CHISHOLM: Aye. It is said that bad things happen in threes... And you got along? My boy Thomas badly burned his hand last week in the oven, so I'm going to say my prayers tonight. «

MRS. ABERFELDY: "You have to put honey on it... «

Claire listens, and she can't help but intervene to encourage them.

CLAIRE: "Yes, that might help. It can prevent infection."

MRS. CHISOLM: "Really? The doctor at Cross Creek told me it was a grandmother's recipe. He said to use St James's powder instead; it is said that King George himself uses them... «

CLAIRE: "To ingest? For a burn? But the wound is on his hand... «

MRS. MCGILLIVRAY: "Why take a risk?"

Claire is relieved to hear some common sense...

CLAIRE: "Yes, exactly!"

But she spoke too soon – Claire's optimism is soon dispelled. She and Ms. McGillivray disagree.

MRS. MCGILLIVRAY: "He just has to take some if it helps. "

MRS. CHISOLM: "If it's good enough for the king, then it's good enough for my boy." Claire wonders what to say - the "medicine" is actually toxic.

CLAIRE: "But... Is Thomas vomiting, Mrs. Chisolm? «

Ms. Chisolm is a little surprised.

MRS. CHISOLM: "Yes... «

Claire is sincerely concerned about these women who, after all, depend on her care.

CLAIRE: "St. James powder contains something called antimony, which is a poison... It makes you vomit, which in some cases can help, but if you take too much... »

MRS. CHISOLM: "You are an excellent healer, Mistress. We are all lucky to have you. But Dr. Wilson is a reputable physician. «

MRS. ABERFELDY: "Yes. You can imagine if we learned that the king was poisoned by his own doctor... «

The ladies laugh at the idea. Claire bites her tongue... The irony being that although more "scholarly" than most, she knows that there is no way to change these women's minds...



Brianna comes in and sees Claire writing at the table. She approaches her mother, curious... and picks up one of the papers, starts reading.

BRIANNA: "What are you doing?"

CLAIRE: "A list, tips for preventive health care."

BRIANNA: "Telling people what to do."

CLAIRE: "Especially what not to do. I will make lots of copies and distribute them to our settlers. »

BRIANNA: "But how are you going to explain how you learned all this? I mean it's kind of like Dent de Lotte, isn't it? »

A flash flashes through Claire's gaze. She hasn't thought about Otter in almost a year.

BRIANNA: "People will listen to you?"

CLAIRE: "I doubt it very much. (Claire's experience in making candles proved it.) But they will listen to Dr. Rawlings. «

Brianna keeps one of the lists where it says a title at the top "Dr. Rawlings recommends."

BRIANNA: (reading the title) "Who is Dr. Rawlings?"

CLAIRE: "The man who had my medical kit and microscope. And now... The good doctor behind all these radical new ideas. «


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "Since we had never named the doctor who had Claire's medical kit (given by Jamie in episode 401), we thought we should. A fun little nod to a detail from the book and the perfect "cover" for Claire. «   


BRIANNA: "Smart. All right. Do you have another feather?"

Claire smiled. Grateful for the help, she hands Brianna a pen and paper. Brianna sits down and starts helping Claire copy the list.




Knox, Fanning and Jamie stand in front of the empty cells. Knox picks up the lock Jamie broke the night before.

EDMUND FANNING: "Liberated from the outside."

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "So there would be more traitors in town."

Fanning agrees. Jamie too - he knows it's technically true: what he did was an act of treason. He agrees with that. But he must control the situation and buy time...

JAMIE: "Mr. Fanning... Perhaps you could inquire? »

EDMUND FANNING: "Of course."

Jamie waits until Fanning is gone before addressing Knox.

JAMIE: "Maybe it works in our favor. No doubt these men will tell Fitzgibbons what you are willing to do to put an end to this uprising. «

LIEUTENANT KNOX: (skeptical) "We were only looking for one man. I am afraid now that war is inevitable. After all, a man fighting for his house is worth... »

JAMIE: "A hundred men fighting for survival."

Jamie knows the saying – and it worries him.

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "We need more men. I've seen the ones you called to your daughter's wedding -- not enough. «

Lieutenant Knox looks at Jamie expectantly. Jamie tries not to look too discouraged.

JAMIE: "I'll leave tomorrow and gather a militia."

LIEUTENANT KNOX: "We'll meet here as soon as possible. Prepare for war. «

Close-up on Jamie...




Close-up of Roger holding a wooden spoon over his right eye as he reads a handwritten reading chart pinned to the wall.

ROGER (reading the chart): "K... V... H... R... Z... P «

CLAIRE: "Good."


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "This is another scene we loved from the book... adapted to address the characters where they are found in the series. «   


ROGER (jokingly): "Not to brag, but I'm considered pretty good at reading... »

CLAIRE: "And the other eye, please."

Roger changes the spoon of his hand, squints again and reads slowly.

ROGER: "T... L... M... S... B... G «

Claire makes a slight face – not bad but not perfect.

CLAIRE: "Well, unfortunately, this test is not based on intellectual ability."

Lacking a small flashlight, Claire lights a candle inside a reflective lantern. She brings her closer to Roger's eyes, illuminating them as she looks through a magnifying glass.

ROGER: "Oh - I didn't ask: Did Marsali pass the test?"

Claire has a hard time hiding her joy...

CLAIRE: "I have a new apprentice. Thank you for helping me hide the body. «

Roger is happy for her. He winks at her and jokes...

ROGER: "'The Apprentice under the cellar'... This is a novel that needs to be written. »

CLAIRE (smiling): "We have another lesson tonight. Look down. Now in the light... Now follow my finger... «

Roger follows Claire's finger with his gaze.

CLAIRE: "Your father was a fighter pilot in a Spitfire during the war?"

ROGER: "Yes... Jerry MacKenzie... «

CLAIRE: "So he wasn't wearing glasses... »

ROGER: "No, I guess as a pilot he had perfect vision.

CLAIRE: "Hmm - this lowers the likelihood of hereditary vision problems."

ROGER: "So what's the verdict?"

CLAIRE: "Well, you're slightly myopic in your left eye. But not enough to cause real difficulties. «

ROGER: "So I'm just a really bad shooter. Maybe it's psychological. My father may have been in the RAF but I was raised by a pastor. I don't want to shoot anyone anymore. (Then jokingly) Brianna on the other hand... Have you ever seen her holding a gun? «

Claire knows that Brianna is well adapted to life at the Ridge, but tries to minimize it a little, so as not to hurt Roger's feelings.

CLAIRE: "She seems to be doing well. "

ROGER: "She's happy here. I think she wants to stay... «

Roger leaves the sentence hanging, not knowing how Claire will react. Claire sees Roger's discomfort and the breakup could cause in their relationship.

ROGER: "And why not? Why not stay when the whole family is there?... The Reverend was the last member of my family... «

CLAIRE: "Didn't you tell me you had great-grandparents wandering around America somewhere?"

ROGER: "Yes... I guess so... but if we cross paths again, it will be hard to explain to Morag MacKenzie that we are parents... »


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "We wanted to remind the audience of something that readers of the book will already know or remember: that Morag MacKenzie (whose life Roger saved in season 4) is actually his 'multiple great-grandmothers'. It's a classic time travel paradox: when Roger saved Morag's life (and his son Jemmy's), did he save his? If so, how did they survive the first time, before he went back in time? Was he still somehow in the past? Is time cyclical? «   


CLAIRE: "Anyway, you're part of the family, Roger. As much as I love that you are all here, I hope you don't stay. «

Roger reacts, surprised to hear this. Claire explains.

CLAIRE: "I would miss you all terribly... But it's safer for the three of you in the future; I know you agree with that. It's my fault that you're all here – I'm doing everything I can to keep us safe, but I'm not. Jemmy could skin his knee and get an infection, and I don't know if I could cure him because I don't have something as simple as an antibiotic. »

It is clear that Roger feels the same way. But...

ROGER: "Well, it's not easy, is it? Brianna and I can't leave until we know if Jemmy can hear the stones. «

CLAIRE: "It could be tomorrow... or in a year. »

ROGER: "Or never."

Claire has no answer. She knows it's a possibility. Roger takes a deep breath, makes a decision.

ROGER: "It doesn't matter. Until we know, I will do whatever I need to do to keep my family safe. «

Claire admires her son-in-law's determination – and it also revives a resolve in her.




Bryan and Lee move through the forest. Suddenly, a rifle barrel appears on the back of Bryan's head.

MALE: "What are your names?"

BRYAN CRANNA: "Bryan Cranna and Lee Withers."

MALE: "What about the password?"

BRYAN CRANNA: "If it hasn't changed since we were imprisoned: Caisteal dhuni!"

This is the battle cry of Clan Fraser: "Castle Dhuni".

MURTAGH appears and lowers his rifle.

MURTAGH: "It hasn't changed."

Along with Murtagh are two other leaders of the Regulators: James Hunter and Herman Husband, a Quaker propagandist minister among the Regulators. Polite, serious even if neglected in appearance, Husband is tall, has long hair and a salt-and-pepper beard. His way of speaking shows that he is Quaker.

HERMAN HUSBAND: "Friend Bryan. Friend Lee. It's good to see you again. »

LEE WITHERS: "Mr. Husband, Mr. Hunter."

HERMAN HUSBAND: "Do you have any news from Hillsborough? How were you released? Where's Ethan? «

BRYAN CRANNA: "A sad story, but I'll tell it... «


The men walk to the foot of a cliff that hides a secret camp of the Regulators.

The Regulators (mostly former farmers) and their families live here in tents, having been evicted from their legitimate lands by corrupt sheriffs.

Bryan told the truth when he warned Jamie of their number: there are many. And they have weapons: muskets, scythes, pitchforks, swords.




Bryan, Lee, Murtagh, Hunter and Husband make their way through the camp. Bryan updated them on what happened in Hillsborough with Knox and Jamie.

MURTAGH: "Although we mourn the loss of Ethan and yearn to avenge him, my godson is right - we have to wait for the right moment. If he told us not to go back to Hillsborough, there is a good reason. »

BRYAN CRANNA: "I know you trust him, Murtagh... But I can't say he's on our side."

Murtagh hesitates, knows it is risky to defend Jamie. But...

MURTAGH: "He's walking between two fires."

And the same goes for Murtagh, caught between two causes: the cause of good versus evil and the cause of the family.

Bryan stares at Murtagh, guessing his thoughts.


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "This line is in the book, although Murtagh is not the one who said it. Yet it encompassed the themes of this story so well that we chose to use it as the title of the episode. More than one character here finds himself walking between two fires."  


BRYAN CRANNA: "What about you? You oscillate between two fires -- our cause on one side and your godson on the other. Which side will you be on, when the time comes to fight?

HERMAN HUSBAND: "We pray that it doesn't come to that."

MURTAGH: "If that's the case, we'll be ready. (to Bryan) I have no say in my godson. As he has no say in me. «

LEE WITHERS: "But he's on the side of the Crown."

MURTAGH: "No. He is on the side of his people. And I'm with mine. «

He observes the Regulators around him.

MURTAGH: "But he will fight alongside you when the time comes, Bryan. You have my word. «



It's late. The tavern is almost entirely empty. Jamie sits in front of the fireplace, staring at the glowing embers and low, flickering flames, deep into his troubled thoughts.



Claire is also sitting by a fire, deep in thought. She holds something on her lap. The events of the past few days have brought her to the brink of a big decision. The death of Mr. Farrish. The lack of knowledge of its settlers. of Roger solve. Brianna's warning about Dent de Loutre... What's on his lap is covered with cloth. She unwraps a tissue that reveals a skull. As she turns it over, we see silver fillings twinkling in the light of the fire and realize it's Otter's tooth skull [Episode 403]. She silently looks at the skull, trying to make a decision... »


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "We included this scene to illustrate one of the catalysts that inspires Claire to do her part to save people in the future – an effort planned by Otter Tooth, who was never able to accomplish his goal. In a way, she takes up her torch. «   



Claire is cutting pieces of bread that she puts under different bells.

Mrs. Bug leads Brianna into the kitchen...

MURDINA BUG: "She went crazy, she stayed up all night making bread. More bread than the Lord when He fed the multitudes with loaves and fish. «

Brianna sees Claire standing in front of a small mountain of bread – at least 35 loaves of different sizes, made in haste. Brianna is puzzled.

BRIANNA: "Wow! You're not going to eat all that, are you? «

Claire smiles like the cat that ate the canary.

CLAIRE: "No. I'll let them mold. «

Brianna gives him a surprised look. Just like Ms. Bug.

MURDINA BUG: "What a terrible waste!"

Mrs. Bug mumbles and shakes her head on the way out.

BRIANNA: "Please tell me you're being sarcastic?"

CLAIRE (sarcastic): "Me? Never. «

Claire is waiting for Mrs. Bug to leave. Then to Bree.

CLAIRE: "I do penicillin. At least, I'm trying. «

BRIANNA: "Mrs. Bug is right: you've lost your mind. You can't do this. «

CLAIRE: "If I can. I think so. «


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "The manufacture of penicillin is an excellent guideline for the book. We were originally going to start it in episode 501 - just something Claire was doing. After watching episodes 501 and 502, we decided to make it the pinnacle of a few episodes; The decision comes from the story we told. »  


Brianna looks at her. Claire's eyes are lit up by the promise of her new scientific experiment.

CLAIRE: "Not just with bread. I sent Marsali to fetch the leftover food from our neighbors, the leftovers we give to the pigs. Hopefully, I'll find the right strain. »

BRIANNA: "Mom, penicillin isn't invented for another hundred years."

CLAIRE: "One hundred and fifty-seven to be precise."

BRIANNA: "Pretending to be someone else and making lists that go against popular beliefs is one thing, but that's dangerous. What if it destroys a certain cosmic balance, or breaks a rule of space and time? Isn't that playing God? «


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "More time travel paradoxes!"   


CLAIRE: "Bree, you played God when you came to save our lives. And I'm very glad you did. »

Brianna has to admit it's true. But it worries him.

CLAIRE: "I change the future every time I save someone's life here. And Jamie, even if he doesn't travel back in time, his very presence has affected the future of many people who are no longer of this world -- and others who are still here. Like you and Jemmy. Then... To hell with space, time, and history. «

Close-up on Bree, who begins to realize that her own presence in the 1700s is going to affect things, no matter what...




Claire stands alone in the cemetery, near Leith Farrish's grave. She puts down a shovel and picks up Otter Tooth's skull.

CLAIRE: "I hope to have as much courage as you had."


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "It was a nice thought, but unfortunately it was not part of the final selection. The important thing was that his discovery of penicillin was inspired in part by Otter Tooth. In the book, Claire buries the skull shortly after moving to Fraser's Ridge. She places it in the hole she dug, then stacks a small tower of rocks next to it – a kind of cairn to mark the resting place. She holds the opal in her hands. » 


CLAIRE: "I'm sorry, I don't know how to say it in Mohawk... but in Cherokee, it's... Tohi gwadi gesesdi.. "Be at peace." You deserve it.

Close-up of the opal in his hand...



Close-up on /Jemmy. Roger plays guitar and sings for his son. And since Jemmy's first name is Jeremiah, Roger sings.

ROGER "Jeremy was a bullfrog!" ...

And then those three familiar chords.

ROGER: "He was a good friend of mine / I never understood a single word he said / But I helped him drink his wine / And he always had good wine / He sang joy to the world / And to all the boys and girls / Joy to the fish in the depths of the ocean / Joy to you and me..."


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "We couldn't resist using this song, since Jemmy's full name is Jeremiah. At one point, we even considered using "Joy to the World" as a title. But sometimes the titles change several times before we choose the right one! "Joy to the World" by Three Dog Night is a modern song, but we're here to hear it... except for Brianna, who approaches with laundry in a basket. »  


ROGER: (to Jemmy) "You're not a bullfrog, are you, Jeremiah? But it's true: I don't understand a single word. Of what you say "

Brianna smiled as she looked at her two boys.

BRIANNA: "I love that song."

Roger looks at her and smiles.

BRIANNA: "You're a good father, you know that?"

He gets up and goes to her, happy to be here, right now, with both, no matter the century. He kisses her, then takes the laundry basket from her.

ROGER: "I'll take that. Stay with Jemmy "

She appreciates the gesture and her positive attitude, compared to the day before.

Roger enters the cabin.



Roger enters and places the laundry basket on the office chair. In doing so, he knocks something out of the office, revealing... the corner of Brianna's drawing board hidden under a pile of other books and papers.

He shouldn't, but he takes the cardboard and opens it. He flips through drawings, various subjects: nature, animals, Jemmy, a still life, a dead goose -- and suddenly here he is, staring at him: a drawing by Stephen Bonnet. And then another. And another.

These are shocking and half-demented images, proof of how this man still weighs terribly on her. Roger is in shock. And although he can also be injured, especially... He is appalled.

Suddenly - Brianna's excited voice from outside.


BRIANNA: "Roger, get out quickly!"

Roger quickly puts the drawings back in the box, puts it back in its place on the desk.



Roger goes out to see that Jemmy is walking holding on to Brianna's fingers.

Roger smiles at his son - but his mind is still reeling from the drawings he has just seen.

BRIANNA: "What a big boy! (To Roger) It works! Can you believe it? Look at our baby walking! «


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "You have to love when such a sweet moment is followed by such a surprising and horrifying moment. And the horrible moment is followed by one of the most iconic moments you experience as a parent, your child's first steps. And Roger can't be in that moment because of what he just saw... because of how it makes him worry about his wife. Roger forces himself to smile. He can't get back on what he just saw.  

With Brianna's enthusiastic help, Jemmy trotts. Roger looks, smiles... but he can't get Bonnet's face out of his head: the face of a monster that threatens the happiness of his family, even in death. Of course, he doesn't know what Brianna knows: that Bonnet is alive. «   



Close-up on two women (prostitutes), called "murderers", in the middle of a fierce fight with bare hands in the middle of an improvised ring during a clandestine boxing match, a show, half revenge match, half sports competition... A crowd of gentlemen, alongside the scum, shouting, swearing, drinking and betting on this combat sport, which attracts customers of all classes. A bettor engages the bets while the women attack each other. They are dirty, wear tattered skirts, leather corsets and no shoes.


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "At some point it was going to be a cockfight, like in the book, but during the preparation we realized how difficult it would have been to do it safely. We didn't want actors or birds to be hurt, so we changed it to boxing and took stuntwomen and turned it into a female wrestling match - a real form of entertainment at that time, albeit a bit illicit. «   


We discover GERALD FORBES, rich landowner and friend of Jocasta [Episode 411] among the spectators.

GERALD FORBES: "That's it, stronger!"

A rich and powerful merchant, CHARLES TURNBULL, approaches, and interrupts him -- CHARLES TURNBULL: "Mr. Forbes, glad to see you here. I would like to introduce you to one of my associates. »

Forbes diverts his attention from the ring to greet the man standing just behind Turnbull.

This man is elegantly dressed, with impeccable manners and an air of wealth. We hardly recognize it. But there is no doubt that the devil dances his eyes. Meet STEPHEN BONNET!

CHARLES TURNBULL: "May I introduce Mr. Stephen Bonnet."

Bonnet nods and bows.

STEPHEN BONNET: "Delighted, sir."

GÉRALD FORBES: "Are you a man of play, Mr. Bonnet?"

Bonnet smiled, savoring the atmosphere and what was happening.

STEPHEN BONNET: "I bet on cockfights, but to tell the truth, I find it vulgar, to see women fighting. "

Forbes points to the two fighters, one tall, one skinny but fighting well. GERALD FORBES: "One claims that the other owes her twenty shillings – She would have stolen her man two nights in a row. Whoever wins keeps the winnings. »

STEPHEN BONNET (dismissively): "It's not the weaker sex anymore – but hey, I'm always willing to bet."

GERALD FORBES: "I bet on the stocky damsel. "

STEPHEN BONNET: "Me, on the little whore."

They watch the fight for a while - it's brutal. Blood spurts.

A rich and drunken gentleman, Mr. MARSDEN, loudly cheers the greatest prostitute.

GÉRALD FORBES (to Bonnet): "How did you meet Mr. Turnbull?"

CHARLES TURNBULL: "Mr. Bonnet has facilitated the transport of some of my belongings, as well as others who want to avoid the king's levies. He works very discreetly. «

STEPHEN BONNET: "A good shot."

CHARLES TURNBULL: "Indeed? I am glad to have helped you move away from your past, Mr. Bonnet. «

He is a very deferential hat. It's clear that he bought himself some protection among some of Wilmington's personalities. He is a wanted man after all.

STEPHEN BONNET: "It will be a pleasure to do business with you, Mr. Forbes, if you need to."

GERALD FORBES: "I will remember it."

Bonnet still works as a smuggler, despite the fact that he works for people in high places.

Close-up of prostitutes as they fight fiercely. The crowd, including Forbes, Turnbull and Bonnet applauded and screamed until the tallest woman fell unconscious. The skinny prostitute raises her arms in victory.

STEPHEN BONNET: "What did I tell you? I know how to recognize winners when I see one. »

While Bonnet recovers his winnings, Marsden, who lost his own, is a bad loser, and he makes a sarcastic comment in passing.

MR. MARSDEN: "And I know how to recognize a cheater when I see one."

Marsden looks at the largest prostitute on the ground, revived by someone.

MR. MARSDEN: "Obviously, you know this woman."

STEPHEN BONNET: "What are you insinuating?"

MR. MARSDEN: "You're in cahoots with her. You knew when it would fall! «

STEPHEN BONNET: "I assure you, you are completely mistaken. "

Bonnet takes his winnings and tries to overtake Marsden.

MR. MARSDEN: "Cursed be your eyes, sir. I'd rather lose with honor than win by cheating."

STEPHEN BONNET: "You insulted my honor, sir. Let's deal with it like gentlemen. «



The sound of swords like an impromptu duel takes place between Bonnet and Marsden. The men bet on the outcome of this duel as ardently as they bet on the fight of the prostitutes. Bonnet gained the upper hand and disarmed Marsden, wounding him in the thigh.

Marsden falls to his knees and gives in. Instead of accepting surrender, Bonnet shows his true nature when he performs an act of such cruelty that it totally horrifies all who witness it.

STEPHEN BONNET: "My eyes will not be cursed, sir."


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "A great moment. A bookfavorite. Bonnet has already sheathed his sword, but he takes his knife now, and plants the blade over Marsden's eyes, so as not only to blind him, but to mutilate him and make him an object of horror and pity. «  


Marsden screams in agony and then faints. Bonnet wipes his knife on Marsden's shirt, then puts it back in its sheath. Forbes watches, aghast. Turnbull looks at Bonnet in disbelief.

CHARLES TURNBULL: "It doesn't look like you, Bonnet. Why not just kill the man? «

STEPHEN BONNET: "I thought about it. But I have to lead by example. «

Bonnet looks sincerely indignant.

STEPHEN BONNET: "I'm a father now."

Bonnet walks away, his words leaving a shiver in his wake.


Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas: "And that moment is not from the book. But we were convinced when we wrote this — and even when we came up with the idea for these last lines in the writers' room — that this moment would crown two episodes that, together, really set the stage (and the stakes) for the entire season. »