9 letters that resonate in me


9 letters that since 1 1/2, resonate every day in my head and especially in my heart. 

I discovered this series thanks to a colleague of work, and like all of you, I immediately hooked, adored, devoured, and swallowed 5 episodes from the first evening. 

Then the charm having more than operated, as I advanced in the series, this one m'voûtait, it spreads deliciously its elixir of happiness, exacerbated my emotions, interfered slowly in all my thoughts, to make me wish only one thing during my days, to find again as soon as possible this fabulous, exciting, dreamlike universe .... it became a necessity, I was in apnea, like a state of absolute lack. 

To answer this addiction, a few days and nights were enough and allowed me to see the first 3 seasons. Then the credits of the last episode scrolls and it is at this moment that all the feelings experienced, all the emotions felt, collapse and run aground on the shores of America at the same time as our 2 heroes .... 

What happens to them? Yes, but what will become of me, lost and unable to resolve to live this absence and unbearable expectation?


So to survive this heartbreaking reality and overcome this abyssal void, I decided to frantically engage in everything related to the series, and inevitably discovers the volumes of Diana.Gabaldon.


And this is the apotheosis, the absolute happiness, this masterpiece will allow me to regain my taste for reading, but especially to find daily the history of Scotland, its endearing highlanders, fascinating adventures and the love and timeless love of Jamie and Claire.
The link is renewed. Again I breathe Outlander, live outlander and find our heroes over the pages without having to imagine them since the series has offered us the quintessence of talent in the person of Cait and Sam. So for hours, day and night, I I isolated myself from the outside world and my 'highlanders' to me (my husband and my 2 sons !!), but it was vital.


Incomprise and mocked I could not exchange or share my passion with them, except for some of my friends that I had managed to enlist. After reading the Tomes and always insatiable, I discovered the closed groups on FB, the networks to follow the actors, director, etc ... and little by little thanks to 2 friends met on Twitter thanks to our passion Outlanderienne, I discovered a few weeks ago the private Facebook group where Valerie talked about her site ...
And today, here I am. 

By Agnés Blazy