The absence: John Done 

Poem of Catullus: Crashaw 

Freedom and Whiskey: Robert Burns 

The Road Not Taken : Frost 

I have lived through war : Gabaldon 

The bravest :Thucydide  

Pledge of Allegiance 

Wedding greetings 

The toast of the guard 

Crown Oath 

Hippocratic Oath 

Prayer to Dougal 

The oath of the vanquished 

The Skye Boat 

The lady of Balnain 

The boogieWoogie 

I once loved a lass 

Eisd Ris 




Throughout the saga of Diana Gabaldon, the latter punctuates her lyrics with poems, songs, promises or oaths. 

Some refer to existing texts or at least to ancestral traditions, such as oaths of allegiance or oaths of marriage, or some poems and some traditional songs, the latter being sometimes adapted for the occasion, such as boogie -woogie Claire. Others are from his imagination but are no less wonderful and worthy of being appreciated and listed. 

When the saga was brought to the screen, some of the songs were adapted by the wonderful Bear McCreary and others were created for the occasion. 

Poems and Songs 

Promises  and Oaths 


Moch Sa Mhadainn 

My darling Clémentine  

Never my love 

Wool Waulking Song 

Highland laddie