It's a deasil talisman, a muirninn, Jocasta explained smugly. Sting it in the little one's clothes, in the back.
Brianna looked at the sleeping baby.
"A talisman?" What for ?
"Against the fairies." Leave him hanging in his robe all the time - remember, always in the back - and no creature from the Ancient world can harm him.

Take this, she ordered Brianna. Light it in the hearth, then go around Jemmy three times. But always from east to west!
She was speaking in Gaelic, but slow enough for Brianna to understand.

Spells and Prayers

Deasil's Charm 


V. 5 - the fiery cross,
ch. 41, Protected by Fairies 

“Wisdom of serpent be thine, Wisdom of raven be thine, Wisdom of valiant eagle.
Voice of swan be thine, Voice of honey be thine, Voice of the Son of the stars.
Sain of the fairy-woman be thine, Sain of the elf-dart be thine, Sain of the red dog be thine.
Bounty of sea be thine, Bounty of land be thine, Bounty of the Father of Heaven.
Be each day glad for thee, No day ill for thee, A life joyful, satisfied.” 

Jocasta paused for a moment, barely frowning, as if straining for an answer from fairyland. Seemingly satisfied, she pointed a finger at the hearth.

"Throw your twig into the fire so the little one never gets burned."

Roger had volunteered to kill the pig. Jamie handed him the gavel and took a step back. I had seen Jamie in action before. He recited a brief prayer, blessed the animal, then smashed its skull with a mighty blow. Roger must have tried it five times, and the memory of the poor beast's screams still gave me goosebumps. After which, he had put down his mallet and had gone behind a tree where he had returned guts and guts.

There's a prayer for that, you know? To slaughter a beast. Jamie should have told you.
He was amazed.
- No ! I didn't know. The extreme unction of the pig... It's the best!

Prayer of the hunt 

A breath of snow and ashes
c. 71, Black pudding

O Lord, bless the blood and the flesh of this the creature that You gave me.
Created by Your hand as You created man,
Life given for life.
That me and mine may eat with thanks for the gift,
That me and mine may give thanks for Your own sacrifice of blood and flesh,
Life given for life. 

Lord, if I’ve never had courage in my life before, let me have it now. Let me be brave enough not to fall on my knees and beg her to stay. He pulled his eyes away from the cottage and smiled briefly at me. 



He looked at me smiling.
“It is the hardest ordeal I have ever been through, Sassenach.
He spurred the horse and we set off at a light trot.
“Now,” he continued, “I feel ready to face the second most difficult test of my life. We are going home, Sassenach, to Lallybroch!

Roger had volunteered to kill the pig. Jamie handed him the gavel and took a step back. I had seen Jamie in action before. He recited a brief prayer, blessed the animal, then smashed its skull with a mighty blow. Roger must have tried it five times, and the memory of the poor beast's screams still gave me goosebumps. After which, he had put down his mallet and had gone behind a tree where he had returned guts and guts.

There's a prayer for that, you know? To slaughter a beast. Jamie should have told you.
He was amazed.
- No ! I didn't know. The extreme unction of the pig... It's the best!

Let her go 


Outlander :
c. 25, At The Stake, Witches! 

There was a small table near the door of the chapel, on which lay a holy water font, a Bible and two or three other books. Undoubtedly mystical works, intended for worshipers who found the time long.

It was starting to be my case. I went to get the Bible and brought it back to my kneeler. There was barely enough light to read the withered pages.

“Alas, I am only a worm, not a man... I am emptied of my substance; my limbs are dislocated; my flaming heart melted like burning wax as it spilled from my womb. »Excellent diagnosis, I thought. But was there a treatment?


“Do not depart from me, O Lord! O my forces, hasten to help me... Deliver my soul from the sword; save the loved one from the powers of the dog. » 

Hmm. That seemed rather airtight to me. I moved on to the Book of Job, Jamie's favorite. If anyone was in a position to offer sound advice...

“He corrects him on his bed with pain, when his bones tremble constantly; when his life takes a dislike to food and his appetite to delicacies; when his flesh is visibly consumed and his bare bones appear. » 

Well seen ! I thought.

“When his soul draws near to the pit and his life to Hades. While there is near him an angel, a mediator chosen from among a thousand, who reminds man of his duties, takes pity on him and declares: Exempt him from going down into the pit, I have found the ransom for his life. His flesh then regains a youthful freshness, he returns to the days of his adolescence. » 

But what was this ransom that could redeem a man's soul, and deliver my beloved from the powers of the dog?

I closed the book and my eyes. The words mingled inside me. A deep sadness washed over me when I invoked Jamie's name. And yet, I felt a strange calm as I repeated over and over, “Lord, into your hands I commend the soul of your servant James. » 

Prayer at Saint-Anne de Beauprè 


Outlander :
c. 39 The Ransom of a Soul

A bhràthair mo mhàthair
Thug u eòlas nan cath dhomh
Ach ciamar a chuireas mi cath...
Ri mo ghoistidh fhéin?
Nach innis u dhomh?

While the battle against the Regulators could not be avoided, Jamie prepares to face his godfather, a warrior in the enemy camp.
For once, Jamie does not appeal to the Gods to watch over him, but in appeal to his Dougal Uncle who was, in the past, his mentor and above all, a valiant warrior with whom he often fought.

Prayer to Dougal

Oh brother of my mother

You gave me battle knowledge

But how do I offer battle..

To my own godfather ?

Won’t you tell me ?

The fiery cross

Chapitre 29 ; The fiery cross

You didn't say grace, said sternly, frowning.


Obviously, he took me for a depraved heretic.


“Uh… would you be kind enough to say that for me?” I ventured.


He opened his eyes wide, then, after thinking, he nodded and crossed his arms solemnly. He scanned the table to make sure that the assembly had adopted the appropriate reverential expression, then lowered his head with a satisfied air and intoned:

"Lord, some have bread but no teeth, some have teeth but no bread."


We have the bread and the teeth, so we give you thanks. Amen. »
Raising my head, I met Colum's gaze and gave him an admiring smile at the poetic sense of his offspring. He suppressed a smile himself and thanked his son with a serious nod.


“Well said, my son. Now pass me the meat.

Grace of Amish McKenzie 


The Thistle and the Tartan
c. 6, The Assembly of Colum McKenzie 

The blessing of sharecroppers 


c. 6, The Assembly of Colum McKenzie 

Jamie recites the grace of the Scottish sharecroppers to Claire who has come to bring him his lunch at the Leoch stables

Run, run all to the table,
Stuff yourself right in the belly.
Eat manure, pooch nane,
It's better than dying, Amen. 


“Pooch nane”? I asked.
He patted the sporran on his belt.–
“Put it in your belly and not in your bag. » 

“In the old days,” Jamie said, “when a warrior went to war, he would find a witch to bless him. He had to look in the direction he was going and she stood behind him to recite her incantations. When she had finished, he walked straight ahead without looking back, because one last look at her would have brought him bad luck. He caressed my face and turned his back to me, facing the door. The morning sun flooded the threshold, illuminating her red hair like a halo of fire. He puffed out his chest and filled his lungs.

"Bless me, witch," he said softly, "and go home."

I put a hand on his shoulder, searching for my words. Jenny had taught me some Celtic prayers. I tried to remember one.


"Jesus, son of Mary," I began hoarsely, "I call on your name and that of John, the beloved apostle, and of all the saints gathered in heaven." Please protect this man in the coming battle...
I abruptly interrupted myself. Footsteps and voices sounded nearby. Jamie stiffened, whirled around, and pushed me toward the back of the cottage where a section of wall had collapsed.

- Over there ! he ordered. They are English. Go!


Claire begins a blessing to Jamie before parting on the morning of the Battle of Culloden, just before walking through the stones.

Blessing to Jamie 


ch.46-Timor mortis conturbat me 

Blessing pronounced by Jamie during the laying of the hearth stone of the cabin at Fraser’ridge

Chimney Blessing 


The Drums of Autumna
ch.19, Holy Land 

God, bless the world and all in it.
God, bless my wife and children.
God, guide my gaze and my hand,
And watch over us from night to morning.
God, protect this house and its inhabitants,
Consecrate those who will be born there,
Watch over animals and children,
Help us to make this land fruitful.
May the fire of your blessing burn eternally within us.

Ave Maria

Ave Maria, gratia plena

Dominus tecum

Benedicta tu in mulieribus ;

Et benedictus fructus ventris tui, Jesus !

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei,

Ora pro nobis, peccatoribus,

Nunc, et in ora mortis nostræ.

At the funeral of a person from the ridge (I am not quoting his name for the moment for those who have not yet seen the episode in question.

Hail Mary 


season 7 episode 3
O, death, don't be proud 

“Hail Mary,

full of Grace,

the Lord is with thee.

blessed art thou among women,

and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God,

pray for us sinners

now, and at the hour of death.

I had a vague memory that there was mention of bees somewhere in the Bible. Perhaps John Quincy drew his blessing from the Psalms?“Uh…Brianna told me I should…bless the bees?”
"I know a few beehive blessings," he said. Even if what the Germans say doesn't really sound like a blessing.

- What do they say ? I asked, intrigued.
He searched his memory, his bushy, graying eyebrows drawing together.

“It’s…rather abrupt. Let's see…
He closed his eyes and tilted his head back.
Jesus, the swarm is here!
Fly away, my animals, and come.
In the peace of the Lord, the protection of God,
Come back to me in good health.


Stay, stay, bees.

This order comes to you from Saint Mary,
You will not know rest.
Don't fly off into the woods;
Don't slip through my fingers;
Don't run away from me.

Stay perfectly still.

"Do the will of God," he finished, opening his eyes. That's a corner of your mouth, huh? Order a thousand bees to stand still? Why would they bear to be treated in such a rude way, I ask you?

Claire asks John Quincy Myers to teach her a bee blessing. She certainly didn't expect to hear many of them!

Blessings of the Swarms 


Got tell the bess that I'm gone.
ch.13, What is not useful to the swarm is also not useful to the bee. 

"It must work," I replied. Jamie often brought honey from Salem. They may be German bees. Do you know of any other less… peremptory blessings?
I seem to remember this one, he continued:
“O God, creator of all creatures, You bless the seed and make it productive”…I wonder if that is really “productive”. Yes, no doubt… “productive for our use. Through the intercession of..." There come a whole bunch of saints and whoever, but I can't remember any name but John the Baptist. You tell me, if anyone knows anything about honey, it's good him, right? With his grasshoppers and his bear skin. That said, why was he wearing a bearskin in a place as hot as the Holy Land?
It puzzles me. At any rate…

He closed his eyes again and held out a hand towards the hive, which was shrouded in a cloud of bees.
“Through the intercession of whoever will intervene, hear our prayer in Your mercy. Bless and sanctify these bees with Your compassion that they may..."
He opened his eyes and frowned.
"Here it says, 'so that they may bear fruit in abundance,' when any moron knows we're interested in honey."
His wrinkled eyelids closed again on the setting sun and he finished:
“…for the beauty and adornment of Your sacred temple and our humble use. »
He dropped his hand and turned to me.
“It goes on, but basically that’s it. In fact, I would say you can bless your bees in any way that suits you. The main thing, I think you already know, is to talk to them regularly.
"Any particular subject?" I asked, trying to remember if I had any conversations with my previous hives.


"Okay, well, let's go," I said.…

— O Lord… (I wished I knew the name of the patron saint of bees because there must have been one.) Please make these bees feel welcome in their new home. Help me protect them and watch over them. May they always find flowers and… uh… serene rest at the end of each day. Amen.
"That will do just fine, Madame Claire," agreed John Quincy in a voice as warm and deep as the buzzing of bees.

During the gathering, Claire set up a makeshift medical office. Not far from there, Doctor Murray, obviously not having the same practices as Claire, also offers his services.
They both disagree on the case of a patient with well advanced cirrhosis while Murray evokes bilious moods and proposes to bleed the patient.
Alas, as his daughter points out, there is nothing Claire can do for him. Then, yielding to inspiration, Brianna evokes a prayer from her imagination that Murray sterilize the lancet with which he intends to bleed his patient.

"There is a charm," she said with a flirtatious smile. It… uh… sharpens the blade and facilitates the flow of humors. Let me show you...
– In the name of Michel, who wields the sword and protects souls, she intoned… “– Bless this blade so that your servant may heal…”
“Bless this cutting edge to shed purifying blood, so that… uh… the poison escapes from the body of your most humble subject. Blessed be this blade... blessed be this blade... blessed be this blade in the hand of your most humble servant... Praise be to God for the brilliance of the metal...
– May the waters flowing from the side of Our Lord Jesus Christ purify this blade! »
– May the blessing of Michael, who protects us from demons, guide this blade and the hand of the one who wields it to heal body and mind. amen » 

The charm of the blade 

The fiery cross, ch.3 bilious moods 

"In the name of this child, do you pledge to fight against the forces of evil by renouncing sin?" »
"Yes, I will. »
"Do you believe-in-one-God-the-Father-the-Son-and-the-Holy-Spirit?"
- Yes I think.
Without stopping the ritual, he picked up the flask of whiskey and carefully poured a few drops on the boy's forehead, repeating:
“I baptize you Germain, Alexander, Claudel MacKensie Fraser, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. 


"Go in peace, in the faith of our Lord!" And go quickly! said the priest.

The fiery cross, 

Ch. 13 Baptisms and Barbecue 

Rushed Catholic Baptism 

Also during the convention, the Frasers want to have Germain, Joan and Jemmy baptized. Small problem, it is a Catholic baptism in the middle of a gathering of Protestants.
Claiming to want to confess in complete privacy, Jamie manages to isolate himself with Father Kenneth. The two men are joined by Claire, Bree and Marsali and the children.

– My dear friends, we are gathered here in the presence of Our Lord…
– Let us remember with devotion that God established and sanctified marriage, for the good and happiness of mankind…
– ...Through his apostles he instructed those who enter into this relationship to cherish one another in mutual esteem…
“Before our Almighty Lord, the searcher of our souls, if either of you know of any fact that would prevent this marriage, I conjure you to confess it now. For rest assured that those who unite contrary to the word of God will not be able to obtain his blessing.
– Roger Jeremiah, will you take this woman here as your wife, do you swear to be faithful to her, in love and honor, duty and service, faith and tenderness, to live with her and to cherish her, according to the ordinance of God and according to the sacred bonds of matrimony?
“I do,” said Roger in a deep, hoarse voice.
“I want to,” she answered without taking her eyes off Roger.
"Who grants the hand of this young woman?" »
There was a brief moment of hesitation, then Jamie jumped.
"Oh, but it's me!
– I, Roger Jeremiah, receive you, Brianna Ellen, as my bride…
–… in happiness and trials…
–… in joy and pain…
–… in sickness and in health…”
–… throughout our lives

Presbyterian wedding of Bree and Roger 

The fiery cross, 

ch. 14-Blessed is the bride illuminated by the moon 

As much as the Catholic baptism of Claire and Jamie's grandchildren took place in secret during the Gathering, the Presbyterian wedding of Brianna and Roger takes place in full light, despite the barely veiled discontent of Jamie who does not budge. Protestants are heretics. But thanks to Claire's grip, everything went well in the end.

The fiery cross, 

Ch.18 Blessed Home 

May God clear all the snowy passes for me
May God protect me every step of the way
May God clear all the snowy passes for me,
May God open all the roads for me, 

And that He carries me in the palm of His hands. 

Guided by an instinct older than prayer, he took the flask from under his belt and poured a few drops on the earth. 

Prayer to the earth 

Back from the gathering, on the way back to the Ridge, Jamie, who is riding the infernal Gideon, isolates himself for a moment in the forest. A magical place with which he feels in perfect harmony and where he has a vision of his mother.


“He jumped out of his saddle to feel the pine needles under his soles and establish a physical connection with this place. Carefully, he tied the bridle around a sturdy fir tree, even though Gideon seemed calm. The stallion ran his nostrils along the ground, smelling the clumps of dry grass. Jamie stood still for a moment, then turned to the right, facing north."
He couldn't remember who had taught him this ritual, his mother, his father or old John, Ian's father. But as he followed the path of the sun, he muttered a brief prayer each time he turned a few degrees, ending up west, facing the setting sun. He cupped his hands, letting the light fill them and bathe his palms." 

Soporific prayer 

The fiery cross, 

Ch.25-The little angel who watches over my sleep 

Bless, O God, the moon above my head,
Bless, O God, the earth under my feet,
Bless, O God, my wife and my children,
And bless me, O God, who must watch over them.
Bless my wife and my children,
And bless me, O God, who must watch over them. 


He had started timidly, stumbling here and there on a word. But gradually he grew more confident and stopped talking to me, even though his hand still warmed the curve of my hip.


Bless, O God, the object on which my eyes rest,
Bless, O God, the object on which my hope rests,
Bless, O God, my reason and purpose,
Bless, O bless them, you the God of life,
Bless, O God, my reason and purpose,
Bless, O bless them, you the God of life. 


His hand caressed my waist then moved up to my hair.

Bless, O God, my companion's bed,

Bless, O God, the product of my hands,
Bless, O God, the fence that protects my garden,
And bless, O God, the little angel who watches over my sleep. » 

The night after the clan call and the day before they leave to join the English army, Claire and Jamie spend their last night in bed before long. Although exhausted, they are unable to sleep.
"Do you know a soporific prayer?" Claire asks.
"Here's one I almost forgot," Jamie said. My father had taught it to me, shortly before his death. He thought that one day it would be useful to me.
Comfortably installed, his head lowered so that his chin rested on my shoulder, he recited in my ear in a low, warm voice.

The fiery cross, 

Ch.110-Blood Man 

Funeral ceremony 

You're leaving tonight for your winter home,
Your fall, spring and summer home;
Tonight you will find your perpetual home,
Your infinite bed, your eternal sleep.
May the rest of the seven lights be yours, O brother,
May the rest of the seven joys be yours, O brother,
May the rest of the seven sleeps be yours, O brother,
In the arms of the Jesus of blessings, of the Christ of grace.
The shadow of death covers your face, my beloved,
But the Jesus of grace embraces you;
Near the Trinity, say goodbye to your sorrows,
Christ stands before you and his spirit is all peace. 

Ian stood beside her. The last lights of day brushed her face, making her scars glow. He spoke first in Mohawk, then in English for us.

May the hunt be successful,
May your enemies be destroyed before your eyes,
May your heart always be filled with joy under the roof of your brothers. 

“We're supposed to say it over and over again,” he added contritely. With the drums and everything. But I thought once would be enough for now, right?

“Yeah, I think it'll be that way,” Jamie assured her. 

He turned to Roger, who coughed, cleared his throat, then recited in a voice as transparent and penetrating as smoke: 

Lord, tell me what will be my end,
Give me the count of my days,
Let me know how frail I am.
Alas, I'm just a flash in the pan,
My years are nothing before you.
Hear my prayer, O Lord, hear my plea,
Do not withhold your grace from my tears,
'Cause I'm just a stranger to you
A passing being, like my fathers before me. » 

After reading the diary written by otter tooth that the Indians entrusted to Ian, the Frasers decide to offer a funeral ceremony for him and his traveling companions, and also for Doctor Rawling

“Jamie lifted his head and turned west, where the souls of the dead fly away. He spoke softly, in Gaelic, but we all knew enough to understand him.

A breath of snow and Ash, c. 2, The Dutchman's Hut
The scene is in season 5 episode 11, Journeycake

Jamie and his family discover a sad and morbid spectacle on returning to the Bridge. A whole family of Dutch settlers, who died mysteriously and then burned down along with their cabin. After burying them, Jamie asks Roger to say a prayer for them.

“Behold, I cry out for violence, and no one answers; I implore justice, and no justice! He has closed every outlet to me, and I cannot pass; He has cast darkness on my paths. 


His voice, once so beautiful and so powerful, was now strangled, reduced to the raspy specter of his soaring beauty, but the passion he expressed still had enough force to make all who listened to him lower their heads, their faces disappearing. in the dark.


– He stripped me of my glory, He took the crown from my head. He has broken me on all sides, and I am leaving; He uprooted my hope like a tree. 


His face was closed, but his gloomy gaze rested for a moment on the burnt stump that had served as a block for the Dutch family.


“He has taken my brothers away from me, and my friends have turned away. I am abandoned by my relatives, I am forgotten by my intimates. 


The three Lindsay brothers exchanged glances, and all moved a little closer to each other to protect themselves from the cold wind.


“Have mercy, have mercy on me, you my friends! His voice softened. We heard it We barely heard it above the sigh of the trees. For the hand of God has struck me. Oh ! I wish my words were written down! Let them be written in a book! I would like that with an iron chisel and lead, they were engraved in the rock forever... 


He looked at each face one by one, his own marble, then took a deep breath to continue, his voice cracking with each word:


“For I know that my Redeemer lives. And that He will rise last on earth. When my skin is destroyed, He will arise...


Brianna shivered and looked away.


“When I have no more flesh, I will see God. I will see him, and he will be favorable to me; my eyes will see it, and not those of another. 


He paused, and a short collective sigh was heard, everyone letting out the breath they were holding. But he wasn't quite finished. Without realizing it, he grabbed Brianna's hand and held it tight. He spoke the last words almost to himself, as if he had forgotten his audience:


– Fear the sword for yourselves: for anger brings chastisements with the sword. And know that you will be judged. 

I was shaking, and Jamie's hand wrapped around mine, cold but strong. 


love charm 

Mrs. Bug picked up the thread of the conversation as she went back to slicing her turnips.
- About what you were saying. What you saw on Flat Rock - seaweed, bones and flat rock - it's a love spell. The so-called "venom of the North Wind".
"Funny name for a love charm!"
"Do you want me to recite it to you?"
It was a purely rhetorical question. Without waiting for an answer, she wiped her hands on her apron, then, crossing them in front of her hips with a theatrical air, declaimed:


As Jamie and Brianna clear a rock from the river to install Bree's future pipes, they discover a small, extinct hearth in which there are human fingers. Jamie thinks it's a charm.
In the evening, Bree tells Mrs. Bug about it.

A breath of snow and Ash,  

 c. 49-The venom of the north wind 

March 1777
Before leaving the Ridge for good, Claire and Jamie await Lizzie's delivery so that Claire can assist her.

- It's for today, do you think? Jamie asked me in a hopeful voice.
He was not made for passive contemplation. Once a decision had been made, he needed to act. Alas, babies are completely indifferent to convenience and impatience. Trying to control my nervousness, I replied laconically:
- Maybe. Or maybe not.
"I saw her last week, Aunt Claire," Ian said. She looked like she was about to explode.
He handed Rollo the last piece of his muffin before specifying:
“Like those big round mushrooms, you know? Just touch them and…poof!
Jamie frowned at me.
"She's only waiting for one, isn't she?"
“I already told you at least six times. I hope so ! But you can never be sure.
“Twins often run in the family,” Ian observed.
Jamie crossed himself.
I tried to keep my calm.
“I only heard a heartbeat and I have been listening for months.
– Can't count the ends that point? Ian asked. If the "thing" is six feet...
- It's easier said than done

Eventually, Claire goes to Lizzie's house and helps with the birth of her baby girl.
Left alone, Jamie waits while reciting a prayer.

 Moire gheal is Bhride ; 

Mar a rug Anna Moire, 

Mar a rug Moire Criosda, 

Mar a rug Eile Eoin Baistidh 

Gun mhar-bhith dha dhi, 

Cuidich i na ’h asaid, 

Cuidich i a Bhride ! 


Mar a gheineadh Criosd am Moire 

Comhliont air gach laimh, 

Cobhair i a mise, mhoime, 

An gein a thoir bho ’n chnaimh ; 

’S mar a chomhn thu Oigh an t-solais, 

Gun or, gun odh, gun ni, 

Comhn i ’s mor a th’ othrais, 

Comhn i a Bhride !  

A echo in the bone 

 c. 11 Deliverance 


Mary pure and wife;
As Anne had Marie,
As Mary had Christ,
As Elizabeth had John the Baptist
Born without any stain,
Help her in her deliverance,
Help her, O Bride! 

Like Christ who was conceived by Mary,
Perfect in every way,
Help me, foster mother,
To make conception spring from the bones;
As you helped the Virgin of joy,
Without gold, without corn, without cattle,
Help her for great is her suffering,
Help her, O Bride! 

– “Here is your charm of love:

Like water sucked into a straw,
He will attract love to you,
And the warmth of the one you love.
Rise at dawn on the day of the Lord,
On a flat rock near the shore
Take buttercups “And foxglove.
A small amount of embers
In your kettle
A good handful of seaweed
In a wooden shovel. 

Three bones of an old man,
Recently torn from his grave
Nine stems of royal fern
Freshly hewn with an ax
Burn them on a fire of fagots
Burn them to ashes
Sprinkle them on the breast of the beloved
Against the venom of the North wind.
five times
Go around the hearth
I guarantee it
This man will never leave you.  

“There was supposed to be a prayer in Gaelic for this stuff. There were hundreds of them. I only knew a few, mainly relating to health (this reassured my patients who spoke Gaelic). I chose the one that lent itself best to the situation and continued on my way, my soles beating firmly on the cobblestones, humming:


I trample you underfoot, oh you crisis,
As the whale mocks the oceans,
O you back crisis, you body crisis,
You treacherous who gnaws the chest.  

Claire, injured by a bullet, is in Philadelphia convalescing with Fergus and Marsali.
Walking through the streets of the city, she is seized with an anxiety attack.
She sucks on a piece of salt from a pretzel she just ate in order to chase away ghosts according to a Highlander legend.

Written in my own heart's blood 

 c. 112-A ghost in broad daylight 

Prayer against ghosts 

Written in my own heart's blood 

 c. 141-The deepest feeling always reveals itself in silence 

Jenny joined Jamie and Claire in America.
They return to Fraser's Ridge with goats that they have just bartered in the neighboring town.
Claire is not well because she saw one of the men who raped her there. She ends up admitting it to Jenny who, for her part, tells her about the rape of a young girl she knows.
Eventually, they get back on the road.

herd of cattle 

Come on, we better stop those goats before they burst their bellies.
As she walked barefoot through the grass, she recited an incantation in Gaelic to round up the cattle.


You three up there in the city of glory,
Guide my herd and my cows,
Protect them in heat, storm and cold,
By the power of your blessing,
Lead them from the heights to the fold." 

Before leaving to hunt a bear, Roger teaches a prayer to little Adam, the son of Amy Higgin, (formerly MacCalum)
I will say no more so as not to reveal an important part of volume 9 to those who have not yet read it.

In the name of the Holy Trinity,
In words, in deeds and in thought,
I wash my own hands
In the light and the elements of the sky.I swear never to return home empty-handed,  

Without the product of my fishing, without poultry either,  

Without game or venison brought back from the mountains
Without fat or white flesh brought back from the groves.
Let life live in my word,
Let meaning inhabit my discourse,
Cherry blossoms on my lips,
Until I return.
Crossing the mountains, crossing the forests,
Crossing the valleys, long and wild,
May Mary the beautiful and white support me,
May Jesus the shepherd protect me.  


“Repeat these last sentences with me, my boy.
Aidan sat up and repeated with Jamie:


May Mary the beautiful and white sustain me,
May Jesus the shepherd protect me.  

Consecration of the hunt 

Got tell the bess that I'm gone 

 ch 27, The veiled face 

Prayer for the deceased 

Got tell the bess that I'm gone 

 ch 58-The mysteries of the rosary 

"Okay," he said finally, standing up. Do you still want to pray?
He didn't wait for her answer and took out of his shirt the old wooden rosary he wore around his neck.
"Oh, do you still have it?" she wondered. You didn't have it when you came to Scotland and I thought you had lost it. I wanted to make you another one, but, with Ian...
She shrugged one shoulder to sum up her husband's long months of agony.
He stroked the wooden beads, slightly embarrassed.
“It’s just…I never lost him, somehow. I had given it to William when he was little. I had to leave Helwater and I wanted him to have something to…to remember me.

"Humph," she said. And I guess he gave it back to you in Philadelphia?
"Yeah," Jamie replied, a little ruefully.
“I can tell you one thing, a bràthair: he is not about to forget you.
“Maybe not,” he replied, slightly comforted by the thought.
He seized the rosary and, rolling the beads between his fingers, began:
"I believe in God, the almighty Father, creator of heaven and earth..."
Together they recited the Creed, the Our Father, three Hail Marys and a Glory to the Father.
Fingers on the first tens bead, he asked:
"The happy or the glorious?"
He didn't want to do the painful mysteries, those about suffering and the crucifixion and, no doubt, neither did she. A woodpecker cried in the maple trees and he wondered if it was one of the ones they had seen or a third.
Three, a marriage… Four, a death…
"A merry man," she answered immediately. The Annunciation.
She motioned for him to take the first turn. He didn't even have to think.
“For Murtagh,” he said softly. And for mom and dad. “Hail Mary, full of grace; the Lord is with you. You are blessed among all women and Jesus, the fruit of your womb, is blessed. »
Jenny continued:
“Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us poor sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen. »

They chased after the rest of the dozen in their usual way, taking turns, the rhythm of their voices as soft as the rustle of wild grass. »
"They came to the second decade, The Visitation, and he beckoned Jenny.

It was his turn.

"For Ian Òg," she whispered, her eyes lowered to her pearls. And Ian Mor. “Hail Mary, full of grace…”

The third decade was for William. When Jamie announced it, she looked surprised, then nodded and lowered her head.
He wasn't trying to avoid thinking about William, not deliberately invoking him either. Unless his son asked for his help, he could do nothing for him. There was no point worrying about what he was doing or what might happen to him.
Nevertheless, the space of an Our Father, ten Hail Marys and a Glory to the Father, William was necessarily in his thoughts.
Guide him, he thought between the words of his prayer. Help him to make good choices, to be good. Show him the way... and holy Mary, protect him, in the name of your own Son...
"... now and always, and forever and ever," he finished. “Amen. »
“For everyone we left behind in Scotland,” Jenny said, taking over.
She hesitated, then asked:
"Laoghaire too, do you think?"
"Yeah, her too," he replied, smiling in spite of himself. But don't forget to include the unfortunate who married her.
Before starting the last ten, they paused and stared at each other.
“The previous one was for ours in Scotland,” he said. Let's recite this for others, elsewhere. Michael, little Joan, Jared, who are in France.
Jenny's features softened. She hadn't seen Michael since Ian's funeral. The poor man had been devastated after losing his young wife, a child and then his father. Her lips trembled for a moment, then she lowered her head, the sun bringing out the whiteness of her bonnet, and recited in a clear voice:
"Our Father who art in heaven..."

Jamie and Jenny pray for their dead :.

Roger's ordination at Fraser's Ridge

Got tell the bess that I'm gone 

 ch 58-The mysteries of the rosary 

Prayer for the deceased 

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
Brothers and sisters in Christ, we gather today to give thanks and praise the Lord on this day of ordination of Roger Jeremiah MacKenzie as pastor of this congregation and parish. » 

The old pastors spoke in turn, laying their hands on Roger's head, on his shoulders, on his hands.
It was the transmission of a mission that spanned centuries, the passing on of a Word with the solemn conviction that the man who received it would in turn preserve it... forever.

“Blessed be God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to his great mercy has raised us up to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. 

Lord God, blessed are you for the Lord Jesus Christ; Blessed are you for the communion of the Church;
Blessed are you for the faith given to us,
For the generations who have transmitted your mighty deeds; We praise you for the worship offered throughout the world, We praise you for the testimony and the services of the saints down through the ages.
Lord God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we praise you.

“Lord and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
You call us in your mercy;
You support us with your power.
Through the generations, your wisdom meets our needs.
You sent your only son, Jesus Christ,
To be your apostle, the high priest of our faith And the shepherd of our souls.
By his death and resurrection he overcame death And, having ascended into heaven,
He poured out his Spirit,
Forming apostles, evangelists,
pastors and teachers
To teach us faith.
We pray to you now
To pour out your Holy Spirit on your servant.
In your name and according to your will, by the laying on of hands, We ordain him and appoint him to the ministry of priests Within the one and holy Church
Conferring on him the authority to share your word and your sacraments. » 

The Presbyterians were not into show. Roger Mac took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Jamie trembled and felt his surrender pierce his heart. » 

Soldiers Blessing 

Got tell the bess that I'm gone 

 ch 145-The mirror broke 

At Jamie's request, Blessing of the soldiers by Roger before the battle

“To his surprise, the men gathered before him taking off their hats. Jamie suddenly reappeared beside them.
"Bless us before battle, a mhinistear," he asked respectfully.
He also took off his hat and held it to his heart.

My God, what do they need...
“Lord…” he began.
He had no idea what he was going to tell them. Yet the words came to him, one after another.
“We ask for your protection. Accompany us on this day of battle. Forgive us of our excesses and grant us the grace to show mercy when we can. Amen.
“Amen,” the men muttered, combing their hair.
Jamie brandished his gun and shouted:
"Follow Colonel Campbell!" In step!
The militia gave a grunt of satisfaction and the men moved towards Colonel Campbell, perched on his black gelding at the foot of the mountain. Jamie watched them walk away then suddenly turned to Roger and placed a hand on the cross on his chest.
"Pray for me," he said in a low voice. Then he too disappeared. »