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Outlander Addict, the site of Aurélie, alias Nighean Donn, is a particularly complete site which offers, among other precious treasures, analyzes of some themes or episodes of the series in video format, translations of English articles or sub- video titles of all kinds.

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When I launched into the creation of this site, I had in mind two objectives:

The first was to make sure that it is the most full possible so that the fans are never disappointed. In some way, I wanted to offer the site which I would have liked to find at the time when I searched information on the net.

The second objective was that I can allow a correlation with the readers. I wanted to be able to generate a bilateral distribution, an exchange, a brewing of our feeling and of our cogitation.

And it is for this that it is very important that I take time to thank the persons who helped me, each in their way, to make sure that Dinna Fash Sassenach fills these two objectives with the best possible.


First of all a huge thanks to Sophie Malac and Mary Modica for this job of ant which consists in correcting my errors of orthography and all shells which resist to my numerous rereadings.

One and other one generously offered for this particularly important task that they fulfil very two with an equal kindness. I am immensely thankful to them there.


A special thank you to the team of translators.

They are the ones who dissect Diana's works as well as the incomplete French translations, which they correct and offer us. Meticulous and essential work.

Thanks to Marie Modica, Lucie Bidouille, Gratianne Garcia, Marie Agathe Schousboë, Anne Montégu-Terrière, Agnès McMaille, Céline Indignada, Vanessa Kosildo, Sophie Merle and Yasmin Villiger.  


Thanks also to  Gratianne Garcia  , Françsoie Rochet and Claudine Leroy for their titanic work on the history  of heroes and religions in the saga.


Then, one thank you very much to Julia Arlette for the prodigious job which it provided for the constitution of the 3 lexicons which I took back and adapted for the site: the figures, places and the Scottish expressions of literary saga. A small jewel! And one thank you very much also to Mary Goeman who, with a generosity without the similar sends me regularly of photographs, of links and of suggestions of articles which were very often very much useful to me!


And to finish, a warm-hearted thank you to all persons who agreed to publish an article or of fans-arts on the site, either in the living room of the fans, or in focus:

Pas-Cal, Delphine Robillard and Tim Larribeau for focus,

Sonia Rauch, Agnès Blazy, Capsi Lium, Martine Thimond, Claire Nedelcu, Éloïse Piquet, Céline Liaudet, Mayté Touvet for their texts and poems

Floflette Pellegrin, Stephane Hersant, Audrey Ollagnier and Françoise Kozwloski for their fans-arts

Sonia Alcaraz, Mélanie Pruvost, Aude Benvenutti and Nadège L.C and Élodi Marni for the distribution of their collections.

Online boutiques 

Outlander Hypnoweb is a community driven site and I think it's a really wonderful idea!
It is an encyclopedic site, a bit like mine which offers various chapters, various files, various information.


Valérie Gay-Corajoud