About the Outlander Saga 

Christmas quotes 


Whether in the 18th or 20th century, the Frasers and their loved ones go through a number of Christmases! Sometimes in times of peace, sometimes in times of war... but always aware of the importance of celebrating this special day.

Memorable gifts 


The list is not exhaustive, of course, and it is very likely that this post will be supplemented over time. But it's a good start!

The shape of things 


Diana tells us that all of her books have an internal or natural geometric shape that emerges during the work. These internal shapes are normally invisible, but if pointed out, the reader can certainly spot them.

Diana Gabaldon shares an excerpt of the prequel to Outlander


A bird in the hand

Brian Fraser and Murtagh FitzGibbons Fraser are hiding out on one of the battlements of Castle Leoch, where they’ve sneaked in to take part in the funeral festivities for the recently deceased Chief, Red Jacob MacKenzie. 

Of the interest of marriage


Some excerpts from the different volumes of the saga in which the Fraser couple finds a particular interest in being married! Be careful, it's hot !

What Frank Knew


When his wife came back and told him her story, Frank wouldn't believe her. But as a good historian he was, he did some research, and we discover as the books progressed that he probably knew more than he seemed...!