By Carolyn Garcin 

Full color analyzes of Jamie's various feelings towards Claire.
Between Possession, allegiance, consent and protection, Carolyn Garcin dissects for our greatest pleasure, volume after volume, chapter after chapter the attitudes and feelings of the one that the scriptwriting team who brought the saga to the screen used to name: the king of men. 

Jamie Fraser, between possession and allegiance, 

consent and  protection 

To be continued... 



The Gathering
By Marianne Hatzfeld 


A little tour of horison of the 227 pages of the fifth volume, narrating the great Scottish gathering.   

Jamie Fraser and the Sidhes,  

the Elders and the Celtic Gods 

Jamie and John
By Marianne Hatzfeld 

The relationship of friendship that binds the two men is built over the years and events. Passionate! 

Reflections on Young Ian
By Marie Modica
From Lallybroch to the Mohawk tribe, the tribulations of young Ian Murray