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Some thoughts unearthed through the canvas 

The 20 best moments of season 6 
By Alexandria Ingham 


Like all other seasons, Outlander Season 6 is viewed with mixed reviews. It's not surprising, and there were elements that stood out to me that I immediately knew would be hated by the majority of fans of the first book. That's how it comes to this adaptation...
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Time travel 
By Margaret Arlen 


The all pervading sense that it’s real, that in another space and time my Ancestors exist….that they live, going about their daily lives unaware that they are dead. I am in a constant state of emotional turmoil….my head cannot grasp the concept at the same time as I am buying into it completely...

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Claire nurse 
Simone's reflection and Diana Gabaldon's response  


I have been a nurse for almost 16 years, Claire being a nurse was the first thing that attracted me to books. Claire's dedication to her profession - her deep sense of duty, her competence, courage and boundless compassion are themes that come up regularly...
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Reflection on the first episode of season 6: Memories 
By Beth Wesson  


While this is one of my favorite escape methods, I find that Outlander often reflects many truths about real life and our relationships with others. Souvenirs, the first installment of season 6, was no exception...
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Women of consequence
By Beth Weson 


We knew this was coming, another episode where the writers would have to deal with another rape in their source material. Discussions around the staging or the need to show the rape were expected. I found my own feelings about this episode confusing and so this was one of the times I needed to speak before writing.
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What is a man ?
By Margaret Arlen 


HERE IS A MAN torn apart by conflict, with his second wife Laoghaire, and the love of his life, his heart and soul, Claire, his newly returned to him, First Wife.

We all know what has gone before these photos….the shock, anger, both blaming the other, rage, passion, betrayal and above all else, fear….fear and misunderstanding...

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Blood of my Blood
By Sarah V Fiehl  


Ye are Blood of my Blood, and Bone of my Bone. I give ye my Body, that we Two might be One. I give ye my Spirit, ’til our Life shall be Done.’ 

Even a casual fan recognizes these words as the vows that wed Jamie and Claire Fraser in Diana Gabaldon’s 1991 novel Outlander.

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The ambiguity of Geillis
By Caitlin Gallagher and Valérie Gay-Corajoud 


Like Black Jack Randall, Stephen Bonnet and Lionel Brown, Geillis is a murderous psychopath who caused deep trauma to the Fraser family. She kills her husbands, kidnaps and rapes young men like Young Ian, owns slaves and plans to murder Brianna.
But unlike all the others, she has the particularity of having been Claire's friend...
A dichotomy that haunted these enemies until its end.
Wouldn't it be a good time to remember what made Geillis an unforgettable character?
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Characters from the literary saga who have not been brought to the screen  

By Caitlin Gallagher 


Sometimes characters from books can appear in the series in unexpected ways. 
But some characters in books never receive treatment on screen. They are only on the page and will remain so. Here is a tribute to just 12 of those people.
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The connection between Claire and Roger
By Beth Wesson 


Right from the start, I saw a connection between Roger and Claire. Roger seemed to be able to "read" Claire... He recognized "who" she was as a person...
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Outlander, a feminine look
By Bethany Latham 


So you won't find a comparison of the TV series to the book here; the Starz version is reviewed entirely for itself. In particular, I thought it might be worth taking a look to see how this historical series differs from some of its siblings in its perspective on one particular area: sex.
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The weaknesses of season 6
By Anna Zandegiacomo 


A year has passed since the release of season 6 of Outlander...
The wait had been enormous and I remember having feasted on an irrepressible pleasure by the discovery of the images and by the reunion with all our endearing heroes, in spite of a season announced as particularly sad.
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From the books to the series:
What bothered fans


whether it's a plot change, an actor choice, or even omitted book scenes on the show - throughout their time on the show. Here are 11 things members of the Outlander fandom are still thinking about.
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