The Savages

Season 4 - Episode 5

Selected moments ...


The Fraser family is slowly getting used to their new life at Fraser's Ridge and we love to discover the details of their daily lives in their finally finished house.

While they are busy on their own, Jamie talks about his dream about Brianna. It is an intimate and very deep moment between them where Claire is very tender and Jamie very moved ...

As Jamie and young Ian head off to Cross Creek to look for new settlers, Claire joins the Mueller family of German settlers to help with a delivery.

By Claire Nedelcu 

Again, these are touching and moving moments around a birth that goes smoothly thanks to Claire. In thanks, the family decides to name the little girl, baby Klara ...

Caitrionna Balfe manages to interpret in a fine, authentic and extremely convincing way the various emotions which run through Claire, in particular this pride and this recognition towards the young mother… towards life quite simply.

Meanwhile Jamie takes advantage of his presence in town to go in search of a blacksmith able to transform his candlestick into silver, a memory of his late mother, in a new ring for his wife. A secret and loving project!

It was then that he found Murtagh and we were delighted, moved, and carried away by these incredible reunions. This highlight suddenly takes us back to the first seasons and their exciting adventures, both in Scotland and in Paris. Besides, we will be similarly moved when at the end of the episode, Murtagh finds Claire. What a great trio! Especially since Murtagh is, for the moment, the only one who knows where Claire is coming from.

But the moment that overwhelmed me in an equally intense way and which, in a way, sparked this text, is when Claire, who is still with the Muellers, comes between Gerald Mueller and the group Indians who come to drink their horses in the river which he says belongs to him.

It is still a great moment when Claire shows her implication, her concern for justice, and her desire for pacification. She poses as a mediator and finds the words, the strength and the authority to appease the situation. This is how, ultimately, she obtains a truce between the two parties.

I really like the way things are described, and I guess it most certainly comes from Diana Gabaldon, this way of not seeing things in black or white, the bad guys and the good guys, showing the complexity of the situations and by showing the share of humanity of each character, of men and women grappling with history, with the slow evolution of consciences.

Unfortunately, Geral Mueller's family will be decimated by a particularly virulent measles and the latter, convinced that the Indians are responsible, will take revenge by going to kill and scalp their healer, Adawehi, who has become a close friend of Claire.

Despite this violent and tragic end, I remember above all the fact that Claire and Jamie are still trying to find the fairest way possible.

Of course, Claire has already killed, to save her life or in an emergency, but she is also a mediator, full of bravery is captivating

Finally, Jamie comes back home, and it's still a very beautiful moment of union and love beautifully interpreted by our two favorite actors.

In short, an exciting episode in many ways. Without forgetting the touches of humor and finesse in the look on the Indians, the proximity and the complicity between the two women healers. You will understand that I was conquered by the richness of this episode ...