Jamie, the love that makes you grow

In Wentworth, to save Claire, Jamie gives everything he has, what he has left. Her body and her inner freedom. He is already chained but he could fight against BJR however he promises not to fight, he gives up completely.

Trampled by Randall, he has lost all sense of himself and finds himself at the bottom of the hole. As he confides to Claire: '(...) it is as if my fortress had been shattered by cannon fire. Nothing remains but ashes and a charred framework. And the little creature who lived there finds her naked, trembling with fear, trying to hide under a blade of grass, a leaf, but ... she does not succeed. '

By Marie Modica 

Inspired by her love for Jamie, Claire agrees to face her own demons, to call into her memories of Frank and Randall to fetch Jamie.

At the end of a terrible fight, she manages to make him regain his dignity and she brings him back to life.

In Helwater, to stay close to William, Jamie gives up the freedom offered to him to return to Scotland and among his family. He wants to be able to stay close to him and is happy to be able to spend a little time with his little one when he is entrusted to him. When he realizes that he is jeopardizing his child's balance and future, he knows that he must leave. He then asked Lord John to watch over his son like a father over his child. He gives up all his little stolen joys to ensure William's happiness.

Inspired by his love for Jamie, Lord John gives up all mean feelings. He wanted to hate him and then move on. But no, he's a man of integrity. He knows his love for Jamie is part of him now. Too bad if he doesn't like him and despise him for what he is. Lord John displayed both humble and conquering love. He can't help going to Helwater, hearing from his loved one. Little by little, he is making a small place for himself in Jamie's life. He treats him with respect: lends him books to help him overcome his boredom, sharing chess games, peer-to-peer conversations. By his behavior he ends up winning his friendship. We know that at Helwater Jamie felt nothing more or less like a slave. These are her words to Claire in 'The drums of autumn': 'Claire, I have already lived like a slave. I could not bear that another man felt towards me what I felt for those who owned. '
By loving Jamie as high as he could be, Lord John restored his sense of dignity, offered him a complex but solid friendship, and instilled in him the hope that someone he could trust could take care of him. son in his place.

Thanks to Diana G. for these beautiful examples of humanity!