It is this sharing that I am offering you here: just the extracts from the first volume, and for possession, it is in red.
But it didn't stop there ... Because Diana is a much more subtle and complex storyteller!
Possession is defined by having something of your own, having it and having it as your own. This attitude, which he so openly displays, might seem disqualifying towards Claire, and yet it is expressed in such a precise way that it is very quickly distinguished from a desire for domination. Indeed, Jamie keeps telling Claire that she belongs to him, without ever (or almost ...) trying to dominate her.

And it was by picking up on this first notion that a second emerged, complementary and just as powerful in Jamie. I called it allegiance, and it's in purple.
Unlike domination, allegiance is defined on the contrary as voluntary support and submission, loyalty and obedience. And Jamie has this talent of knowing how to express this palette of feelings that he feels, which Claire herself qualifies as a gift: “I would have liked so much to have had his ability to say what I had on my heart, way he would understand. But I didn't have this gift. ".
These two feelings, apparently opposite, Jamie knows how to make them coexist very naturally, as if they were at home just complementary. He said it to Claire very early on:
“I am your master ... and your slave. It seems that I can't own your soul without losing mine. "
I was about to leave it there, when a third notion, closely related to the first two, emerged strongly as I read, and others have already noted it: consent, which will be in blue. On this subject, Marie Modica translated a fascinating article by Carey Goldberg on this site,
"Why sex education classes should use certain scenes from Outlander to teach consent." 

Consent consists in giving explicit consent, approval. And Jamie ensures Claire's consent in a wide variety of situations, whether it's the night they meet when they first hang up, like when he wants to kiss her when they reunite after 20 years, or even during arguments. ...
In my opinion, consent completes the possession / allegiance diptych, towards a triptych that gives even more depth to Jamie's expression of love towards Claire.

And its additional peculiarity is that on many occasions it is expressed by blending the 3 concepts in the same exchange!
Finally, a little apart, the King of men is also a soldier, a warrior, a protector, and this is the first thing he will offer to Claire on the evening of their wedding: his protection, during a dark promise. premonitory. And in the text, it will be in green.
I tried to get to the gist of the excerpts, where a lot of cuts mentioned by an (...), while retaining the elements that make it easier for readers to situate the moment and its emotional context.

Finally, I have also left some extracts in italics when possession is expressed in Claire and Jenny.
If you enjoyed this thematic reading, I will share the rest with pleasure, volumes 2 and 3 are already ready.
Looking forward to discussing the subject and these excerpts from this wonderful story,


By Carolyn Garcin 

 Volume 1 

When Ronald Moore set out to adapt Diana Gabaldon's epic to the screen, he readily said that the team of writers referred to Jamie's character as King of the men, King of men, because it brought together all the male qualities dreamed of, both from a female and male point of view.


The quality of the series quickly made me want to discover the work of Diana Gabaldon in the text. Writing has the advantage of being able to take all its time in the intimate dialogues of the characters, internal or shared, and Diana does not deprive herself of it, to our delight!


My first reading of the 8 volumes was very fast, I devoured and skimmed them, more curious to know the trajectory of the story than the detail. And I was struck by one characteristic of Jamie: this obsession with possession of Claire, which never weakens over time (including volume 8!). So much so that when I undertook a more careful second reading, I noted the passages where he expresses it explicitly.

Chapter 3 p66 - The night of their first meeting, when he finds her after the English ambush 

He took me by the arm, less out of gallantry than to force me to accompany him. I decided to try everything for the whole thing and planted the heels firmly in the ground. "No, no, no, no, no, I won't go with you! If  you persist, I propose to throw you over my shoulder and carry you. Would you like it more?  He took a step towards me and I immediately abandoned any desire to escape. I had no doubt that he intended to carry out his plan. "No, no, no, no, no, You can't do that! You're going to reopen your wounds. I could hardly distinguish his features, but I clearly saw two rows of smiling teeth.  "Well, well... since you worry so much about my health, I suppose you'll follow me without making a fuss?  I was desperate for an answer, but found none. He took my arm again and left us straight ahead.


Chapter 4 p82 When she treats him on arrival in Leoch 

I recoiled, stammering, my face inflamed. It was slightly red too, but by no means disconcerted. He took my hand and drew me back to him. Taking great care not to touch me with his body,  he put a hand under my chin and forced me to look up at him. "You must not be afraid of me," he said softly. Or anyone else while I'm here. 


Chapter 15 p228 The night of their wedding 

Jamie stood leaning against the door, watching me. Our mutual embarrassment intensified, until he found the courage to break the silence. "You don't have to be afraid of me. I'm not going to throw myself at you.  I laughed in spite of myself. In fact, I knew he wouldn't touch me without being invited. Which didn't change the fact that I was going to have to invite him to do much more than that, and soon.


(p231) "You have nothing to fear now. You're wearing  my name. You are entitled to the protection of my family, my clan, and my body if necessary. This man won't be able to do anything against you, as long as I'm alive. 


(p232) "To sincerity! Ok... I resumed a few moments later. You gave me one of the reasons, are there any other avowed ones? He studied the bottom of his glass. "Maybe it's just that I wanted to sleep with you. Have you thought about it? If he tried to confuse me, it was successful. But I resolved not to let it appear. "And it is? I asked. To be honest, yes, I want to. His blue eyes did not leave the edge of his glass. "You didn't necessarily have to marry me for that! He looked outraged. "You don't think I'll take you without asking you to marry me! "Many men would have done it. He stammered a few words, caught off guard. Then, resuming, he declared with formal dignity: "It may be pretentious on my part, but I do not consider myself as anyone and I do not necessarily model my behaviour on the lowest common denominator.


(p241) He helped me take off my crumpled shirt. Then he held me by the waist, studying me with an applied interest. His prolonged examination ended up embarrassing me. Have you ever seen a? "Yes, but never so close... and not mine. 


(p245) "Is that me?" he whispered. Can't you stand me?  (...) "But no, it's not you. I shook his hand to reassure him.  (...) "And if I had told you that I could not stand you," I asked abruptly. What would you have done? He shrugged. I would have asked Dougal to have the marriage annulled because of non-consumption.  (...) Witnesses or not, it's only you and me who can certify it, right? And I couldn't bear to be married to a woman who hates me. "I turned to him." I know a lot of marriages that started with less than that. He turned and crept up like a gun dog against me, putting his arm around my waist, his hand resting on my breast, not as an invitation, but because it seemed a natural place to put it.


Chapter 16 p246 The day after their wedding night 

passage not translated into the French book, available on the website 

He bent down and gently laid his mouth on mine. (...) Her extreme gentleness was not temporary; rather, it was a promise of power known and kept on a leash; a challenge and provocation all the more remarkable because she demanded little. I'm yours, he said. And if you want me, then... My mouth opened without consulting me, accepting with all my heart both the promise and the challenge. (...) "I don't know if it will help you," he said, "but I will tell you this:  it is a gift and a marvel for me, to know that I can please you, that your body can awaken to mine." I had never thought of such a thing before. 


Chapter 17 

passage not translated into the French book, available on the website 

He then recoiled at the foot of the bed, smiling at me as I still clutched the pillow against me, still in the grip of laughter. He rubbed his face with the back of his hand and took a false air of dismay. "Good Woman. I see it's time to exercise my husband's authority.  (...) "No don't do that!"  he said, lying between my legs and staring at me, eyes creased. He always held me firmly by the thighs to prevent any movement on my part. (...) He touched the other thigh, causing foot beats and vain attempts on my part to escape him.  I then bury my boiling head in the fresh pillow. (...) I wriggled and ended up kicking him in the ribs, with as much effect as a shot in the water. After a while, he pushed my thighs flat against the mattress and looked me straight in the eye.  "Now,"  he said with authority, "don't move.".  I then felt exposed, invaded, disarmed and about to implode. Jamie's breath was both hot and cold on my skin.  "Please,"  I said. without really knowing if it was "please continue" or "please stop". Regardless, he had no intention of stopping.  (...) "Well,  it's a little better," said a breathless voice. It still takes a few efforts to make you totally submissive, doesn't it? The bed cracked under the effect of a change in weight distribution and I felt my knees being pushed back even more.


(p252) Dougal is still not there (...) In any case, it's nice of him to have left us alone a few days, time ... to get to know each other better. Jamie began to sneer. "It's not kindness. That was part of my terms.  I said, "I will marry since I have to, but I will not consume my marriage under a bush with twenty men of the clan around us to give us their advice." I stopped abruptly. So that was the origin of the screams I had heard. One of the conditions? I was slowly articulating. What were the others? (...)  "Well... I told him I wanted a formal marriage in front of a priest, not just a contract. And then... that you had to have a proper dress for the ceremony. 


(p254) "Are you still worried about him?" You don't have to worry, I swear. I'll protect you from him and others. Until my last breath, mo duinne.  "Mo duinne?" I asked, (...)  It  means "my brunette." (...)  My brunette, he repeated softly. It's been a long, long time since I wanted to call you that. 


Chapter 18 p275 After the surprise attack on the farm  food cart 

"Jamie! Not here! I made me pat him on the back of his hand. "What, are you tired?" he worried. Don't be afraid, it won't take me long. "No!" I said, trying to free myself. (...) "Jamie! Please. There are twenty men lying a few yards away.  "You're going to wake them up and struggle like this. He rolled over me. (...) Do you want me or not? "Uh... Yes... But... was I forced to acknowledge. He grabbed me firmly by the shoulders.  "Then shut up a little, Sassenach," he said. It won't be long.  The fact is. (...) He rolled to the side, panting.


Chapter 20 p289 The aggression by the 2 English deserters 

Jamie knelt beside me and helped me repel the bloody body. (...) Without a word, he lifted me up and carried me away from the two corpses, behind a screen of aspen. (...) It was not an act of love, but a necessity, as if we felt unconsciously that neither would survive without it. Our only strength lay in this fusion of our bodies, drowning this memory of death and violence in a dumbing down of our senses. (...) Jamie mumbled something, in a voice so low that I understood only "... I'm sorry." (...) I'm sorry I treated you like this. Take you like that, right after that... like animals. I'm sorry, Claire... I don't know what... I couldn't help it, but... My God, you're so cold, mo duinne!  Your hands are frozen. Come on, I'll warm you up. He was also in shock.


Chapter 21 p303 The Rescue of Claire by  Jack  Randall 

"I would appreciate you taking your hands off my wife! 


(p308) "You are but a bully and a fool," I suffocated as I tried to free myself. Do you think I did it on purpose to be captured by the English? (...) "Absolutely! (...) And now you want to make me pay by deliberately putting you, my wife,into theclutches of my nemesis! Your wife! I think I'm dreaming! You think only of yourself! And me? I'm just a piece of furniture, maybe? Do you imagine that I belong to you body and soul? You can't stand to be touched by your little things, can you?  "Yes, you belong to me," he said. You're my wife, whether you like it or not! "Well, I don't like it, but then I don't like it at all!" (...) Let me go! I yelled. Let me go, you... dog in rut!   He immediately let me go and stepped back as if I had bitten him.  (...) I killed a guard near the perimeter wall. (...) I killed him with my dagger that Ileft stuck in his chest when I heard you scream. I would have killed a dozen more to find you, Claire. His voice broke. "And when you shouted, I ran towards you, with no weapon other than an empty pistol and both my hands.  He spoke softly now, but his eyes were still full of rage and pain. I was just saying myself.  Under the blow of my fear during the scene with Randall, I had not for a moment thought of the inhuman courage it had taken to return to the fort to get me. (...) "You're destroying me, Claire. I felt a more or less similar impression. Hesitant, I approached him.  (...) His shirt was sweaty and he was shaking. Please forgive me. He turned and pressed me against him.  "You are forgiven," he murmured in my hair. Relaxing me, he looked down at me.  "I'm sorry, too. Excuse me for everything I said. I was furious, my words went beyond my thoughts. Will you forgive me?  I could not see what I had to forgive him, but nevertheless nodded and shook his hands. In a less heavy silence, we went back up in the saddle. (...) Jamie was holding me by the waist and I felt safe. But our wounded prides nevertheless stood between us.


Chapter 22 p313 Spanking 

"I know that you would never deliberately put someone else's life in danger. But you can do it unintentionally, like today, just because you don't take me seriously when I warn you. You're used to thinking by yourself, and I know you're not used to letting a man dictate your behavior. But you have to learn, for our salvation to all of us.  "I understand," I answered slowly. You're absolutely right. From now on, I will do as you tell me, even if I do not agree. "At the right time! He got up and took back his belt. "So come on, let's finish it once and for all. My arms fell off. (...) I felt deeply betrayed by this man whom I had considered a friend,  a protector and a lover. (...) "I will not allow you to hit me," I said firmly, "without letting go of the bed. "Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no But I'm not asking for your permission. You're my wife, whether you like it or not. If I decided to break your arm, put you in dry bread and water, or lock you up for days in a cupboard, which may not be a bad idea, nothing and no one could stop me.  "I'm going to scream and knock the whole inn! - I have no doubt. If you don't scream first, you'll scream for. We'll probably hear you all the way to the nearby farm, you've got a safe. He drew a obnoxious smile and approached.


(p331) Holding? You call it holding you back! Rather, it seemed to me that you were giving it your heart's content. (...) After all, I ended the night lying on the ground. I looked at him. "Ah, is that your  restraint?" "I thought it wouldn't be fair to take you by force even if I was dying for it," he added with a laugh. It took a lot of effort.  "Take me by force?" I glapis.- Well, yes, under the circumstances, it is difficult to say "make love". (...) "And you imagine that I will applaud your nobility of soul, because you did not rape me after beating me? He waited a few moments before sighing and saying,  "I see that I was wrong to address the subject. All I wanted was to ask you if you'd let me share your bed again, once in Bargrennan. He added shyly: "It's cold on the floor. 

(...) I approached him and looked him straight in the eye. "Will you do me the honor of sharing my diaper O my lord and master?" He hesitated, suspecting an entourloupette, and then nodded. "Yes, I do. Thank you. He was going to leave when I stopped him. "One more thing, master. What's going on? I pulled my dagger out of my pocket and pointed it to my chest. "If you ever raise your hand again on me, I whistled, I'll rip your heart out and eat it for breakfast!" (...) I swear on the cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and by the sacred iron I hold, that I grant you all my fidelity and loyalty. If my hand were to stand up to you in rebellion or anger, I ask that this sacred iron pierce my heart.  "He kissed my guard and gave me the dagger. - I never make threats in the air, Sassenach," he said, raising an eyebrow, "and I always keep my promises. So, can we go to bed now?


Chapter 23 p340 On his return to Leoch, misunderstanding about Jamie's absence:  elle believes he went to find Laoghaire, when he  bought her a wedding ring 

His face closed and his cheeks became full. "You suggest that I have been unfaithful to you?" he said, incredulous. (...) - You have every right to do what you like. If... you feel attracted elsewhere... Well... I'm not going to get in your way. My cheeks were on fire and my ears were buzzing. When I looked up, I noticed that Jamie was bubbling, too. His eyes, bloodshot by lack of sleep, seemed to throw flames.s.  "Can I do what I like?" he cried. What about our marriage oath? Are these just words to you in a church? He punched himself in the chest.  "Nothing to say, eh? You're not going to get in my way? He sat down on the bed to take off his boots, then threw them violently against the wall, causing a din that made me tremble. "Uh... yes, I hesitated backwards. That is what I meant. He grabs my arm. His callous hand was burning. I tried to free myself.  "Well, if you have nothing to say, Sassenach, I do. He took my face in his hands and placed his lips on mine. There was nothing tender in that kiss and I struggled furiously.  He put an arm under my knees and lifted me from the ground like a feather. What are you doing?  - I thought it was pretty obvious, Sassenach, I'm putting you to bed. And you're going to stay there until you haves  no doubts about my rights over you! "I refuse to sleep with you!" He dropped me heavily on the quilt. "You know for a fact what I meant! I don't want to have sex with you. I rolled to the side but he held me by the shoulder and immobilized me, his face a few inches from his.  "I didn't ask you for your opinion, Sassenach. You are my wife, as I have said many times. You may have forgotten it, but in our oath there was the verb "obey." You are my wife and, if I want to, I will take you, by force if I have to.  (...) "Rather die!" I yelled. You're just a dirtypig. You think you can fuck me like a fucking bitch whenever you want! You're going to eat, you bastard! You're no better than your dear Captain Randall!  He looked at me for a few seconds, then suddenly walked away. Go away, I'm not holding you back.  (...) He was making excessive efforts to control himself, but he was sincere. If I wanted to leave, he wouldn't do anything to stop me.  I raised my chin and clenched my teeth. I'm not one to run away. And you don't scare me. "I see. (...) "Can I know what this whole scene means?" Is it really because of the girl?  I told you the whole truth. But it is not a question of evidence. Either you believe me, or you don't believe me. Do you believe me?  "Yes, I believe you," I admit reluctantly.

(...) He took the package back on my lap and opened it. (...) "She is... very beautiful, hiccups I hiccuped.  "Would you put it on your finger, Claire?" He had spoken my name in a voice so tender and gentle that my sobs resumed more beautiful. "You don't have to," he said. Our marriage contract is enough.  You are protected from everything except an arrest warrant. But here in Leoch, you have nothing to fear.  If you wish, we can live separately... if that's what you were trying to tell me with your about Laoghaire. You will have nothing to do with me, if that is your desire.  He was silent, sitting still waiting for an answer, holding the silver ring between his fingers. So he offered me the choice I had wanted to give him a few minutes earlier.  Pushed into my arms by the circumstances, he was ready to slip away if I decided to reject him. (...) I had tried to avoid feelings too strong, but it seemed that it was already far too late. I couldn't speak, but I held out my right hand, fingers trembling.  (...) He swerve slightly and whispered,  "I want you, Claire. I want you so badly that I can barely breathe.  He swallowed before going on, "What do you want me to do? "Yes," I replied in a breath. I had barely spoken that he was knocking me over on the bed and crushing me with all his weight. (...)  "You are mine, mo duinne," said he softly. To me alone, today and forever. To me, and there's nothing you can do about it. (...) I want to possess you, Sassenach whispered, body and soul. (...) You'll call me "master," Sassenach. His soft voice was charged with a threat of revenge for what I had just put him through. (...)  "No, no, no, no, no, gasped I. Stop it! Please, you're hurting me! (...)  "Please ask me to feel sorry for you!" he whispered in a hoarse voice. No, not yet!  (...) He grabbed my hair and forced me to look at him triumphantly. See how I  ride you! Her hands fell on my breasts and kneaded them without softness. (...) I uttered a cry which he choked by crushing his lips on mine. It was not a kiss but another form of assault,forcing me to open my mouth, twisting my lips, scraping my skin with the drus hairs of his beard. He rushed harder and faster, as if he wanted to penetrate my soul as well as my body. Body and soul.  He reached his goal and a furious passion emerged from the ashes of surrender. (...) I slowly returned to myself, half lying on Jamie's chest, our soaked bodies glued to each other. (...) Feeling awake, he drew me against him, as if to prolong this union finally reached in the last seconds of our perilous mating. (...)  "Oh, yes, Sassenach," he replied in a sarcastic tone. I am your master... and your slave. It seems I can't possess your soul without losing mine.  He turned me to the side and stood against me. (...) He approached me and grabbed me by the neck. "Come this way, wolf. Bite me again. "Oh, no! I cried back backwards. We're not going to do this again! I'm in pain everywhere.  James Fraser was not a man to be told no. "I shall be as sweet as a lamb," he promised. He dragged me inexorably to the bed. In fact, it could not be sweetest, pampering me like a quail egg, lingering on the foreplay with infinite patience  and a gentle insistence which was only the continuation of the lesson learned so brutally the day before. He knew how to be gentle,  but we shouldn't deny himself. He enjoys shaking in my arms, holding back so as not to hurt me. Later, still united, he stroked the bruises that his fingers had left on my shoulders two days earlier during our fight on the side of the road. "I am sorry for these bruises, mo duinne," he said, placing a kiss on each of them. I was out of my mind but that's no excuse. Angry or not, it's shameful to hurt a woman. I won't do it again. 


Chapter 24 p396 Before his departure and witchcraft trial 

I pressed my lips against Jamie's nipple and the titillai of the tip of my tongue. He uttered a little growl of pleasure. — (...) I want to make sure you remember me while I'm gone. Some time later, I awoke with a start, shivering with cold. Looking for groping by my side, I couldn't find Jamie. I stood up on an elbow and discovered him sitting on a stool at my bedside, the quilt thrown over his shoulders. "Excuse  me," he whispered. I didn't want to wake you up.  (...) I dreamt that you got lost and that I couldn't find you. It woke me up and... I wanted to look at you, to fix your image in my memory... to remember it when I'm away.  I removed the quilt. Excuse me, I didn't want you to get cold. "It doesn't matter. Come to bed, you must be frozen. (...)  "Mo duinne, I should rather say mo airgeadach, my silver. "  I'm sorry," he whispered. I didn't mean to hurt you.  But I want to be in you and stay deep in you. I want to leave my mark on you. I want to stay in you until dawn and leave leaving you asleep.  I crashed against him.


Chapter 25 p432 When she decides to stay and not pass the stones 

"Thank God," he smiled. And may God help you. Although I never understand why. I passed my arms around his waist. "Because I can't live without you, Jamie Fraser, and that's it. So where are we going? "As we climbed this hill yesterday, I prayed with all my might. Not for you to stay, it didn't seem fair to me. I prayed that I had the strength to let you go. I said, "Lord, if I have ever shown courage in my life, I need it today. Help me. Give me back strong enough so you don't fall to her knees and beg her to stay. He looked at me with a smile. He knocked out the horse and we went back to the little trot..


Chapter 27 p452 A Lallybroch 

Jamie came behind me at the window. Looking away, he murmured, "There was another reason. The main one. "One reason why?" "To marry you. (...) Because I wanted you more than anything in the world. I turned to him, stunned. Seeing my expression, he said: "When I asked my father how to recognize the woman I was to marry, he told me that when the time came, I would have no doubt. And he was right.  When I woke up in the dark, under that tree on Leoch Road, with you sitting on me, cursing me because I was peeing blood, I thought, "Jamie Fraser, it's her, even if you can't see what she looks like and she weighs as much as a workhorse." 

(...) "Why didn't you tell me earlier?" (...) "Well,  I knew that deep down you didn't want to marry me. I didn't want to annoy you or embarrass you, when it was obvious that you only shared my bed out of respect for the vows you had made in spite of yourself.  He smiled, ahead of my protests. I still have my pride... I drew him back to me. Still sitting on the fence, I tied my legs around his buttocks and folded the cloak over him.—My love," he murmured. Oh, my love, I want you so much!  "Loving and desiring is not quite the same thing. He edgy a little hoarse laugh.  "For me, in any case, it's very close, Sassenach.


Chapter 28 

passage not translated into the French book, available on the website 

Looking at the boys in the creek, he retreated in the’shade of’a large chestnut tree. He put his hands on my waist andlured me into the’shadows.

"You’may not be the first weedyI'vekissed, " he said softly. "But I swear you'll be the last." And he bent his head towards my face.


Chapter 31 p486 First I Love You 

I put my head on Jamie's shoulder and he gently pressed me against him. "Your whole life is here, isn't it, Jamie?" You were born to rule Lallybroch. "No doubt, Sassenach. How about you? What exactly were you born to be? A chatelaine? Or to sleep under the stars like a gypsy? To be a healer, the wife of a teacher, or that of an outlaw? "I was born to meet you," I replied simply, reaching out my arms to him. "You know," he observed, freeing himself, "you never said it." "Neither do you. "Yes, I did. The day after we arrived. I said I wanted you more than anything else.  "And I told you that desire and love was not the same thing. He smoothed my hair and kissed my forehead.  "I longed for you as soon as I laid eyes on you,  but I loved you when you cried in my arms and let me console you the first night at Leoch. (...) Jamie pressed his forehead against mine, drowning his gaze in my eyes. "You first. "No, you. "Why?" "I'm afraid. "Afraid of what, Sassenach?" "To not be able to stop me saying it. (...) I love you.


Chapter 32 p493 Evocation of infertility 

"In the end, it's just as well," he whispered in his ear. (...) That you're infertile. (...) "Yes," he said, "I've known for a long time. (...) At first I regretted it, but then I thought it was better that way. With the life we lead, what would we do if you were expecting a  child! And now I'm even happy about it. I wouldn't want you to suffer like Jenny. (...) I saw Ian's face. It was like we were ripping off her own flesh every time Jenny screamed.  I can endure my pain, but not yours. I couldn't stand it. 


Chapter 38 p579 After Wentworth 

"I will love you for the rest of my life," he said at last. But I can't be your husband anymore and I can't be anything else for you. I want you so much that I tremble, but... My God, help me... I'm afraid to touch you! 


Chapter 41 p60 

"It's up to you, Claire. My life belongs to you. It's up to you to decide where to go: in France, Italy, or even Scotland. My heart has belonged to you since I laid eyes on you and held my soul and my body in your hands. We'll go wherever you want. 


(p604) Our hot bodies rolled against each other without us feeling as if we were touching each other. (...) "Jamie, Jamie, please..." —  Not yet, mo duinne. I want to hear you moan again. I want to hear you sigh as if your heart is going to break, and howl with pleasure. (...) I felt unable to articulate a coherent sentence and let myself go like a rag doll floating in the water, when he started coming and going again in me. "No, Jamie, I can't do it anymore. "Yes,  you can, because I love you and because I want you. He pressed my hips against his, carrying me out of myself with the power of the surf..

The numbering may be different from one edition to the next...

Jamie Fraser   

between possession and allegianceconsent and  protection 

Volume 1