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Is tu fuil'o mo chuislean,  

is tu cnaimh de mo chnaimh. 

Is leatsa mo bhodhaig,  

chum gum bi sinn "n ar-n-aon. 

Is leatsa m'anam gus an, criochmaich ar saoghal. 

Is tu fuil 'o mo chuislean,  

is tu cnaimh de mo chmaimh 

Tu es le sang de mon sang, 

la chair de ma chair. 

Je te donne mon corps,  

pour que nous ne fassions qu'un. 

Je te donne mon âme,  

jusqu'à la fin des jours. 

Tu es le sang de mon sang, 

la chair de ma chair.  

You ar blood of my blood, 

and bone of my bone. 

I give you my body,  

that we two may be one. 

I give you my spirit,  

'til our life shall be done. 

You are blood of my blood,  

and bone of my bone. 

Wedding vows

If the first part of the wishes pronounced during the marriage ceremony is the same as that which we know, the second part, said here in Gaelic, adds to the promise, a datum infinitely more poetic and romantic. 

Je jure, sur la croix de notre Seigneur  

Et par le fer sacré que je tiens,  

Que je t’accorde toute ma fidélité et ma loyauté,  

Si ma main venait à nouveau à se dresser contre toi en rébellion,  

Je demande que ce fer sacré me transperce le cœur.  

I swear on the cross of my lord Jesus,  

And by the holy iron which I hold 

That I give you my fealty and pledge you my loyalty 

If ever my hand is raised in rebellion against you again,  

Then I ask that this holy iron might pierce my heart  

Oath of Jamie in Claire

season 1 episode 9

Oath to MacKenzie Clan

Season 1 Episode 4

Je jure, sur la croix de notre Seigneur Jésus-Christ, 

Et par le fer sacré que je tiens,  

De t’être fidèle et dévoué, et m’engage à me montrer loyal 

Envers le nom du clan MacKenzie 

Si d’aventure je levais la main sur toi dans un esprit de rébellion,  

Je demande que ce fer sacré me transperce le cœur.  

I Swear, by the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ,  

And by the holy iron that I hold,  

To give ye my fealty and to pledge ye my loyalty  

To the name of clan MacKenzie 

And if ever I shall raise my hand against ye in rebellion, 

I ask that this holy iron shall pierce my heart 

Pledge of


As its name indicates, it is the oath that the people pronounced at his laird during the gatherings. 

It was not necessary to be of the same blood to give allegiance to the laird, but as soon as it was pronounced, one owed him a fidelity without fault. There was no worse crime than that of treason to his clan. 

During the thirteenth episode of season 1: The nurse, Taran MacQuarie, the leader of the nurse, which, although being wary as for Jamie's presence at the family table, realizes that it shares a glorious military past with its guests.
Far from political quarrels, it raises its glass and toasts, very quickly taken back in the form of a heart by the cantonade

The toast of the guard

A une vie longue et pleine de joie

Une mort rapide  et sans histoire

Une femme belle, et droite avec ça

Un whisky sec,  et encore à boire !

Here is a long life and a meery one

A quick death and a easy one

A pretty girl and a honest one

A stiff whisky and another one !

Act of proscription 1746


I swear as I shall answer to God at the great day of judgement, I have not and I shall not have in my possession any gun, sword, or arms whatsoever, and never use tartan, plaid, or any part of the Highland garb, and if I do so may I be accursed in my undertakings, family, and property, may I never see my wife, nor children, nor father, mother, or relations, may I be killed in battle as a fugitive coward, and lie without Christian burial in a foreign land, far from the graves of my forefathers and kindred; may all this come upon me if I break this oath.

Loi de proscription 1746


Je jure que je répondrai à Dieu au grand jour du jugement, je n'ai pas et je n'aurai en ma possession ni fusil, ni épée, ni armes que ce soit, et je n'utiliserai jamais de tartan, plaid ou toute partie du costume des Highlands, et si je le fais, puis-je être maudit dans mes entreprises, ma famille et mes biens, puis-je ne jamais voir ma femme, ni mes enfants, ni mon père, ma mère ou mes relations, puis-je être tué au combat comme un lâche fugitif, et enterré sans sacrements chrétiens dans un pays étranger, loin des tombes de mes ancêtres et parents; que tout cela m'arrive si je brise ce serment.

After their victory over the Jacobites on the heath of Culloden in April 1746, the English, having long recognized the strength of the clans and their customs, had each sign an oath of allegiance to the king and the crown to ensure that no more lifting occurs.


This oath, which the Scots call among themselves: Bloody Oath, leaves no doubt about the king's will never to leave the slightest Scotsman to rebel against him.

Oath to the Crown of England

It was not enough for Roger to return to Fraser’s Ridge to legitimize his paternity towards Jeremiah! He also had to write this choice down in his heart so that no one would doubt him any longer.
It is above all in the heart of his family that he must prove his belonging.

Jeremiah Alexander Ian Fraser MacKenzie,
You are the blood of my blood,
The flesh of my flesh,
I proclaim you my son before all,
Today and forever.

Jeremiah Alexander Ian Fraser MacKenzie,

Tu es le sang de mon sang,

La chair de ma chair,

Je te proclame mon fils devant tous,

Aujourd’hui et à jamais.

Roger's Oath
at Jemmy

Hippocratic Oath

If there is an oath that runs through the saga and that does not need to be formulated to take on its full meaning, it is the one that Claire took to medicine!
It’s in her, stronger than anything, because being a doctor is her primary vocation, she explained it well to Jamie.
This is why, despite the terror and the trauma of her abduction by Lionel and his men, she cannot kill ... and that it is up to Jamie to do it for her.


The Hippocratic Oath is an oath traditionally taken by doctors in the West before they start exercising. The original text of this oath, probably written in the 4th century BC. AD, belongs to the texts of the Hippocratic Collection, traditionally attributed to the Greek doctor Hippocrates. The Hippocratic Oath can be considered the founding text of medical ethics.

In its historical form, this oath has no legal value, doctors being subject to regularly updated national codes. In its modern forms, the taking of a medical oath has retained its symbolic value.




 promise and I swear to be faithful to the laws of honor and probity in the practice of Medicine. I will respect all people, their autonomy and their will, without discrimination. I will intervene to protect them if they are vulnerable or threatened in their integrity or dignity. Even under duress, I will not use my knowledge against the laws of humanity. I will inform patients of the planned decisions, their reasons and their consequences. I will never cheat on their trust. I will give my care to the needy and I will not demand a salary above my work. Accepted in the privacy of people, I will keep the secrets that will be entrusted to me and my conduct will not serve to corrupt morals. I will do everything to soothe the pain. I will not excessively prolong life or deliberately cause death. I will maintain the necessary independence and I will not do anything beyond my competence. I will perfect my knowledge to better ensure my mission. Let men give me their esteem if I follow through on my promises. Let me be covered in stigma and despised if I miss it. 

The words of the oath they had forced him to repeat in exchange for his life had burned his lips when he had taken them. Now they were gnawing at his heart like acid. >>

(The Scottish Prisoner - chap 27)

The oath of the vanquished

"I, James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser, solemnly swear to God that I do not and will not own in the future a pistol, sword or any weapon of any kind; and that I will never wear tartan again, plaid or any Highland clothing. If I perjure myself, curse my businesses, family and property; never see my wife, children, father, mother or friends again; let me be killed fighting like a coward and rotting without a Christian burial on a foreign land, far from the graves of my ancestors and my parents. "

The call of the clans

-Come to me ! Come to me, Claire, daughter of Henry, strength of my heart.
Stand by my side, Roger the Singer, son of Jeremiah MacKenzie! Stand by my side in battle. Protect my family which is also yours, because you are the son of my house.
Come to me, Geordie Chislhom, son of Walter, son of Connaught the Red!
Stand by my side, to Choinneich, Evan and Murdo, sons of Alexander Lindsay of the Glen!
Come join me, Joseph Wemyss, son of Donald, son of Robert!
Stand by my side, Josiah the hunter!
The Frasers of Fraser's Ridge are here!

Volume 5, the cross of fire, ch.15 The flames of the declaration

Forced to obey Governor Tryon in order to keep his land, Jamie has no choice but to recruit men to form a militia. However, he knows that the time will come when he will ask these same men to choose the side of the revolt. For that, he has no choice but to reform the clan around the cross of fire.