My emotions during of the 4th season

What to say about this season 4?
First of all, that I loved her like all the others. I love this couple of unconditional lovers, without limits in their love where each would give his life for the life of the other.
Diana tells us this fabulous story and Caitriona and Sam interpret Claire and Jamie like no other actor could have done. It is obvious that their friendship in life pierces the story they tell us, which allows us to love them and enjoy this series even more. I do not forget the other actors of course, they are very talented!

Regarding this fourth season, I would like to talk about Claire's pain at leaving her daughter and the relationship between Jamie and Brianna ...
Brianna has been on their minds since Claire came back, which is normal.
Many events exacerbate Claire’s lack of her daughter. When, for example, when Marsali, pregnant, tells Claire that she misses her mother.

Jamie perceives this lack in Claire of course. One of them feels their emotions without having to speak to each other. Jamie tries to reassure her but he is well placed to know what it is to lose a loved one. He himself experienced this heartbreak when Claire had to cross the stones.

During a very pretty scene, Jamie, deprived of her daughter since her birth 20 years ago, tells Claire about her incredible dream about her daughter, and in particular the fact that he kissed her on her little task from birth to the neck. A task he is not supposed to know, by the way.
In parallel with this scene, in the 20th century, Roger informs Brianna that her mother has found Jamie, without suspecting that she will eventually join her by crossing the stones in her turn.

The scene where Jamie finds his godfather Murtagh and where he announces that he has a daughter particularly moved me. We can read the pride in his eyes and the joy of sharing it with him, because only he can announce it. Of course, a shadow passes over his face when he adds that he has never been able to meet his daughter.

However, against all odds, the day comes when he can finally hold his daughter in his arms.

What a wonderfully interpreted scene! And what joy I felt during this meeting! I must admit that I especially felt this joy for Jamie who had never had a daughter when Brianna, in a way, had already had a father.

Jamie who, after so much suffering deserved to finally know the fruit of his unconditional love for Claire. And what a beautiful moment also when tenderly he calls his sweet Sassenach so that she looks up and discovers her daughter in turn. I loved the way she looked at Jamie at that magical moment.

The days pass at Fraser Ridge where the family is full and, despite Bree's discomfort following the departure of Roger and of course the trauma caused by the rape of Bonnet, we feel the happiness they have d 'be together.

During the episode 'the birds and the bees, we are delighted with the rapprochement between Jamie and his daughter. They discover each other slowly, taking care not to offend each other. After their confession to both then that they have gone to hunt the bees, Jamie confides in Claire about their daughter. We feel him at the same time in heaven, but also sad.

He would like her to stay with them but feels that she will want to leave, which Claire confirms to him. She too would like to stay with them, but she knows that she will be safer in the 20th century and will have more opportunities for the future. Again, this is a particularly moving scene between Claire and Jamie.

And then comes the day when Claire's fear is confirmed by Brianna, who finally confides in the rape and its consequences. She is pregnant.
Claire, collapsed ... but what mother would not be when she learned this, talk to Jamie who remains speechless.

Unfortunately, a series of misunderstandings will have disastrous consequences for everyone.
First, Lizzie who believes she recognizes the rapist by spotting Roger in the forest, opens up to Ian and then to Jamie. The latter, still shocked by the announcement of the rape of his daughter sees the opportunity to let his rage express itself and without further thinking, without taking the time to talk to Bree and Claire, finds the poor Roger and persists on him until almost killing him.
Finally, he asks Ian to get rid of it.

Believing the matter settled, Jamie tries to help Brianna forgive herself for not having struggled with Bonnet and even if that reopens injuries, they seem to find their good understanding.
However, Brianna must make a decision as to what she intends to do with the baby she is carrying. Claire offers to either get rid of it or help her take care of it

But Brianna does not have time to really make a decision because she learns that Roger did try to find her but that Jamie hit him, even worse, that Ian sold him to the Mohawks!
The terrible argument that followed annoyed me I admit ...
Certainly, Brianna has something to be out of her under the circumstances but, even if she can blame Jamie, I found it really hard that she slapped him like that. Especially since in my opinion, it was not the person responsible for this error but Lizzie who drew conclusions too quickly.
Can we blame Jamie for wanting to avenge his beloved daughter who is raped in this way when she crossed the stones to warn her parents that they might perish in a fire? How should he have reacted?
It is obvious that when he hit Roger, under the denunciation of Lizzie, he did not know that it was Bonnet the rapist, so he really believed Lizzie!
But what hurt me even more was that even Claire turned her back on him. First stoic about her daughter's anger, she doesn't try to understand it, to put herself in her place.
She doesn't answer either when Brianna refuses that only Jamie and Ian go looking for Roger.

'You are not going to trust these two'! He’s still his father! And Cairo does not defend itself. She doesn't say anything to her daughter, and when Jamie tries to justify herself, she sends her out for a walk. Poor Jamie who is mad at himself, alone in the world at the time.

So they end up hitting the road to find Roger, Jamie promises his daughter ... Claire and Jamie are mad at each other, they only talk to each other about what is strictly necessary, they who love each other so much! This moment broke my heart ... Even Ian intervenes with Claire .... Jamie is so unhappy ...

It’s not until episode 10 that Claire finally manages to apologize to Jamie in a particularly touching scene. She tells him that she was not angry with him, that if she had told him about Bonnet, he would have spared Roger. Jamie can in turn express her fears of never being a father to her daughter, convinced now that she does not need him. He devalues ​​himself towards Frank in view of what Brianna reproached him for and worse, he ended up believing that Claire also regrets his life with Frank. ...

This extremely well played scene (like all the others) brings softness to Claire's face which reassures Jamie. She tells him that Brianna said things that she didn't think, that she was angry ... that she loves them both so much, that they are the same 'like father, like daughter' ...
So, finally, after weeks without talking and touching each other, they can meet again and make love.

Meanwhile, while she has taken refuge at River Run with her great-aunt Jocasta, Brianna reads the letter given by Lord John that her father wrote to her before setting out on the road and in which he tells her that he does not do not know if they will see each other again, that he hopes that everything will work out between them, but that above all, she does not try to take revenge on Bonnet but that she rather tries to forgive since he will pay d one way or another. She must believe him for all the love he has for her and he signs: 'Your father who loves you' James Fraser.

By Mayté Touvet