A Bit of History

Scottish clans 


During the first two seasons of Outlander, Scotland is both a setting and a central figure whose past and future history carries the essential of all actions and all sacrifices. But Scotland is not only a magnificent country with breathtaking landscapes, it is above all a soul and a way of life, embodied by the multiple clans that compose it.

From Prestonpans to Culloden 


Nothing Jamie and Claire were able to undertake, none of their many sacrifices, not even Faith's death, could have prevented the terrible battle of Culloden and the subsequent collapse of the Scottish clans.
As always, Diana Gabaldon places her story at the heart of real and precise historical facts. But what really happened to this Jacobite revolt and its cruel destiny?

British colonies in America 


After defeating the Jacobite rebellion and countering the Scottish with their imperial will, the British invaded North America without further consideration, exterminating the recalcitrant natives and thriving on the backs of slaves and settlers. From the discovery of the continent to the American Civil War, conflicts and takeovers have never stopped.

Governor Tryon against regulators 


Since its colonization, America has split into states, each of which is headed by a governor. In North Carolina, where the Fraser decided to settle, it was William Tryon who, for a few years, had to deal with the harshness of the country and the claims of the settlers settled on land they wanted to prosper. Among them, insurgents more virulent than the others: Regulators.

Indian tribes: The Cherokees 


Settled in North Carolina, notably in the majestic Smoky Moutains, this sedentary tribe has never ceased to be persecuted by colonization and the wars which raged for the possession of their prosperous lands. Despite their desire to appease, and the multiple sacrifices made in order to live in peace on their territory, they were flouted with all their rights, chased, herded, even executed. The trail of tears, which has become a symbol of their final exodus, is just one of the many examples of the atrocities they suffered.

Indian tribes: The Mohawks 


Indian tribe of North America belonging to the linguistic family of the Iroquois and originating in the current state of New York, The Mohawks are one of the six great Iroquois nations. In addition to the nine representatives on the Iroquois council, each Mohawk community had a local council which guided the village chief (s). They were divided into three clans: the bear, the wolf and the turtle