Time is my friend 

It is difficult to me to imagine the way several fans were literally swallowed by series! It must be difficult!
For me, it was easier and probably softer since when ´ everything began ’ there was a book then wait then a second book and still wait (but distinctly less, at the beginning of saga, they had a volume practically every year) and so on up to wait (which becomes extreeeeeeeeemement long of the volume 9) it took more than twenty years!
Hollowing-out there were quite a lot of sleepless nights to repeat me: « just another chapter » but I have never felt this kind of tiny depression which I often read; just a continuous impatience.

Beyond its clean qualities, this saga is intrinsically linked at important instants of my life, here is why:
When the first volume went out, it has had there not really of specific advertising, it has just been a book furthermore but I had the chance for which a friend curator asks me to read it for her because she was overwhelmed and liked to put small chips on the pounds which she sold to share her impressions; what I made but on a big chip, and, from the following week end, I went to buy another copy (the first I had accepted it in 'indemnification ' of my job) to entrust it to a friend so much I appreciated them: history and she!
Then we mutually gives ourselves the following volumes to speak about it the hours in the telephone, jusqu ’ in the « Drums of the autumn » (volume 4).
After his accident, I accepted its collection of pounds and I continued buying every title in duplicate...
This made me strange to begin reading ' The fiery cross-country running ' (the crucifix of fires, volume 5) without her, but so many other things seemed to me strange since it was not any more in the other end of the telephone nor next to me to share the tonne of small nothing which make life and friendship.
I went in Scotland, sometimes, to discover the country, in Edinburgh first then in Inverness because it is in its vicinity that saga took its place before series give us other visual support. I was to see the wasteland and Clava Cairns by regretting that we are not path there together because of course we did not think be interrupted and we were sure to have the time...
I think that she would not have agreed on the choice of the actor which represents Jamie when his photograph appeared on Wikipedia but I think that she would have looked from the beginning to make her own idea, what I did not make...
I think that she would have liked the road trip which I prepared this summer, it would have loved Lallybroch such as they can see it and I think that she smiled when I made there poireauter the group with which we travelled until the sun appear because in this group her husband was.
To put it briefly I think that she was sometimes above my shoulder when I prepared the itinerary and that she applauded when it is this destination which was kept by the group.
In ours return, I returned its copies of series to her husband with a bitter-sweet feeling to drop a treasure about which I knew that I had only the watch I did not know if he would read them but I thought that I had to return them to him!
Now it is with him that I speak about it and I tell myself my life is nice strange and strange but nice first of all! And that if, as the said the song, « if it leaves me in a life, a love and two friends, then the time is not that they say: the time is my friend »

By Capsi Lium