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Let me share with you my emotions and my opinion on episode 'Faith' de la Saison 2, in heat, the still humid eyes, the tensed face and the gripped throat as I am him still, for the 5th time which I see this masterly episode of respectability, emotion, humanity and artistic quality which rests principally on the shoulders of Caitriona Balfe. This episode which, for me, sums up almost all that series Outlander brings of emotional intelligence 

Faith or marvellous Caitriona
By Tim Larribau 

- On the set ablaze lands  

- Spasms and muttering  

- We   

- Dark dusk 


By Céline Liaudet 

Illustrations by Floflette Pellegrin 

By Martine Thimond
Floflette Pellegrin Illustration 


- Eternal love

- Sweet Highlander's heart 

- Scotland, my love, 

My emotions about the 4th season
By Mayté Touvet 

About this fourth season, which I loved just as much as the others, I would like to evoke the pain of Claire to have left her daughter and the relationship between Jamie and Brianna ... 

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