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Season 5 Episode 1  

The fiery cross   


Written by   

Matthieu B. ROBERTS  





Final production January 6, 2020

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Fraser’s Ridge

Roger and Brianna's cabin

The Big House

The infirmary


Dining room

Covered walkway



Fraser’s Ridge

Big house


Covered walkway


Try Jocasta




Summit of the ridge





YOUNG JAMIE FRASER (8) is grieving - the same boy we saw in the title card. He sits on a tree trunk, mourning the mother's death.

A younger MURTAGH FITZGIBBONS FRASER is approaching.

YOUNG JAMIE (through tears) "She's gone... «


"We open with a familiar and welcoming image: Lallybroch... A moment we always wanted to show. It is Murtagh reaffirming his oath to Jamie's mother, Ellen, and explaining that, although she is dead, he will be by Jamie's side, to watch over him and protect him, always. (Matthew Roberts)


Murtagh kneels in front of young Jamie.

MURTAGH: "Yes, that's right"

Murtagh fights his own sadness, but is determined to be strong – for Jamie. MURTAGH (continues): "I took the oath, Jamie Fraser, when you were no more than a week old, and you were a beautiful baby in your mother's womb. I knelt at Ellen's feet, as I now kneel beside you. And I swore to him by the name of the Holy Trinity that I would always follow you, to help and protect you, until you became a grown man, and as long as you needed me. «

She's gone now, but I'll always be with you. Always. «






JAMIE FRASER standing next to the table, intensely focused on something just out of frame.

Whatever it is, he desperately wants to help, but he only holds back by force of will.

JAMIE: "Watch out or you'll lose your mind."

On the other side of the table, ROGER WAKEFIELD MACKENZIE tries to shave with an 18th century razor.

ROGER: "I'm not used to this type of razor."

It certainly is not. Roger makes a series of short movements around his chin. This lack of skill with a razor is a glimpse into Roger's lack of adaptation to the Ridge, and it's a cause of consternation for Jamie. But Jamie is very well disposed today.

JAMIE: "You can't be."

Roger's excessive caution causes the blade to cut his skin. A small gash that begins to bleed.

JAMIE: "It's not called a razor cutthroat for nothing."

Now Jamie has seen enough. He walks over to Roger and takes the blade from his hands.

JAMIE: "We can't show you like you've fought the war and come back. Not today. «

Jamie cleans the blade in a basin of boiling water and then turns Roger's face to get a good angle -- he shaves it with a long, smooth, expert line. Under these circumstances, Roger can hardly refuse his help.

He will therefore have to make the best of the situation.

JAMIE: "Nervous?"

ROGER: "About what the day has in store for me.... Or because you have a blade on my throat? «

Jamie smiles at the joke - it's clear Roger is nervous. Doing his best to mask this, between the razor passages, Roger tries to gossip, trying to put a positive spin on things.

ROGER: "But for you... At least it's a day off, away from work at home? «

JAMIE: "Yes. The first time in a while. But we have a ground under our feet now and a roof over our heads. I wouldn't have done it without the help of some of the men. «

A small sting, since Roger obviously did not help with the construction.

ROGER: "Bree and I can't thank you enough for giving us this cabin."

JAMIE: "My grandson couldn't sleep in the woods, could he?"

ROGER: "I was thinking of adding an attic... Bree said she would make plans to follow... »

Jamie stretches Roger's neck, running the razor to his jaw. He is skeptical.

JAMIE: "Do you have the right tools?"

ROGER (jokingly): "As the saying goes, it's the bad worker who blames his tools for his lack of... its lack of competence. «

Almost as he utters the words, Roger realizes that's exactly what Jamie meant -- "tools" being a polite substitute for "skills."


Matthew Roberts: "We are back in 1771. It was fun to write a scene in which we would see the dynamic between Jamie and his future son-in-law play out, especially since this is the first time we see the 2 men interact on screen since episode 4.13, when Roger discovers that Brianna is pregnant and tells Jamie that he "needs time" to think about what he will do. Here, Jamie shaves Roger's neck before the wedding and takes advantage of his position of power – witty words and blows accompanying the rapid movements of the razor blade on Roger's neck. Jamie wants to be sure that Roger will be able to support Brianna, in terms of developing the practical skills needed to survive during this time. Jamie may be "giving his daughter" to another man, but he's still in charge – and Roger knows it. This scene also gives us a background context, revealing that Roger and Brianna now live in Claire and Jamie's former cabin. »  


ROGER (continues): "Skills... Oh. I guess I don't have much construction experience. Or agriculture for that matter. »

Jamie's silence speaks volumes. But, as far as Roger is concerned...

ROGER (continues): "I also don't know how to drive horses, shoot bears, eviscerate deer or wield a sword."

Jamie looks at his future son-in-law: perhaps with a tinge of contempt.

ROGER (continues): "But I'm sure I'll find a suitable job to support my family."

And that's exactly what Jamie worries as he finishes shaving.

JAMIE: "Until then, you'll have to rely on other people's skills and professions... Speaking of which... «

Jamie rummages through his coat pocket and pulls out a ring.

JAMIE (continues): "Here's the ring for Brianna you had Murtagh made."

Jamie hands Roger the ring, somewhat reluctantly.

ROGER: "Thank you! oh... Maybe I thought... I only expected copper and brass... «

JAMIE: "Well, this one is for my daughter, for sure."



The camera follows a river that flows from the mountains into the thick woods...


CLAIRE (her voice speaks in the pictures) "Home is a home, a place to live, but Fraser's Ridge is much more than that: a community built by the people who live there. Once Jamie and I had chosen a location for our new home with the help of the settlers, construction began; men and women who made us feel at home even before the walls of our new home were put up... «

The river winds its way through the trees, until it opens into a lush meadow, where we discover a house under construction.

CLAIRE (her voice speaks on the pictures) ... "Because they stayed by our side throughout the seasons and they were eager to make the first harvest with us, and to participate in our daughter's wedding, even if we hadn't quite finished the house in time... The earth was marked with our imprint, the foundations of our lives forever laid... «

This is the big house: what will be the main home of the FRASER family.


Matthieu Roberts: In this scene, we reveal the Big House for the first time, still incomplete, but nevertheless spectacular. This is the setting for Roger and Brianna's wedding: the house that Claire and Jamie built for themselves. With the help of all the settlers on the Ridge, the Frasers made their mark on their land and laid the foundation for the rest of their lives.  

Nestled in the Scottish countryside, along a river and surrounded by century-old oak trees, the house appears to have been in place for many years. Thanks to the clever way it was designed and the choice of location, it can be filmed in 360 degrees, and during season 5 we will see its progression from the early stages to the completed house for the Fraser clan.  



This part of the house is finished...

Claire Fraser and Brianna Randall Fraser: She will soon add MacKenzie to this name.

Claire helps with the finishing touch of Brianna's dress

Wedding dress: a magnificent vision.

CLAIRE: "It's not the white satin and orange blossoms I imagined... But you are even more beautiful. Thank God for Jocasta's fabrics. «

BRIANNA: "And your touch-ups."

Brianna shakes her mother's hand and Claire starts crying.

BRIANNA (continues): "Mom?" (then, amused) Every little thing moves you today... I've never seen you like this – "

CLAIRE: "Of course I'm crying - it's your wedding day... Look at yourself... »

But Brianna immediately realizes that there is something more, so she asks him again...

BRIANNA: "Mom... «

CLAIRE: "My mother didn't attend any of my weddings. And I've been dreaming of this day for so long... To help you arrange your dress and do your hair"

Brianna looks at her mother, who tries so hard to hold back her tears, overwhelmed by bittersweet feelings: a strange mixture of pure joy mixed with overwhelming guilt. But Claire pulls herself together as best she can...

CLAIRE: "It's over. I'm not going to cry anymore. It's your day. »

Brianna reads her mother's feelings.

BRIANNA: "Mom, I'm here with everyone I love. It couldn't be more perfect. «


Matthieu Roberts: "A memorable day for the Frasers, we knew we wanted to show the very important interactions between family members. Here, in a touching scene between mother and daughter, Claire and Brianna try to hold back their tears. Although delighted for her daughter, deep down, Claire remains a little anxious, worried about the future of the young couple, in the sense that she feels responsible for the fact that Roger, Brianna and little Jemmy live their lives in the eighteenth century. To help bring out Claire's bittersweet emotions, we wanted to include a reference to the "orange blossom and white satin" that Claire mentions in Volume IV, when she contrasts what would have been a twentieth-century marriage with an eighteenth-century wedding (in the book, Claire says: "It was far from the white satin and orange blossoms I had imagined her wearing to get married - but then, It was hardly the marriage anyone could have imagined in the 1960s"). In the end, Claire is thrilled to be present at her daughter's wedding, to witness it with her own eyes (especially since her own mother was absent from Claire's two weddings). Brianna feels the same way.  


Claire turns around Brianna to touch up her hair or the back of her dress. She tries to hide her feelings, and although Brianna can't see it, the look on Claire's face betrays her. She's always going to feel guilty, but...

CLAIRE: "When you say it like that" --

A beaming Brianna now turns around to face her mother, with tears in her eyes. Claire tries to make good measure.

CLAIRE: "You know how much I love you...

Brianna nods – in a way, she's glad she has a moment to pull herself together and calm down. She takes a few deep breaths.

CLAIRE: "I'd better go see where your father is, it's almost time"...

(Then one last look): "My baby"

Claire goes out to find Jamie.



Jamie is now sort of on one last mission. He has a pearl necklace in his hand, the one that once belonged to his mother. He caresses the pearls and whispers softly.

JAMIE : « Vieux. »

He puts the pearls on the counter and pours a few drops of whisky into glasses... He takes a sip and then fills the glass. It stiffens slightly to taste –

JAMIE : « Nouveau. »


 Matthew Roberts: "The traditional wedding rhyme that details what a bride must wear to bring good luck on her wedding day was first recorded in writing in the late nineteenth century (although it may have had oral origins dating from a slightly earlier period). Nevertheless, we loved the idea that Brianna might have told her father about it and then gathered these items for her for the ceremony: an act that shows his deep and lasting love for her. He chose to include his mother Ellen's pearls to represent "the old", some of Fraser's Ridge whiskey for the "new", some of Claire's forget-me-nots to represent both "borrowed" and "blue", and Murtagh's all-important silver sixpence for Brianna's shoe.  

In addition, forget-me-nots played an important role in the series; Claire notices them in the very first episode, when she and Frank go to Craigh na Dun, before returning to look for some. And you all know what happened next. «   


Then, momentarily abandoning the whiskey, he goes to get a bouquet of freshly cut forget-me-nots (which he obviously brought into the house and placed on the table). He cleans some soil from the stems and ties a small ribbon around them, to create a bridal bouquet. He smiled mischievously, pleased with himself.


JAMIE: "Borrowed... and blue... "(checking him) "Pretty blue" --

He aligns the presents on a tray: pearls, whisky, flowers...

CLAIRE : « Jamie ! « 




Claire finds Jamie, drawn to the four pins, pacing anxiously in the dining room.
He stops when he sees his wife: seeing her always takes his breath away.

CLAIRE: "Wait until you see her"

She arranges the set.

CLAIRE: "You've been very busy... »

A bittersweet thought invades Jamie; a thought he expresses out loud.

JAMIE: "Yes, I have to do what I can for her, while I can... We didn't have enough time together."

Claire hears the sadness in her voice.

CLAIRE: "It had to happen one day... We give it to a man who loves her."

Jamie makes a Scottish noise of disapproval.

CLAIRE: "What? Do you doubt his love? «

JAMIE: "Didn't he doubt it himself?"

CLAIRE: "Anyway, he's here now and he loves her."

JAMIE: "Maybe that's what I'm afraid of – I know what a man can do for love. It gives you courage, but not the common sense that comes with it. And love won't earn him either if he gets killed. »

Claire kisses Jamie on the cheek.

CLAIRE: "He's an intellectual, I'm not sure his skills encompass the dangers of North Carolina."

JAMIE: "I guess he'll never have enough time to prepare" ...

CLAIRE: "Maybe not, but he will have you as his master."

Another Scottish noise.

JAMIE: "Is it time?"

Claire gives him a kiss and walks out, ready to take his place for the ceremony - leaving Jamie to find his daughter.



Close-up of Brianna, fully ready and radiant in her wedding dress.

Jamie is surprised to have tears in his eyes so quickly.

Deeply moved, he puts down the tray and steps forward to kiss Brianna. It's Brianna's turn to have tears in her eyes, moved, as she glances at those present on set, immediately guessing the importance of Jamie's efforts.

BRIANNA: "You remembered... »

JAMIE: "Something old, something new... something borrowed, something blue... and a sixpence silver coin for your shoe..."

Remembering, Jamie pulls a small coin out of his pocket and adds it to the rest of the presents on set.

JAMIE: "From Murtagh."

BRIANNE : "I'm sorry he can't be here today."

JAMIE: "Him too."

Jamie picks up the pearls and carefully puts them around Brianna's neck...

JAMIE: "I'm glad you brought them back with you. I was hoping you could wear them one day. «

Once he has tied the necklace, he steps back to admire his work.

JAMIE: "You're gorgeous. I guess it's not quite the marriage you dreamed of when you were a little girl. «

BRIANNA: "Not quite—but the best thing is that I don't need to imagine you."

JAMIE: "Yes, it's a blessing that you came to me."

Jamie chokes.

Brianna: "What's wrong?"

JAMIE: "But I just found you, should I leave you already?"

BRIANNA: "Da, no matter where I am... I will always be your little girl. «

And with that... It's time.

JAMIE: "Are you ready, leannan?"

Brianna takes a deep breath and nods -- it seems to her that the Fraser motto was designed to be used at this very moment: "I'm ready."

BRIANNA: "I'm ready."

Jamie smiles, touched, and with tears in his eyes, takes his daughter by the arm and guides her to the porch.



With Brianna still on his arm, Jamie heads to the steps.

An assembly awaits them in front of the house. At the foot of the stairs is a beaming Roger, who waits impatiently for the arrival of his wife.

Jamie visualizes the whole scene in an instant, then...


JAMIE: "The Frasers of the Ridge are here!"

The crowd applauds to break everything. This is the signal for the talabardaire who begins to play the bagpipes.

Claire is in front and walks down the aisle bordered on both sides by friends, family and the rest of the guests: Lizzie, holding Roger and Brianna's baby, Jeremiah; Marsali, Fergus and their children; Jocasta and Ulysses. In fact, there are new and old faces: familiar, like the eternal John Gray, who comes from Virginia... and John Quincy Myers. And others who are not familiar at all: Duncan Innes, Isaiah Morton, Arch Bug and his wife Murdina. And a prominent guest: the Governor of the colony, William Tryon.

Claire makes a small bow as she moves in front of him - he bows in response. Then Claire will wish the anxious groom one last chance by giving him a kiss and whispering a note to reassure him.

CLAIRE: "Everything will be fine... Remember, that between you two you can conquer the world. «


Brianna takes her father's hand, walks down the steps and begins walking down the aisle to Roger and Reverend Caldwell, a small but kind pastor – the Book of Common Worship opened in his hands.

Roger is overwhelmed by emotion. He bows and kisses Brianna's hand when she arrives; She quickly bows, feeling like a princess.

The couple stands, face to face, their hands entwined.

ROGER : « you are... «

His beauty leaves him speechless

BRIANNA: "I love you too."

Jamie joined the assembly and now stands by Claire's side. Claire nudges Jamie, and throws a smile at Governor Tryon, who is close, but just out of earshot. Subtly, she tries to maintain a smiling and welcoming face towards their guests.

CLAIRE: "The invitation was mostly out of pure courtesy – I never thought he would come this far. Either he really appreciates you... »

JAMIE: "Or his patience is exhausted."

Claire and Jamie's suspicions are awakened. Tryon glances at them - they exchange smiles.

The bagpipes crescendo, then stop. The ceremony is about to begin...

The reverend speaks slowly, articulating every word.

REV. CALDWELL: "Dear friends, we are gathered today before God. So let us remember with respect that God created and sanctified marriage for the good and prosperity of mankind. «

Jamie grimaces. This Protestant ceremony is as difficult to swallow as a dose of medicine that tastes bad.

CLE: "High hearts, darling."

JAMIE': "I do what I can, since this is not a Latin Mass, celebrated by a Catholic priest."

Claire smiled even more to make up for the half-grimace.

REV. CALDWELL: "Through his apostles he taught those who enter into this relationship with mutual esteem and love...

The Reverend speaks specifically to Brianna and Roger.

REV. CALDWELL: "I am counting on you before God; If any of you know a reason that would legally prevent your union, you must admit it now."

A moment of silence. Phew. With a quick glance in Jamie's direction and a nervous smile, Roger breathes a sigh of relief, no objections.

In the assembly: Duncan Innes -- a thin Scotsman with a missing arm -- stands near Jocasta. He is one of his potential contenders.

DUNCAN INNES: "They have great years ahead of them. I hope ours are not behind us, if you have considered my offer. »

But it's clear that Jocasta is uncomfortable and doesn't really want to engage with Duncan.

JAFFATA: "My best years are almost certainly ahead of me, Mr. Innes."

Jocasta touches Ulysses' arm. Understanding his mistress's allusion, Odysseus grasped the situation perfectly.

ULYSSES: "If you will allow me to make you sit a little closer so that you don't have to strain your ears to listen... «


BACK to the Reverend.

REV. CALDWELL: "Roger Jeremiah, will you take this woman as your wife, and swear to her, in love and honor, in duty and mutual aid, in faith and tenderness, to live with her, and cherish her, according to the commandments of God, in the sacred bond of marriage?"

ROGER: "I want it."

Marsali and Fergus watch the ceremony, Marsali is overcome by painful nostalgia.

FERGUS: "What's the matter?"

MARSALI: "My only regret that my mother and sister – and everyone at home in Scotland – didn't attend our wedding... «

FRIGUS: "Not sure your mother is satisfied with your choice of husband."

MARSALI: "That's right. But luckily for you, I am."


CAMERA on Claire looking at Jamie, who unintentionally shows a scowl.

CLAIRE: "Look good, damn it."

He can only respond with a dazzling smile marking his lack of sincerity. CAMERA back at Brianna, blinking at her and Roger's smiling father at her.

REV. CALDWELL: "Brianna Ellen, will you take this man as your husband, swear to him, in love and honor, in duty and welfare, in faith and tenderness, to live with him, and cherish him, according to the commandments of God, in the sacred bond of marriage?"

BRIANNA: "I want it."

REV. CALDWELL: "Who gives this woman in marriage to this man?

Claire squeezes Jamie's arm and he stands up.

JAMIE: "It's me"

Brianna looks at Jamie gratefully, taking his words to heart, then turns to Roger again; It sounds crazy to her, but with her heart beating, she feels almost as powerful an effect as the hum of stones; knowing that no matter what happens, no matter what time and no matter where it is, she and Roger are made for each other.


Jamie glances at the faces in the crowd - happy - and looks at Claire... Time itself seems to both slow down and speed up because it is completely absorbed by the present moment -- by the happiness of his daughter, by Claire. He hears snippets of the exchange of vows ringing in his ears.

ROGER: "In abundance and need... »

BRIANNA: "In joy and pain... »

ROGER: "In sickness and health... «

Claire and Jamie look at each other, remembering their wedding, echoing the last part of the young couple's vows.

ROGER/BRIANNA: "As long as we live."

CLAIRE/JAMIE: "As long as we live."


 Matthew Roberts: "Brianna and Roger's wedding is such an important part of the 'Cross of Fire.' We wanted to capture the spirit of the "gathering", during which this event takes place in the book, in a setting adapted to our production, so we chose Fraser's Ridge: the ideal location for an intimate and family wedding. We wrote the entire footage and even included an appendix for Rev. Caldwell's ceremony, even though we knew there would be time restrictions on what we would be able to show. As you can see, we included exchanges between Jocasta and Duncan Innes, Marsali and Fergus, and Claire and Jamie. We wanted to capture Jamie's sense of discomfort with the Protestant service (in "The Cross of Fire," Claire observes in her narration that she feels Jamie "relax slightly" as the pastor pursues, and notes that she assumes Jamie had probably "never attended a Protestant ceremony before"). In the same vein, we tried to capture the spirit of the book by echoing Jamie and Claire's line of the young couple "as long as we live". In the book, Claire states, while watching the ceremony, that "Jamie reached out and took my right hand in his, his fingers bonding to mine, and the silver of my ring glowed red in the light of the flames. I looked up at his face and saw the promise made in his eyes, as in mine.  

In the script, Claire and Jamie are transported to their wedding day, flooded with memories and, in a sense, participate in a renewal of their vows. «   


Claire and Jamie holding hands... then Roger and Brianna's first kiss as legitimate husband and wife.



After the ceremony, Jamie and Claire and the new couple Mr. and Mrs. Roger MacKenzie wait to receive congratulations from a long line of guests at the wedding - a custom of the time.

The newlyweds stand together, with Brianna flanked by her mother, and Roger by her new stepfather.

John Gray was among the first to approach. He bows.

JOHN GREY: "Congratulations to all of you.

Then, addressing Brianna specifically, he jokes.

JOHN GRAY: "I knew you would make a good wife one day. It couldn't have happened to a better man... Or could it be? «

Brianna laughed as she remembered their brief engagement.

BRIANNA: (sarcastically) "I'll have to ask my husband."

ROGER: "From what I've been told, you could have been the one standing here."

JOHN GREY: "Let me say this – there was no one happier than me to hear that you came back alive."

BRIANNA : « John. « 

A wink, a bow, then Lord John turns his attention to Jamie... Jamie immediately senses that something is wrong with his friend's anxious expression... John has news, but now is not the time to share it.

JAMIE (jokingly): "If you're worried that Brianna made the wrong choice, John, the time to talk has passed... »

Lord John tries to ignore him, casually.

JOHN GREY: "Ah, yes, I lament the fact that it could have been me instead of Roger. But... There is something I need to talk to you about. Maybe later? «

In any case, we will have to wait.

JAMIE: "Go for a drink... I'll meet you again. »

Guests start lining up, so John Gray goes somewhere else.

Next up is Governor Tryon.

GOVERNOR TRYON: "My sincere congratulations."

The Governor lingers, focusing his attention mainly on Jamie, as more and more guests approach to offer their congratulations to the bride and the bride's mother.

JAMIE: "Very kind, Your Excellency. But if I had known you were coming – we could have welcomed you better... offer you a room in the house... »

GOVERNOR TRYON: "No, we have to take care of something else today. If I had made known my intention to attend, you would have spared no effort in arranging my lodging when, in fact, Her Majesty has equipped me with lodge tents capable of rivalling the best houses in the province. «

JAMIE: "And since my house is unfinished, I'm relieved to hear it."

GOVERNOR TRYON: "Outside, in the air of the countryside – a ceremony worthy of a prince of old. I hope a hunt is planned to celebrate this? »

JAMIE: "The groom is not a great hunter. It sings like a bird, but does not hunt. »

Tryon looks at Roger with a little puzzlement.

GOVERNOR TRYON: "I have a man with me, Lieutenant Knox -- well, a platoon to be precise... »

Jamie feels his stomach tighten.

JAMIE: "I hope your men are having fun"

GOVERNOR TRYON: "Oh, unfortunately, they didn't come for their pleasure"

JAMIE: "Here in the backcountry, you mean?"

GOVERNOR TYONG: "All sorts of things can develop in fallow soil - as you have implied in your letters, and we certainly see the abundance of them here. Enough to give work to many men, including me. Tryon pauses for a moment, letting the words weigh down the atmosphere.

GOVERNOR TRYON: "But I ask you, is the man who delays in paying his landlord, more or less dishonest than, say, the one who saves his words when he writes a letter? «

A passive-aggressive accusation if ever there was one...

JAMIE: "When I write, Your Excellency, my goal is to give simple facts." GOVERNOR TRYON: "But I can't help but feel dissatisfied that I don't see a certain story come to its conclusion. Your missives have captivated me in recent months, but too many twists in the plot for my taste. I like to see a villain get what he deserves. But... I steal from your guests. «

Tryon has said what he has to say, he moves on.

Claire has kept a watchful eye on Jamie and Tryon, and from a distance, it seems harmless. Perhaps he came simply to offer his best wishes.

Meanwhile, Murdina Bug, the housekeeper and resident of Fraser's Ridge, approaches Brianna and Claire.

MURDINA BUG: "Congratulations. I wish you many happy years. BRIANNE : "Thank you, Mrs. Bug. «

Mrs. Bug now turns to Claire very specifically and rather mysteriously.

MURDINA BUG: "I hope, Mistress Fraser, that you will come with me...? There's something I want to show you in the infirmary. »

CLAIRE: "But haven't we already seen everyone who needs attention?"

Feeling stupid, Claire suddenly remembers the wedding cake! A honey cake she had made especially as a surprise for the newlyweds...

They have to pick it up to take it out and serve it to the guests.

CLAIRE: "Oh! Of course... »

While Brianna continues to receive congratulations from guests, Claire and Mrs. Bug go to Claire's infirmary...



An exasperated Lizzie, little JEMMY in her arms, now serves as the head babysitter for the various young inhabitants of the Ridge, and she struggles to chase a group of children away from Claire's infirmary and away from the wedding cake.

Mr. Bug anxiously watches the cake. Looking a little exhausted, Lizzie timidly calls the children.

LIZZIE: "Come, little faces full of pudding, oust! The cake is safe now, Mistress Claire. »

Claire smiled, relieved. Mr. Bug is also relieved to see Claire and his wife, Murdina.

ARCH BUG: "Bless the Lord. I couldn't have held them any longer."

CLAIRE: "Thank you, Mr. Bug. I think you've won a good drink. «

As Arch takes his leave and Lizzie disappears with the children, we see a few patients waiting, at random, eager to benefit from Claire's medical knowledge if possible...

MRS. MARGARET CHISHOLM, one of the pioneers of the Ridge, introduces herself.

MARGARET CHISHOLM: "Congratulations... «

She makes a funny bow, clearly indicating that something is wrong with her leg.

MARGARET CHISHOLM: "My ankle is healing... But I was wondering if I could bother you to ask for advice - maybe you'd recommend that I bathe it or maybe. »

Claire is firm but kind.

CLAIRE: "We'll have to wait until tomorrow... »

As the disgruntled "patients" leave the room, Ms. Bug mumbles

MURDINA BUG: "And I'm going to ask him to come back before or after the boy with boils and the gentleman who has gout? They know it's Miss Brianna's wedding, but lucky to be seen by a healer like you, do you blame them? «

CLAIRE: "Mrs. Bug, I'll see them all tomorrow. But for today... Let them eat cake."

But Mrs. Bug looks at her curiously, a strange turn of phrase... But she gets used to not knowing what the lady of the house means most of the time. She sighs, a little exasperated.

CLAIRE: "Anything else?"

MURDINA BUG: "I know my husband and I are newcomers to the Ridge, but I know how to take care of a house, and if you would allow me to help you more, I could ease your burden. Isn't that why you employ me? «

As if to continue the train of thought, Ms. Bug now takes a look.

to an area of the room, where a painting of Claire's most intimidating medical instruments hangs around.

Claire sighs.

CLAIRE: "I'm not quite settled here yet."

Mrs. Bug shakes her head disapprovingly, eager to intervene to put everything away. BUG DE MURDINA: "The more help there is, the less difficult it is."

CLAIRE: "Let's leave that for now. Please take out the cake to be served."




After being chased out of surgery, the children, who have escaped Lizzie's custody, run around. One or two of them, including Germain Fraser, rush to Roger - who is very happy to be distracted from so-called "adult" conversations.

Germain: "Congratulations, Uncle Roger."

Roger happily ruffles the children's hair. But, to his surprise, Germain told him...

GERMAIN: "Don't touch my hair!"

ROGER: "Germain, you idiot... Why not? «

GERMAIN: "Grandpa says you have ticks."

ROGER: "Ticks?"

GERMAIN: "Yes, he says that all Presbyterians have ticks in their hair."


Roger suddenly understands and we see the expression on his face: not ticks (hair) but heretical. Jamie thinks he is a heretic. Super.


Matthieu Roberts: "We loved having a moment between Roger and Germain. Here, the young boy innocently reveals some of the things he heard from his grandfather, echoing his words, much to Roger's dismay. This short scene captures some of the tension between Jamie and Roger. It is inspired by a passage from "The Cross of Fire" in which Claire explains to Germain that Roger is a Protestant (and therefore the black sheep of the predominantly Catholic family), and Jamie adds for clarification, ironically, "he is a heretic".  


Before Roger can protest, the children flee, spying on the large cake that Claire and Mrs. Bug have placed on a table, ready to be cut and served, along with a few smaller cakes and various other sweet treats. » 



Standing a little away from the guests mingling, Brianna and Roger are about to cut the cake.

Jamie toasts the happy couple.

JAMIE: "To the newlyweds. Sláinte! »

Brianna and Roger take advantage of their relative intimacy to catch up, albeit in a low voice.

ROGER: "Your father thinks I'm a heretic?"

Roger can't help but look at Jamie, who always fulfills his obligations as host, out of earshot.

BRIANNA: "Not just you, he thinks all Presbyterians are. «

The unimpressed look on Roger's face makes Brianna laugh.

ROGER: "He can't forgive me for not coming back to you immediately, that's all. Some of us like to think before we act. »

BRIANNA: "But you came back. And that's all that matters. «

ROGER: "Go tell him"

To Roger's surprise, Brianna puts a large piece of cake in his mouth. BRIANNA: "You know, in my America, traditionally, newlyweds give each other a little bit of the wedding cake."

While Roger has trouble chewing and swallowing...

ROGER: "Oh great. You should have told me before... I thought you were just trying to silence me for a minute... «


Matthew Roberts: "Brianna and Roger cut the cake. They share a light moment to reflect on the events of the day and we wanted to show that (unlike the US) in the UK, it is not usual for brides and grooms to feed on a piece of cake after the cake has been cut, much to Roger's surprise. «   


Brianna laughs, and teases him.

BRIANNA: "But a woman should never contradict her husband."

Roger smiles but now has pieces of cake and crumbs everywhere... ROGER: "It's my turn"

Roger takes cake playfully and stuffs a piece of it into Brianna's mouth - she now has some on her face too. She takes away a few crumbs. They are interrupted by Jocasta, who is now approaching, guided by Ulysses.

ULYSSES: "The happy couple: Mr. and Mrs. Mackenzie. «

JAFFATA: Congratulations. Finally married. «

BRIANNA/ROGER: "Thank you."

Jocasta kisses Brianna, and addresses her when she says:

JAFFA: "I wonder if your husband would like to come and talk to me at my pavilion before I leave? »

Brianna turns to Roger to see his answer, in turn he nods.

BRIANNA: "Of course... «

JOMATA: "I'm looking forward to that. Enjoy the dance. «

Jocasta bows and leaves, Odysseus guiding her.

Brianna doesn't know what it is... but Roger does not seem too disturbed, and as soon as Jocasta is out of earshot.

ROGER: "At least your aunt likes me."

BRIANNA: "It's because you're too beautiful":

ROGER: "And I'm sure you told him... At least she can't see that I have cake all over my face... «

He gives her a teasing look that completes his thought.

Jocasta is blind. They kiss.

ROGER: "Maybe when we get back... we'll do all this again -- and I'll be a little more prepared... «

Brianna gives him a skeptical look - but before she can answer him, they're thrilled to hear the music start...

There is an air of celebration and cheerfulness as the festivities begin. A spontaneous ceilidh begins: the traditional dance without which a real Scottish wedding is incomplete. As settlers equipped with musical instruments form an impromptu Ceilidh Band, revelers are drawn to their families, friends and neighbors in a variety of lively dances.


Matthieu Roberts: "At the end of the scene, there is even more cheerfulness when the ceilidh begins: the traditional dance without which no real Scottish wedding is complete, even to this day. Much research has been undertaken on the different types of music and dances of the time. In fact, in scene 13 you will notice the inclusion of an action line that specifies a "dance similar to what is called in Scotland "The Dashing White Sergeant", where pairs of dancers form a long arch with their arms, and couples take turns passing underneath. We liked the symbolism of the ark, although this dance - as it is called in Scotland in its current form - dates from the early nineteenth century. So we chose a selection of dances that we felt were suitable for the stage and worked with a choreographer who composed historically precise steps in a configuration specially designed for the series "   




Meanwhile, according to Jamie's instructions, John Gray found a table loaded with drinks of all kinds – bottles and mugs galore.

Near him - eager to enjoy the freely flowing alcohol - Fergus, John Quincy Myers, Isaiah Morton and a few others play a drinking game, which involves reciting tongue twisters.

Marsali also plays. The "game" consists of throwing a leather vial like a ball, at random. The person who catches it must recite a tongue twister, without much hesitation or making a mistake, thus winning the approval of the crowd... or else make a pledge - drink whiskey in a timpani. Once a tongue twister is successfully repeated, a new one must be proposed.

One of the settlers tries it. He is wrong in his words. Then it's Isaiah's turn. He struggles to think of anything under increasing pressure, as John Quincy Myers clocks him with a small hourglass.

JOHN QUINCY MYERS: "Come on, Morton! Time does not wait "

ISAÏE MOTON: "Uh... The Archduchess's socks... ».

Flawless. The spectators applaud in support - "Sláinte!"

Relieved to have avoided the pledge, Isaiah takes a sip from the flask, then throws it to Fergus who, panicked, hesitates.

FERGUS: "The socks of the arfidufesse... »

Spectators join John Quincy Myers to sing

JOHN QUINCY MYERS: "A pledge! a guarantee! »

Fergus is forced to drink a glass of whiskey. Fergus throws the bottle and Marsali grabs it MARSALI (to Fergus): "You would have had better luck in French, my love... So, the socks... »

There are cheers. Having understood correctly, it is now Marsali's turn to suggest another tongue twister - Myers turns the hourglass over.

JOHN QUINCY MYERS: "Hurry up - think of another, Mrs. Fraser, or you'll have a pledge"

MARSALI: uh... My mind is empty...? Em... »

Blushing with embarrassment, Marsali hesitates

MARSALI: "Oh, I... Em. (then she finds one) Maybe it's a little bit vulgar for a lady... May the Lord forgive me... «

She pronounces a "salty" tongue twister without a single error.


Matthieu Roberts: "This scene was an integral part of demonstrating the sense of community spirit (pun intended!) On the Ridge: Many settlers join in the enjoyment of the drinking game, regardless of their social rank. Participants must demonstrate that they can pronounce a tongue twister without hesitation or stumbling, under penalty of pledge. Lord John's awkwardness and embarrassment are accentuated by his reflex to offer a Shakespearean tongue-twister and contrast with the comic nature of some of the other character's offerings. Marsali certainly surprises everyone present with her rather bawdy contribution, although unlike her husband, she pronounces all the words correctly. »  


FERGUS FRASER: "Who taught you that...?"

Marsali smiled mischievously.

MARSALI: "My mother."

FERGUS FRASER: "I'm sure she would be very proud."

Fergus kisses Marsali - and in his excitement, Marsali takes a quick sip of the bottle and carelessly throws it away... He is caught by an unsuspecting - and rather surprised - John Grey. Despite this, with his honor at stake, he tries to salvage his reputation as a gentleman as best he can. He simply can't bring himself to try that particular language in public.


JOHN GREY: "Uh... I have to admit... It is with deep regret, in fact, that I must tell you... that I have never... had the pleasure of... I've never plucked a pheasant in my entire life -- (then, stating perfectly) But... Shakespeare anyone? »


The crowd laughs at his "nice" answer -- then immediately and vigorously demands a "pledge" and hands him the timpani. John Gray dutifully swallows his glass, bows and retreats hastily.

JOHN QUINCY MYERS: "No. My throat dries out. What's next? «



At the ceilidh, Brianna and Roger do a dance similar to the one called in Scotland "The Dashing White Sergeant", where pairs of dancers form a long arch with their arms, and couples take turns to pass underneath. Once they reach the end of the line, the newlyweds kiss and the other dancers greet them. Catching his breath, Roger quietly comments on the dance to Brianna.

ROGER: "It's exhausting in any century... A wise man once said, "No one dances without drinking unless they are crazy. Let's go get a drink."

Roger wants to enjoy the dance more like a spectator, but Lizzie approaches. She looks at Brianna for permission.

LIZZIE: "Mistress, I can...?"

BRIANNA (cheerfully) Sure, Lizzie.

As Roger and Lizzie go dancing, a delighted Brianna walks to where her mother watches the dance -- a little away from the crowd -- with Jemmy in her arms. Brianna happily pulls her mother and son into their small private dance circle, jokingly.

BRIANNA: "Should we teach Jem to dance mashed potato? Or the twist?"

Claire laughs, as Brianna tries to do the 60s dances with her son.

CLAIRE: "Anyone who looks at you will think you've gone crazy to bind."

BRIANNA (jokingly): "Brides are allowed to be crazy on their wedding day. (She does those 60's dance moves) It's not very easy with this kind of music... But you know who I'd love to see try? «

A knowing smile emerges on Claire's lips - obviously Jamie.

CLAIRE: "I don't think you'll make your dad dance a mashed potato."

BRIANNA: "That's what we're going to see."

CLAIRE: "Good luck!"

Brianna goes to get Jamie, to ask him to dance, much to Claire's delight.




Jamie, meanwhile, walks near the dance area, towards the drinks table.

He talks to John Grey. Both drink, and John Gray also has a full bottle in hand.

JAMIE: "Willie is okay, then?"

After being involved in alcohol gambling, John Gray feels the effects of alcohol. It becomes poetic.

JOHN GREY: "He would dance with all his heart if he were here. We never get bored and rest, when youth is combined with pleasure. And youth and fun are at the rendezvous in England at the moment. «

Jamie smiles and pats his friend's back affectionately.

JAMIE: "I always welcome you, John."

This touches a sensitive point – very slight – in John Grey. Is that why Jamie wanted him to come? To get news?

JOHN GREY: "And I try to bring you only good news... But in your letters, you asked me to do one thing for you... «

John Gray pours himself another drink and drinks it.

Not all his "news" is "happy". Jamie looks at him, a little surprised.

JOHN GRAY: "Do you want one?"

JAMIE (cautious) "Do I need it?"

Neither notices Brianna, who approaches from behind, a huge smile on her face, wanting to surprise her father...

JOHN GREY: "I'm afraid of shocking news. We saw Bonnet in the province.

JAMIE : » Bonnet… »

Jamie digests the information. Gray knows how difficult it is for Jamie to be in this situation – to know all this but be powerless to act.

JOHN GREY: "I should have made sure... I don't know why I didn't, I assumed he died in the rubble... «

JAMIE: "This bastard escapes death in an impossible way. Or maybe hell is too good for Stephen Bonnet and the devil won't let him in. «

Brianna immediately gives up her attempt to dance with Jamie upon hearing this, and retreats in shock, discreetly and quietly, feeling like vomiting.

Jamie thinks he's hearing something, maybe footsteps -- and glancing around -- is anyone listening? He is reassured to see only a few drunk revellers nearby.

JOHN GREY: "I know your new son-in-law was a member of his crew. Would Roger have any idea where he can... »

Jamie's unyielding gaze makes it very clear that he cannot implicate Roger in this case.

JOHN GRAY: "You haven't told him yet, have you?"

JAMIE: "It's not necessary. It is up to me to find a solution. «

Brianna, meanwhile, has found Claire, with Jemmy.

CLAIRE: "Well? Did he ridicule Elvis? «

BRIANNA: "I couldn't find it."

Claire feels her daughter's mood shift. Something is happening.

CLAIRE: "Are you okay, honey?"

BRIANNA: "Uh, yes... I just thought it was a shame that cameras don't exist yet. »

Claire puts a reassuring arm around her daughter.

CLAIRE: "It was a memorable day, Ms. Mackenzie, even though we don't have any pictures...

Brianna can't help but let out a sigh – joy mingles with grief. A great sorrow.


Matthieu Roberts: "At the end of this revealing scene, we see that Brianna tries to mask the pain she feels when she discovers that Bonnet is alive. Adding another dimension to the complexity of her emotions, when questioned by Claire, she tries to suggest that she is simply thinking about the fact that she is unable to capture the joy of the day in a photo – which obviously doesn't exist yet. This quickly turns into the realization that Frank would not have been in the photos, even if she had been married in her time. Claire uses gentle humor to try to lessen Brianna's grief. In fact, in the book, Claire wonders what Frank might have thought of Roger and we wanted to try to offer a nod to that here. She observes that he "would probably have approved; Roger was a historian – or had once been – like Frank himself. He was intelligent and humorous, a talented musician and gentleman, totally devoted to Brianna and little Jemmy. Here, Claire soothes her daughter, reminding her of how proud Frank would have been of her and tries to cheer Brianna up by joking that she might have ended up with a "Chad or a Chip" if she had stayed in Boston. «   


BRIANNA: "You know Dad wouldn't have in the pictures, even in our own time."

CLAIRE: "I know honey. But Frank would have been so proud of you... «

Brianna can feel tears rise at the thought.

CLAIRE: "... and he would have loved you to marry a man from Oxford. We joked in Boston that you'd end up with a Chad or a Chip. »

Brianna manages to smile. His mother always knows how to cheer him up. Seeing them, Roger heads to...

BRIANNA: "Well, I have a Roger. And a Mackenzie on top of that."

They both laugh as Roger approaches.

ROGER: "Who of these beautiful ladies would like to dance?"

Brianna nods to her mother.

CLAIRE: "I will."

As Claire leaves, Brianna hugs Jemmy, hugs him, chokes him with kisses, finding solace in his presence — as she watches her mother and husband dance.



Footsteps. Two people make their way through the thick woods until they stumble upon a wooden lean-to.



The door opens on the fly and Jocasta crosses the threshold, Ulysses just behind her. Once she is inside, Odysseus closes the door, leaving her alone.

JORACASTA: "You missed a wonderful ceremony."

MURTAGH, who keeps a low profile and was forced to wait for him in this place... MURTAGH: "Yes, but I glanced from afar... nevertheless... Was it a red tunic I saw? «

JOMATA: "Governor Tryon"

Murtagh growls in disapproval.

MURTAGH: "Then why did you take so long?"

JAFFA: "Well, I'm not used to going to a hut to see my... knowledge. »

Murtagh is amused by Jocasta's prudish use of the word " knowledge ".

MURTAGH: "Who said it was a hut?"

JOMASTA: "I may have made a hasty judgment, I was too generous. But the sound of cracking twigs and the muddy ground under my feet suggests something a little... rustic. «

She grabs his hands – the hard hands of a worker – running her fingers over her palms.

MURTAGH: "Think of it as a fairy palace in the forest, built by the good nymphs of the woods who live nearby."

JORATA: "Tush. And what would you be then? The king of nymphs? «

Murtagh rit.

JORATA: "I'm too old for fairy tales."

There is a mischievous spark of joy in Murtagh's eyes.

MURTAGH: "Is that true?"

Jocasta is looking forward to him convincing her otherwise - maybe he tells her that she is his "fairy queen", or something like that. She waits for a romantic answer but, instead, comes a gruff answer –

MURTAGH: "I don't have time for kings and queens or fairies."

Murtagh notes Jocasta's disappointed expression, a smile on his own lips.

MURTAGH: "But give me a real woman – one who has really lived and knows what life is like – and I am the happiest of men."


Matthieu Roberts: "Last year, in season 4, we thought it was a shame that Murtagh didn't have a love story. As Murtagh's fate was now in our hands (since his story had ended with his death in Culloden in the books), we discussed making him fall in love with Jocasta (Jamie's mother's sister), especially since he had such an unrequited love for Ellen in the past. The on-screen chemistry between him and Maria Doyle Kennedy is magical, so this romance felt natural and so right – it also creates more dilemma for these characters. »  


Jocasta is happy, but wants to put it to the test.

JOMATA: "An old woman?"

MURTAGH: "The one who has enough common sense to hear the voice of a man who wants to say beautiful compliments, even if he does not have the right words to say them. "

JOCASTA: "I'm going to have to take your word for it."

He presses against her.

MURTAGH: "I will give you more than my word."

They make love.



Finally alone, in the privacy of their cabin, Roger and Brianna settle in for a romantic night. It's their wedding night, after all...

Roger is still carried by the joyful events of the day, despite feeling a little irritated by some of the comments. But even if she tries to fight her, the darkness of the revelation about Bonnet hangs over Brianna.

ROGER: "What a day, huh?"

BRIANNE : « Oui... « 

Somewhere deep inside, Roger may feel a small wave of anxiety -- something wrong? Maybe Brianna is just tired? It puts a positive spin on things –

ROGER: "Look at us – one hundred percent in sync. It's like we're made for each other. This marriage story is easy. «

Brianna smiled.

BRIANNA: "Promise me it will always be easy between us"

ROGER: "Always. I'm already looking forward to tomorrow... and the day after and the next"

BRIANNA: "Yes... «

They kiss. A Bonnet flash in Brianna's mind -- Brianna walks away from him... She is suddenly nervous - a fear of her own sexuality has been triggered; His mind begins to wander. Bonnet is alive... And even if none of this was her fault, SPTS' feelings rush into her – maybe the rape was her fault, maybe she was too provocative...? Maybe... Maybe... Maybe... She finds whiskey.

BRIANNA: "See you all our tomorrows."

And she takes a sip. Roger hugs his wife. He looks at her, worried... He senses something is going on but, whatever it is, he doesn't want it to cast a shadow over their world tonight – not on their wedding night. He wants to cheer her up and, jokingly, grabs her guitar.

ROGER: "Sit down"




ROGER "L for your languorous look... 'O' for the original, the only one I see..."

The festivities move to the camp area. Many still dance, many others still drink.



Back with Roger and Brianna... He still sings a Nat King Cole song, "L-O-V-E"

ROGER "'V' is really, really extraordinary. ' It's even more than all those you adore... Love is all I can give you... Love is more than a game for two... two beings who love each other can succeed; take my heart without breaking it, I beg you; Love is for you and me... »

ROGER continues to sing...

ROGER: "And I'll love you today. And tomorrow. And forever. «


Matthieu Roberts: "It was really important to show Roger comforting Brianna following her discovery of the Bonnet revelation. Although Brianna didn't choose to share the news with Roger, Roger can tell something is wrong. He picks up his guitar and starts singing a Nat King Cole song, which, in addition to being a nod to the status of this traveling couple in the 1960s/70s, recalls one of the reasons Brianna loves Roger so much: his voice. Scholarly and intellectual - with a touch of Highland charm to boots - Roger has a sense of words and is able to comfort his new wife. He knows exactly what to say and what to sing. His last words in the scene are particularly significant; they may be in another time and uncertain about the future, but he may make a very important promise: "And I will love you today. And tomorrow. And forever."  


Roger so desperately wants to be near her... They kiss and make love.



On the outskirts of the camp, there are the tents of the red tunics. A few soldiers sit around a fire, drinking, while other soldiers chat with some of the girls on the Ridge.

Everyone is having a great time.

Meanwhile, back near the ceilidh dance floor, Fergus and Marsali dance alone. We see that she whispers something to him. His face lights up and he gently touches her belly -- that's obviously good news.



Deeply satisfied, Roger falls asleep; Brianna is less so. Unable to sleep, it is clear that she is still not free of her demons...



Although the celebrations are slowly ending, the music can be heard calming down and various late-night wedding guests at the camp are still chatting.

Exhausted, Claire sits on the bed that has been installed in a corner of the kitchen. With construction underway in the main house, they are getting by.

In fact, the infirmary also serves as a makeshift room for baby Jemmy, whose crib is just behind the doors that separate the two rooms.

Jamie stands on the threshold, so he can watch over his grandson.

CLAIRE: "Your letters no longer satisfy him? Tryon is certainly not a fine politician. «

Jamie has the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Today he has gained a son... and much more than he had negotiated... an unwanted visitor and some unwanted news...

JAMIE: "When it comes to politics, Sassenach, there's little difference between making good friends and good enemies... But I'd rather have Tryon as a friend. »

CLAIRE: "There's nothing we can do about it tonight. Let's go to sleep... before being woken up by the loud crying of a certain baby."

JAMIE (mutters) Loud moans. "Like father like son."

Claire gives him a reproachful look, even as she tries to swallow a laugh.

CLAIRE: "Jamie, that's not very nice."

Jemmy begins to emit muffled crying so that Jamie takes his grandson, gently calming him down.

JAMIE: "Shh, my little boy. What's wrong? »

Jemmy cries a little louder

JAMIE: "I know your belly is full. So what's the matter? «

As he cradles Jemmy in his arms, Jamie addresses Claire.

JAMIE: "Are you really going to look like your dad? Do you need time to think about it? Sleep or cry? «

CLAIRE: "You're terrible... «

Jamie's words can be addressed to Jemmy, but in fact they are addressed to Roger. Claire understands this perfectly. She reminds Jamie ...

CLAIRE: "Without Roger, we wouldn't be together"

Even if it's true, Jamie is still reluctant to be grateful to Roger.

Jamie cradles Jemmy in his arms and he has the wisdom not to say anything about it, both for Jemmy to sleep and for his own good.

Instead, he recites a blessing.


JAMIE: "Bless, O God, the thing my eye rests on, blessed, oh God, the thing on which my hope rests."

Finally, Jemmy made his choice: sleep.

JAMIE: "Rest well, little one."

Jamie rests him in the crib.

CLAIRE: "And without Roger, we wouldn't have our beautiful grandson... Our beautiful grandson asleep. «

This gives Claire an idea.

CLE: "Let us pray that he sleeps all night... Come here soldier"

Jamie looks at her, so beautiful, as always, in the light of the candle. After a while, he steps forward and joins her and finishes the prayer for her.

JAMIE: "Blessed, O God, my reason and purpose. Bless my companion and my love... Blessed, O bless the angel of my rest. «

They are now eager to be close to each other. Jamie takes his wife in his arms and caresses her.

There is a chirp from the cradle. Jamie puts a finger on her lips. They both freeze, listening, waiting, hoping.

Everything is quiet. So, like two teenagers trying not to laugh, Jamie and Claire make love in silence...



Many guests have retreated to their tents to rest, others are still a little cheerful - chatting, but most of the camp's fires are starting to go out.



It is the dawn that rises on the lean-to.



It's morning. Jocasta and Murtagh have woken up - daylight floods the lean-to. After the wonderful night, Jocasta asks, almost sadly...

JORACASTA: "So where are we now, in the cold light of day?"

Murtagh is very quiet. Jocasta feels his discomfort.

JORATA: "Your spirit is not here, in the fairy palace of the forest – it is in Tryon Palace – or its pavilion... «

MURTAGH: "Always... »

Murtagh wants to get up... but Jocasta tries to hold him to bed, gently. He resists -- MURTAGH: "With a new day comes new tasks."

JORACASTA: "Ha. We all have our part to play... and yet it seems to me that you spend your days dancing to the tune of Tryon. «

MURTAGH: "As far as Tryon and the Regulators are concerned, I am doing my duty."

Murtagh looks at her for a moment - he knows she wants to hear that he lives for her, but...

MURTAGH: "In another life, you and I could have spent more time together -- maybe if I were a different man. It's because I know life well, you can't change a man, you only change his condition."

Jocasta knows she can't change this man, but maybe she can change the circumstances.

JAFFA: "My situation may soon be about to change. Duncan Innes proposed to me. »

This news caught Murtagh off guard; Jocasta feels it.

MURTAGH: "Innes... Jamie and I met him in Ardsmuir. I heard he moved to North Carolina. And what did you say to him? «

JORACASTA: "I haven't given him my answer yet."

Jocasta is eagerly awaiting an answer. She wants him to tell her to say no. She wants him to tell her, "Marry me."

MURTAGH: "I will not stand in your way of your happiness"

Not the reaction Jocasta was hoping for. But with Murtagh not asking him anything, their silence tells a story...



A few settlers arrive to begin their morning of construction work on the Big House.



As Claire and Mrs. Bug enter, quickly followed by Jamie, they look out the window and see a line of patients waiting to be seen.

MURDINA BUG: "I told you they would be back this morning... «

CLARE: "Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ"

JAMIE: "It's a shame you're all alone, Sassenach."



Lizzie tries to babysit several children, amused (one of them has a flayed knee) as she stands in line to see Claire in the infirmary.

The task is easier to bear by the fact that Josiah Beardsley, a young indentured servant from neighboring regions and an avid hunter (as evidenced by some skins he brought) also waits, and serves as a welcome distraction.

LIZZIE: "What kind of beasts do you hunt?"

JOSIAH: "Anything I can find, bear, beaver, fox... hare, when you can catch them. They won't bring in much, by the way. Deer, fallow deer, doe... »

He stops, blushing timidly; Lizzie's eyes have something of the admiring "doe" - she is clearly attracted to him.

JOSIAH: "Of course, I'm boring you, Miss... »

Lizzie shakes her head vehemently in disagreement...

She bows politely, introducing herself.

LIZZIE : « Lizzie... Wemyss. « 

Before she can say more, Jamie -- who comes to see how Claire is doing -- approaches.

JAMIE: "Josiah the Hunter."

Jamie looks at Lizzie's crimson cheeks. Josiah seems embarrassed too.

JOSIAH : « Monsieur Fraser… »

Jamie gives them both a knowing look. Lizzie wants to be engulfed in the ground. She turns away to take care of the child with her knee skinned.

JOSIAH: "We were only talking about skins, animal skins and furs I mean... »

JAMIE: "It seems you're a skilled hunter. I couldn't do better myself. I was hoping you would consider moving here to the Ridge. »

Josiah looks surprised, perhaps a little uncertain or reluctant. Sensing this, much to Lizzie's dismay, Jamie jokes.

JAMIE: "Although I would probably be wrong to leave such a charming boy in the midst of women. »

JOSIAH: "I have something on my mind other than kissing and whatever, Mr. Fraser. My throat hurts a lot. »



This glamorous tent is definitely an ancestor of "glamping".

Jocasta is sitting outside, cared for by Ulysses, chickens roam freely around them. After a while, Roger approaches and is announced by Ulysses.

 ULYSSE : « Mr MacKenzie « 

ROGER (who looks at the chickens): "For breakfast, Mistress Cameron?" JOMATA: "Yes, the rooster crows, but it is the hens that lay eggs... Well, you are now a married man, you have come back to make your nest. Will you join me, Mr. MacKenzie? »

Roger agrees

JORACASTA: "Did my niece tell you that I intended to bequeath my property to her?"

ROGER: "Yes, she told me. I am sure my wife is well aware of the honour you are doing her, Mrs Cameron. But... «

JOCASTA: "Is that true? I wouldn't have thought it would be heard. But you know her better than I do. In any event, I intend to tell him that I have changed my mind. «

ROGER: "Oh? Well, I'm sure she'll ... »

JORACASTA: "I told Gerald Forbes to remake a will, bequeathing River Run and all its contents to Jeremiah ... «

ROGER: "For... What, for little Jemmy? «

JORATA: "You probably know that a woman's property passes to her husband after marriage. And I also know that Protestants willingly divorce... (then, ostensibly) I told myself that if you didn't love the boy for himself, you would treat him well because of his future prospects. »

ROGER (understanding what that means): "You think I'd hurt Jemmy... or that I married Brianna for money? You're insinuating that I don't believe he's my son? »

JOMACASTA: "I didn't say anything like that"

ROGER: "You said a lot, and what you didn't say, you meant it very loudly. How dare you insinuate such things? «

Roger's head is boiling, is she openly insulting him, implying that he would hurt Jemmy for money?

JAFFATA: "Well, I apologize, Mr. MacKenzie. But it is easy to understand that a man has little feeling towards a child conceived by his wife with another. »

But Roger is so furious – if only Jocasta knew how much he had sacrificed to be with Brianna: good health, a prestigious job, life and physical integrity – it is beyond comprehension.

ROGER: "I may not have money or possessions, but I have time and I'm going to spend it entirely on Brianna and Jeremiah."

Jocasta shrugs, seemingly unimpressed. Roger is mad with rage...

ROGER: "Let's be very clear, I don't want your money. My wife doesn't want your money and my son doesn't want it. Do you put it where I think, okay? »

Despite the shock, Jocasta seems delighted. Roger leaves. In a way, that's the best answer Roger can give.

Jocasta now knows for sure what Roger's intentions are. She smiled, satisfied.

ULYSSES: "As you hoped, Mistress?"

JORATA: "Even better."


Matthew Roberts: "This scene was taken almost entirely from 'the cross of fire', in which we see Roger and Jocasta at odds. Here we see that Jocasta somehow puts Roger to the test, discovering where his loyalty lies. «   




Jamie helped Josiah avoid the line. Claire examines Josiah's throat, while Jamie awaits the verdict.

CLAIRE: "Hmm. Infected tonsils. I can take them off. It's going to hurt, but it will be better in the long run. »

JOSIAH: "Can you do it?"

Claire knows the procedure is possible, even if she desperately wants to upgrade her medical equipment first.

CLAIRE: "Yes, although I prefer to wait until I have all the equipment and medication I need."

Josiah looks nervously at the hypodermic needle.

JOSIAH: "That's not it, right? Because if that's because I already feel better. «

Claire laughs.

CLAIRE: "No, don't worry. And we don't have to take them away now." Josiah looks at Claire absently. Eager to persuade Josiah to move in, Jamie intervenes.

JAMIE: If Claire does that for you, boy, will you move to the Ridge? And you will hunt when I am away? «

Josiah puts his hands to his throat, as if experiencing the potential pain – and potential relief – of the proposed procedure...

As she does so, Claire sees a "T-shaped" mark on her right hand - very clearly the result of iron burning on the flesh. Claire winces slightly in spite of herself and Josiah puts his hand on her lap consciously.

CLAIRE: "We'd love to help you."

JOSIAH: "Thank you... «

Josiah leaves, and as soon as he does, Claire looks at Jamie, a little worried.

Jamie explains.

CLAIRE: "Did you see the mark on his hand? I guess "T" (V) means "thief"?

JAMIE: "Who hasn't stolen anything, one day, whether it was a loaf of bread or a piece of cake... Bearing the mark of a thief does not mean that you are one. »

Claire caresses Jamie on the back...

CLAIRE: "No, it's not."

JAMIE: "The boy brought a lot of deer and beaver skins.

He doesn't just sing. »

Claire ignores this remark, made at Roger's expense.

JAMIE: "I leave you to your patients and wage war on your little invisible beasts."

Claire smiled. She can't resist the urge to correct it.

CLAIRE: "Bacteria. But yes, it's certainly some kind of war."

Jamie watches the long line of patients still waiting to see his wife.

JAMIE: "Then you have to find yourself a lieutenant... »

Claire smiled.

CLAIRE: "Next patient!"

Jamie takes leave of Claire and follows Josiah towards the camp.



Jamie walks directly to Governor Tryon and Lieutenant KNOX.

JAMIE: "Your Excellency!"

GOVERNOR TRYON: "Good to see you up so soon, Colonel Fraser. The future belongs to those who get up early, etc. But it depends on the path they take. «

Jamie guesses what Tryon means and doesn't like it. Nevertheless, clarification is needed.

JAMIE: "Am I begging your pardon, sir?"

GOVERNOR TRYON: "Out of respect for your daughter's marriage, I waited until today to talk about this. Your efforts to cultivate the King's land have been admirable. But the time has come to honour your oath – to the Crown and to me, your benefactor. It's time for this hunt, Colonel Fraser. Reunite your men, I want Murtagh Fitzgibbons and his insurgents to be brought to justice, hanged or shot, I don't care at all. I want his body hanged in New Bern as a warning to all. This issue is beyond the province now - people are concerned. »

JAMIE : « Oui »

GOVERNOR TRYON: "Lieutenant Knox and his men will stay to help you. I have to go to the local sheriffs, assure them that their governor is taking the necessary measures to eradicate this scourge that is the Regulators. The insults and insults to Her Majesty's Government must stop. This task falls to you because you know these Scots, since you are one. Don't disappoint me, Colonel. «

Tryon returned to the camp.

LIEUTENANT KNOX (to Jamie): "Let's get ready to leave in a week. Will it give you enough time to sort out all your affairs? »

The question is only asked as a courtesy -- Jamie knows it's an order from the governor.



Roger enters the cabin to find Brianna sitting with Jemmy in her arms. Brianna puts her finger on her lips.

BRIANNA : « Chut... »

Despite his annoyance, Roger is silent, his eyes now focused on his wife and child. Jocasta's words are not easy to forget... Is that what everyone thinks of him? Roger looks at Jemmy, doing his best to banish a painful glimmer of doubt in his mind... Is Jemmy really his son? But enough is enough.

ROGER (to Brianna): "Yesterday was a celebration of our love for each other... But today, and every day, from now on... It will be us"

BRIANNA: "The three of us."

ROGER: "Always."

To Brianna's surprise, Roger pulls out his knife and makes a small incision on his thumb...

BRIANNA: "What do you do? «

ROGER: "Something I should have done a long time ago."

He takes Jemmy in his arms and places a drop of blood on Jemmy's forehead - as a sign of the cross.

ROGER: "Jeremiah Alexander Ian Fraser MacKenzie, you are the blood of my blood and the flesh of my flesh. I proclaim you my Son before all, today and forever. «

They are united and determined.


Matthieu Roberts: "We were happy to be able to find a moment for Roger's Oath of Blood – a scene that corresponds to a moment in 'autumn drums'. In the storyline, this is driven by Roger's interaction with Jocasta. We liked the idea of Roger doing this in relative privacy, with only God and Brianna as witnesses. In this case, he gives strength to both words and actions: it is a promise he makes for his family, and his family alone, whatever others think. «   




Jamie enters to find Claire preparing to come and find him.

CLAIRE: "And where were you?"

The look on Jamie's face is enough to tell him that something is wrong.

CLAIRE: "What's going on?"

JAMIE: "Tryon leaves a troop to help me hunt. We leave in a week. »

Jamie thinks, considers his options, if he has any.

CLAIRE: "And if you refuse to hunt down Murtagh, Tryon will take our land back from you."

JAMIE: "He'll call me a traitor. I swore an oath to the crown. «

Claire is frustrated by the situation.

CLAIRE: "Please, Tryon would renege on the oath he made to you as soon as it was convenient for him."

JAMIE: "Yes, and when this war you tell me about finally happens, then I will go back on my oath. But I can't afford it now because of our family, our settlers. If there is war, I must make sure the men of the Ridge are loyal to me... And not in Tryon. «

But there is something else weighing on him.

CLAIRE: "The men of the Ridge would do anything for you. Roger... »

JAMIE: "If I put a militia together, he will have to fight. It is valid and major."

CLAIRE: "He's not ready for that. Can't you keep him away? «

Jamie looks at her and Claire instantly reads: it's a definite "no". He has made his decision, is heading to the door...

CLAIRE: "Where are you going?"

JAMIE: "Tryon wants his Scotsman, I'll give him a Scotsman.


Matthew Roberts: "At the end of that scene, Jamie says, 'Tryon wants his Scotsman... I'll give him a Scotsman." Jamie knows the time has come to deal with the consequences of accepting the Crown land grant. Governor Tryon believes he has the upper hand and can take advantage of Jamie's nationality and his understanding of his fellow Scots. Jamie, however, has a trick up his sleeve: not only does he know his compatriots, but he also knows how to encourage them to offer him their loyalty. Jamie may live in the New World, but he hasn't forgotten the customs of the land he left behind: its culture and traditions. We missed Scotland in season 4, so this is one of the ways Scotland has integrated as a "character" in the show, which manifests itself through costumes, culture and traditions. «   



In the construction area, Jamie opens an old trunk.

We see there's a tartan inside, although we can't yet realise it's a kilt - something he hasn't worn since Culloden.



Claire has just finished a long day of seeing patients. She sits down, exhausted. It is both physical and mental fatigue as the threat of Tryon's orders hangs over the ridge.

Then something catches her eye, something she hasn't seen in over twenty years. She stands up. Then we see what she sees - Jamie now fully dressed in his Highland kilt.

Claire moves towards him in the lobby - she knows that if he has decided to put on this outfit, then everything he is about to do is serious. And she will stand right by his side. They share a complicit look. And they come out the front door.


Matthieu Roberts: "Then we see what she sees - Jamie is now fully dressed in his kilt" - it's a very special moment. The first time Jamie wears his kilt since Culloden, a sight Claire hasn't seen in twenty years. Jamie is truly the Lord of Fraser's Ridge and we love to see him dressed in his Highland insignia. This act in itself turns Jamie into a real laird. »  



The sun is setting and the fires around the camp are starting to shine. After a while, he steps forward to remove a cloth from a fire, holding it like a torch –

After a few strides, he throws it -- And we see a flicker of orange light that soon turns into a growing, climbing flame -- until we discover a completely ablaze cross of fire: the "crann tara," an ancient Scottish call to arms.

The men and women of the Ridge begin to gather, moths drawn to the cross.

Movement towards Jamie, who has taken position near the cross, ready to address the crowd that has now gathered before him... ready to begin the process of recruiting men for Tryon's militia.

All these wedding guests are present (except Tryon, who is gone). The men gather in front of Jamie, while the women present stand slightly apart.

JAMIE: "In the Highlands, when a chief goes to war, he burns the cross of fire, sending a signal to his clan throughout the country. It is a call to men, to arm themselves and come to the place of assembly, prepared for battle. We are friends, neighbors and compatriots, but we are not a clan. I'm not your boss... But I hope that, when the time comes, you will all be by my side. «


Matthieu Roberts: "Jamie's speech before the 'cross of fire' is directly inspired by the book. He decides to take advantage of the opportunity that his daughter's wedding has offered him - the fact that the wedding guests who have come to the Ridge are present and ready to listen to him. It is a call to action: the "crann tara" or the "burning cross".  


Roger is clearly a bit uncomfortable – not sure how this particular "ceremony" will end. Yet he tries to reassure himself by looking at his father-in-law.

JAMIE: "You never know what could happen to you. And we swore an oath to our wives and loved ones, but also to our brothers in arms in this new country. «

Jamie now looks at Roger

JAMIE: "Be with me"

Jamie motions for Roger to come closer.

But Roger does not move, surprised.

Taking advantage of Roger's hesitation, an impatient Morton Isaiah stands up to stand in front of Jamie.

ISAÏE MOTON: "I promise to stay by your side, Colonel Fraser.



BRIANNA: "What's going on, Mom? Why are they taking an oath to Da now? »

CLAIRE: "Since all men are here, your father thought it would be wise to prepare for the future."

BRIANNA: "Looks like he's preparing for war?"

Claire pales, Bree's assumption is too realistic.

As Isaiah finishes and bows respectfully - it's definitely time for Roger to intervene.

JAMIE: "Roger Mackenzie, be a shield for your family and for mine, son of my house."

Roger now stands in front of Jamie, but hesitates. Jamie gently touches Roger's shoulder, prompting his son-in-law to kneel.

JAMIE : « Capitaine Roger Mackenzie… »

ROGER: "Captain?"

Jamie looks at him intensely.

JAMIE: "You'll be safe by my side. Repeat what I say. «

But Roger listened carefully to Isaiah. Roger holds his knife and begins to recite proudly.

ROGER: "I swear by the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by the sacred iron I hold, to pledge allegiance to you and promise you my loyalty. If ever my hand rebels against you, I ask that this sacred iron pierce my heart. «

It's done and the look in Roger's eyes shows that he means every word.

JAMIE: "I want you all to know that through this act we are engaged and connected, it is the foundation of kinship in this New World. And as you have given me your word, I give you mine, to serve you, as you swear to serve me. And I will not light the cross until the hour of battle has come for us. »

Jamie drinks a gulp of whiskey. The crowd applauded: "Sláinte!"; "To a lasting peace or an honourable war"; "Sláinte!" As Roger walks away, other men stand ready to take his place, but Jamie calls one in particular. JAMIE: "Be by my side," Fergus, son of my name and my heart. «

Fergus smiled and approached respectfully.

Further on, Lieutenant Knox and his men watch the ritual unfold.

Fergus kneels before Jamie as an army of men now begins to form, eager to take the oath...



We head west to the vast Blue Mountains of the Appalachians, reaching the top of a ridge, then -- we discover a new wooden cross erected, like a sentinel or a lighthouse -- and Jamie and Claire Fraser look at their land, both with heavy hearts.


JAMIE: "One last thing."

Claire takes Jamie's hand, conveying her strength to him.

CLAIRE: "It's time."


Matthieu Roberts: "This short scene highlights the strength of Jamie and Claire's relationship. They are together, rock solid and emotionally connected. They face adversity together – sure, they can always disagree, but essentially their enduring love is the solid foundation of the show. » 


A42.EXT. RIVER - DAY (J3) 

Having found Murtagh by the river, Jamie comes to tell him about Tryon's demands.

MURTAGH: "I'm supposed to take it as a compliment that he wants to show me so conspicuously at his palace in New Bern."

JAMIE: "You kind of infuriated him."

They are silent - the situation is very serious and they both know it.

MURTAGH: "You always tell me you know how it's going to end, this war you're talking about, but you can't tell me anything about the regulators... How did they get away with all this? »

JAMIE: "No, but if you wait, we'll fight on the same side. War will change the face of this country. «

MURTAGH (solemn): "There is always a war coming... But it is up to us to decide which ones we do. »

Murtagh picks up a stone. Then another.

To Jamie's astonishment, Murtagh fashions a small circle of stones...

JAMIE: "What are you doing...

MURTAGH: "I form a circle. Maybe you can ask those who come and go to go back in time and change things – change things here. «

Jamie knows Murtagh is joking but...

MURTAGH: "Claire, Brianna, Roger, they all came from another time... And because they did it, you have everything you've ever wanted. And I don't blame you for that. But I have to do my duty and you can't blame me for that either. «

JAMIE: "I can never blame you for anything. Or attack you"

And as the two men face each other – each on one side for the first time in their lives – they both know it's an untenable situation. This Tryon puts Jamie in an impossible situation. Jamie speaks first...

JAMIE: "You're not safe here anymore. I know you stay because of your oath to my mother and me... I free you now. «


Matthieu Roberts: "We started the episode with Murtagh and Jamie and now the circle is complete. Jamie makes the heartbreaking decision to release Murtagh from his oath. Being on opposite sides of a cause, Jamie was tasked once again with tracking down his godfather. With Lieutenant Knox concerned about his duty by his side, Jamie knows that he will really have to "search" for Murtagh. He wants to warn him and give him as far ahead as possible, hence his farewell words: "leave, and be difficult to find".  


Murtagh looks at him for a long time, doesn't say a word, and resigns himself by nodding his head.

JAMIE: "Go. And please, be hard to find. »

Murtagh walks away. A shot Jamie kicks the stone circle and sits on a dead tree nearby.