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Written by Megan Ferrell Burke  





26 November 2019

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Wilmington: Mistress Sylvie's brothel. Tavern / Wylie's Landing: the hangar / River Run : Living room / Bonnet's refuge : Bedroom. Living room



Wilmington: Street. Farrier's forge. Glassblower's workshop. Alley. Port. Wylie's Landing: Hangar Dock /Road to Wylie's Landing /River Run / North Carolina Beach /Sand Dunes /Bonnet's Refuge /Coastline Road to Wilmington








A shoemaker is adapting the heel of a women's shoe, raising it from the height of a deck of cards...



FADE IN: 1INT. WILMINGTON - Brothel of Mistress Sylvie - Day (D5)

A quick view of the streets of Wilmington and then...

GERALD FORBES and STEPHEN BONNET share a drink in a secluded spot in the brothel while they discuss business. In the background, prostitutes, including EPPIE, 20, seduce their customers.

GÉRALD FORBES: "It's time to present our request to the magistrate. Obviously, your... profession... complicates things a bit... »

STEPHEN BONNET: "A gentleman has no profession."

GERALD FORBES: "Precisely. And that's why, being your lawyer, I advise you to be more... Discreet in your relationships. You have supporters among the rich, you have been exonerated of your crimes - but for now, I recommend you to be forgotten... «

STEPHEN BONNET (looking at Eppie): "I'd like to be forgotten under my usual filly over there."


Megan Ferrell Burke: "The scene between Stephen Bonnet and Gerald Forbes serves a multitude of purposes, but primarily, it exposes to the audience exactly what Bonnet's plan has been throughout this season and why Forbes has agreed to support him. The setting of Mrs. Sylvie's Brothel gave us the opportunity to introduce Eppie, who would become an important character later in the script. « 


GÉRALD FORBES: "People can turn a blind eye to contraband tobacco, but it is rumored that the object of your business is feminine."

STEPHEN BONNET: "My business is nobody's business."

GÉRALD FORBES: "Do you want custody of your son or not, Mr. Bonnet?" STEPHEN BONNET (irritated): "These same cases have given me support, Mr. Forbes. They owe their wealth and influence to me. Like you. So I suggest you behave more like a lawyer than a priest. »

GERALD FORBES: "Do you have a priest?"

That is a subtle point. Forbes is a smart guy and can't help it. Bonnet gives him a steely look, then laughs.

STEPHEN BONNET: "I cut off men's tongues for less than that, Mr. Forbes. But you have to consult the magistrate. When will we have his signature? «

Bonnet's tone makes it clear that he is not joking. He wants concrete answers. GERALD FORBES: "I have provided him with the names of the tavern witnesses, and I have confirmed that they will attest to the circumstances of that evening. We should have a signing by the end of the week and young Jeremiah will join his father. «

STEPHEN BONNET: "God hears you, Mr. Forbes."

GERALD FORBES: "Now, if we could discuss the issue of my compensation"

STEPHEN BONNET: "I'm not a soothsayer, but once my son is recovered... I predict an unfortunate accident for Jocasta Innes and her new husband. What a pity, they have been married for such a short time... »

It's clear that Forbes likes this idea. He harbors a stubborn grudge against Jocasta and Brianna.

GERALD FORBES: "How she chose this old buffoon, I will never understand. And she humiliated me while I courted her niece."

STEPHEN BONNET: "When River Run is mine, you'll get your money."

GERALD FORBES: "The twenty percent agreed."

STEPHEN BONNET: "We'll have a drink on the porch to celebrate."

GERALD FORBES: "I'm looking forward to that. In the meantime, Mrs. Innes asked to see me. I'm thinking of sailing on the Sally Ann to Cross Creek tomorrow... «

Bonnet finds this a bit disturbing and leans towards Forbes.

STEPHEN BONNET: "Not a word to anyone"

GÉRALD FORBES: "The secret is my business."

The two toast to celebrate their plan- then Bonnet nods his head towards Eppie, who eagerly walks towards him with a heavy limp.


Megan Ferrell Burke: "Our scripts go through several rewrites, but nice character lines like 'The secret is my business' survive all the changes."   






Roger and Jamie examine a basket with swords and a small cart with daggers. Roger chooses a broadsword.

ROGER (lowers his voice): "I've seen many in museums, but I never bought them with the intention of passing them through a human body."

JAMIE: "Does his weight suit you? She looks heavy. «

ROGER: "Yes. Too heavy."

Jamie chooses another sword and inspects the length of the blade.

JAMIE: "This one is a bit dented. But the blade is well balanced. Try it. »

Roger takes the sword and splits the air in a well-repeated manner. This is an exercise that he obviously practiced.


Megan Ferrell Burke: "In the previous episode, we had established that Roger would learn to fight from Jamie, and we thought it was important to show Roger's progress in this area. "  


JAMIE: "How do you feel about that one?"

ROGER: "Like Errol Flynn."

Jamie raises an eyebrow, but he's now used to these confusing references to the future, whether it's from Claire or Brianna.

JAMIE: "It's not a stylish piece, but a decent one."

Jamie pulls another sword out of the basket and gets into position -- on guard. He and Roger swagger a little there, in the street, so that Roger can train.

Roger looks strong, however Jamie limps slightly with one leg: he is still recovering from the snakebite [Episode 509]. They continue to push and trim, attracting the attention of the few passers-by, who stop to watch.

JAMIE: "Good form, Roger Mac."

ROGER: "I had a great teacher."

JAMIE: "You've learned a lot in the last few weeks."

We see that Roger is showing skill. He is a fierce competitor -- especially when motivated by a desire to avenge his wife.

When their training ends and they wield their swords, Jamie smiles. Roger breathes heavily, his adrenaline on alert. Onlookers scatter.

Jamie gently raises Roger's hand and pulls his fingers out of the sword's hilt. Roger shakes his arm which seems very light without the blade. He flexes his fingers that tingle when the blood returns.

Jamie: "Will this sword do?"

ROGER: "Yes!"

JAMIE: "Good. You too. «

It's a trivial thing to say, but it means a lot to Roger. Jamie turns to the blacksmith to pay for the weapon.

JAMIE (to the blacksmith): "I'll give you three books.

The blacksmith agrees.




The Frasers and MacKenzies meet for dinner. Everyone feels nervous. Roger shows his new sword, and nearly hurts a customer he hasn't seen. He apologizes profusely... Sorry! They speak in low voices.

BRIANNA: "Wouldn't you be more comfortable if you shot Bonnet?"

ROGER: "That's the plan. But if it doesn't work, we'll be ready. «


BRIANNA: "I really have a bad feeling."

Roger feels the weight of his conscience -- the prospect of going to kill a man -- the anxiety that comes with that...

ROGER: "I want Bonnet out of our lives. For good. May he get away from you and our son. «

JAMIE: "Getting rid of Stephen Bonnet is for the good of all."

Claire thought of something...

CLAIRE: "Yes, but I still don't trust Philip Wylie, despite all the money he makes from this case.

JAMIE: "I think he'll keep his word."

CLAIRE: "What if he doesn't?"

JAMIE: "Well, if he doesn't, it will surely be my death – so if you find the time, I'd appreciate it if you made him suffer."

Claire smiled at him. The tavern door opens and someone enters the tavern room. Jamie smiled...

JAMIE: "Ah, here's our intermediary now -- Mr. Alexandre Malcolm! I'm glad you were able to join us. »

We discover Ian. But he has shed his Mohawk accessories and wears a hat and a well-fitting coat over panties and a shirt. The tattoos remind him of his most recent past...


Megan Ferrell Burke: "The addition of young Ian to the plan for the capture and murder of Bonnet came quite late in writing this script. At first, Roger and Jamie would go alone, but we thought Bonnet would recognize either man from a safe distance and sense a trap too soon.  

We love the character of young Ian and think he played such a central role in 509 that it would be a shame to leave him at home for the whole episode. We were also intrigued by the visual of young Ian having to "get rid of" his Mohawk skin for this ruse. So we included it in the plan. «   


YOUNG IAN: "Well, uncle? Is that what you had in mind? «

JAMIE: "Even better."

Young Ian nods. With his new clothes, he seems uncomfortable, having not worn this kind of classic clothes for a while.

YOUNG IAN: "What about my tattoos?"

CLAIRE: "I will help you find clay to cover them. You don't have to cheat him for very long. «

Young Ian joins them at the table and bites into a piece of bread. Jamie turns to Claire.

JAMIE: "We'll leave at dawn to go to Wylie's Landing. If we haven't returned to Wilmington in two days – go back to the Ridge. «

CLAIRE: "If you haven't come back by then, we'll pick you up" --

JAMIE: "I thought you would say that. Don't worry. Bonnet is just a man. «

CLAIRE (nods) And nothing more. «

And therefore deadly. Claire understands that this is a dangerous but necessary undertaking. She leans down to kiss him.






Various glass fixtures and bottles displayed in the showcase. A glassblower, in his forties, examines one of Brianna's drawings: the glass part of a syringe.

Brianna and Claire wait for the glassblower's reaction: he is puzzled. GLASSBLOWER: "It's rather... Small, right? «

CLAIRE: "Sometimes the smallest things are the most useful."


Megan Ferrell Burke: "This scene felt like a much-needed diversion for an otherwise action-packed episode, and is a way to introduce a time travel element to this episode."


GLASSBLOWER: "What will it do for you?"

CLAIRE: "It's going to be a... instrument, for a doctor. We will put a medicinal liquid in it. »

GLASSBLOWER: "But there's a hole on each side!"

CLAIRE: "It's not quite finished. A blacksmith will make a bottom for the bottom and a fine needle for the top. This is called a syringe. «

GLASSBLOWER: "Ah, I've heard about it. Usually it is a tube, equipped with a piston? The syringes are not brass? «

CLAIRE: "Usually, yes, but I prefer them glass, it's easier to sterilize. Clean. Use before care. «

GLASSBLOWER: "What would you like to cure with this?"

BRIANNA (intervenes): "Several things. It can even save lives when cleverly shaped by competent hands. «

The glassblower is still not convinced, but something about "saving lives" and "competent hands" makes him relent.

GLASSBLOWER: "I blew a glass tube for a thermometer last spring. I guess a glass tube is a glass tube... «

Claire and Brianna exchange relieved looks. The glassblower turns to them –

GLASSBLOWER: "Come back in a few days. I'll see what I can do. «

Claire nods with a warm smile. They take leave of the glassblower and continue their walk in the street.

CLAIRE: "A good thing done. Let us now hope that the blacksmith does not suspect us of witchcraft, since we ask for a hollow needle. »

BRIANNA (teasing): "Still... When was the hypodermic needle invented? «

CLAIRE: "Not for a while. And I really need it. You've seen your father, he has a knack for putting himself in mortal danger every time he gets out of bed. I swear, this man is like a cat. Nine lives. No more. «

Claire and Brianna burst out laughing. They continue on their way...

Someone is spying on them as they walk around...




Wylie's Landing is a small hub for illegal activity. It is a wooden pontoon with a dilapidated shed.

Jamie, Roger and Young Ian tie their horses far away, next to their wagon. As they move away from their horses, Roger plants his new sword into the ground -- easy to grasp if the fight were to spill over outside. Young Ian looks at this curiously.

ROGER (explaining the sword): "If that happens, I'll have it at hand."

"They head for the pontoon, spotting the spot that will soon be their battlefield. They enter the hangar...



We discover the place loaded with goods: crates and barrels. Jamie goes to open a few - finds tobacco leaves, whiskey and pieces of fine linen.

ROGER: "What if he doesn't come alone?"

JAMIE: "I'm sure he won't. He will come with his sailors. What did you learn about Bonnet's men during your trip? «

ROGER: "They sail with him like they're eating scorpionfish – only when they're hungry and don't have better options. His sailors obey him out of fear, not love. As long as we make sure they don't feel threatened, I don't think they will care much about Bonnet's fate. «

JAMIE: "Except they'll need a new job. Keep a cool head. This is our only chance. We may not have another one. « .




Claire and Brianna walk on the beach near Wilmington. Claire carries a gun for safety reasons.

BRIANNA: "We have kelp for iodine. What else are we looking for? »

CLAIRE: "Some shellfish, I can grind them to use their calcium. And if we're lucky, we might find a sponge or two for surgery. »

BRIANNA: "I'll take care of the shells, and I'll keep some for Jem."

They try to stay busy, knowing what their husbands are doing. BRIANNA: "I could make him a motive. It could help him sleep better. »



Ian stands on the pontoon and looks out at the river. He is playing his role, which is actually waiting. Meanwhile...



Roger hides behind Bonnet's crates, while Jamie stands behind the door, ready. Both pull out their weapons. The atmosphere is very tense. It could be cut with a knife. Suddenly, Roger makes a decision...

ROGER: "When he comes, I'm the one who kills him."

JAMIE: "Are you telling me that now?"

ROGER: "You said it yourself, he's just a man."

JAMIE: "I know what I said" --

ROGER: "I know what you're thinking. I have never killed a man or fought. I am not a sniper, and only average with a sword. But it's mine. I will kill him. Brianna is your daughter, but she's my wife. »

Jamie thinks long and hard about this.

JAMIE: "Then don't hesitate. Does not provoke it. Kill him as soon as you have the chance. «

Roger holds Jamie's gaze. They agree. Then–

JAMIE: "If you die, Roger Mac, know I'll avenge you."

It's a heavy moment and Roger tries to relax the atmosphere.


Megan Ferrell Burke: "Roger's request to kill Bonnet cements the closer relationship that Roger and Jamie developed in 509. Jamie's answer is such a powerful moment in the novel, so much so that Roger understands why men would follow Jamie anywhere and do anything for him. We wanted to treat him with the utmost seriousness and respect and make it clear that from now on, Jamie treats Roger as his equal. «   



ROGER: "And if you die, I will avenge you. Deal? «

A good deal, isn't it? But Jamie doesn't laugh and doesn't take it lightly, he just stares at Roger. At that moment, Roger understands why men follow Jamie Fraser anywhere...

JAMIE: "Funny market indeed."




Claire and Brianna are always looking for shells in the sand. Brianna sees something in the distance.

BRIANNA: "Wow, is that what I think?"

She reaches out to see, and Claire follows her gaze some distance offshore, where the large fins of a whale's tail appear and disappear. And then again. A group of whales travels together.

Suddenly, a whale appears on the surface and lands in the water with a huge splash! Claire and Brianna are amazed by their majesty.

CLAIRE: "I constantly complain about the lack of running water, candy bars and cheeseburgers, but I have rarely had the opportunity to see a show like this in this day and age."

BRIANNA: "There's still so much pristine nature here."

CLAIRE: "There are so many now... When you think that at the end of the nineteenth century, whalers almost wiped them all out... «

BRIANNA: "I understand why Melville was inspired to write about them. I love Moby Dick. «

CALIRE : "Yes, me too!"

BRIANNA: "I remember seeing a whale off Cape Cod once. Or at least I thought it was a whale. Remember we used to run on the beach when I was little? «


Megan Ferrell Burke: "Bringing Moby Dick into this conversation between Claire and Brianna informs us of his childhood but is also a fun little staging for events to come. "   


Claire smiled and suddenly, the two ladies pulled up their skirts and started running on the sand for several meters, laughing, until they ran out of breath and stopped. So much fun.

BRIANNA: "It's not that easy with a corset! »

CLAIRE: "I think I'm getting older"

BRIANNA: "Okay, I'm going to live dangerously and dip my toes in water... «

CLAIRE: "You're braver than me. Maybe I'll look for some more shells. »






A boat approaches, without noise. Young Ian gets into position.

YOUNG IAN (to Jamie and Roger): "They're coming."

Young Ian stretches his neck to see better. Jamie beckons to Roger. They are hidden in the hangar.



After removing her shoes, Brianna plunges her feet into the cold water.

Claire, in the distance, climbs a dune. She looks back at Brianna and beckons at her. Brianna answers.


13INT. WYLIE'S LANDING - Hangar - Moments Later - DAY (D6)

The boat docks. Ian is ready.

Roger is now in position, pistol in one hand, dagger in the other.

JAMIE beckons to Roger: 3 sailors.




Young Ian retreats as the boat docks with three men inside. None of them look friendly. None of them look like Stephen Bonnet either.

Young Ian knows very well what Bonnet looks like from their meeting at the cemetery and on the river boat [Episode 401] - although they have never spoken.

DUFF, the sailor in charge, climbs onto the dock and looks at Young Ian. Behind him are the other two sailors. They approach young Ian in a threatening manner...


DUFF: "Are you Malcolm?"

YOUNG IAN: "Yes... You must be Captain Bonnet. (Feigns ignorance) Nice to finally meet you "--

DUFF : "No, the captain is not coming. He sends us to inspect the goods. «

YOUNG IAN: "But... That's not what was agreed."

DUFF : "What was agreed has changed."


DUFF : "He's busy elsewhere. Do you want us to ship the whisky or not? «

Duff looks around – no barrels. No cart. No horses. He is suspicious. This is not what he expected.

DUFF : "Where are the barrels?"

Young Ian hesitated: he wasn't ready for things to turn out that way. Duff's patience is running out. He feels the trap.

He takes young Ian by the collar and pushes him against the wall of the hangar.

DUFF : "Where is the goods? You know who you're wasting your time? «


Megan Ferrell Burke: "A lot of adjustments have been made to the adaptation of this particular story. In the novel, several groups arrive at the dock at Wylie's Landing for a longer and much more complicated ambush. Unfortunately, due to history and time, this had to be simplified for production. «   



Roger cocked his pistol in anticipation of Bonnet's entry. His hand trembles. Roger and Jamie hear the commotion outside. Something is clearly wrong.




Knowing that the game is over, young Ian makes the right choice: he lures them into the hangar, where Jamie and Roger can help him.

YOUNG IAN: "The barrels are in the hangar, I'll show you."

Duff lets go of him and walks to the double doors.



The hangar door opens and Duff and his two men enter right behind him. He looks at Roger who has a gun pointed at him.

DUFF : "Who the hell are you?!"

We don't have time to answer this question –

Duff points his gun at Roger and shoots! Roger stoops just in time and the shot ricochetes... dropping Roger's own gun on the floor.

SLAM!! Jamie pushes back the door of the hangar where he is and throws it against Duff, who backs up while stumbling.

The people of Bonnet realize that it is an ambush... One of the sailors brandishes his own weapon, attacking Jamie. Jamie quickly disarms him, hits him and pushes him into the water. Roger grabs a barrel and throws himself into battle with Duff. Roger deflects Duff's shots.

The last sailor is knocked out by a blow from Ian's butt and falls to his knees. The stocky sailor falls into the water next to one of the canoes. He struggles to get out but is thrown back into the water by Jamie. Then Jamie runs to Roger who continues to fight Duff, this time with his knife, and he knocks Duff out, sending him to the ground.

ROGER (out of breath): "What took you so long?"

JAMIE: "You were doing well, I thought you didn't need help... «



Duff is tied against a barrel, now conscious. Further on, there is a stocky sailor tied up and still unconscious, dripping with water and guarded by Ian. Jamie toise Duff.

JAMIE: "Where's Stephen Bonnet?"

DUFF : "Who wants to know?"

ROGER: "Where is he?"

Duff remains silent. Jamie has no patience. He punches Duff in the face once. Duff still resists. One more punch and then Jamie takes his dagger and threatens Duff in the face. Duff grimaces and fear...

JAMIE: "Answer the question. Where is Stephen Bonnet? «

Duff seems ready to talk...



Claire collects more shells. She holds one to her ear, to listen to the sound of the sea.

We suddenly see a boot...

STEPHEN BONNET: "It seems that the sea lives inside every shell. "

She straightens up abruptly as if she had touched an electric wire...

In front of Claire is Stephen Bonnet! He smiled at her.

STEPHEN BONNET (as he gets closer): "Can you hear it? The call of the sea? «

Claire drops the shell and grabs her knife.

CLAIRE: "What are you doing here?"

STEPHEN BONNET: "I was walking down the high street in Wilmington and saw you from afar. I thought, "You know that head, right? You see, I never forget a face. Neither yours, nor your pretty daughter's. She inherited your beauty, it seems. It was a real painting, the two of you together, walking arm in arm. »

Obviously, he saw them in town and then followed them to the beach, which is not good.

STEPHEN BONNET: "How is my son? Is he as handsome as his father? «

CLAIRE: "You don't have a son."

STEPHEN BONNET: "You are misinformed. Your daughter told me to my face. «

At that moment, Brianna runs to her mother.

BRIANNA: "Mom, I think I've found some... «

When she sees Bonnet, she stops dead in her tracks. Bonnet grabbed Claire's knife and held it tight against him, the blade of the dagger against his throat.

CLAIRE: "Brianna... Run! »


Megan Ferrell Burke: "When we structured season 5, we knew that the sixth book contained a Stephen Bonnet plot that almost picked up where the fifth book left off. In order to avoid creating a long gap between these two scenarios, we decided to combine them. To do this, we had to simplify the characters that might have been present in the scenes of the novel and focus on Bonnet's plan to take Brianna as exposed in the first scene. «   


Brianna looks at her mother and then Bonnet.

BRIANNA: "No. I don't leave you"


Claire realizes that Brianna will never leave, so she nods surreptitiously towards the basket on the sand. Brianna follows Claire's gaze. She knows the gun is inside. She rushes on it, grabs it, points it at Bonnet!

CLAIRE: "Brianna. Kill him! ».

But Brianna doesn't shoot.

BRIANNA (to Bonnet): "Let go of her."

STEPHEN BONNET: "Put that down or I'll cut off his throat. Three. «

Brianna hesitates. It has no sharp angle of fire. She can't risk touching Claire in the stride and Bonnet knows it.

STEPHEN BONNET: "A... Two... «

BRIANNA: "Wait!"

CLAIRE: "He won't let me go and it doesn't matter. He's going to kill me, no matter what he says. The only thing to do is to shoot him. «

STEPHEN BONNET: "Such a loyal family. It seems that blood is really thicker than water. (To Brianna) I will let your mother go, if you come with me. It is only my son and you that I want. «

CLAIRE: "Don't go anywhere with him! For God's sake, kill him! «

Claire punches Bonnet in the stomach and Brianna shoots – she fails. The ball doesn't go. Bonnet knocks Claire out with the handle of her knife.

Brianna can't charge. She runs to Bonnet and fights like a devil, but he knocks her out too.



Claire regains consciousness and realizes what has happened. She immediately goes to where she thinks Brianna has been kidnapped.

CLAIRE: "Brianna! Brianna! «

Nothing. She runs the other way, but Bonnet and Brianna have disappeared. Claire, transfixed with fear to the depths of herself, cries out in the wind –

CLAIRE: "Brianna!"

Eventually, Claire finds Brianna's jacket and boots that she had taken off earlier when she went to dip her toes in the water.



Brianna wakes up rubbing her temple – where Bonnet had to hit her to knock her out. She finds herself in Bonnet's lair on a sofa, in a bedroom. When she looks around, she has a burst of fear: Bonnet is sitting there, waiting for her to wake up.

He smiled sweetly -- it's a different cap, seemingly harmless and calm, but still gruff around the edges. This is a serious attempt to play his role -- in his twisted way, he sincerely believes he can be a gentleman. Brianna steps back, horrified.

STEPHEN BONNET "Do you want tea?"

Bonnet stands up and turns his back on Brianna for a brief moment to pour tea. She uses this time quickly to examine herself and take stock - she doesn't know what he might have done while she was unconscious... Bonnet returns with a cup of tea that Brianna takes and sets aside, without even taking a sip.

BRIANNA: "Where are we?"

STEPEHN BONNET: "Safe, on my island"

BRIANNA: "Where's my mother, damn it?"

STEPHEN BONNET: "I left her on the beach. I have nothing against her. «

BRIANNA: "Well, we've got something against you."

STEPHEN BONNET: "Again? Wasn't it because I forgot your name in prison? Why not pass the towel? » ?

Brianna is flabbergasted... and doesn't trust him at all. A ticking time bomb that could explode at any moment.


Megan Ferrell Burke: "Bonnet's private hideout on Ocracoke Island also had to be simplified and set up. The story involving Phaedre, Josh and the threat of a slave ship had to be removed, and we focused solely on the relationship between Bonnet and Brianna and what it would be like to be stuck with your rapist who was also a known sociopath. «   


STEPHEN BONNET: "I have something for you."

He takes a small wooden chest. She looks at him with deep suspicion. She grabs a tisonnier in a desperate gesture of defense that makes Bonnet smile.
He opens the trunk.

Brianna's eyes widen in surprise. Children's toys. Not at all what she expected.

STEPHEN BONNET: "For our son."

She stiffened.

BRIANNA: "He's not your son. Her father is my husband, Roger MacKenzie. «

STEPHEN BONNET: "I know you must have told him that this boy was his... But you and I know the truth. That we designed it. There is no need to deny it. I want to redeem myself for both of you. Being a real father. «

Brianna picks up one of the toys, a crudely made doll, and imagines Jemmy playing with Bonnet. This is a foolish thought. Bonnet seems strangely sincere. What is going on? But Brianna has no illusions: she knows that this sleeping snake could strike at any moment.

STEPHEN BONNET: "I have something for you too"



Claire gallops down the road like the wind, desperate to get to Wylie's Landing and alert Jamie. She sees Jamie, Roger and Young Ian heading towards Wilmington, riding towards her. Relief overwhelms him but the panic does not dissipate.

CLAIRE: "It's Brianna"

ROGER: "Where is she?"

CLAIRE: "Bonnet took her off"




Bonnet prepared a candlelit dinner for Brianna... But the table is not quite well set. Unfamiliar with tableware etiquette, Bonnet neglected a few rules (centerpiece not in the center, stacked cutlery, unfolded napkins, etc.). Brianna now wears a new dress that Bonnet gave her. Bonnet takes Brianna's arm and escorts her to the table. Brianna resists. She is sick with fear and disgust. She can't believe this is happening... Bonnet gestures to a chair at the table, doing his best to be polite...

One of Bonnet's men led her into the dining room and then withdrew, closing the door.

STEPHEN BONNET: "You look beautiful in this dress. Come in, please. I'm supposed to pull you the chair? «

Realizing that he may have made a mistake, he pulls the chair so that Brianna sits down.

STEPHEN BONNET: "Please sit down."

Bonnet helps her sit down and goes to sit in front of her. – Everything seems calculated for this sociopath – almost as if he were rehearsing for a play.


Megan Ferrell Burke: "This scene is inspired by Beauty and the Beast and we wanted to create the atmosphere of a dance between Bonnet and Brianna. Now that Brianna has realized the magnitude of Bonnet's plan, she tiptoes around him to find the best way to tame someone with an unpredictable mindset, who could lash out at her at any moment. «   


Brianna is puzzled. Does he think pulling a chair will make him want to sit with him? But Bonnet looks at her -- and she sees that he is sincere... well, as far as it is possible for him...

Brianna has no choice, so she sits down. He spends some dishes of food in Brianna.

STEPHEN BONNET: "When we're in River Run, we'll have better servants to do that for us"

BRIANNA: "Slaves, rather."

Bonnet looks at her in surprise. Unsure of his ability to play the role of a "gentleman", he misinterprets his answer.

STEPHEN BONNET: "The master of the house is supposed to do it? I can learn. (Passing a dish) I have to pass it with both hands? «

Is he serious? Brianna studies her face. He interprets it with disdain, snobbery for its crude etiquette of tableware...

STEPHEN BONNET: "Are you going to teach me?"

Teach him? What? Brianna doesn't know where it starts... Seeing that he doesn't want to hurt her... She dares –

BRIANNA: "I don't think we can teach you anything."

STEPHEN BONNET (amused): "nothing, huh? I am surprised to hear this language... from a lady. Do you think a scum like me can't improve? «

Brianna shakes her head in disbelief...

STEPHEN BONNET: "What I need is something I can't buy.

BRIANNA: "A moral compass?"

STEPHEN BONNET: "To make sure our son knows what to do – and conduct himself in the world."

Bonnet serves them each a glass of wine.

STEPHEN BONNET: "You can show me how to conduct myself in your world, and in his. Show me what to do, how to be a gentleman of value. No harm will be done to you. «

BRIANNA: "Why would you want to become a gentleman?"

STEPHEN BONNET: "I know you saw something in me. That you are attracted to me... We are attracted to each other. That's why fate keeps bringing us together... To be Jeremiah's parents. «

BRIANNA: "You know his name?"

STEPHEN BONNET: "Of course. Let's eat »

Brianna turned pale. Bonnet knows his son's name. What else does he know? After a while, Brianna takes a towel and places it on her lap. She has to survive that. Then she takes her fork and knife while playing the game, for now... Maybe it will be a way to escape...

BRIANNA: "Elbows off the table when you're polite, and don't lean towards the plate, put your fork up to your mouth... «

Bonnet watches her eat carefully, studying her habits, and after a while he imitates her -- pleased with himself.



Jamie, Claire, Roger and Young Ian ride to Wilmington as fast as they can, to find someone who can answer the only pressing questions they have: where can they find Bonnet...?




Cap escorts Brianna into the room –

BRIANNA: "You know... It is not appropriate for a lady and a gentleman to be alone like this... «

STEPHEN BONNET: "I can ask some of my men to come and join us, if you prefer?"

Brianna is not amused at all.

BRIANNA: "No, thank you."

STEPHEN BONNE: "What do we do now? How do men and women of our rank pass the time...? «

Bonnet inappropriately approaches up, so Brianna racks her brain to think of something – anything. She sees a stack of books –

BRIANNA: "You could read it to me. This is something a gentleman would do" -

Bonnet blushed, embarrassed. Brianna reads his gaze and the silence that accompanies it, guessing his predicament –

BRIANNA: "Or, if you don't know, I can do it... «


Megan Ferrell Burke: "The dance between Brianna and Bonnet continues into the night, and now it's a matter of how Brianna would circumvent Bonnet's obvious romantic advances. The solution for her was to "read" Moby Dick and invent the story from her memory. Since Bonnet can't read, Brianna's chosen book had no difference. It was a long scene that must have turned into an emotional confession on Bonnet's part and Brianna's subtle rejection, which she knows only delays the inevitable. «   


Bonnet tries to swallow his pride, which is very important to him. After a while... STEPHEN BONNET: "Is that something... What are you doing for our son? Does he like it? «

Brianna nods. She goes to look for a book that she finds among Bonnet's belongings... as well as a chair that she installs to sit ... far from him...

BRIANNA: "I like to read. Putting yourself in someone else's shoes... Living with characters -- learning what motivates them... Usually it's love, money or revenge... «

While he doesn't understand the irony of Brianna's comment, Bonnet may appreciate that feeling – wanting to know why people do what they do, what motivates them... Brianna piqued her interest...

STEPHEN BONNET: "And what do you think motivates me?"

Brianna tests the field –

BRIANNA: "Money. That's why I'm here, isn't it? Because you want River Run... «

STEPHEN BONNET: "It is not worthy of a lady to hurt the pride of a man... You take me for a vulgar thief... «

BRIANNA: "Well, that's not love, is it? Prove me wrong. We do not hurt those we love. And if it's revenge, I didn't do anything to you."

STEPHEN BONNET: "Every story has two versions. You don't know mine. If I had to tell my story, our story to Jeremiah ... Would he sympathize with me? «

BRIANNA: "You can't force someone to love you... »

STEPHEN BONNET: "I've heard the expression 'learn to love.' Maybe you can learn to love me, for the sake of our son. I think I could learn to love you. «

His misplaced arrogance is overwhelming. That's not what Brianna wants to hear at all - in fact, Bonnet's words make her want to vomit, but playing the game protects her for now...

Bonnet gets dangerously close to her...

STEPHEN BONNET: "When you came to see me in prison and told me there would be a part of me left on this earth, I couldn't forget how I felt. It wasn't for revenge or money... So you're going to teach me to love? »

She nods and tries to find something to say, to convince him. Making the most of a bad situation –

BRIANNA: "I'll read for you. As I read for Jeremiah. »

We see that the book she is leafing through is not a novel. It is a kind of practical manual on the art of agriculture. "It doesn't matter... he cannot read it. So she will invent as she goes along... something that could strike a chord with Bonnet...

Bonnet goes to sit on the couch.

BRIANNA: "This book is a good book... I think you'll like it... "The mysterious captain of the Pequod was a man named Ahab. He stood on two legs, one of flesh and bone, the other made of whalebone. His leg had been taken during a journey, by another monstrous white whale... known as Moby Dick... This is one of Jeremiah's favorite books... «

Bonnet's eyes widen with interest...

STEPHEN BONNET: "So my son loves tales from the sea? «

BRIANNA: "Captain Ahab nailed a duplicate to the mast of his ship and swore that there would be a great reward to the first one who saw the whale... He said they would stop at nothing until they found her... and kill her... «

Bonnet is mesmerized by what Brianna tells as she reads and invents the story in relation to her memories of reading Moby Dick...



STEPHEN BONNET: "Please keep reading"

BRIANNA: "... The monster was unpredictable, like the sea. But every day they would wake up with the idea that this would be the day they would come face to face with the monster."

Brianna turns another page and takes a deep breath, preparing herself to continue, when Bonnet stops her.

STEPHEN BONNET: "How does it end? He catches the whale? «

BRIANNA: "You want to know now? So much more is going to happen... «

STEPHEN BONNET: (he takes the book from Brianna's hands) "Well, you must be tired. I want to know how it ends. I really hope that Captain Ahab slaughters the monster and takes his revenge."

BRIANNA: "Moby Dick capsizes Ahab's boat... destroys it and Ahab is dragged to the bottom... «

Bonnet reflected, horrified.

STEPHEN BONNET: "The monster wins? And Ahab is drowned, then? »

BRIANNEA: "It depends on who you consider the monster. The man determined to take revenge or the whale that is hunted... «

STEPHEN BONNET: "The sea is a treacherous place where creatures kill each other... And the sea itself is hungry for souls... «

BRIANNA: "How so?"

Bonnet now speaks softly and slowly, describing Brianna as a nightmare, as he once did to Claire [Episode 401].

STEPHEN BONNET: "A nightmare. The sea... Gobbles me up... The darkness is getting closer, I can't move. And no one comes. No one ever comes. «

Brianna doesn't really know what to say. Although Bonnet shares with her her deepest fear, she feels no particular sympathy for him, nor any pity -- she is living her worst nightmare. She does her best to appease him.

BRIANNA: "It's just a dream."

STEPHEN BONNET: "Do you think badly of me after that?"

Brianna can't stop a little coldness from seeping into her.

BRIANNA: "No, I couldn't think of you."

Bonnet does not understand irony. In fact, this feeling moves him... Could this really be true? This woman, this beautiful lady sees something valuable in him?

STEPHEN BONNET: "Is that... Jeremiah is afraid? He has nightmares and the like? »

BRIANNA: "Sometimes. He's just a little boy. He needs his mother. «

STEPHEN BONNET: "I never had a mother. Nor a father. I was an orphan. How do you comfort him? How could I comfort him?... Please tell me, please. «

This thought is painful for Brianna, but she must say something, so... BRIANNA: "I'm going to him... I take him in my arms and hold him until he feels safe. «

Bonnet suddenly takes Brianna in his arms, then more gently now...

STEPHEN BONNET: Are you showing me? «

A flash of terror in Brianna's eyes. She tries to hide it...

BRIANNA: "A lady would say 'good night' now and she would go to bed. Alone. «

Bonnet is disappointed: his goal of being more intimate has disappeared. So he simply bows

STEPHEN BONNET: "So I can't wait to say hello to you tomorrow morning."

BRIANNA: "Me too"

Bonnet smiles at Brianna, even though it upsets him to leave her. He closes the door behind her, then audibly locks it. Brianna sighs with relief, but her apprehension remains. She begins to remove the beautiful dress Bonnet asked her to wear.



Brianna wakes up to see a woman busy preparing breakfast at the table (in the adjoining space). This is Eppie (the one in the brothel). Bonnet supervised his work, meticulously inspecting the table layout.

When Eppie accidentally drops a cutlery, Bonnet gives him a look that betrays a flash of impatience - he wants everything to be perfect and he doesn't want to wake Brianna up.

But Brianna is now up and walking towards them... Eppie glances curiously at Brianna, but is quite discreet and slips away.

Bonnet approaches her, in turn, heading towards what used to be Brianna's bed. He tries to be kind –


He motions for Brianna to join him.

STEPHEN BONNET: "Breakfast is served" –

Having learned his lesson, he immediately pulls out the chair for her -- Brianna does so and goes to sit down at the table -- preparing herself to put her own plan into action.

Bonnet also sits and follows her lead – hoping everything meets Brianna's expectations to please her.


BRIANNA: "So, we would live here?"

Bonnet's face lights up – Brianna must want to build a life with him.

STEPHEN BONNET: "We could live wherever you want... In town if that's what you like"

Brianna nods –

BRIANNA: "I thought I could go get Jeremiah. I can't be away from him for too long... «

STEPHEN BONNET: "I'll come with you."

BRIANNA: "It's better that I tell him... that you will enter his life... Don't upset him... He's so young."

STEPHEN BONNET: "Don't you think I can comfort my son?"

BRIANNA: "Yes, of course you can... We don't know how my family will react. My father and Roger are not like you. It would be safer for me to go."

Bonnet is not sure –

BRIANNA: "Then I'll come back to you -- fate will bring me back to you, as before... «

Bonnet is now seriously considering this proposal.

STEPHEN Bonnet: "Is that what you want?"

BRIANNa: "That's what we both want, isn't it?"

Bonnet studies Brianna's serious expression, almost convinced: he is left with only one concern.

STEPHEN BONNET: "And when would you leave? Shouldn't we spend more time together here first first? To get closer? ».

BRIANNA: "I miss Jeremiah so much... and I know you want to know him... The sooner I can leave, the sooner I'll come back to you. «

Bonnet is excited by this prospect – but we see the real Bonnet, the slyness in his eyes... He gets up from the table and helps Brianna stand in front of him...

STEPHEN BONNET: "Yes. While you're away, I'll go to Wilmington to get us a place to stay. With a living room and a bedroom for us... and for our son. «

He looks at Brianna...

STEPHEN BONNET: "And we're going to seal our promise with a kiss."

Brianna swallowed. But she feels that she is about to win the battle... She tries not to shiver or flinch...

Brianna kisses Bonnet on the lips. But Bonnet abruptly ends the kiss. And looks into her eyes, searching... When we look at him, we see the Stephen Bonnet we know – the terrifying, ruthless, and versatile man who has been absent until now...

Bonnet feels something unlike anything he has felt before, the pain of an unrequited love... Even if he doesn't fully understand what love is, he certainly knows what rejection is...

STEPHEN BONNET: "If there's one thing I don't need to learn, it's what a kiss is."

Brianna backs away, but tries to convince him...

BRIANNA: "It was just our first... «


But Brianna is desperate.

BRIANNA: "Stephen, we should try again... «

But she sees that Bonnet has gone too far, she knows she has lost -- her whole body has betrayed her.

STEPHEN BONNET: "I'm not good enough for you, am I?"


STEPHEN BONNET: "I'm going to give you a reason to despise me. I was hoping you were sincere... I let my feelings cloud my judgment... The last time it happened to me, I was a young worker, and I foolishly believed that other men liked me... But they got me drunk and left me for dead in the foundations of a cellar that I had helped them dig... You don't have to go get Jemmy. «

At that moment, Eppie returns with a small tray. She quickly feels the tension in the room but does not flinch.

STEPHEN BONNET: "I don't need you. I can have the woman I want. I'll show you what you're missing. »

Bonnet grabs Eppie and tears her clothes, exposing her breast. He places a violent kiss on her lips. While Eppie is a little surprised at first, she is used to Bonnet. Much to Brianna's horror, Bonnet has full sex with Eppie — and Brianna has to put up with their noises and moans.

Disgusted and horrified, Brianna turns away.

After the sexual act. Eppie pats him on the back in a neutral tone, then pushes him away. Cap is red and breathes hard.

EPPIE (nods at Brianna): "For a few more pennies, you could look at me with her"

STEPHEN BONNET: "This one is not going to have fun today. "

EPPIE: "Then I'll get my money back."

After a while, with a lustful gleam in his eyes...

EPPIE: "But let me come whenever you want."

STEPHEN BONNET: "I'm going to get your piece. (Speaking of Brianna) Don't lose sight of it. «

Bonnet leaves and Eppie pulls himself together. Brianna looks at Eppie – could she be helpful?

BRIANNA: "Do you know where we are?"

EPPIÉ: "This place? It's Okracoke. «

Brianna swallowed at the thought of being surrounded by water. The bars of the window no longer mean anything. The real bars are the sea. She quickly hides her terror.

BRIANNA: "Do you know Mr. Bonnet well?"

EPPIÉ: "Yes. He sends me to pick me up whenever he feels like it or takes me by boat. He loves breakfasts in bed... if you know what I mean. But I've never seen him with two girls together, or want someone to look at him while he's having fun. Did you like it? «

BRIANNA: "You don't understand... He is holding me here, against my will. «

Eppie seems indifferent to this revelation.

EPPIÉ: "Whoever you are, he takes what he wants. And it's better not to upset him. »

BRIANNA: "What's your name?"

EPPIE: "They call me Eppie"

BRIANNA: "Eppie, I have to get out of here."

EPPIÉ: "Chances are he'll get tired of you in a few days."

BRIANNA: "No... That's not what he wants from me."

EPPIÉ: "It's money, then? He's going to demand a ransom? No scruples ever disturbed this man's appetites... «

Brianna reaches out with her wedding ring. Eppie admires the ring, curious.

BRIANNA: "Hold on, I'll give you this if you help me"

EPPIÉ: "Help you do what?"

BRIANNA: "Tell my husband. His name is Roger MacKenzie. He is in Wilmington. So did my father, James Fraser. Tell them where I am. «

EPPIÉ: "Is your family rich?"

BRIANNA: "Very."

Eppie thought about it for a while, but... Eppie can't take risks, so she gives the best advice possible...

EPPIÉ: "I would like to help you, but Bonnet is a good man, as long as your interests are the same. Otherwise... he won't warn you - Whiskey and singing; The next moment, you breathe blood - if you are still breathing.

Brianna realizes it's a lost cause. Eppie feels a little sorry for her, but it's none of her business.

EPPIE: "Hold your tongue and you'll be fine."

BRIANNA: "I beg you, between women"

But Eppie's look tells us she's not sure if that's the case. At that time, Bonnet returned with a small purse. He finds a few coins to pay for Eppie, who smiles and nods in thanks - then leaves for good.

Bonnet locks up Brianna, who is both rebellious and desperate.




A man is suddenly grabbed and pinned against a wall, now face to face with Roger. It's Philip Wylie. Jamie stands behind him, looking menacing. Young Ian is on the lookout.

JAMIE (to Roger): "I won't kill him – yet."

Wylie is really shocked and amazed to find herself in this difficult situation.

Roger calms down and Jamie puts himself in a threatening position...

ROGER: "Mr. Wylie"

JAMIE: "Not for long"

WYLIE: "What does that mean? Why attack me in the street? «

ROGER: "Tell us where Bonnet is... »

JAMIE: "He didn't come the way you said. You betrayed us? You told him it was me? «

WYLIE: "No! I swear! I don't know where he is... He stores his goods on my pontoon, and all I did was arrange for him to meet you... «

ROGER: "He has my wife.!"

Wylie is totally shocked.

JAMIE: "Where's his boat? Where does it get wet? «

WYLIE: "I don't know. If I knew, I would tell you. He has made my life a misery, threatening me with blackmail over the business he profits from! Pity! «

Jamie pulls out his dagger and hands it to Roger. Wylie's eyes widen in horror. WYLIE: "There's a brothel he frequents. At Madame Sylvie's. He and I met there in the past... I'm sure you'll find someone who knows Bonnet... He is a routine man. «

JAMIE: "Keep yourself discreet, Mr. Wylie."

WYLIE: "Without a shadow of a doubt."

Wylie rushes over and flees into the street.

JAMIE: "You two, stay at the tavern -- in case Bonnet and his men come and get us... We do not know what he could do. Claire and I will visit Madame Sylvie. «



Another day at River Run. Forbes' carriage is coming.




JOCASTA INNES is sitting on the couch. She still mourns Murtagh and struggles to find a purpose in life... But today, she's excited...

DUNCAN INNES stands in front of her, visibly worried about his wife. He studies her face for a moment. He turns to Ulysses.

DUNCAN INNES: "Let Mary fetch some cupcakes, Ulysses."

ULYSSES: "Of course, sir."

JOCASTA: "No need, Ulysses. It's about business, not pleasure... We can eat after.... «

ULYSSES: "Very well, Mistress."

Duncan puts a cushion on Jocasta's back, to make her feel more comfortable –

DUNCAN INNES: "That's it"

Jocasta feels that he cares about her well-being...

JOCASTa: "I am not disabled... «

DUNCAN INNES: "But lately you've been suffering from headaches."

JOCASTA (taking Duncan's hand): "I'm looking forward to this so much!"

DUNCAN INNES: "You have my blessing to do as you wish, my dear... I'll leave you. «

Ulysses brings Forbes into the living room.

ULYSSES: "I will make sure you are not disturbed."

Duncan bows to Forbes and leaves, leaving Jocasta and Forbes alone.

GERALD FORBES: "It's always a pleasure, Mrs. Innes. What can I do for you? «

Jocasta struggles to contain his enthusiasm...

JAFFATA: "My nephew, Jamie, visited us not long ago... with such good news from the Ridge... My great-nephew, Ian, came back from the Mohawk home... «

Forbes discreetly pulls out its pocket watch. And begins to evaluate all the valuables in the room.

GERALD FORBES (feigning enthusiasm): "Oh really? How interesting... »

JORASTA: "And Marsali had another child: a little girl... «

GERALD FORBES: "It's beautiful"

JOCASTA: "So I thought Mr. Innes and I are very comfortable and we will be for the rest of our lives... We do not want much. We won't be able to take them with us, when we... «

Jocasta does not finish her sentence, but gives Forbes a suggestive look. Forbes' hairs stand out, what does it mean?

GERALD FORBES: "You can't take with you what...?"

Jocasta is just happy, as if it's the most natural thing in the world...

JAFFATA: "Our earthly possessions, Mr. Forbes. I want you to help me make some donations for my family... «

GÉRALD FORBES: "Donations? What kind of donations? »

JOCASTA: "My fortune."

Forbes is stunned and furious: how dare she thwart her plan... and give HIS money... what will be left for him when Bonnet finally gets his hands on River Run?




Claire and Jamie arrive at the brothel that Wylie mentioned earlier –


32 INT. WILMINGTON - Brothel of Madame Sylvie - DAY (D7)

Claire and Jamie enter. It's surprisingly quiet - a short break for prostitutes. MRS. SYLVIE, the fierce "Madame", spots the couple and approaches to greet them...

CLAIRE: "Hello"

MRS. SYLVIE: "Can I help you? It's unusual to have a husband and wife, isn't it? But not unheard of... It wouldn't bother Mabel, she has a soft spot for women."

CLAIRE: "No... That's not what we're here for... But we would like to talk to your wives, urgently... «

MRS. SYLVIE: "I see. This will make ten shillings for disturbance. »

Jamie and Claire exchange a look: that's obviously not why they're here, but if they can pay for two pounds, save time and avoid trouble –

JAMIE: "Not too expensive... Or is it per girl? «

MRS. SYLVIE: "Per girl, of course... I am a generous woman – they are a source of income... »

JAMIE: "Two books per soul? Who would put a price for salvation? «

MRS. SYLVIE: "Me. A whore knows the price of everything but the value of nothing... at least that's what I was told. «

CLAIRE: "And what is the price for a girl's life?"

MRS. SYLVIE: "Are you threatening me?"

CLAIRE: "No, but we're looking for someone... And we think you or some of your ladies might know where this man is... Please. We are looking for a man named Stéphane Bonnet... »

Mrs. Sylvie hears pure despair in Claire's voice.

The attitude of all girls changes abruptly. Eppie is among the other girls.






Back to Jocasta and Forbes.

JOMASTA: "You will find paper and something to write on the table... «

GERALD FORBES: "Wonderful."

Forbes looks for the inkwell, pen and paper that are nearby... But he's.

JAFFATA: "To Marsali and Fergus... I would like to give them a hundred pounds... «

Forbes pales in front of the amount. He hastily takes note of the name and amount on his piece of paper –

GÉRALD FORBES: "Generous... And you're sure Mr. Innes agrees? «

JORASTA: "He does agree completely."

GERALD FORBES: "You are lucky to have found such a good party"

Jocasta nods, before continuing by dictating...

JOMACASTA: "Then fifty pounds for their son Germain and of course for Joanie... and twenty for the baby... And maybe another twenty for luck? »

Jocasta pauses thoughtfully so Forbes can take notes...

JORATA: "Do you note all this?"

GERALD FORBES: "Of course. All the words. «

But Forbes is so angry that he only makes scribbled notes on the page – JOCASTA: "Stop me if I'm going too fast."

GERALD FORBES: "Not at all... »

JORACASTA: "And for young Ian, blessed be he, something to get him back on his feet... One hundred -- no, two hundred pounds sterling. «

GERALD FORBES: "It's incredibly generous... You hardly know the boy. And he lived with the Indians? «

JORATA: "Nevertheless, he is a parent."

GERALD FORBES: "Wasn't it enough to bequeath your property to the young Jeremiah MacKenzie? You diminish his legacy. «

Jocasta smiles: there is really nothing she prefers to do with this money.

JOCASTA: "It is better to give than to receive. And for Brianna and Roger... I hope to give them a significant amount of money... maybe a thousand pounds? «

Forbes' frustration reaches its height... And he was supposed to be the one who was going to marry Brianna! He almost coughs in surprise – a thousand, that's a huge sum. He tries to joke, even if the tone is slightly scathing.

GERALD FORBES: Well, here we are. Miss Brianna and her husband will be quite comfortable too. «

Jocasta feels his frustration.

JORATA: "Gerald, I had hoped that she would choose you. But that's all in the past now... «


JORATA: "And we must not forget the young Lizzie"

GERALD FORBES: "The servant?"

JOCASTA: "She is nice and poor. Twenty-five books? »


JOCASTE (taken aback): "No, Mr. Forbes? What takes you? «

He can't take it anymore... With the money that quickly disappears before his eyes – even for the servants – he lets slip –

GERALD FORBES: "You can't squander my money!"

JOMACASTA: "Your money?"

GERALD FORBES: "You leave me no choice... You have robbed me of my dignity. I would have been a good husband to you or to Brianna. You will not steal my share of your fortune! »

Panicked, Forbes grabs the closest thing he can spot... the cushion on the sofa and suffocates Jocasta! Jocasta cannot see the imminent danger and cannot scream.

Jocasta struggles, taps her foot on the table... She manages to topple the bell, making it ring while rolling on the floor.

Time is terribly long as Jocasta fights for her life. And while all seems lost...


Megan Ferrell Burke: "In writing this episode, we knew that the ultimate outcome of Forbes' encounter with Jocasta would be his death. Since Forbes' motivation to help Bonnet comes from greed, his obsession with money is what ultimately drives him to go wild and attack Jocasta. »  


Suddenly, two powerful arms clasp Forbes' neck – Ulysses lifts Forbes and breaks his neck.

Odysseus lays the body on the ground and rushes to Jocasta, praying that it has survived...

ULYSSES: "Mistress... Mistress... Jocasta! »

After a while, Jocasta grabs Odysseus' hand and he puts the other hand on his.

End of the scene on the tragic painting of Ulysses comforting Jocasta and the lifeless body of Forbes lying on the ground...



32 INT. WILMINGTON - Brothel of Madame Sylvie - DAY (D7) SECOND PART

MRS. SYLVIE: "I heard about him. But I don't know where he is. There -- I gave you this information for free -- But why should I let you talk to my daughters, if you don't pay? «

CLAIRE: "Because I'm a healer. And I'm going to make sure that women will... Ok. That they are safe... and healthy...

JAMIE: "And ready for... uh, customers, later "

MRS. SYLVIE: "Very good"

JAMIE (to Claire, in a low voice): "I'll wait outside... «

Satisfied that Claire is safe, Jamie goes out. The other women elbow each other at the sight of Claire so Mrs. Sylvie guides her to them. One of them turns to see what it's all about – it's Eppie. A few steps and Claire immediately notices his limp.

CLAIRE: "We're looking for someone. I know many of you have worked on ships along the coast. »

Women exchange glances.

CLAIRE: "We are looking for a man named Stéphane Bonnet. "

Claire immediately sees fear in her eyes. The women all look at Eppie.

EPPIÉ (shrugs): "I've never heard of him."

Eppie turns around and walks away towards the brothel door, moving around with his heavy limp. Claire looks at Eppie –


34INT. WILMINGTON - Brothel of Mistress Sylvie - DAY (D7)

Claire approaches Eppie in a private corner.

CLAIRE: "Your hip... Anisomelia "

EPPIÉ (aggressive): "What did you just call me?"


Megan Ferrell Burke: "In the novel, Claire helps Eppie by giving him penicillin for syphilis. We needed a more visual and instantaneous way for Claire to see a specific problem in Eppie, so she could offer help that no one else could offer. That's why we proposed anisomelia as a handicap that Claire would know and could solve in order to gain Eppie's trust. «   


CLAIRE: "I didn't call you anything, I just recognized what gives you hip pain. And also on the back. And the pain that goes down your leg from time to time. «

EPPIÉ: "How do you know... Are you a magician? «

CLAIRE: "No, I'm a healer."

Eppie's attitude softens instantly. She dares to hope that maybe Claire could help her.

CLAIRE: "I see that you are suffering a lot. Let me help you, please. Turn around, give me your bathrobe. Hold on to the chair"

Eppie does. Claire moves closer and puts her hands on Eppie's hips. She can make her diagnosis.

CLAIRE: "Did you know your legs aren't the same length? The left is longer than the right. Raise your straight heel while I adjust it. Lift. There you go. «

Claire kneels on the floor, placing and adjusting a deck of cards under Eppie's heel. Claire checks that Eppie's hips are even, then retrieves the cards and hands them to Eppie.

CLAIRE: "Any shoemaker should be able to raise a heel of this thickness. Your pain should decrease a lot. Over time, perhaps, or even disappear completely. »

EPPIÉ (mocker): "I'm not popular enough to have money to squander on fashionable shoes."

Claire gives coins to Eppie whose eyes widen slightly.

CLAIRE: "I'm ready to contribute."

EPPIE: "Why?"

CLAIRE: "Because when someone is in need, and we can help them, we help them."

Eppie is emotion-eating; it is torn. Claire the press...

CLAIRE: "Please. Stephen Bonnet kidnapped our daughter. She has a husband and a young son. We have to bring it home. «

EPPIÉ: "If he found out it was me, he would slit my throat."

CLAIRE: "He'll never know, I swear."

After a while, Eppie makes up his mind.

EPPIÉ: "You'll need a boat."


Claire, Jamie and Roger are about to leave the tavern. Roger loads the weapons in his arms... Young Ian enters to find them, in his usual clothes.

YOUNG IAN: "I found a fisherman's boat."

JAMIE: "Great, let's go"

CLAIRE: "What did you pay for?

YOUNG IAN: "I didn't need money, auntie. The man happily exchanged Mr. Malcolm's clothes. »




Bonnet brutally brings Brianna – now wearing her corset and Eppie's skirt – into the living room, gripping her arm tightly.

CAPTAIN HOWARD, 40, coxpox skin but meticulous in appearance, puts aside his brandy and stands up when they enter. Brianna hesitates but Bonnet pushes her forward.

STEPHEN BONNET: "Go say hello to Captain Howard, honey."

Brianna straightens up from her height.

BRIANNA: "Sir! I am being held against my will. My husband and father... «

Bonnet twists Brianna's wrist, harshly. She moans but it silences her.

CAPTAIN HOWARD: "I know I wouldn't be here to buy if you were here of your own free will."

Brianna is horrified. Captain Howard does not blink, however, and addresses Bonnet as if Brianna had not even spoken.

CAPTAIN HOWARD: "Very pretty indeed. But red hair? I prefer a blonde mane. »

Captain Howard walks around Brianna and examines her. He touches her buttocks, and Brianna tries to stop him. Captain Howard is satisfied.

CAPTAIN HOWARD: "She's very pretty. She is in good health. Teeth? Teeth? »

Bonnet grabs a handful of Brianna's hair and pulls her head back, making her gasp. Captain Howard tucks his hand in his mouth.

CAPTAIN HOWARD: "Very nice. Did she – "

Brianna bites Captain HOWARD's finger with all her might. He screams and hits her in the stomach. He looks at his finger...

CAPTAIN: "Dirty bitch! «

He tries to hit Brianna again, but Bonnet grabs her hand.

STEPHEN BONNET: "Captain, she's not yours yet, is she?"

CAPTAIN HOWARD: "Me or not, we will have to teach him good manners.

I admit that I rarely hesitate to take up a challenge: to tame a wild mare. »

Captain Howard puts a handkerchief around his bloody finger.

CAPTAIN HOWARD: "Six books. «

Bonnet glances at Brianna as if to reflect on the offer. He completely changes his attitude and looks at her from top to bottom, as if she were a worthless mare.

STEPHEN BONNET: "We're old friends, you can have it for six. It is only a possession. It is worth no more than that. «

CAPTAIN HOWARD: "We agree, then?"

STEPHEN BONNET: "Yes. She is you as soon as I have the money. «

CAPTAIN HOWARD: "Follow me to the boat, Manny has the purse."

STEPHEN BONNET: "Very good. How about another drink first? «

Bonnet pours himself a drink, satisfied with the case.

STEPHEN BONNET: "For you, honey? Cognac? You've earned it. «

Brianna is desperate and begs BONNET.

BRIANNA: "Please... Don't do that. I can't be separated from Jemmy... Please. »

Bonnet looks at Brianna, taking into account her plea. The expression of Howard's Captain remains frosty.

Bonnet throws a coin, then shrugs his shoulders and takes a sip of alcohol STEPHEN BONNET: "Don't worry, I'll take care of him"



Jamie and Roger drag their boat to shore. Claire and young Ian head to the secluded beach to get their bearings. Are they in the right place? Then Claire spots something in the distance... A nod to Jamie to see what it is...



It's cold and windy. Two sailors who serve Captain Howard wait on the shore next to a boat. Captain Howard takes the sandy path to meet them. Behind him is Bonnet, who is dragging Brianna – his hands are tied behind his back.

Brianna's face is covered in tears, but there is still a burning fire in her eyes.

CAPTAIN HOWARD: "Manny, my purse."

MANNY pulls out Captain Howard's purse, full of coins. Bonnet glances at Brianna, making sure she stays put. Brianna returns his gaze, which makes him feel surprisingly uncomfortable.

Bonnet looks away and waits for his payment. Captain Howard stops and frowns.

Suddenly, a gunshot erupts and Manny falls, stiff dead.

For a moment, Brianna and Bonnet are entwined in a violent struggle when, to Brianna's astonishment, Bonnet suddenly lets her go... and starts running.

Roger, Claire and Jamie arrive--Roger hands his musket to young Ian, sees that Brianna is freed and runs after Bonnet.

JAMIE (A Brianna): "Are you okay?"

BRIANNA: "I'm fine... «

Roger pursues Bonnet, respecting his pact with Jamie: it is he who will eliminate Bonnet.

The parents kiss their daughter, hugging her tightly. Young Ian points Roger's musket at Captain Howard and his sailor still alive...


Megan Ferrell Burke: "This scene where all our heroes come together is a condensed version of this section of the sixth book. Brianna's escape was originally conceived as much more elaborate, but this scene had to remain tight and in one place to allow for a busy filming schedule. »  


CAPTAIN HOWARD: "We're leaving. To the boat, my boy"

Roger is in pursuit of Bonnet. He approaches his target and pins Cap to the ground. Once Roger has Brianna's rapist and executioner in front of him, nothing holds him back: Roger hits Bonnet over and over again – for Brianna, for Claire, for every horror this man has committed. It is primitive revenge. Bonnet gives up. Roger gave him a serious.



Bonnet is now tied up semi-unconscious. Jamie, Claire, young Ian and Brianna joined Roger. The hour of reckoning has come.

ROGER: "Do you think his men will come for him?"

JAMIE: "Not if they make sense. They will soon be rid of him. They will have a boat and their freedom with it. They were spared a mutiny. »

Jamie throws a flask of whiskey on a dazed beanie. A reminder of episode 401, when Jamie laid eyes on Bonnet for the first time.

JAMIE: "Take a drop – for your soul. Know that, whatever happens, the last face you see here on earth will not be that of a friend."

All eyes are on Brianna, who will seal Bonnet's fate.

BRIANNA: "I want to take him to Wilmington. I want him to be tried according to the law. «

CLAIRE: "Can we trust them? His business gave him great influence in Wilmington."

ROGER: "Tryon"

The others turn to Roger.

ROGER: "This bastard may have influence with businessmen and landowners, but Governor Tryon surely surpasses them all, even from New York."

JAMIE: "Yes. Tryon is indebted to us for his mistake at Alamance. He will take care of having him convicted. I'm sure. «

Claire, Jamie, Roger and Brianna all stand in front of Bonnet: together, this family cannot be defeated.




Close-up of Bonnet, wide-eyed and mad with fear, he is in the estuary, arms above his head, chained to a pole. It's not a hanging, it's a drowning... The water is at shoulder level and progresses from minute to minute...

Brianna and Roger stand among the crowd gathered along the banks of the estuary.

The CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD reads to the crowd...

CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD: "Stephen Bonnet, a notorious pirate and smuggler, was tried this morning by the Wilmington Safety Committee. And on the testimonies of his crimes, attested by multiple people, was found guilty and sentenced to death by drowning. »

The water level continues to rise, lapping Bonnet's chin and nose.

LATER -- The crowd cleared up. In fact, there is no one left except Roger and Brianna - and Bonnet, still chained to his sinister post. Bonnet looks towards the shore... Brianna looks at him --

Bonnet sees something... And there's something between a look of resignation and a relief in his eyes -- an almost imperceptible nod and just the slightest hint of a smile... Then suddenly, a bullet hits him in the forehead...

Close-up of Brianna, holding a steaming musket... After a while, she returns the weapon to Roger...

ROGER (really curious): "Brianna... Was it pity? Or to make sure he's dead? «

Brianna looks at Roger, but doesn't answer.

The water rises above Stephen Bonnet's head as he finally disappears, drowned.



Megan Ferrell Burke: "After Roger's last question, we decided to let the audience decide whether Brianna was retaliating or showing mercy. «