To believe in love
How to rebuildwith Outlander 

By Sonia Rauch 

That's how my story begins.
In reconstruction for several years following a disappointment in love I had to believe in love again. I brought myself to learn to love myself before being able to believe that true love between 2 beings exists and can exist.
Discovery in October 2018 of the Outlander series on Netflix. I watch the 3 seasons quickly and wait each week with patience and delight the episodes of season 4; this fusional love and this need of each other.
That's when my best friend advises me to read 'The 50 shades of Gray'. Even if I was not very excited, I finally devour the books ... The need of the other, of his body.
Ok love can exist, physical love in any case, for this story ...
Then I discover this private Facebook group of Outlander fans ... As I read the posts, I feel at home and the caring members of the group share love, anecdotes and pleasure of beautiful images.
I realize then that there are outlander novels that I start reading in January 2018. And there, it's worse than everything ... I leave my household and my series and takes refuge in books.
The words of Diana Gabaldon transport me and, better than the series, make me see love differently!
'But damn yes, there is this love! Ok, it's a fiction so is it possible?
But Sonia, we've been telling you for years ... Just believe it! (Yes, I'm talking to myself)
The saga is over, I realize that I do not want to stop, that I do not want to leave the life of Jamie and Claire. I am now from their family 😀
So I continue my adventure Outlanderesque reading the 'Lord John' and discovers this character not so secondary, valiant and with such generous heart ... And, still unable to stop, I continue reading with 'the circle of seven stones' which teaches me even more ...
And then one day, I arrive at the end of my reading. ... 😪
My reconstruction is almost complete and these stages have helped me and pushed me ...
Looking forward to Season5 and Volume 9 I'm interested in actors and Diana and discover people with big hearts. ❤
Be it the members of this facebook group, the fictional characters, the writer, the actors ...
All arrived for me when it was necessary and made me believe in all the forms of love that exist ...
Thank you.
Thanks to them !!