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(T02Chap.6) At Alexander Fraser Abbey, advises Jamie that he has received a letter from Her Majesty, advising him that Prince Charles will be visiting France.

The couple takes nearly a week to make the trip between Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré and Le Havre


Volume 2 - Drygonfly in amber 

AM = Antemeridian = Morning 

PM = Post Meridian = Afternoon  

D = All day  


February 1744

Claire wakes up with morning sickness.
Jamie goes to meet Jared.

Claire leafs through a herbarium of Brother Ambrose.


Claire and Jamie go to the docks to meet Jared.

Claire diagnoses smallpox on the ship of the Comte Saint-Germain, which leads to its destruction


(T02Chap.7) Arrival rue Trémoulins.

Claire meets the servants.

Jamie explains his strategy to Claire. 


A few days  


Jamie goes to Montmartre, to meet Prince Charles Stuar.


1 Week later  


Jamie attends the King's Rising at the Palace of Versailles.

(T02Chap.8) Visit of Mr. Silas Hawkins who came to buy wine from Jamie. Claire learns of the arranged marriage of Mr. Hawkins' 15-year-old niece.

Jamie and Claire have a discussion about BJR's death and therefore Frank's existence.

Brian Fraser is born 

The Frasers had dinner and spent the evening at the Arbanvilles' house.


Jamie has a nightmare and recounts an episode of the torture he suffered at Wentworth.


Claire goes to Master Raymond for the 1st time, to buy herbs and make a sedative for Jamie

Jamie is admitted to Prince Charles Stuart's clan of familiars. He goes to Montmartre 1 time a week (T02 Chap. 9) 

(T02Chap. 9) Claire wears the famous red dress for an evening in Versailles.
After Jamie defends his wife's honor, the couple are invited to spend the night in Versailles.


(T02Chap 10) Claire dreams of Frank

The couple is invited to lunch to meet an English duke.
In the garden, Jamie and Claire spot Alex Randall with the Duke of Sandringham, whom Jamie mistakes for BJR.


(T02Chap.11 ) The couple is invited to a party at Louise de Rohan's. There Claire meets Mary Hawkins.
Jamie tells Claire about Annabelle (Annalise).

Claire advises Jamie that she intends to work at the Angel Hospital.
The couple has a discussion about the name of the unborn child.


Claire goes to Louise de Rohan, where she has her hair removed.

Jamie agrees to have Claire work at Angel Hospital with Mary Hawkins


A few weeks 


Claire watches Bouton, the dog at the Angel Hospital, help diagnose an infection.

Claire meets Fergus who has been hired by Jamie.

(T02 Chap.13) Claire convinces Louise not to abort Charles Stuart's child


Visit of Prince Charles, who shows up with a bite in his hand.

Jamie tells the Prince's heart story with Louise de Rohan to Claire.


Mary Hawkins confides in Claire that she is in love.

Jamie is admitted to Prince Charles Stuart's clan of familiars. He goes to Montmartre 1 time a week.

Claire assists Mr. Forez at the Hospital; He takes her home.

Fergus is punished.

(T02chap.15) Jamie and Claire decode letters to Charles Stuart. Jamie discovers the true intentions of King James, Charles' father.

Jamie enlists Mother Hildegard's help with a sheet music that must contain a code, which was in Charles' correspondence.


Claire helps Mother Hildegard crack the code in the music score.

Discussion between Claire and Jamie about their recent discovery.
(T02Chap.16) Charles-Edouard regularly searches for Jamie's company.


Claire is poisoned by bitter cascara at Versailles.

Claire questions Master Raymond about his poisoning.
(T02Chap.17) Murtagh is in charge of monitoring Count Saint-Germain.
1 week later
Jamie returns in the early morning with a bite on his thigh; Claire throws him into a fit of jealousy.
Claire feels the baby move for the first time.


(T02Chap.18) Explosion at the Royal Armoury.
Claire and Mary are attacked in the street, Mary is raped, one of the men mistakes Claire for the White Lady.
The Frasers give dinner.
(T02Chap.19) Jamie is locked up in La Bastille after a misunderstanding, during dinner.
Murtagh vows to Jamie to find Mary and Claire's attackers.

(T02Chap.20) Jamie confesses to Claire to be the source of the rumor of "The White Lady"

Claire visits Master Raymond and Mary.

(T02Chap.21) Claire and Jamie go to the Duke of Sandringham; There they meet BJR.

After a return rue Trémoulins without Jamie. Claire charges BJR to be locked up in La Bastille, with Dougal's help. Claire begs Jamie not to fight a duel with BJR.

(T02Chap.22) The couple goes to the royal stud farm of Argentan.

Claire is bleeding.

(T02Chap.23) Claire's bleeding has stopped. She stopped working at the Hôpital des Anges.


A few weeks later 


Claire, Jamie and Murtagh come up with a plan to thwart Charles-Edouard's plans and prevent him from selling the port.


During the following weeks 


Visit of Mr. Forez, talks about the way he exercises his profession.


(T02Chap.24) Visit of Prince Charles.

Claire learns from her friends that Jamie has started a duel with BJR.

On her way to the place of the duel in the Bois de Boulogne, Claire miscarries.


5 Days 


(T02Chap.25) Claire is recovering very badly from her miscarriage. She has a fever. Visit of Master Raymond who treats her.


5 Days 


(T02Chap.26) Claire slept to recover or by refusal to face reality.


A few days 


Claire is brought to Fontainebleau, to Louise de Rohan to recover.

She has no news of Jamie.


A few more days 


(T02Chap.27) Magnus brings a letter to Claire, written by Murtagh, who had arrived 2 weeks earlier.

Claire learns that Jamie is being held at La Bastille. She returned to Paris to have him released.


Claire talks to the King of France. She participates as a judge in a trial for witchcraft with Master Ramond and Count Saint Germain as accused.

(T02Chap.28) Claire returns to Fontainebleau and discovers Fergus' secret and the reasons for Jamie's duel with BJR.

Jamie joins Claire in Fontainebleau. She tells him about the trial at the King of France.

8 Jul

(T02Chap.29) Jamie and Claire go horseback riding.

Jamie asks Claire about sleeping with a King.

Jamie must be out of France by mid-September.


(T02Chap.30) after a crossing (From Le Havre to Inverness) by boat and 4 days of riding, Claire, Jamie and Fergus return to Lallybroch.

(T02Chap.31) Claire treats the sharecroppers of Lallybroch.

The couple received letters from France.


A few days 


First harvest of potatoes.

(T02Chap.32) The Frasers and Murrays organize a big dinner with

their sharecroppers.

(T02Chap.33) Fergus and Rabbie are punished by Jamie.

Jenny and Claire make observations about "little Jamie" and also talk about their husbands.


(near Hogmanay - the last day of the year)  


(T02Chap.33) Jamie and Ian return from their getaway to Broch Mordha.

Ian is injured.

Jamie tells Claire what happened with Ian

(their first birthday is in June, but by this time, Jamie was locked up in La Bastille and Claire had just had a miscarriage, he says "We're almost in Hogmanay... This is the ideal season for the beginnings (...)")




(T02Chap.34) Cultivation of potatoes.

Kathryne-Mary Murray is born.

Jamie receives a letter from Jared and one from Prince Charles associating him with the Jacobite rebellion.




(T02Chap.35) Departure preparations for the uprising.

Jenny asks Jamie to bring Ian with him.

Jamie talks with Kathryne-Mary during the night.


(T02Chap.35) After 4 days of walking, the couple reaches the top of a hill near Calder.

Claire tells Jamie the bits of history she knows.

Jamie meets William Grey, who tries to slit his throat.

At night, Jamie's men raid the opposing camp.


Jamie and his men reach the village of Trannent and thus join Prince Charles' army.


(T02Chap.36) Battle of Prestonpans; Claire cares for men.

Jamie tells Claire about the Battle of Prestonpans.

Prince Charles' visit to Claire's makeshift hospital.

Claire treats the "private parts" of one of Jamie's men.

Jamie tells Claire about moments from the fight.

(T02Chap.37) Claire meets Colum, he wishes to apologize for not helping her during the witch trial.

Colum also meets Jamie, he asks his opinion on the rebellion

Colum dies at Holyrood Castle. This allows Dougal to engage the MacKenzie men alongside Bonnie Prince Charlie as he becomes clan chief and a fervent Jacobite. Colum didn't have time to talk to BPC before he died.

(T02Chap.38) Jamie and Fergus have the flu.

BJR comes to meet Claire. He has a deal to offer him.

(T02Chap.39) Claire goes to see Alex Randall with BJR.


(T02Chap.40) " 2 weeks after our arrival " Lord Lovatt wants to see Claire.   

During the last 2 months .  

(T02Chap.40) Jamie and Claire go to Beauly, to Lord Lovatt, Jamie's grandfather.

Lord Lovatt wants Jamie to pledge allegiance to him

(T02Chap.41) Claire talks to Maisri, Lord Lovatt's seer.

Claire diagnoses Lord Lovatt with prostatitis, which gives Lord Lovatt a good reason to have it both ways.

Jamie and Claire leave Beauly in mid-December.

Jamie and Claire return to Lallybroch


(T02Chap.42) Jamie learns that Lallybroch's men have been locked up for desertion.

Claire does what she can to help them while Jamie tries to get them released.

Claire meets Mary Hawkins and heals Alex Randall.

BJR continues to provide information to Claire.

Claire leads the now freed men to Stirling Castle to join Jamie.

(T02Chap.43) Battle of Falkirk.

To save the MacKenzie and Jamie men, Claire makes it look like she is a hostage of the Scots and offers herself in exchange for the MacKenzie men's freedom.

(T02Chap.44) Claire is in British hands.


(T02Chap.41) Arrival in Lallybroch 1 week before Christmas   

"Had spent more than a week" (missing passages)  


The couple is on their way to Culloden.

(T02Chap.46) 1 month since the capture of Claire by the English  

1 week later 


She is taken to Bellhurst Manor, where the Duke of Sandringham lives, who eventually holds her hostage.

Hugh Munro, who has come to help Jamie free Claire, is killed by Sandringham's men.

Sandringham is killed at the hands of Murtagh for being the one who assaulted Claire and Mary in Paris.


1 month later 


(T02Chap.45) Return to Edinburgh.

Alex Randall forces his brother, BJR, to marry Mary Hawkins to ensure he is well off

(T02Chap.46) The couple reached Old Leanach Cottage, close to Culloden Moor.

Claire and Jamie plan to poison Charles Stuart to avoid the Battle of Culloden.

During a fight to protect Claire, Jamie kills his uncle Dougal MacKenzie.

Jamie bequeaths the Lallybroch estate to his nephew "little Jamie" and sends Fergus to carry the paper to Lallybroc.

Jamie brings Claire back to Craigh Na Dun.

Jamie and Claire spend one last night together.


Jamie and Claire "mark" each other.

Claire passes through the menhirs of Craigh Na Dun while Jamie fights British soldiers.


Battle of Culloden  


Mid-April: Claire reappears after 3 years, confused, malnourished and pregnant (T02Chap.02)


November, Birth of Brianna Randall


(T02Chap.1) Claire and her daughter Brianna visit Roger Wakefield in Inverness.


Claire gives Roger a list of names, Jacobites who are said to have fought at Culloden. She wants to know what happened to them.

Claire and Brianna visit Loch Ness.
Meanwhile, Roger thinks about the best way to attack Claire's request.


(T02Chap.2) Roger goes to the Culloden Museum to begin his research.


(T02Chap.2) Claire spends the day in Edinburgh


Roger spends the night in Edinburgh; He eliminates the 3 names from the list that Claire found at the Culloden Museum.
(T02Chap.3) Meanwhile, Claire and Brianna go shopping in Inverness.
Secretly from Brianna, Claire goes to see Fiona.


Roger visits Broch Mordha

(T02Chap.2) Claire spends the day in Edinburgh

(T02Chap.2) Roger invites the Randalls for tea. He communicates the results of his research to Claire.
He learns of Brianna's year of birth.
Claire asks Roger not to bring Brianna to Craigh Na Dun.
Roger can't sleep, while he sorts through documents on the Reverend's desk, Fiona joins him. They have a conversation about Ms. Graham's death.
Roger finds a newspaper clipping mentioning Claire.


Roger and Brianna have known each other for 1 week 


Roger takes off.
(T02Chap.3) He visits the Culloden Museum with Brianna, without Claire who says she feels sick.

(T02Chap.4) Roger and Brianna visit the Culloden Museum together. Roger sings a satire of rats. They find a box with the inscription "Randall" in which they find archives on BJR.
Roger rummages through the Reverend's notebooks.

Roger makes a phone call to Brianna.


Roger and Brianna rummage through the Reverend's papers in the garage, while Claire searches for information about Geillis in the library.


Claire dreams (probably of Jamie).

(T02Chap 5) Roger, Brianna and Claire visit St. Kilda Cemetery.

Roger and Brianna show BJR's grave to Claire who has an amazing reaction.

Claire discovers the grave of James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.

Claire, Roger and Brianna return to the rectory.

Claire tells her story to Roger and Brianna.


Brianna doesn't believe Claire's story (T02Ch.47 )

Roger is still hesitant to believe Claire. He reviews with Claire the evidence of his story.


Claire withdraws her silver wedding ring for the 1st time, she sees the inscription "Da mi basia mille..."

Roger takes this inscription and the ring as proof to believe Claire's story.

Roger tells Claire the highlights of Frank's books.

Roger and Claire go out for a walk. Claire asks Roger about the past, they talk about Charles-Edward Stuart and historians.


Claire talks about Roger's genealogy with him. She tells him that he is the direct descendant of the illegitimate son of Geillis and Dougal.

She also tells him that Geillis is a time traveler, that she believes Geillis will leave for the past this year.

Claire asks Roger for permission to find Geillis to prevent him from going to the past where she will be burned for witchcraft. She wants him to think about the consequence of such a gesture.




Book: Outlander Volume 2 The Talisman

End of March 1744
End of April 1744
Mid-Sept. 1744
September 1745
April 1946
April 1947

By Jynna Lapierre  

(See his Bio) 

End of April 1968

(T02Ch.49) Claire calls Greg Edgars who does not answer. Claire, Roger and Brianna go to Craigh Na Dun in search of Geillis, they try to prevent him from traveling to the past.

Geillis offered her husband (Greg) as a sacrifice for his crossing.

Claire, Roger and Brianna hear the menhirs.
Brianna and Roger see Geillis crossing the menhirs.
Brianna now believes Claire.


Roger invites Brianna to dinner on Claire's advice.

He takes Brianna to the Edgars' apartment, he brings a bottle of whiskey to Geillis' husband, who tells them about her.

Roger confesses to Brianna that he believes Claire.

Claire steals a notebook written by Geillis from the Highland Institute of Arts and Traditions, she eats in a bistro.


(T02Ch.48) Claire and Roger go to the apartment of Gillian Edgars (Geillis Duncan).

Claire and Roger continue their research at the Highland Institute of Folk Arts and Traditions.


Departure of the police and the doctor.

Roger tells Claire that he has found information about Jamie, that he survived the Battle of Culloden.