Lord John - The Brotherhood of the Blade 

January 1758

By Jynna Lapierre  

(See his Bio) 

AM = Antemeridian = Morning 

PM = Post Meridian = Afternoon  

D = All day  


Grey and Harold meet their future father-in-law and Mr. Percival Wainwright who will become their half-brother (CE. Ch.1 (p.13-14))


LJattends a meeting on behalf of his brother Hal. (EC. Ch.2 (P.26)).


End of a sodomite plot against the government, (CE. Ch.2) (*Connection with the death of the Duke of Pardloe, LJ's father, and his accusation(?) *)
LJ takes part in the bet that his brother made on the innocence of their father, 1 month after his death (CE.Ch. 2 (p.47))


LJ, his mother and his cousin Olivia, pregnant with her first child, learn by letter that Lady Geneva and her husband are dead, leaving an heir, William (CE.Ch. 3 (p.51))


mother offers him to go to Helwater to comfort Lady Isobel and also to see his "favorite criminal", Jamie Fraser (EC. Ch.3 (p.54))

LJ meets Percy (CE.Ch. 3 (p. 57))


On the way to Lady Jonas, LJ tells Percy the story of the scandal surrounding his father's death (CE. Ch. 4)

At Lady Jonas' house, LJ observes Percy and gives a book containing verses to Didenot (CE.Ch. 5 (p.83))

LJ is attacked (CE.Ch. 5 (p.87))

LJ spends the evening with his sister-in-law Minerva (Minnie), in Hal's absence (CE. Ch.5 (p. 90))

LJ discovers a Masonic ring that does not belong to Harold (CE. Ch.5 (p.99))

LJ arrives in Helwater for Lady Geneva's funeral and realizes that the family is sorely tried (CE.Ch. 6)Unable to sleep, LJ goes to the chapel and finds Jamie Fraser there (CE.Ch. 7)


LJ attends the funeral of Lady Geneva (CE. Ch.8 (p. 127))


The conspirators make headlines (CE.Ch. 9 (p.143)))The

new assignment of the LJ regiment is no longer France but Prussia. (CE.Ch. 9 (p.144))

After training, LJ is attacked in the street, while accompanied by Percy (CE. Ch.10 (p.164))

LJ shows the Masonic ring to his mother and asks if it could be his father's(CE.Ch. 11)

LJ and Percy practice musket shooting (CE. Ch.12 (p. 177)

While Minnie teaches dance steps to Percy, LJ and Hal have a "discussion"
LJ is visited by Mrs. Tomlinson, who informs her that Bates wants to see him (CE.Ch. 12 (p.183))


LJ visits Bates in prison. Bates knows for LJ and Lavendar House and threatens to talk, he has 2 services to ask. (CE.Ch. 13)

LJ witnesses the execution of Bates and his henchmen (CE.Ch. 14)When LJ wakes up, he learns that his mother has broken off her engagement (CE.Ch. 16)


LJ and Hal have a discussion about the previous day's revelations. (EC. Ch.16 (p.220))

February 27

Marriage of General Sir George Stanley and Benedicta Grey (EC. Ch.17)
Birth of Olivia's first born (CE. Ch.17 (p.229))LJ

and Percy spend their first moments of physical intimacy. (EC. Ch.18 (p. 235))

LJ meets Dr. Gilbert Rigby, who had proposed to his mother years earlier (CE.Ch. 19 (p.249))


LJ and Percy have a discussion about homosexuality again, LJ talks about Jamie Fraser (CE. Ch.19 (p.255))LJ

tells Percy about his father (CE. Ch.19 (P.264))LJ

allows Jamie to contact former Jacobite members for a specific purpose (CE. Ch.20)

LJ is in charge of preparations for the departure of troops (CE. Ch.21 (p.276))


LJ tells Percy about his first campaign in the army and his first meeting with Jamie. Ch.21 (pp.279-284)))


Percy must whip one of his soldiers for theft (CE. Ch.22 (p.286))


Percy whips LJ at the latter's request (CE. Ch.21 p.289))


LJ attends a banquet with Hal. On the way back, the two brothers talk about the investigation they are doing to exonerate their father (CE. Chp.23)


Percy launches the assault on a small battalion of French soldiers (CE. Ch.24)
LJ is wounded (CE. Ch24)


LJ catches Percy in an intimate relationship with Captain Weber (CE. Ch.25 (p. 318))

LJ goes to see his friend, von Namtzen. Namtzen confesses to him that he shot Captain Weber to avoid the dishonor of his family (CE. Ch.26 (p.331))Return

of LJ from the Hunting Lodge of von Namtzen (CE. Ch.27 (p.344))


Hal and LJ have a discussion about Percy's fate (CE. Ch.27 (p.345))Hal
asks LJ to bring a gun to Percy and suggests inciting him to suicide (CE. Ch.27 (p. 356))

LJ goes to visit Percy, he gives him the gun (CE. Ch.27 (pp.347 to 353)

1 week later

LJ receives a letter from Percy (CE. Ch.27 (p.354))

Hal asks Dr. Protheroe about his colleagues (CE.Ch. 27 (p. 358))

LJ receives a ticket: Custis is dead. This implies that LJ is the only eyewitness in Percy's case (CE. Ch.28 (p.366))

The army takes the road and settles near the village of Krefeld (CE. Chap. 28 (p.362))

LJ talks about Scotland to a young girl (CE. Ch.28 (p.370))

June 23

23 June Battle of Krefeld (SH. Chap 1 (p.170))Beginning
of the battle against the French. ( (pp.373 to 392))


LJ is seriously injured. It is operated by Dr. Longstreet under the supervision of Hal (CE. Ch.29 (p. 396))


Harry Quarry mentions that Percy's trial will be held in early October (CECh30 (p.402))

1 week later

Baptism of Olivia's son: Cromwell Percival John Malcolm Stubbs (CE,Ch,30 (p.404))

LJ goes to see Dr Humperdink (CECh.30 (p.409))

LJ receives a letter from Dr. Humperdink, telling him who he was coming to see at White's the night they found him and Hal unconscious on the sidewalk: Mr. Longstreet (CE. Ch.31 (p.413))

LJ visits Mr. Longstreet. He learns that his father was not the one at the center of the plot to assassinate the king, it was Earl Creemore, Mr. Longstreet's cousin, now deceased (CE. Ch.31 (p.420))


Mr. Longstreet holds the diary of the Duke of Pardloe (CE. CH.31 (p.424))


LJ goes to see Jamie in Helwater to ask for advice (CE. Ch.32 (p.429))


LJ hatches a plan to get Percy to escape, with the help of the O'higgins brothers, so he doesn't have to testify (CE.Ch. 33)


The O'higgins brothers execute LJ's plans. Percy was declared dead in prison. (EC. Ch.34 (p. 448))

The O'higgins brothers deliver a letter to LJ. This is the confession of Bates (CE. Ch.34 (p.450))

LJ goes to Bernard Adams' house but learns that he has gone to meet the Duchess of Pardloe (CE. Ch.34 (454))

Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Sword
LJ go to the scene of Adams' RV with his mother. She explains to him how she discovered the truth. (EC. Ch.34 (p.455))

The O'higgins brothers followed Adams and revealed to LJ his whereabouts (CE.Ch. 34 (p. 462))

LJ threatens Adams to have his confession in writing (CE. Ch.34 (p.466))