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Sept 1756

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Lord John - The hand of the Devil   


Lord John sees, by chance, a rash (Syphilis) on the "member" of Joseph Trevelyan, future husband of his cousin, which should take place 6 weeks later. (AP. Chap.1 (p.11))

Lord John has a discussion on this subject with Colonel Quarry (AP. Chap.1 (p.19))

Lord John and Stubbs pay a visit to Private O'Connell's widow. (AP. Chap.2)

He learns that the soldier in question had a mistress and that he beat his wife when he knew she was pregnant by another man (AP. Chap.2)

Lord John can't help but think that the soldier's death is suspicious (AP. Chap.2)


Harry Quarry tells Lord John that his brother, Lord Melton, suspected the soldier of selling information and forwarded him (AP. Chap. 3)

Harry Quarry asks Lord John to investigate the case (AP. Chap.3)


LJ meets Tom Byrd, sent by Trevelyan to assist him (AP. Chap4 (p.48))

LJ examines O'Connell's body and notices signs of blows to his back, that he had his hair tied in a military braid and that the skin on his back was discolored, a sign that he spent time when he died on his back. Outside, he was discovered with his face in the water. (AP. Chap.4 (pp. 50-53))

LJ speaks with the Director of Police, Mr. Magruder. (AP. Chap.4 (pp. 53-54))

LJ intervenes in a quarrel between O'Connell's widow and O'Connell's mistress regarding the funeral of the deceased (AP. Chapter 4 (pp. 56-63))


Lord John discusses his suspicions with Tom Byrd and then with Harry Quarry (AP. Chap.4 (pp.63-73))

LJ learns of the marriage of Mr. Scanlon and Mrs. O'Connell (AP. Chap.4 (p.62))

LJ discusses with Tom Byrd and then with Harry Quarry his impressions of the investigation (AP.chap.4 (pp. 63-73))

By Jynna Lapierre  

(See his Bio) 

1757 sept 26

Read after Lord John and a private matter  


Gundwitz Lord John has been serving as liaison officer for 2 months (Succubus Chap.1 (p.67) 


Lord John, Tom Byrd, von Namtzen and Herr Blomberg hunt succubus in the cemetery using the white stallion. They find Private Bodger, dead (Succubus Chap.1 (p.75)).


The horse stops in front of a stele: BLOMBERG (Succubus Chap.1 (p.76))

Back at the castle, the men have a discussion about the succubus (Succubus Chap.2 (p.77))

On his way to his room, LJ meets the young son of the princess who claims to have seen a witch in his room (Succubus Chap.2 (p.83 and +))

LJ brings Private Bodger's body back to his regiment where it is examined by the doctor's assistant (Succubus Chap.3)

LJ going to his room, meets the princess who gives him a present and kisses him (Succubus Chap.5 (p.119))

LJ tries to understand all the mysteries of the last days (Succubus Chap. 5 (p. 128))


LJ investigates the death of one of Namtzen's soldiers (Succubus Chap.6)

Wanting to turn the gypsies around, LJ finds the young soldier Franz who tells him about the ambush carried out by the Austrians (Succubus Chap.7 (p.147))


LJ leads Franz to Dundas and goes to sound the alarm. (Succubus Chap.8 (p.151))




LJ gives his report orally to Sir Peter and Namtzen (Succubus Chap.8 (p.151)

LJ has no one to serve
anymore LJ questions the gypsy, bring to shoot the runes for Blomberg and thus demonstrate that his deceased mother is not the Succubus (Succubus Chap.8 (p. 153))

AMLJ with the gypsy story, puts the pieces of the puzzle in place (Succubus Chap.8 (p.154))

Accompanying Sir Peter Hicks as a member of his personal guard (Succubus Chap.8 (p.151))

Namtzen announces his upcoming marriage to the princess to LJ (Succubus, Epilogue, (p.162))

The Succubus

Lord John was summoned to a commission of inquiry into the explosion of a cannon at the Battle of Krefeld in Prussia on 23 June. (See EC. Chap.29) (SH.Ch.1 (p.170)).


The name of LJ's half-brother was mentioned: Edgar Devane, who owns a gunpowder factory.
LJ leaves before the end of the interrogation (SH.Ch1 (p.178))

LJ finds himself in the Royal Laboratory with Gormley and Captain Reginald Jones (SH.Ch.1 (p.181))

Captain Jones shows LJ damaged gun carcasses (SH.Ch.1 (p.183)) including the remains of Tom Pilchard, the gun that exploded under LJ's orders (SH.Ch.1 (p.185))

LJ takes out a piece of the barrel, the one that the surgeon extracted from his chest during his operation (SH.Ch.1 (p.187))

Jones asks him about the moment of the explosion (SH.Ch.1 (p.187))

LJ leaves Jones and Gormley with his piece of cannon, which they want to recover (SH.Ch1 (p.188)

LJ thinks of the brilliance of the cannon he still has in him (SH.Ch.1 (p.189))

LJ sees a man in uniform (the ghost of the artillery) as well as a soldier, in charge of the pushback on Tom Pilchard, also summoned to the commission. (SH.Ch.1 (pp. 190-193))

LJ joins Tom Byrd, they go to Lark's Nest (SH.Ch.1 (p.194))


LJ and Tom return to London (SH.Ch.1(p.197))

Nov. 1758
The Haunted Soldier

LJ goes to the Beefsteak (SH.Ch.1 (p.197))AM
LJ returns to the Beefsteak Club and meets Harry Quarry, they talk about the commission of inquiry (SH.Ch.1 (p.198 to 205))

LJ's departure delayed by a request from Mr. Lister, the father of the officer killed in Krefeld
Meeting with Mr. Lister. He tells LJ that his son was having an affair with a young woman, the daughter of a pastor, without being married. Mr. Lister believes that this young woman gave birth to a child. He wants LJ to find this woman (SH.Ch.1 (pp.205 to 212))


Presentation of LJ's half-brother, Edgar Devane, who sells gunpowder (SH.Ch.2 (p.216))


LJ and Edgar go to the powder factory, LJ has a malaise (SH.Ch.2 (p.217))

Edgar explains to LJ how he makes the powder and introduces Hoskins (SH.Ch.2 (p.219-220))

Hoskins explains to LJ that there are 3 powder factory owners who have partnered to win the contract with the government and that not all of them are as conscientious as the Devane (SH.Ch.2 (p.221))

Tom Byrd collects local gossip (SH.Ch.2 (p.224))

LJ meets Reverend Thackeray who claims to have disowned his daughter since she decided to flee and live in sin with Philip (SH.Ch.2 (pp.224-226))

Before leaving, LJ sees Captain Fanshawe, disfigured by the explosion of a building of his mill (SH.Ch.2 (p.226))

LJ meets Barbara, Anne's sister who wants to help him find her sister (SH.Ch.2 (p.228 to 231))

LJ meets Simon Coles, a notary, a family friend, who has received a letter from Anne to Barbara (SH.Ch.2 (pp.231-238))


Tom Byrd tells gossip to LJ (SH.Ch.2 (pp.238-240))LJ
meets with Edgar's associates to explain the commission's situation (SH.Ch.2 (pp. 241-243))

LJ writes down his thoughts as if he were writing to Jamie Fraser, without intending to send him the letter (SH.Ch.2 (pp. 244-248)))Trying

to leave Blackthorn Hill discreetly, he comes across Maude, his half-brother's wife, who makes certain revelations to him (SH.Ch.2 (pp.249-252))


LJ meets Colonel Quarry at the Beefsteak Club. His prowess at the Battle of Krefeld was amplified by the press (SH.Ch.3 (p. 254))


Tom and Jack, his older brother, found one of Anne's jewels, pawned 1 month ago by a young woman (SH.Ch.3 (p.255))


LJ discovers that Captain Fanshawe is trying to buy Anne's jewels at a high price (SH.Ch.3 (p. 256))

LJ is woken up by Tom. A Captain Jones wishes to meet him urgently, a man's life depends on it (SH.Ch.3 (p. 257))


Captain Jones searches for Gromley who has disappeared and the remains of eight guns (SH.Ch.3 (p.258))

Captain Jones informs LJ that he is a spy in the service of the government, who reports his findings to Mr. Bowles (see Lord John and a Private Matter) (SH.Ch.3 (p.261))

LJ, Captain Jones and Tom make 3 hypotheses (SH.Ch.3 (p. 264))


LJ, Tom and Jones go in search of Gromley on the docks (SH.Ch.3 (p.268))

Jones searches a ship, the Sunrise, captained by Mr. Hanson, while Tom discreetly inquires about one of the gossips he has seen and learns that his name is Appledore (SH.Ch.3 (p.270-271))


LJ tells the story to Harry Quarry (SH.Ch.3 (p.278 to 282)))The one at the head of the company is probably Oswald (Political opponent of Edgar, who peddled gossip about Edgar, associating him with corruption)

LJ goes to a costume ball, where he gave RV to Captain Fanshawe. A man approaches him and warns him not to denounce Oswald. LJ makes a deal with the man: Oswald quietly resigns and LJ's half-brother Edgar will take his place. (SH.Ch.3 (pp. 284-287))

The cannon sparkle still present in LJ's body, extracts itself while Stapleton again tries to seduce LJ (SH.Ch.3 (pp. 287-289))

LJ meets the man he gave RV to: Captain Fanshawe. He asks her for explanations about Anne Tacheray and the child (SH.Ch.3 (pp.289-295)

Captain Fanshawe leaves LJ leaving a haven containing Anne's child (SH.Cg.3 (p. 295))

LJ did as he did a few days before, he wrote his thoughts on paper, as if he were writing them to Jamie Fraser and burned the letter. (SH.Ch.3 (pp.295-297))