What is preponderant in the history of Bree and Roger is their solitary journey. Because unlike Claire who upon her arrival meets Jamie and hardly leaves him for the next three years, Bree and Roger will walk their way of the cross each on their own.


Before I attach myself to each other's journey, I must report their quarrel in Wilmington, when they had miraculously found each other, loved and married. Dispute from which their torment will result.

There is no question of judgment here. Yes, Bree steered without thinking, yes, she acted impulsively, and most certainly unfairly. Yes also, Roger did not defend himself well, let go too quickly, embarked on a ship without warning her, without giving her the opportunity to reconsider his remarks. Yes. They were both wrong and it will add weight to what they will not go through next, even if neither of them will really have time to dwell on it, taking the full brunt of the consequences of their actions. .

This quarrel is the disastrous joint that will cause each other's tragedies. Double penalty.




Roger is one of the youngest history teachers at the prestigious Oxford University. A serious and learned man if ever there was one, he was attached to somewhat outdated traditions and values. How could it be otherwise, since he was brought up by a reverend of a certain age and a clairvoyant, head of the Druidesses of Inverness? However, it is full of vivacity and romanticism. His love for Bree transports him from the first moments, there is no doubt.


Brianna, meanwhile, a spirited young college student from Boston, is still in search of herself. She wanted to be a historian in order to follow in the footsteps of the one she believed to be her father, but finally decides to stop everything when she realizes that she has been lied to. She takes full force of an inconceivable truth, and hardly has she integrated it that her mother abandons her in turn. Admittedly, she falls in love with the handsome history teacher, but her heart is not entirely available. She has so many other worries! And then, how to believe in love, in the future, in projects, when you realize that everything is a lie around you and that everything can collapse overnight?


He's sure of himself… she needs time. Nothing is simple, but everything is still possible. 



Through time  

Bree and Roger
A couple in turmoil  

Finally, Roger returns to his wife and decides that this son who has been born in the meantime is his. Both forgave, which was fundamental to being able to move forward. They were officially married at Fraser's Ridge and a few months later Bonnet was finally tried and executed. Jamie and Claire who now live in the "big house" have given them the first chalet where they are raising their child and Jamie names Roger, son of the Fraser house. The future is theirs.


From there, and whatever the events to come, the couple Roger and Bree form are solid. Despite Brianna's lingering trauma, despite doubts about Jemmie's parentage, despite Roger's terrible hanging which he miraculously survives, their marriage is never endangered. From then on, after months of solitary wandering, they made their way together.

Sadly, Bree discovers a newspaper clipping announcing the death of her parents in a fire that will destroy their home in Fraser's Ridge. It is too much for her. She can't lose them twice! She has to warn them, nothing else matters. Maybe even on the contrary, everything makes sense. She no longer had a father, her mother had left? By crossing time, she will find a family, she will no longer be an orphan. Of course, she left Roger, but in the end, nothing had been built between them yet. He will get over it! 



But no, he's not getting over it, because there is no doubt about it Brianna is the center of his life. So he leaves in his turn, he, the historian whose childhood was rocked by the story of his Scottish ancestors as much as by the legends of Mrs. Graham. He crosses the standing stones of Craigh na Dun without looking back. He doesn't do it for the sake of adventure! He doesn't even do it to meet his ancestors, no, he does it out of love, a love at least as powerful as Claire's for Jamie, no one can doubt that anymore.  




By Valérie Gay-Corajoud

Bree first of all who, still reeling from her altercation with Roger, meets Bonnet who brutalizes her and then rapes her. How can a young woman recover from a night in which she loses her virginity to the man she just married before arguing with him, then is raped by a thick bully? How will she manage to reconcile all this without going astray?

Fortunately, the next day she found her parents. She can afford to be a little girl again. We will take care of her. She will be able to rebuild herself in this benevolent cocoon, especially as she understands it quite quickly: she is now expecting a child, of whom she does not know if the father is the man loved or hated.  


A few weeks later, she learns, at the same time, that Roger did not abandon her, but that his father molested him and that his cousin sold him to the Indians. Again, she loses everything.

As her family sets out to find Roger, she is sent to her aunt Jocasta to give birth safely. There, she discovers the constraints of the century made to her sex. You don't give birth to a child without being married! It is under pressure from all sides, considered as a good to be coveted, to bargain, to use. Let's not forget that she is a very young girl whose traumas are chained like pearls on a necklace. She doesn't know if her husband is alive. She doesn't know if she will be able to forgive her father. She does not know if she will be able to stay here or go back into her century. Nothing of his fate is in his hands.


There is only Lord John Gray, guardian angel sent by Jamie, to watch over her with attention.




For Roger, the Stations of the Cross have only just begun! ( See article about it ). 

He did not return to Craigh na Dun as Brianna assumed, but went to get some gems in order to cross the standing stones with her. He was not going to give up so quickly! For that, he has no other choice but to embark again with Bonnet. Bonnet the rapist, certainly, but Bonnet the pirate also, the cruel and intractable captain who will make him live an ordeal during this trip which seems interminable.  

Eventually, Roger manages to escape the boat and joins Fraser's Ridge where he hopes to finally find the woman of his life. But, following a misunderstanding, he is beaten almost to death by Jamie and sold to the Mohawk Indians by Ian. This will follow a 1000 km hell walk through the forest, with this perpetual doubt in him: is it Brianna who asked her father to beat him and sell him?


What is striking, during this interminable journey, is that Roger never gives up the hope of finding Brianna. He ties knots in his rope to anchor himself in the reality of passing time, determined to retrace his steps at all costs. Nothing, no, nothing will prevent him from joining his beloved! Neither a bloodthirsty pirate nor his damn Indians who treat him like a dog. Not even Jamie, not even Brianna herself. Oh sure he's bitter, we would be less! He confides in Father Alexandre Ferigault during his confinement, to whom he spits his resentment and venom. But this resentment does not last long, because the humanity in him predominates.

When the Frasers find him and tell him about Bree's rape and pregnancy, it's like a coup de grace. How much suffering can a man endure? Unlike Bree, who has no other option but to wait and hope, Roger is faced with a choice. He has gems, he spotted standing stones. He can go back and put an end to this ordeal. But he can also find his wife, raise this child who may be his. He can forgive and love… or flee and forget.




Unlike Jamie and Claire who have loved each other in a single century (what a strange phrase when you think about it), Bree and Roger have had no choice but to build their relationship through the twists and turns of time.  

Their romance began in the 20th century. Roger had just lost his adopted father, the Reverend Reginald Wakefield and Bree learned soon after that she was not the daughter of Frank Randall, but that of a fiery Highlander, who had died 200 years earlier on Culloden Moor - a man that her mother eventually joins through time, leaving her doubly orphaned.  


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Valérie Gay-Corajoud