Book 1

First published 1991 

Part One:    



Chapter 1: A New Beginning
Inverness – April 1945
• Frank and Claire enjoy a second honeymoon at Mrs. Baird’s bed-and-breakfast
• Frank sees The Ghost; questions Claire’s faithfulness during their separation during WWII

Chapter 2: Standing Stones
Inverness – April 1945
page 17
• Mr. Crook takes Claire to the standing stones to collect plant samples
• Frank meets with Rev. Wakefield about his ancestor, Black Jack Randall, while Mrs. Graham reads Claire’s palm
• Day trip to Great Glen of Loch Ness
• Frank and Claire witness the ritual at the standing stones with Mrs. Graham as their caller
• Next day, Claire goes returns to the circle and travels through the stones

Chapter 3: The Man in the Wood
Scottish Highlands – May 1743
page 36
• Claire meets BJR; rescued by Murtagh
• In a stone cottage, Claire dresses Jamie’s wound
• Ambush at Cocknammon Rock; travel by horseback with Jamie

Chapter 4: I Come to the Castle
Castle Leoch – May 1743
page 57
• Mrs. FitzGibbons assists with dressing Jamie’s shoulder
• Jamie tells Claire about the English raid on Lallybroch; how he earned the flogging scars on his back

Chapter 5: The MacKenzie
Castle Leoch – May 1743
page 67
• Claire meets the laird of Leoch, Colum MacKenzie



Part Two:  


Chapter 6: Colum’s Hall
Castle Leoch – May 1743
page 75
• Colum introduces his son, Hamish, who resembles his Uncle Dougal.
• Claire is brought before Colum in ‘Hall’
• Jamie takes a beating for Laoghaire
• Finding Claire in the herb garden, Jamie tells her about living rough and eating grass (delicious!)
Chapter 7: Davie Beaton’s Closet
Castle Leoch – May 1743
page 90
• Claire inspects Davie Beaton’s medical room
• Claire brings Jamie lunch at the paddock. He tells her about his floggings and his recent ax injury.
Chapter 8: An Evening’s Entertainment
Castle Leoch – May 1743
page 103
• Jamie seats himself between Claire and Laoghaire for the evening’s entertainment
• Claire re-dresses Jamie’s shoulder wound
• Old Alec talks to Claire: ‘He needs a woman, not a girl.’
Chapter 9: The Gathering
Castle Leoch – May 1743
page 115
• Claire settles into life at the castle
• Geillis Duncan gossips with Claire about Hamish and Jamie
• Dougal takes Claire to Cranesmuir to visit Geillis
• Jamie helps release the young boy from the pillory
Chapter 10: The Oath-taking
Castle Leoch – May 1743
page 129
• Claire attempts to escape, only to find Jamie in the paddocks
• Jamie gives his goodwill, but not his sworn oath, to Colum.
• Dougal assaults Claire in the hallway
• Geordie dies after being mauled by the boar in the hunt



Part Three:  



Chapter 11: Conversations with a Lawyer
MacKenzie lands – June 1st, 1743
page 147
• Ned Gowan tells the MacKenzie family history
• Dougal exposes Jamie’s flayed back to incite protests and donations against the English
• Jamie fights back
Chapter 12: The Garrison Commander
near Fort William – June 1743
page 164
• Claire finds Jamie sleeping outside her door
• Claire meets Black Jack Randall
Chapter 13: A Marriage is Announced
near Fort William – June 1743
page 174
• Dougal tells Claire about Jamie’s floggings under BJR; she is ordered to appear on 18 June.
• Jamie and Claire agree to marry
Chapter 14: A Marriage Takes Place
Scottish Highlands – June 1743
page 188
• Claire dresses for her wedding
• The Wedding
Chapter 15: Revelations of the Bridal Chamber
Scottish Highlands – June 1743
page 196
• Claire and Jamie agree to be honest with each other.
• Jamie tells of his family connections and his history
• They consummate their marriage.
Chapter 16: One Fine Day
Scottish Highlands – June 1743
page 213
• Jamie and Claire spend the day together
• Jamie tells of Dougal’s underhanded ways
Chapter 17: We Meet A Beggar
Scottish Highlands – June 1743
page 231
• Jamie tells Claire about Murtagh, and his mother’s death when he was eight.
• Hugh Monro agrees to deliver a message in re Horrocks
• They make love again: ‘Does it ever stop, Claire? The wanting?’
Chapter 18: Raiders in the Rocks
Scottish Highlands – June 1743
page 241
• Their camp is attacked by the Grants
• Claire learns how to wield a dirk and kill a man.
Chapter 19: The Waterhorse
Scottish Highlands – June 1743
page 256
• Claire meets the waterhorse on the banks of Loch Ness.
Chapter 20: Deserted Glades
Scottish Highlands – June 1743
page 259
• Claire receives a gift from Hugh Monro: a dragonfly in amber wrapped with Catullus :
...da mi basia mille, diende centum,
• Jamie and Claire are attacked in the glade by English deserters.
• A few days later, Jamie leaves Claire in a copse while he goes to rendevous with Horrocks
• Claire makes her way to Craig na Dun, only to be captured by the English.
Chapter 21: Une Mauvais Quart d’Heure After Another
Fort William – June 1743
page 269
• Claire is questioned – and nearly raped – by BJR at Fort William
• Jamie rescues Claire
Chapter 22: Reckonings
Scottish Highlands – June 1743
page 284
• Jamie straps Claire as punishment
• On their journey, they see wolves in the moonlight
• Jamie tells of his own first strapping in the Hall at Leoch for insulting Mrs. Fitz; why he took strapping for Laoghaire
• Jamie tells of how his father died; BJR’s offer to forego 2nd flogging; Alex MacGregor

Chapter 23: Return to Leoch
Scottish Highlands – June/July 1743
page 306
• Claire, in a fit of jealousy, accuses Jamie of being with Laoghaire, when he went to get her wedding ring.
• They fight; Claire accepts Jamie’s ring; they reconcile: ‘I canna be gentle about it.’




Part Four:  




Chapter 24: By the Pricking of My Thumbs
Castle Leoch – July - August - September - October 1743
page 325
• Dougal’s wife, Maura, dies.
• Jamie has a chat about sex with Hamish in the stables
• An ill wish is left in their bed.
• Jamie is injured riding Donas
• Jamie and Claire go to the roof of the castle and talk about Lallybroch, the rumor Jamie fathered Hamish, Claire warns him against Sandringham.
• Claire massages Alec’s MacMahon rheumatic body; he tells her about Ellen MacKenzie
• Claire overhears Dougal and Colum arguing; she lets out to Colum she knows Hamish is not his son.
• Jamie tells the story of the Duke of Sandringham attempting to bugger him
• Claire aids in the birth of a new foal.
• On a foraging expedition, Clare and Geillie find a baby left as a changeling.
• The Duke arrives
• Claire visits Geillis and finds the grimoire; Geillis drugs her to learn more about Claire
• Colum gives Claire the jet rosary
• Arthur Duncan dies by poisoning
• Jamie leaves on the hunt with the Duke
• Laoghaire sends Claire to Geillis’s aid.
Chapter 25: Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Witch to Live
Cranesmuir – October 1743
page 379
• Claire and Geillis are imprisoned in the thieve’s hole.
• Geillis admits her pregnancy by Dougal
• Claire stands trial; Ned Gowan argues on her behalf
• Claire is whipped, Jamie rescues her from the trial; Geillis provides diversion
• Claire tells Jamie the truth (on her birthday - October 20th)
• Jamie takes her to Craig na Dun




Part Five: 





Chapter 26: The Laird’s Return
Lallybroch – late October 1743
page 417
• On their journey, they discuss the Duke, and Geillis Duncan
• They are greeted near Lallybroch by Jock Graham
• Jenny and Jamie hash it out; Claire meets Ian
Chapter 27: The Last Reason
Lallybroch – late October 1743
page 434
• Jamie tells Claire is final reason for marrying her: love
• They settle into life at Lallybroch.
Chapter 28: Kisses and Drawers
Lallybroch – early November 1743
page 442
• Jamie tells of his time fostering with Dougal at Beannacd, and kissing Tibby.
• At the mill: Jamie jumps in, the English wander by, Granny McNabb asks Claire to help Rab.
Chapter 29: More Honesty
Lallybroch – early November 1743
page 453
• Ian relates stories from their childhood and getting tawsed by Brian.
• Jenny tells of how she taunted BJR.
• Jamie tells of the last time Brian tawsed him.
Chapter 30: Conversations by the Hearth
Lallybroch – early November 1743
page 463
• Jenny poetically describes pregnancy.
Chapter 31: Quarter Day
Lallybroch – November 11th 1743
page 468
• Claire dresses to meet the tenants, including the wild boar tusk bracelets.
• Jamie reveals all the goodies in his sporran: Alex’s bible, mole’s foot, Willie’s snake, etc.
• Murtagh notices the bracelets; tells of the day Claire was arrested.
• Ronald McNabb agrees to let Rabbie come on as stable lad (after Jamie hit and threatened him).
Chapter 32: Hard Labor
Lallybroch – November 1743
page 481
• Jenny gives birth to Margaret Ellen.
Chapter 33: The Watch
Lallybroch – November 1743
page 488
• The Watch capture Jamie; Jenny and Claire search for Jamie; discover he escaped from the Watch.
• Murtagh and Claire continue the search; Jenny returns home with Claire’s advice for the future.



Part Six:  




Chapter 34: Dougal’s Story
Scottish Highlands – November December 1743
page 499
• Murtagh and Claire search throughout the Highlands for Jamie; get word from Gypsy band.
• Dougal delivers the news : Jamie is in Wentworth Prison, condemned to hang.
• Dougal attempts to seduce Claire; refuses to help rescue Jamie.
• Geillie was burned and her child adopted; message from Geillie: 1967




Part Seven:  



Chapter 35: Wentworth Prison
Wentworth Prison – December 21st and 22nd 1743
page 515
• Claire enters Wentworth inquiring after Jamie: date of execution: December 23, two days hence.
• The next day, she enters again in search of Jamie and finds him in the dungeons with BJR.
• Jamie makes a deal with BJR for Claire’s release.
• BJR leads Claire out the back of the prison, as she shouts the hour of his death.
• Claire is beset upon by wolves.
Chapter 36 : MacRannoch
Eldridge Wood, near Wentworth Prison - December 22nd 1743
page 540
• After showing MacRannoch Ellen’s pearls (which he gave to Ellen as a wedding gift), he agrees to help rescue Jamie.
• Claire and Lady Annabelle MacRannoch tend to Jamie’s wounds.
• Claire sets Jamie’s broken hand.
• Jamie tells Claire about the rape.
Chapter 37: Escape
near Wentworth Prison – December 23rd 1743
page 563
• Murtagh, Jamie, and Claire encounter guards during their escapse.
• They take ship for France.
Chapter 38: The Abbey
Abbey St. Anne de Beaupré, France – December 1743
page 570
• Jamie suffers nightmares during his recovery at the Abbey; his condition deteriorates.
• Father Anselm speaks with Claire about the ritual of Perpetual Adoration.
Abbey St. Anne dChapter 39: To Ransom a Man’s Soule Beaupré, France – December 1743
page 582
• Jamie asks Murtagh to return Claire to Scotland.
• Jamie tells Claire more about the rape.
• Claire goes to the chapel of St. Giles for guidance.
• Jamie’s condition deteriorates further; he is given last rites.
• Claire ‘ransoms’ Jamie’s soul.
Chapter 40: Absolution
Abbey St. Anne de Beaupré, France – January 1744
page 600
• Claire confesses to Father Anselm and tells him of her time travel.
• Jamie begins to recover; takes a walk outside, butt nekked.
• Jamie comes to Claire’s bed.
Chapter 41: From the Womb of the Earth
Abbey St. Anne de Beaupré, France – January 1744
page 618
• They receive a package of MacRannoch: the wolf hide.
• Jamie takes Claire to the hot springs under the Abbey; she tells him she is pregnant.

The ancient nurse of the British army, Claire Beauchamp-Randall crosses quiet vacation in Scotland where she tries hard to forget the terror of the Second World war to her husband.
In the course of promenade on the wasteland, it is attracted by strange formalities which take place near a menhir. It goes up to it and it is while the unbelievable happens: the young woman is thrown two hundred years behind, in the world in full confusion! 1743.
Scotland crosses a flustered period. Highlanders foments a new uprising against the English occupier and prepare the visit of Bonnie prince Charlie, pretending it in the throne. Plunged into the world of acts of violence and of political intrigues which exceed it, Clear will have to count only on itself to overcome numerous tests which punctuate it great travel in time. She will know adventure and dangers, love and passion. Until the critical instant when it will be necessary to him to choose between this thrilling world that she will have discovered and the happiness which she knew and that, consequently, parried him so distant... 

Chapter by chapter