Chapter by chapter

Book 2

In Amber 


First published 1992





Chapter 1: MUSTERING the ROLL
Inverness ~ mid-April 1968
page 1

• Roger Wakefield meets Claire and Brianna Randall. Claire, 49yo; Brianna, 19; Roger 28 yo.
• Claire asks Roger to see if a list of 30 men did not die at Culloden

Chapter 2: The PLOT THICKENS
Inverness ~ mid-April 1968
page 16

• Roger researches; Claire asks Roger not to take Brianna near the standing stones
• Roger discovers Claire’s secret ~ she disappeared and returned three years later, pregnant with Brianna

Inverness ~ mid-April 1968
page 35

• Claire researched Roger’s genealogy; does not go to Culloden with Bree and Roger

Chapter 4: CULLODEN
Inverness ~ mid-April 1968
page 41

• Roger and Brianna visit Culloden

Inverness ~ late April 1968
page 56

• Claire discovers Jamie’s gravestone at St. Kilda’s
• Claire tells Brianna about Jamie






Le Havre, France ~ February 1744
page 71

• Jamie (22) and Claire (27) are newly arrived in LeHavre to meet with Jamie’s uncle Jared, who is in the wine business. Claire is pregnant and experiencing morning sickness. Jamie and Claire arrived at the Abbey the day after Christmas and stayed 6 weeks.
• Jamie returns from his meeting with Jared completely drunk
• Jamie and Claire go to the docks; Jared proposes Jamie take over the business for 6 months while Jared goes to Germany. Full use of house and staff.
• Claire states there is pox on the Comte St. Germain’s ship; it is burned, along with the cargo

Paris ~ February/March 1744
page 102

• Jamie and Claire settle into the house on Rue Tremoulins
• Jared takes Jamie to meet Prince Charles at his home in Montmarte
• Jamie attends the King’s lever at Versailles

Paris ~ February/March 1744
page 114

• Mr. Silas Hawkins meets with Jamie and Claire in re wine; his niece, Mary (15) to marry the old geezer Vicomte Marigny. Mary can’t: she marries BJR... but BJR is dead.
• Jamie has a nightmare about BJR
• Claire meets Master Raymond; he calls her “Madonna”

Versailles ~ late March 1744
page 130

• Jamie and Claire ~ evening at Versailles; Claire encounters Vicomte de Rambeau
• the next day, they are invited to remain for lunch. Claire bolts from table, Jamie follows. Outside, they see the Duke of Sandringham and who she thinks is BJR.

Versailles ~ late March 1744
page 147

• it’s not BJR, but his younger brother, Alexander, a curate in the employ of Sandringham.
• Claire dreams of Frank giving a lecture ~ the miniatures of Claire and Jamie

Paris ~ Spring 1744
page 155

• Dinner at the de Rohan’s; Claire meets Mary Hawkins while singing.
• Jamie tells Claire of dueling over Annalise de Marillac when he was 18.
• Claire asks to work at L’Hopital des Agnes
• Prince Charles visits through the window ~ having an affair with Louise de la Tour
• Claire shaves.

Chapter 12: L’HOPITAL des ANGES
Paris ~ Spring 1744
page 175

• Claire visits the hospital, along with Mary Hawkins
• rainy morning in March, Claire watches Bouton diagnose infection
• Jamie hires Fergus
• Jamie attacked ~ was it the Comte?

Chapter 13: DECEPTIONS
Paris ~ Spring 1744
page 192

• Louise considers abortion
• Jamie and Claire discuss the morality of their endeavor.

Chapter 14: MEDITATIONS on the FLESH
Paris ~ late April 1744
page 198

• Mary Hawkins tells Claire she is in love
• Claire meets Monsieur Forez at the hospital; he takes her home. Fergus gets punished.

Paris ~ late April 1744
page 210

• Jamie and Claire go over PC’s letters
• Bouton and Jamie clash *g*; Jamie asks Mother to look at a piece of music; Claire stays to decipher composition.

Chapter 16: The NATURE of SULPHUR
Paris ~ late May 1744
page 224

• Several things happen over the course of the next four weeks*:
• PC drinks like a fish and Jamie often accompanies him on his rounds of taverns
• Claire and Jamie invited frequently to Versaille to play chess with the minister of finance, Monsier Duverny
• Claire is poisoned with bitter cascara ~ probably by Vicomtese de Rambeau. Claire talks to Master Raymond ~ sees his skull collection

Chapter 17: POSSESSION
Paris ~
page 236

• Jamie stays out all night
• Claire feels the baby move for the first time

• Roger and Brianna look through Reverand’s boxes of journals; Roger reads entries in re Frank and Claire
• Claire dreams: This was different.







Chapter 18: RAPE in PARIS
Paris ~
page 253

• Claire and Mary attacked on their way home late from the hospital. Claire is spared when the attackers recognize her as La Dame Blanche. Mary is raped.
• Mary is hidden at Rue Tremoulins; Alex Randall keeps watch. Mary goes berserk and all hell breaks lose; Jamie spends the night in the Bastille.

Chapter 19: An OATH is SWORN
Paris ~
page 267

• Jamie is taken to the Bastille
• Fergus cares for Claire
• Jamie returns; Murtagh swears oath to Jamie

Chapter 20: La DAME BLANCHE
Paris ~
page 267

• Jamie confesses to story behind La Dame Blanche
• Claire visits Master Raymond for herbals for Mary Hawkins; talks to Raymond about PC
• Claire visits Mary

Paris ~
page 289

• Claire and Jamie visit the Duke of Sandringham; Claire runs into BJR; Jamie sends Claire home.
• Dougal at the house; helps Claire with her plan ~ implicate BJR and have him arrested to thwart duel.
• Jamie confronts Claire; she begs him to spare Randall’s life on behalf of Frank.






Chapter 22: The ROYAL STUD
Paris ~ early summer*
page 314

• On the ride to the Royal stables at Argentan, Jamie tells Claire why he spared BJR
• “Jamie flung himself on me, pushing me out of the way and knocking me to the ground in the process. Now he rose off my supine form, cursing fluently in Gaelic.”
• Claire uses hangman’s grease on Jamie’s pulled hamstring.
• Claire begins bleeding ~ she is more than 5 months along in her pregnancy.

Chapter 23: The BEST LAID PLANS of MICE and MEN...
Paris ~
page 333

• Claire quits work at the hospital
• Jamie and Murtagh set the Pox Plan into motion to thwart PC’s purchase of port.
• Monsier Forenz pays a visit and explains his expertise

Chapter 24: The BOIS de BOULOGNE
Paris ~ late May 1744
page 346

• PC asks Claire to have Jamie sell the port when it arrives
• Jamie is called to the brothel to take care of foreman’s bill; takes Fergus
• Claire awakes from nap to overhear Louis and Marie d’Arbanville ~ Jamie challenged BJR to duel; Jamie does not come home
• Claire goes to Bois de Boulogne at dawn ~ the duel already begun. She miscarries.

Chapter 25: RAYMOND the HERETIC
Paris ~ early June 1744
page 357

• Claire in hospital for 5 days; feverish and dying.
• Raymond heals her by having her call to “the red man”

Fontainebleau ~ June 1744
page 364

• Claire is taken to Fontainebleau with Louise; see hanging on the way of protestants
• No word from or of Jamie; Fergus is with her;
• discovers protestant preacher; tells Claire of Correfors and Raymond

Chapter 27: An AUDIENCE with HIS MAJESTY
Fontainebleau ~ July 8th, 1744
page 374

• Claire learns Jamie is in the Bastille; Claire rushes to Paris. Jamie must leave asap if he’s to complete the Pox Plan with Murtagh: The 18th of July was 10 days away. With a fast horse, good weather, and a disregard for bodily comfort, the journey from Paris to Orvieto could be made in six. That left me four days to contrive Jamie’s release from the Bastille...
• Claire meets with Mother Hildegarde: to release Jamie Claire will need to sleep w/ King.
• Claire goes to the King who has her “try” Raymond and Comte St. Germain. Comte drinks poison and dies.

Chapter 28: The COMING of the LIGHT
Fontainebleau ~ late July - August 1744
page 392

• Claire returns to Fountainebleau; discovers Fergus’s secret.
• August ~ Jamie comes to Claire at Fountainebleau
• Claire remembers her audience with the King

Chapter 29: TO GRASP the NETTLE
Fountainbleau ~ August 1744

• Note: grasp the nettle (British & Australian): to take action immediately in order to deal with an unpleasant situation
• Jamie already booked passage to Scotland; terms of his pardon require him leave France by mid-September.
• Jamie and Claire “grasp the nettle” and reconcile.



Part FIVE:  



Chapter 30: LALLYBROCH
Lallybroch, Scotland ~ fall 1744
page 419

• Jamie and Claire return to Lallybroch
• Jenny is pregnant Maggie less than a year old and Young Jamie is almost 4
• Rab McNab 1-2 years younger than Fergus ~ he was as big as the slight French lad 

Chapter 31: MAIL CALL
Lallybroch ~ fall 1744
page 429

• Master Raymond sends Claire odd things
• Claire helps Mary McNab with her son’s epileptic seizures.
• Claire utilizes Master Raymond’s approach to healing on herself
• Jamie and Claire acclimate to farm life.

Chapter 32: FIELD of DREAMS
Lallybroch ~ Fall Harvest 1744
page 438

• The first potato harvest

Lallybroch ~ December 1744
page 444

• Jenny and Claire talk about their husbands; Ian gets injured
• Jamie tells Ian about BJR
• Jamie gives Claire a piece of amber for their first anniversary (p456):

Lallybroch ~ Spring 1745
page 458

• Spring brought with it
• the planting of enormous crop of potatoes
• the birth of Katherine Mary
• Bill of Association from King James

Chapter 35: MOONLIGHT
Lallybroch ~ August 1745
page 463

• Preparations begin for the men of Lallybroch to go fight for PC. Jenny asks Jamie to take Ian with him
• Ian decides not to leave: “I shall stay here,” he repeated. “Guardin’ your weak side, man”
• Claire will go with Jamie; Jenny Cameron first to answer call
• Jamie talks to baby Katherine in the night
• Jenny and Claire talk of bairns






Scotland ~ September 17th, 1745
page 477

• At camp with the Lallybroch men on the way to Preston
• Jamie attacked by 16yo William Grey; spares his life ~ debt of honor
• Men raid the British camp from intelligence Grey provided to protect Claire
• September 18th: arrive in village of Tranent
• September 21st: battle of Prestonpans

Chapter 37: HOLYROOD
Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh ~ October - November 1745
page 531

• Jamie and Claire now living at Holyrood Palace as part of PC’s inner circle
• Claire meets with Colum; he apologizes for witch trial, offers to punish Laoghaire; asks Claire for herb for suicide
• November (p545): Claire sees broadsheets of herself and Jamie
• Dougal and Jamie practice dueling; Jamie performs la parabola
• Colum asks J/C if he should send troops to fight with PC; J/C say no.
• Dance in the Great Gallery; Colum dies

Chapter 38: A BARGAIN with the DEVIL
Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh ~ November 1745
page 558

• Jamie and Fergus are ill with catarrh; she puts them to bed.
• BJR and Claire strike a bargain: care of his brother, Alex for British intelligence

Chapter 39: FAMILY TIES
Edinburgh ~ November 1745
page 575

• Claire tends to Alex Randall
• Claire reports intelligence to Jamie
• PC sends Jamie to the head of Clan Fraser

Chapter 40: The FOX’s LAIR
Beaufort Castle, Beuly ~ November 1745
page 581

• Claire and Jamie travel to Beuly to meet with his grandfather
• Jamie tells Claire of the only time he’s seen Lord Lovat ~ the day he sailed from Beuly for France at age 17.
• At the castle for 2 weeks, Simon presses Jamie for an oath

Chapter 41: The SEER’s CURSE
Beaufort Castle, Beuly ~mid-December 1745
page 601

• Claire speaks with the seer, Maisri.
• 2-3 weeks go by ~ been at Beaufort Castle for 2 months (page 606); Clarie diagnoses Simon with pancreatitis, giving him an excuse not to join PC~ 1 week later....
• mid-December ~ leave to join Highland Army with Young Simon ~ skirmish over men on the rolls
• Jamie and Claire travel to Lallybroch ~ trip takes them a week ~ and discover none of the Lallybroch men made it home.

Chapter 42: REUNIONS
Edinburgh ~ December 1745
page 614

• The Lallybroch men are imprisoned at the Tolbooth on charges of desertion. Dougal is now insider with PC because of 10,000 pounds.
• Jamie leaves to talk to PC at Stirling Castle; Claire stays in Edinburgh to tend to men; pawns Jamie’s mother’s pearls for blankets, etc. Meet Mary Randall.
• Men are released; Claire delivers them to Jamie at Stirling Castle.

Chapter 43: FALKIRK
South of Stirling Castle ~ January 1746
page 626

• Skirmish with the British leaves a few members of the Highland army hiding in an old church, including Claire.
• Rupert, Dougal’s second, is mortally injured; asks Dougal to kill him
• Claire is given up the British in return for the men’s freedom
• note: battle of Falkirk takes place on January 17th, 1746

In the hands of the British ~ January 1746
page 638

• Claire is being taken to Bellhurst Manor where she sees Mary Randall
• Duke of Sandringham admits to attempting to kill Claire in Paris; admits Jack Randall works for him.
• Claire imprisoned in Manor; Hugh Munro killed; rescued by Jamie; Mary goes with them. Took Jamie a week to rescue her (p666)
• Murtagh delivers the head of the Duke of Sandringham

Edinburgh ~ Winter 1746
page 671

• Mary and Alex Randall are reunited; he is extremely ill.
• The Fraser’s witness Alex marrying of Mary to BJR. Mary is with child.
• Jamie angry over Frank: “Damn right I begrudge!

Chapter 46: Timor Mortis Conturbat Me
Culloden ~ April 13th through April 16th, 1746
page 680

• Jamie and Claire, on their way to Culloden (April 13th), see the corpse-candle fungus on a fallen soldier.
• They arrive at Culloden House mid-morning April 15th to see the Highland army starved and desolate.
• Claire suggests regicide; Jamie refuses; Dougal overhears. Jamie and Dougal fight; Dougal dies, witnessed by Willie Coulter MacKenzie.
• Claire and Murtagh witness the Deed of Sasine, passing Lallybroch to Young Jamie. Fergus is sent to Lallybroch on Donas. Jamie tells Murtag to gather Lallybroch men. Jamie takes Claire to Craigh na Dun.
• Jamie and Claire spend their final night together. She agrees to go back through the stones because she is pregnant.
• In the morning, British troops show up at the cottage; Jamie fights them while Claire rushes to the stones.







Chapter 47: LOOSE ENDS
Inverness ~ late April 1968
page 705

• Claire finishes telling the story to Roger and Brianna. Brianna is furious.
• Roger sees the inscription in her wedding ring and believes Claire’s story.
• Claire tells Roger of his paternity: Dougal and Gaelis Duncan; agrees to find Gaelie
Chapter 48: WITCH HUNT
Inverness ~ late April 1968
page 720

• Roger and Claire search for Gillian Edgars ~ her home, the Institute ~
• Claire steals the notebook ~ only a few days until May Day ~ the Feast of Beltane.

Chapter 49: BLESSED ARE THOSE...
Inverness ~ late April 1968
page 736

• Claire, Roger, and Brianna try to stop Gillian Edgars from going through the stones ~ find her on the hill with her husband burning in front of her ~ she steps through.
• Claire passes out from being near the stones. After seeing Gillian disappear, Brianna believes.
• Roger tells Claire he thinks Jamie didn’t die at Culloden: “He meant to die on Culloden Field,” Roger whispered. “But he didn’t.”

1968. On the death of her husband, the doctor Claire Beauchamp-Randall takes his daughter in Scotland, on the places where, twenty years earlier, her lived on extraordinary adventures... There, it reveals in Brianna the unbelievable secret which she has never revealed since she was found inanimate to a menhir, in an ancient megalithic site, after three years of an unexplained absence. This second shutter of the adventures of Claire Beauchamp across History draws away the reader in Paris of the century of Light. Having escaped Scotland where they became outlaw, Clear and Jamie, the young person Highlander whom she married, earn the French capital on the meeting of Charles-Edouard Stuart, pretending it in the throne of Scotland and England, come to solicit the support of his cousin objective Louis XV Leur: discourage his tries of accession in the throne which, Clear knows it, would mark certainly the beginning of a bloody suppression in Highlands. The couple launches then into an unbridled running to change the lesson of History. For it, he will have to confront the world cruelly where he will be able to count only on himself and forces her of his love before discovering, in his expenses, that they do not play with impunity with human destiny.