Book 3 



First published 1994 

Part One:  

BATTLES, and the LOVES of MEN 

Chapter 1: The CORBIE’s FEAST
Culloden, Scotland ~ April 16th, 1746
page 3

• Jamie wakens on the moor, realizing he is injured, but not dead. While he had always thought of Purgatory as a gray sort of place, the faint reddish light that hid everything around him seemed suitable.
• Did Claire make it through the stones, she only 2 months gone with child?
• Jamie wakes to find BJR dead on his lap.
• Ewan Cameron, Iain MacKinnon and Duncan MacDonald help Jamie to the farmhouse, where they wait for 2 days; Murtagh is dead.
• Lord Melton, recognizing Jamie’s name, spares his life in payment of debt of honor for sparing Lord John Grey’s life at Carryarick Pass.

Chapter 2: The HUNT BEGINS
Inverness ~ May 2nd, 1968
page 14

• Roger convinces Claire of Jamie’s survival after Culloden; they begin their search.

Inverness ~ May 9th, 1968
page 18

• Claire has never read Frank’s books on the Jacobites
• Claire remembers her return through the stones and meeting Frank in the hospital. She tells him the truth, all of it.
• Brianna born in Boston: Claire remembers her life with Frank when Brianna was 3 months old.

His head bowed and his lips fastened softly on my nipple.
I groaned, feeling the half-painful prickle of the milk rushing through the tiny ducts.
I put a hand behind his head, and pressed him slightly closer.
“Harder,” I whispered.

• Brianna comes with news of the Dunbonnet and Leap O’ the Cask ~ Highland legends of Jamie


Part Two: 



Chapter 4: The DUNBONNET
Lallybroch ~ November 1752
• Jamie comes down from the cave for his monthly visit; laughs with the boys about women’s pubic hair, feels ashamed after seeing Jenny heavy with child.
• On this November trip, he kills a stag; notices disorientation from humanity.

Lallybroch ~ late November/early December 1752
page 48

• Jamie comes to the house early to find Jenny alone; they talk of troubles.
• Jamie comes down for the birth of Ian.
• While helping boys in the barn, Jamie shoots a raven, a bad omen:
For those birds of war and slaughter come to a house during the birth was the worst of ill luck.
• The British, hearing the shot, storm the house; Jamie hides with wee Ian in the cupboard

Lallybroch ~ February 1753
page 63

• Fergus loses his hand at Leap O’ the Cask
• Jamie tells Jenny of his plan to turn himself over for bounty
• 2 months later, arrangements are complete; Mary McNab comes to offer comfort



Part Three: 



Inverness ~ May 25th 1968*
page 77

• Roger hears from Linklater (scholar whose quote Roger used to start search for Jamie). The source for the quote was the private journal of Lord Melton. Linklater sends pages from the journal detailing Jamie’s “odd and touching” story.
• Fiona tells them the story of the Dunbonnet ~ that he was taken to prison
• Claire talks to Roger about becoming a doctor; remembers when she was going to quit on behalf of Brianna, but Frank offered to care for Brianna so Claire could continue her studies.
• Claire finds Jamie’s name amongst the prisoner records at Ardsmuir: May 16th, 1753.*

Ardsmuir, Scotland ~ February 15th, 1755*
page 92

• Lord John (age 26) becomes governor at Ardsmuir prison; learns Jamie Fraser is among inmates.
• MacDubh and the prisoners
• Grey plots revenge... only to realize his duty and honor forbid him to punish Fraser: All that arrogant power humbled, reduced to groveling misery, dependent solely on his word for a moment’s relief.

Chapter 9: The WANDERER
Ardsmuir ~ March 1st 1755
page 107

• Man found wandering the moor near Ardsmuir speaking of the French gold.
• Grey bargains with Jamie: talk to the man and he’ll strike off the irons
• Three days later, Jamie escapes. Three days later, he is captured.

Ardsmuir ~ March 7th - May 15th, 1755*
page 117

• LJ confronts Jamie and then, seeing he will get nowhere with this approach, invites him to weekly dinner.
• March 7th*: their first dinner
• Weekly dinner established and a friendship begins.
• April 2nd 1755*: LJ writes to Hal for information on Fraser’s family
• May 15th, 1755*: LJ threatens Fraser’s family; Jamie tells LJ about Claire, the White Witch, and gives him the sapphire.

Ardsmuir ~ between May 15th and June 18th, 1755*
page 136

• Jamie thanks Lord John for his valor on behalf of Claire at Carryarick Pass
• Jamie dreams of Claire:

The her breast pressed against his mouth, and he took it eagerly, drawing her body tight against him as he suckled her.
Her milk was hot and sweet, with a faint taste of silver, like deer’s blood.
“Harder,” she whispered to him, and put her hand behind his head, gripping the back of his neck, pressing him to her. “Harder.”

• June 18th 1755: LJ places his hand on Jamie: “Take your hand off me,” Fraser said, very, very softly. “Or I will kill you.”

Chapter 12: SACRIFICE
Ardsmuir ~ November* 1755
page 146

• Jamie claims a piece of tartan; receives 60 lashes

Chapter 13: MIDGAME
Inverness ~ June 2nd 1968*
page 155

• Roger tells Brianna: “Got him.”



Part Four:  



Chapter 14: GENEVA
Helwater ~ September 1756
page 161

• Jamie is taken to Helwater on parole (he spent 2 months alone in cell after others left for the Colonies)
• May 1757: Geneva blackmails Jamie; Jamie keeps his bargain

Helwater ~ January 1758
page 179

• Geneva dies in childbirth; Jamie kills the Earl of Ellesmere, almost shooting his son
• Lady Dunsany offers MacKenzie parole; he opts to remain.

Chapter 16: WILLIE
Helwater ~ January 1758 - September 1764*
page 190

• Jamie: To his extreme surprise, the next few years were in many ways among the happiest of Jamie Fraser’s life, aside from the years of his marriage.
• The resemblance becomes noticeable and Jamie knows he must leave; asks for his pardon
• September 1764*: Jamie says goodbye to Willie

Loch Ness ~ August 1968*
page 198

• Roger discovers Jamie’s parole to Helwater
• They find the Royal Warrant of Pardon, dated 1764
• Claire schools Brianna in short men vs. tall men
• Claire asks Roger: “Would you go, if Brianna were down there?” “Yes. I think I would.”



Part Five: 



Chapter 18: ROOTS
en route to Boston ~ September 1968*
page 206

• Claire remembers meeting Joe Abernathy and his nickname for her: Lady Jane

Chapter 19: To LAY a GHOST
Boston ~ mid-September 1968*
page 212

• Claire goes to their home of Furey St., Boston: their home for nearly 20 years; Claire contemplates life without modern conveniences; remembers Uncle Lamb.
• Frank’s last night: he wants to take Brianna to London for her last term. He’s leaving Claire.
• Frank died that icy winter night 2 years before in early January (1966) Bree is 17.
• Claire weeps for Frank and says good-bye.
• The next morning, she receives a telegram from Roger: We found him. Will you come back?

Chapter 20: DIAGNOSIS
Boston ~ mid/late September 1968
page 225

• Joe’s son: Muhammad Ishamael Shabazz III.
• Claire looks at the bones: “Someone killed her. She didn’t want to die.”
• Claire tells Joe; he sends her on her way to Jamie.

Chapter 21: Q.E.D.
Inverness ~ October 5th, 1968*
page 232

• Roger and Bree show Claire the Deed of Sassine and the article from a journal called Forrester’s printed by Alexander Malcolm in Edinburgh, 1965, and another against the Excise Act of 1764: “Freedom and Whisky band together.”
• Claire prepares to go through the stones.

Chapter 22: ALL HALLOW’S EVE
Inverness ~ October 31st, 1968
page 237

• Claire, Brianna and Roger eat dinner at a pub; she sees a policeman, an omen for the future.
• Roger promises Claire he will take care of Brianna.

Chapter 23: CRAIG na DUN
Inverness ~ November 1st, 1968
page 244

• Claire goes to the stones alone, only to find Brianna and Roger waiting for her. Brianna is dressed in period costume: “You’re going... or I am.”
• Claire steps through the stones.



Edinburgh ~ early November 1766
page 249

• Claire comes to on the hill and knows it is a different time. She’s been “out” maybe 2 days?
• The ride from Inverness to Edinburgh took less than 2 days. She nervously stops to eat her peanut butter sandwich and to talk to a young mother in the apothecary shop.
• Claire steps into Jamie’s shop; he faints.
• Jamie sees pictures of Brianna: He buried his face in my shoulder and went very quietly and very thoroughly to pieces.

Chapter 25: HOUSE of JOY
Edinburgh ~ early November 1766
page 266

• Jamie and Claire go to The World’s End for Mr. Willoughby; flee from bar brawl.
• Their first night together in Jamie’s room at Madame Jeanne’s.
• Jamie tells Claire of his life as a smuggler; she of Brianna.

Chapter 26: WHORE’S BRUNCH
Edinburgh ~ early November 1766
page 290

• In the morning, Claire and has a succession of visitors: Ian (looking for almost 15yo Young Ian); Yi Tien Cho, Young Ian, and Fergus.
• Claire has breakfast with the ladies of the house; learns of the Edinburgh Fiend
• Yi Tien Cho kills Customs man; Jamie takes Claire to the hidden basement warehouse.

Chapter 27: UP IN FLAMES
Edinburgh ~ early November 1766
page 324

• That afternoon, Jamie takes Claire to lunch at Moubray’s; Sir Percival’s warning.
• Jamie tells story of how he became a printer.
• Print shop of fire with Young Ian inside!
• Back at the brothel, Young Ian tells his story; refuses to leave with Ian. Jamie and Ian argue:

“Am I to blame for Charles Stewart?... Did I not try to stop the wee fool?
Did I not give up everything in that fight – everything, Ian?
My land, my freedom, my wife – to try to save us all?
He glanced at me briefly as he spoke, and I caught one very small glimpse of just what the last twenty years had cost him.

• Tells J/C about killing the one-eyed man.

Edinburgh ~ early November 1766
page 356

• That same evening, Ian goes with the second Mary.
• Jamie: “What a man often does, when he’s soul-sick wi’ killing, is to find a woman, Sassenach. .. His own, if he can; another, if must. For she can do what he cannot – and heal him.”

Edinburgh ~ early/mid November
page 363

• The next day, Claire meets Reverend Archibald Campbell.
• Jamie and Ian go to confession; talk of spiders?
• Claire visits Mary Campbell
• Discussion of the smuggler’s rendezvous at Arbroath.

Chapter 30: RENDEZVOUS
Arbroath ~ early/mid November 1766
page 379

• Ambush at the rendezvous at Arbroath (4 days travel from Edinburgh to Arbroath).

Arbroath ~ early/mid November 1766
page 379

• The hanged man?




Part SEVEN: 



Lallybroch ~ mid November 1766
page 395

• 4 day trip from Arbroaath to Lallybroch. Jamie tells Claire about Cluny’s cave
• Day 1: Young Ian is greeted by his sister, Janet (17)
• Claire and Jamie are received in the parlor by Jenny and Ian.; Jamie tarses Ian’s arse and vice versa; Jamie is welcomed home.

Lallybroch ~ mid November 1766
page 414

• That evening in bed (end of day 1) ~ Jamie tells Claire about the Silkie’s Treasure
• Day 2: Claire and Jamie are interrupted with a cry: “Daddy!... Who is that woman?”

Chapter 34: DADDY
Lallybroch ~ mid November 1766
page 428

• Laoghaire bursts onto the scene
• Jamie and Claire battle it out; interrupted by Jenny: “Are ye no ashamed?”

Lallybroch ~ mid November 1766
page 437

• Janet tells Claire her mother told her to get Laoghaire
• Jenny helps Claire leave: “Godspeed!”; Claire rides most of the day
• Day 3: Claire rides
• Day 4: Claire rides until mid-afternoon; Ian comes to get her: “He sent me to find ye, because he’s dying.”
• Day 5: They travel back and arrive after nightfall.

Lallybroch ~ mid/late November 1766
page 446

• Day 5: Jamie’s fever dream: “It willna be long, Sasssenach,” he said, as though reassuring me. One corner of his mouth twitched in an attempt at a smile. “Not long. Then I shall touch ye once more. I do long to touch you.”
• Claire gives him a shot of penicillin: “I should ha’ let them burn ye, twenty years ago.”

Chapter 37: WHAT’S in a NAME
Lallybroch ~ mid/late November 1766
page 446

• Day 6: Jamie tells Claire about marrying Laoghaire; he moved out in less than a year.
• Jamie: “For so many years, for so long, I have been so many things, so many different men.... But here, here in the dark with you ... I have no name.”

Chapter 38: I MEET a LAWYER
Lallyroch ~ late November 1766
page 464

• Date 8: The family greets Claire;
• Fergus speaks to Claire about his lack of standing to marry
• Jenny and Claire talk
• Ned Gowan negotiates settlement with Laoghaire:
• 500 pounds for Laoghaire as lump-sum
• 100 pounds per annum for alimony (until she should wed)
• 300 pounds each for dowry for Joan and Marsali
• Young Ian (now 15) will swim for the Silkie’s Treasure to pay Laoghaire

Chapter 39: LOST, and by the WIND GRIEVED
The Scottish Coast ~ early December 1766
page 485

• Ian swims for the Silkie’s Treasure; is kidnapped
• Jamie prays for forgiveness



Part EIGHT:  


Chapter 40: I SHALL GO DOWN to the SEA
France ~ early December 1766
page 499

• Jamie and Claire seek help from Jared; they will sail for Jamaica, a 2-3 month trip. They are to be in Jamaica by February and return The Artemis to Scotland by May.
• Jamie and Claire meet with Mayer Rothschild in re coins The Duke of Sandringham?
• Claire goes to visit Faith’s grave; meets with Mother Hildegard.

Chapter 41: WE SET SAIL
Cape Wrath, Scotland ~ late December 1766
page 518

• Past Christmas, Jamie and Claire in Cape Wrath, Scotland to pick up men for sailing to Jamaica; Ian was taken nearly a month before.
• Fergus and Marsali elope
• They set sail; Jamie is horribly seasick. Jamie finally agrees, 4 days out of port, to succumb to Mr. Willoughby’s acupuncture needles. Jamie: born 1721 (p 539).

Chapter 42: The MAN in the MOON
Aboard The Artemis ~ early January 1767
page 542

• Jamie and Claire reconnect; Brianna’s bikini;
• Claire’s letter to Brianna

Aboard The Artemis ~ January 1767
page 551

• the oatmeal war
• phantom limbs

Chapter 44: FORCES of NATURE
Aboard The Artemis ~ January 1767
page 558

• Jamie and Claire’s sexual frustration
• Mr. Willoughby’s paintings; captures the pelican and trains him to fish

Aboard The Artemis ~ January 1767
page 574

• Mr. Willoughby tells of his life in China and his escape
• “... fleeing nameless, to the sound of great applause.”

Chapter 46: WE MEET a PORPOISE
Aboard The Artemis ~ February 3rd 1767
page 580

• 1 month after leaving Scotland, Claire is approached by Marsali for contraceptive advice
• Claire tells Jamie of her physician’s oath; she is pressed into service aboard The Porpoise to deal with their typhoid epidemic.

Chapter 47: PLAGUE SHIP
Aboard The Porpoise ~ February 1767
page 599

• Claire reads the ship log and discovers Capt. Leonard is aware of Jamie being wanted by the Crown per Harry Tompkins.
• Tompkins tells all in re sedition, Sir Percival, ambush

Chapter 48: MOMENT of GRACE
Aboard The Porpoise ~ February 1767
page 611

• After 9 days aboard The Porpoise, Claire finds a moment of grace on deck.
• 4 days later ~ February 26th, Claire’s assistant, Elias Pound, dies. Upset, she is on the deck when she meets the new governor of Jamaica, Lord John Grey.

Chapter 49: LAND HO!
Aboard The Porpoise ~ late February/ early March 1767
page 617

• The Porpoise makes a pit-stop at San Salvador
• Annekje and Claire make a plan for her escape

Chapter 50: I MEET a PRIEST
Hispanola ~ early March 1767
page 624

• After 2 month aboard ship, Claire jumps and is washed ashore on Hispanola (Haiti).
• Claire survives a storm, meets Lawrence Stern, and Father Fogden; is taken to Haciencda De la Fuenta and sees Ermangilda’s dresses.
• On the third day, discovers the beached Artemis and Jamie gone to rescue her.

Aboard The Porpoise ~ early March 1767
page 651

• Jamie boards The Porpoise looking for Claire the same night she goes overboard. Jamie learns Claire went overboard is “Lost. Drowned. Dead.” He is knocked unconscious.
• Jamie wakens on Hispanola; remembers being sent overboard by Annejka; Claire is not dead.

Hispanola ~ March 1767
page 658

• thee days after discovering the Artemis beached on Hispanola, Claire and Marsali return to the beach from Father Fogden’s house with the ship repaired enough to set sail for Jamaica.
• Jamie, as Capt. Alessandro of the Spanish forces, helps the crew of the Artemis get the boat into the water.
• Fergus and Marsali marry on the beach; Jamie gives Fergus the Fraser name.



Part NINE:  



Chapter 53: BAT GUANO
Aboard The Artemis ~ March 1767
page 679

• The Artemis travels to Bridgetown, Barbados, where they pick up a cargo of bat guano for delivery to Kingston, Jamaica.
• In Kingston, Jamaica, Claire, after horror at the slave market, finds herself the owner of the slave, Temeraire, The Bold One.
• Jamie discovers more information about the whereabouts of the Bruja.
• Jamie searches for Ian in the Burning Ground.

Chapter 54: “The IMPETUOUS PIRATE”
Aboard The Artemis ~ March 1767
page 689

• The Artemis is boarded by pirates from the Bruja. Claire is injured
• Jamie speaks of Culloden

Chapter 55: ISHMAEL
Aboard The Artemis ~ March 1767
page 705

• Jamie interviews Ishmael, captured from the Bruja. Hearing his voice, a feverish Claire thinks of Joe Abernathy.
• She connects Ishmael to Temeraire and maybe Mrs. Abernathy?

Chapter 56: TURTLE SOUP
Aboard The Artemis ~ March 1767
page 717

• Claire tells Jamie about helping Lyle Menzies end his life peacefully; impetus for coming to Scotland and finding telling Brianna about Jamie.
• Jamie talks of how he can’t return to Scotland, the wilds of America, getting his printing press

Jamaica ~ March 1767
page 733

• Jamie releases Ishmael and Temeraire at the Jamaica shoreline.
• Jamie and Claire arrive at Blue Mountain House, Jared’s plantation, where they learn of Mistress Abernathy of Rose Hall.
• They learn Reverend Campbell is on the island and his sister, Margaret, has disappeared.

Chapter 58: MASQUE of the RED DEATH
Jamaica ~ March 1767
page 744

• Jamie and Claire prepare to attend the Governer’s residence; Jamie gives Claire a pin made of coral ~ “a small, gleaming fish”
• Claire wonders if Marsali is pregnant
• Claire is greeted by Lord John; who is flabbergasted by his learning she is Claire
• Claire confused by interaction between Jamie and Lord John
• Claire discovers murdered body of Mina Alcott.

Jamaica ~ March 1767
page 755

• Claire and Lord John confront each other;
• Lord John tells Claire about Willie and Jamie’s offer.
• Jamie tells Claire of William.

Chapter 60: The SCENT of GEMSTONES
Jamaica ~ March 1767
page 774

• Claire and Jamie visit Rose Hall; discover Mrs. Abernathy is Gaelie Duncan; Dougal saved her from burning and sent her to France, where she was known as Madame Melisande Robicheaux.
• Claire and Gaelie talk about time travel ~ the stones, gems, and blood; Gaelie steals one of Brianna’s pictures.

Chapter 61: The CROCODILE’S FIRE
Jamaica ~ March 1767
page 804

• The men go to rescue Ian at Rose Hall, leaving Claire by the river
• Claire, thinking she sees Ian in Rose Hall, goes to the house to discover Rev. Campbell. Mr. Willoughby identifies him as the Edinburgh Fiend; Campbell identifies Willoughby as the Jamie’s betrayer. Willoughby kills Campbell.
• Claire investigates Gaelie’s workroom; discovers Brianna’s picture and burnt gems.
• Claire tangles with a crocodile, is taken to the camp by Ishamael. The slaves revolt.
• Margaret Campbell channels spirits, including Brianna.

Chapter 62: ABANDAWE
Jamaica to Hispanola ~ March 1767
page 833

• Jamie goes to Lord John for a boat to rescue Ian; Fergus is left behind b/c Marsali is pregnant
• The cave at Abandawe: they rescue Ian; Claire kills Gaelie

Chapter 63: OUT of the DEPTHS
Aboard the Governor’s pinnace ~ March 1767
page 855

• They come across the Bruja, now manned by escaped slaves. The Porpoise fires on slaves on the beach, causing massive death.
• The Porpoise pursues the pinnace; The Porpoise sinks in the storm
• The pinnace is stranded at sea 5 days after the storm, when they finally see land. Claire is knocked overboard by the broken mast; Jamie dives in after her and holds her till they reach shore.
• Jamie and Claire are washed ashore in Georgia.

Following a mysterious phenomenon, Claire Beauchamp-Randall was transported more than two centuries behind, right in the middle of struggling Scotland for the independence... Twenty years after this unbelievable journey in the middle of the XVIIIth century, Clear did again its life. However, the time erased nothing of the memory of Jamie Fraser and the tumultuous years which she lived in her sides. Also, when she learns that the one that she has never stopped liking survived the bloody battle of Culloden, which saw the defeat of the Scottish army, it thinks she is confronted with a terrible dilemma: will it dare to take back up the time once again? Did Jamie again his life also? Armed with her only courage and with her love, it decides to attract every possible. Barely united, the couple is again taken in a whirl of thrilling adventures. Running away the Clear, English police and Jamie board for Antilles with a group of Scottish smugglers. Braving tempests, pirates, tropical diseases and vaudoue magic, they will have to confront the hard reality of colonies and serfhood, before finding himself plunged in the middle of a political intrigue linked to a strange prophecy. But will not the biggest challenge of all, for the one as for other one, be to re-learn to know itself, after these twenty years of forced separation?