Part ONE : In Medias Res 


Mount Helicon, North Carolina ~ Late October 1770
page 5

• Claire awakens to the feel of Frank’s kiss on her lips; Jamie tells of his dream, in which he attempts to become King of Ireland.
• The 67th Highland Regiment, led by Lt. Archibald Hayes, reads the letter from Gov. William Tryon, in regards to events in Hillsborough on September 24th and 25th, 1770.
Wedding preparations and baptisms and what’s Claire to do about breakfast?

Chapter 2: LOAVES and FISHES
Mount Helicon, North Carolina ~ Late October 1770
page 27

• The 78th is the last of the Crown’s regular troops still in America
• Ute McGillavray is holding the “theif-taker”, one Harley Boble, who attempted to take her son, Manfred.
• Abel MacLennan tells of his wife’s death.

Mount Helicon, North Carolina ~ Late October 1770
page 44

• Claire attends to her surgery; Brianna asks about contraception and questions whether she might have contracted a venereal disease from Bonnet.
• Claire competes with Murray MacLeod for patients; Brianna teaches him a charm to use on his fleam.

Mount Helicon, North Carolina ~ Late October 1770
page 54

• Roger and Duncan search for a wedding gifts; should Duncan tell Jocasta he isn’t Catholic?
• Roger buys Brianna a wedding ring.

Mount Helicon, North Carolina ~ Late October 1770
page 58

• Claire tends to Mr. Goodwin, who was injured in the riots in Hillsborough

Mount Helicon, North Carolina ~ Late October 1770
page 63

• Brianna shows Roger the wedding present of embroidered silk for their shrouds; they discuss the danger of childbearing.
• Roger gives Brianna his wedding gift: a doll. Brianna promises Roger there will be “a next time".
• Roger repeats Frank’s letter; they discuss Frank’s not telling Claire that Jamie survived Culloden:
“Perhaps Frank was afraid to give her a choice, but he did save her - and you - from the pain of having to make it. At least then.”
• Brianna tells Roger about her lonely time at River Run, pregnant and waiting for him to come ... and about meeting Bonnet and telling him the baby was his.

Chapter 7: SHRAPNEL
Mount Helicon, North Carolina ~ Late October 1770
page 76

• Claire removes a piece of shrapnel from Archie Hayes, left from Culloden.
• Archie thanks Jamie for saving his life at Culloden after being shot by Murchison, but Jamie does not remember.
• Archie delivers the Governor’s message to Jamie: muster the men.

Chapter 8: The FACTOR
Mount Helicon, North Carolina ~ Late October 1770
page 82

• Arch Bug is hired as factor of the Ridge.
• Hamish mac Callum MacKenzie, third laird of Leoch, still lives, is now in Canada.

Chapter 9: GERM of DISSENT
Mount Helicon, North Carolina ~ Late October 1770
page 89

• Captain MacKenzie goes to muster men on the mountain
• John Findlay agrees to “lend ye my sons”.

Mount Helicon, North Carolina ~ Late October 1770
page 95

• Grannie Bacon gives Claire a cap ~ which she so does not want to wear ~ and dauco seeds for contraception.
• Claire learns Jamie is looking for Bonnet

Chapter 11: PRIDE
Mount Helicon, North Carolina ~ Late October 1770
page 101

• Roger goes to Jocasta to ask for aid for Joan Finlay.
• Jocasta tells Roger of her plan to bequeath River Run to wee Jem ... and Roger reacts:
“Madam. I do not want your money. My wife does not want your money. And my son will not have it. Cram it up your hole, aye?”

Chapter 12: VIRTUE
Mount Helicon, North Carolina ~ Late October 1770
page 107

• Claire longs for home; she and Jamie talk at the creek. Jamie: will she still want Jamie sexually after menopause?
• Josiah Beardsley coming to the Ridge; Claire agrees to remove his tonsils.
• Father Kenneth is arrested;

Chapter 13: BEANS and BARBECUE
Mount Helicon, North Carolina ~ Late October 1770
page 118

• J/C negotiate truce between Rosamund Lindsay and Ronnie Sinclair.
• Roger relays his encounter with Jocasta.
• Claire “treats” Father Kenneth at Lillywhite’s tent; Jamie comes to give confession ... and has the bairns baptized. Jeremiah Alexander Ian Fraser MacKenzie.
• Why arrest the priest?

Mount Helicon, North Carolina ~ Late October 1770
page 148

• Brianna and Roger wed.

Chapter 15: The FLAMES of REBELLION
Mount Helicon, North Carolina ~ Late October 1770
page 152

• Jamie swears his word of honor to his family and tenants - earbsachd~ of support and protection,
meaning his word, once given must be unfailingly acted upon no matter the cost.
• Roger: son of the house.

Mount Helicon, North Carolina ~ Late October 1770
page 156

• Roger sings for Brianna on her wedding night
• Brianna still is unable to surrender completely during their lovemaking.

Chapter 17: WATCHFIRE
Mount Helicon, North Carolina ~ Late October 1770
page 160

• Jamie, with Claire asleep beside him, settles in for the night. They discuss Hillsborough and the coming conflict.
• “Nothing will harm ye while there is breath in my body, nighean donn. Nothing.”





Fraser’s Ridge ~ November 1770
page 167

• Jamie leads the family home; has finds “a Place” and remembers his mother. Jamie finds a kitten ... and picks a posy for Claire.

May god make safe to me each step,
May God make open to me each pass,
May God make clear to me each road,
And may He take me in the clasp of His own two hands.

• Jamie and Claire, in the bed chamber, discuss Brianna’s use of birth control;
Claire tells Jamie she could have had an operation to become permanently barren, but didn’t in deference to his possible desire to have more children.
• They find and name Adso; discuss the upcoming war

Chapter 19: The DEVIL YE KEN
Fraser’s Ridge ~ November 1770
page 189

• Herman Husband delivers notice to Jamie to muster and meet on or before December 15th.
• Jamie promises to care for Husband’s family, if need be.

Fraser’s Ridge ~ late November 1770
page 195

• Brianna takes Roger shooting; they discuss Ian and the Mohawk
• Frank insisted on riding and shooting lessons for Brianna as a child.

Fraser’s Ridge ~ late November 1770
page 210

• Roger has no binocular vision, which affects his ability to shoot. It is hereditary: does Jem have it? Could this prove Jem is his son?

Chapter 22: The FIERY CROSS
Fraser’s Ridge ~ late November 1770
page 214

• Answering the muster call, Gerhard Mueller and his sons arrive on the Ridge
• Pandemonium in the house and a cross erected outside?
• Claire finds Jamie at the spring, praying and calling on Dougal MacKenzie
• Jamie tells Claire of the clan tradition of the Fiery Cross: will these men follow Jamie, when he is not born either laird or chief to them?
How will Jamie play both sides of the rebellion to keep his family and land safe?

Chapter 23: The BARD
Fraser’s Ridge ~ December 1st, 1770
page 237

• Brianna tells Roger that Jamie wants him to sing that evening
• They discuss the Fiery Cross and its possible associations to the KKK.

Chapter 24: PLAYING with FIRE
Fraser’s Ridge ~ December 1st, 1770
page 244

• Roger readies the crowd with a selection of Scottish tunes as Jamie speaks to the men.

For that was what men always fought for, wasn’t it? Home and family. Another glint of red hair, loose in the firelight, by the
bones of the pig. Bree, holding Jemmy. And if Roger thought himself now bard to a displaced Highland chieftain, still he must try
also to be a warrior when the time came, for the sake of his son, and those who would come after.

Chapter 25: The ANGELING of MY REST
Fraser’s Ridge ~ December 1st, 1770
page 247

• Jamie and Claire settle for their last night on the Ridge before leaving the next morning.
• They recount the evening and they pray

• Jamie writes to Lord John, asking him to care for his family should the need arise.




Chapter 26: The MILITIA RISES
en route to Brownsville, NC ~ early December 1770
page 257

• Jamie tells Roger about war:
"War is killing, and that’s all. Think of anything less – think of half-measures, think of frightening –
above all, think of your own skin – and my God, man, ye will be dead by nightfall of the first day."
• Claire expresses her fear.
• Josiah Beardley sneaks into camp; when questioned about the mark on his thumb he bolts.
• Jamie returns with both Beardleys; Jamie removes Josiah’s brand.

The Beardsley’s trading post ~ early December 1770
page 274

• Roger takes the men to Brownsville, while Jamie and Claire call on the Beardsleys.
• They discover Mr. Beardsley in the attic.
• Jamie is distraught at thoughts of his father, if he suffered like Mr. Beardsley, from his stroke.

Brownsville, NC ~ early December 1770
page 298

• Roger leads the men to Brownsville only to find himself looking down the barrel of a gun. The Browns of Brownsville are hunting Isaiah Morton.

Chapter 29: ONE-THIRD of a GOAT
en route to Brownsville ~ early December 1770
page 302

• Mrs. Beardsley comes with them, along with the goats. Mrs. Beardsley tells them of the other wives and the ghost.
A cat attacks them, making off with one goat and injuring Hiram.
• Later at camp, Jamie smiles in his sleep as Claire strokes his hair.

Chapter 30: SPAWN of SATAN
Fraser’s Ridge ~ early December 1770
page 317

• Brianna deals with the turmoil on the Ridge and reads Jamie’s logbook
• Brianna finds the letter from Lord John regarding Stephen Bonnet

Chapter 31: ORPHAN of the STORM
en route to Brownsville ~ early December 1770
page 326

• Jamie and Claire awaken at camp to discover a newborn and Fanny Beardsley gone.
• They arrive in Brownsville

Brownsville ~ early December 1770
page 336

• Jamie receives news the militia is to stand down
• Jamie asks Claire if she would like the orphaned baby.
• Isaiah and a pregnant Alicia Brown take off in the night




Chapter 33: HOME for CHRISTMAS
Fraser’s Ridge ~ December 24th, 1770
page 355

• Roger returns to Brianna. After an afternoon of lovemaking, she rails on him in frustration at being on the Ridge alone.
• Brianna gives Roger the charcoal sketches of wild geese
• Story of the greylag geese.

Chapter 34: CHARMS
Fraser’s Ridge ~ December 24th, 1770
page 363

• Mrs. Bug tells Claire of going to a “carline” for a charm to become pregnant after 4 miscarriages in a year.
• Mrs. Bug gives Claire the charm for someone else to use.

Chapter 35: HOGMANAY
Fraser’s Ridge ~ December 31st, 1770
page 368

• Jamie dances a Highland Sword Dance at the Hogmanay celebration
• The Beardsleys arrive.
• Jamie tells of losing his ability to hear music after the attack on his life by Dougal:
"Sister’s son or no – I would that I had killed you, that day on the hill. For I knew from the beginning that it would be you or me.”

Fraser’s Ridge ~ early 1771
page 378

• Claire shows Jamie what sperm through the microscope; they discuss Roger’s paternity of Jem.
• Eureka! Claire finally cultures pencillin!
• Claire operates on the Beardsley twins; Lizzie stays with them.

Chapter 37: MAIL CALL
Fraser’s Ridge ~ February/March 1770
page 388

• Letter from Lt. Hayes in re Bonnet
• Brianna and Claire discuss Jamie’s search for Bonnet

Chapter 38: The DREAMTIME
Fraser’s Ridge ~
page 395

• Roger discovers Brianna’s Dream Book



Chapter 39: IN CUPID’S GROVE
River Run ~ March 1771
page 403

• The morning of the wedding at River Run

River Run ~ March 1771
page 427

• Jamie and Claire rendezvous in the trees.
• Jamie tells Claire of Duncan’s impotence; sends Claire to tell Jocasta

River Run ~ March 1771
page 343

• The music master, Seamus Hanlon, gives Roger a warning that Duncan should watch his back.

Chapter 42: The DEASIL CHARM
River Run ~ March 1771
page 437

• Jocasta gives Brianna a “deasil charm” to protect Jemmy from the fairies.
• Jamie calls to Brianna to aid him with the slave, Betty, who is drugged with laudanum. Brianna sees Claire go into the stables with Phillip Wylie
• Was it attempted murder?

River Run ~ March 1771
page 447

• Phillip Wylie takes Claire to see the foal and he makes his move.
• Jamie confronts Claire after her encounter: she is wearing Wylie’s beauty mark.

River Run ~ March 1771
page 455

• Claire tells Jocasta about Duncan’s impotence; she will marry regardless.

Chapter 45: IF IT QUACKS . .
River Run ~ March 1771
page 460

• Claire meets Dr. Fentiman as she attends to Betty
• Jamie and Claire continue to spar over Wylie

River Run ~ March 1771
page 464

• Jamies POV: the wedding completed, he looks forward to his wife’s company later in the evening.
• Lyon puts forth a whisky business proposition; Jamie refuses.
• Jamie asks Claire for her rings to gamble against Wylie in high stakes whist.

Chapter 47: The LISTS of VENUS
River Run ~ March 1771
page 472

• Roger and Brianna rendezvous on the bench near the river.
• R/B attend to a very ill Jemmy with the help of Claire.

Chapter 48: STRANGERS in the NIGHT
River Run ~ March 1771
page 482

• Claire, dreaming of Fresians and Jamie “I am the King of Ireland”, to find a visitor doing some erotic things with her feet. Was it Jamie?

River Run ~ March 1771
page 487

• Claire leaves her room and finds Jamie at the foot of the stairs and they run for the stables.
• Jamie won the stallion, Lucas, from Wylie.

Chapter 50: BLOOD in the ATTIC
River Run ~ March 1771
page 494

• Betty dies.
• Claire consoles Dr. Fentiman; is insulted by Wylie.

Chapter 51: SUSPICION
River Run ~ mid-March 1771
page 499

• Claire thinks she might know what killed Betty.

Chapter 52: A HARD DAY’S NIGHT
River Run ~ March 1771
page 502

• Claire autopsies Betty’s body and discovers ground glass.
• Stephen Bonnet and Phillip Wylie burst into the shed; fire ensues as Jamie chases them.
• The shed burns

Chapter 53: The FRENCHMAN’S GOLD
River Run ~ March 1771
page 512

• Jocasta is accosted in her room by two men looking for the gold.
• Jocasta tells the story of her daughters, Hector Cameron, and the gold.

Chapter 54: TETE-A-TETE, with CRUMBCAKE
River Run ~ March 1771
page 526

• Jamie confronts Wylie about Bonnet: claims innocence.
• Bonnet made off with Lucas, the stallion.

Chapter 55: DEDUCTIONS
River Run ~ March 1771
page 535

• Jamie, Claire, Roger, and Brianna go over the events surrounding Betty’s murder and Jocasta’s intruder.
• On their way home, Major MacDonald delivers Tryon’s message, dated March 19th, to muster the militia by April 20th.



Part SIX : The WAR of the REGULATION 

Chapter 56:  “...and FIGHT THEM, SAYING THEY HAD MEN
North Carolina ~ March 1771
page 549

• Deposition of Waightstill Avery, witness, dated March 8th, 1771
• Notice from Tryon dated March 19th 1771, calling militia.

Chapter 57: NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO SLEEP . . .
Fraser’s Ridge ~ April 15th, 1771
page 551

• Brianna to go to Hillsborough to paint Mrs. Sherston’s portrait.
• Roger watches Jamie and Claire

May Union Camp ~ May 1st, 1771
page 557

• Jamie turns 50 and takes stock.
• “And as for taking stock,” he added practically, “I’ve all my teeth, none of my parts are missing, and my cock still stands up by itself in the morning. It could be worse.”

Journal of William Tryon ~ May 1771
page 560

• Tryon’s Journal of Expedition against the Insurgents entries
• Brianna’s Dream Book entry for May 15th

Chapter 60: COUNCIL of WAR
Great Alamance Camp ~ May 15th, 1771
page 564

• Jamie comes back from the Council of War and tells the men Tryon will offer the rebels terms tomorrow, if they do not accept, they will attack.
• Jamie will send Roger first thing in the morning to speak with Husband to avoid battle.

Chapter 61: ULTIMATUMS
Great Alamance Camp ~ May 16th 1771
page 567

• Tryon sends terms to rebels.
• Tryon comes to Jamie’s camp to inspect readiness of troops; his horse is spooked by the Highland war cry.
• Jamie tells Tryon of sending Roger over to bring Husband back. “The companies are in battle order. Not long. Stand ready, Mr. Fraser.”

Great Alamance Camp ~ May 16th 1771
page 572

• Roger heads across the river to find Husband.
• He finds and speaks to Husband alone, where they experience a moment of Grace. Husband tells to rebels to stand down and disperse.

Chapter 63: The SURGEON’S BOOK I
Great Alamance Camp ~ May 16th 1771
page 584

• As Jamie waits for orders to attack, Claire readies herself for the potential incoming injured.
• Brianna arrives.
• “There may come a day when you and I shall part again,” he said softly, at last, and his fingers brushed my lips, light as the touch of a falling leaf. He smiled faintly. “But it willna be today.”

Chapter 64: SIGNAL for ACTION
Great Alamance Camp ~ May 16th 1771
page 590

• Roger, returning from the Regulator’s camp, meets Morag MacKenzie... and kisses her.
• William Buckleigh MacKenzie takes offense.

Chapter 65: ALAMANCE
Great Alamance Camp ~ May 16th 1771
page 599

• The Battle of Alamance

Great Alamance Camp ~ May 16th 1771
page 604

• Roger is bound and held captive by MacKenzie and his gang.
• Morag makes Buccleigh promise he will not harm Roger.

Chapter 67: AFTERMATH
Great Alamance Camp ~ May 16th 1771
page 610

• Claire attends to the injured; hears Tryon is going to hang the leaders of the Regulation
• Still no sign of Roger; Jamie and Brianna go to search the fields.

Great Alamance Camp ~ May 16th 1771
page 614

• Roger awakens bound and gagged and very confused. Hearing voices, he recognizes Buccleigh, and then see the horses under the trees.
• Roger is hanged

Great Alamance Camp ~ May 16th 1771
page 617

• Young woman races into camp: “Hang . . . they . . . they are . . . hanging him! Gov–ner!”
• “Too late.”
• “I’ll hold him. Cut him down, lass.” Jamie handed the knife to Brianna, not looking at her, and stepped forward, took hold of the body round the middle, lifting slightly to take the strain off the rope. . . . Roger moaned.

Chapter 70: ALL IS WELL
Great Alamance Camp ~ May 16th 1771
page 622

• Roger awakens.
• Jamie: “You are alive. You are whole. All is well.”

Chapter 71: A FEEBLE SPARK
Great Alamance Camp ~ May 16th 1771
page 623

• Brianna tends to Roger: Touch him. Speak to him. Let him know you’re with him.
• In response to her plea, “What happened? What in hell did you DO?”, Roger laughs.

Chapter 72: TINDER and CHAR
Great Alamance Camp ~ May 16th 1771
page 626

• Gerald Forbes (the lawyer) brings Isaiah Morton to Claire for treatment: he was shot twice in the back by the Browns.
• Gerald Forbes having an affair with Farquard Campbell’s wife, Valencia.
• Abel MacLennan takes Joe Hobson’s body back to his wife.
• The Governor comes to speak with Jamie; offers Roger 5000 acres.
• Phoebe Sherston brings Jemmy to the camp.
• Claire places Jemmy on Roger’s chest: Tinder




Chapter 73: A WHITER SHADE of PALE
Hillsborough ~ late May 1771
page 639

• Claire, Brianna, Roger and Jemmy move into the Sherston’s home; Jamie splits his time between Hillsborough and Alamance Creek camp.
• Jamie finds out more regarding Roger’s hanging: he was identified as MacQuiston, a leader of the Regulation who appears to be fictitious.
• Roger tells Jamie it was William Buccleigh MacKenzie who was responsible for his hanging.
• Jamie recognizes he cannot kill WBM, because he is Dougal’s child.
• Brianna tells Roger of the 5000 acre grant.
• The Dream Book: Brianna dreams of the Hanged Man of the Tarot cards.

Chapter 74: The SOUNDS of SILENCE
Hillsborough ~ May 27th, 1771
page 654

• Brianna finishes Mrs. Sherston’s portrait, with her depicted as Salome; Roger can’t speak and may never do so.
• Jamie can find no trace of WBM.
• The Dream Book: I want Roger to talk to me again.

Chapter 75: SPEAK MY NAME
On the trail to Fraser’s Ridge ~ late May 1771
page 658

• Roger begins to write about what happened: “Perhaps .. ye might oblige me wi’ the tale of how our mutual kinsman came to try and murder ye, aye?”
• a chuisle: ‘O, thou in whose veins runs my very blood.”
• Jemmy wanders dangerously close to the fire and Roger yells “STOKH”. And he says her name: BRREEan . . . nah.

Chapter 76: BLOOD MONEY
Fraser’s Ridge ~ June 1771
page 665

• Jamie and Claire haggle over supplies for the Ridge and discuss the tenants.
• J/C consider selling one of the three remaining stones: an emerald, a topaz, and a black diamond, plus his father’s ruby, the uncut opal, and the raw sapphire in her medical bag.
• The Dream Book: Roger got up before me this morning and went out; I don’t think he noticed he’d left me in the cold.

Chapter 77: A PACKAGE from LONDON
Fraser’s Ridge ~ August 1771
page 672

• The package contains an astrolabe, sent by William
• Jamie shows Brianna how to tell time with the astrolabe; Jamie explains it is very important to have the proper papers filed to protect their ownership of the land.

Chapter 78: NO SMALL THING
Fraser’s Ridge ~ August 1771
page 677

• Jemmy swallows the raw sapphire; they discover the contents of the amulet.
• Brianna and Claire discuss their life’s purpose and passion.

Chapter 79: LONESOME ME
Fraser’s Ridge ~ August 1771
page 684

• Obadiah Henderson comes on to Brianna; Jamie knifes him in the arm. Brianna and Jamie talk ~ heatedly ~ about the role of the man in the family.
• Jamie: “What in God’s name d’ye think a man is for?” he asked at last. He spoke quietly, but in tones of complete bewilderment. “Ye may want to keep him as a pet, is it? A lapdog? Or a caged bird?

Chapter 80: CREAMED CRUD
Fraser’s Ridge ~ August 1771
page 689

• Jamie asks Roger to do the surveying before Fergus leaves “just before snowfall” for the coast where they can be filed.
• The Dream Book:
I don’t want him to go, but I do, too.
I hear all the things he isn’t saying; they echo in my head.
I keep thinking that when he’s gone, it will be quiet.
• Roger leaves: Had he kissed her goodbye? Or had she only dreamed it?

Chapter 81: BEAR KILLER
Fraser’s Ridge ~ August 1771
page 691

• Peter Bewlie and Tsatsa’wi come to ask Jamie’s help in killing a bear that has been attacking their village.
J/C leave one week later for the village near the treaty line.
• The bear-killing party: J/C, Brianna and Jemmy, the Beardsley twin. Josiah admits to some of the attacks
(the non-killing ones) and seeing a small, black man kill one of the Indian hunters.
• Tsatsa’wi tells Jamie of the Indian lore of the spirit who lives in each of the four directions.
Near the Indian Village of Raventown ~ September 1771
page 703

• Roger is in a thick growth of sweet gum surveying the land.
• Claire observes the bear-hunting dance of the Indian village and a huge flock of birds descends on the village, which is considered a very good sign.
• The next day, the hunters set forth at dawn; Claire trades her 25 gallons of honey for 25 gallons of sunflower oil to make soap. Claire learns there is a small group of “black devils” living nearby.
• Claire learns of the history of her amulet. The hunting party starts a fire to smoke out the bear, only the winds blow the fire to the village. Claire takes Jemmy and runs for her horse, only to turn back for the sunflower oil. Brianna takes Jem and follows the visitors to safety. Jamie and she head for the hills. They find safety in a mankiller’s, or sentry’s, spot, as a thunderstorm approaches. Claire worries for Roger’s safety.

Chapter 83: WILDFIRE
Near the Indian Village of Raventown ~ September 1771
page 718

• Roger is trapped by the fire, but finds a safe place fo the surveying records and fled along the river.
• Roger is rescued and taken to the slave village. Finding the astrolabe, Fanny Beardsley confronts Roger, who bargains for his life for information about her little girl.
• Roger is released and walks away from the camp.

Chapter 84: BURNT to BONES
Near the Indian Village of Raventown ~ September 1771
page 728

• Clarence, Roger’s mule, finds his way to Claire.
• Jamie discovers the white bear’s scratching tree
• Jamie and Claire are struck by lightning. The horse, Judas, dies, and Gideon is injured.
• Claire sees the charred remains of the white bear in the branches of a tree.

Chapter 85: HEARTHFIRE
Fraser’s Ridge ~ October 1771
page 732

• Roger returns to the Ridge
• J/C discuss whether the future can be changed, and their age.
• Jamie remembers seeing his mother in her coffin

Chapter 86: THERE’S a HOLE in the BOTTOM of the SEA
Fraser’s Ridge ~ October 1771
page 737

• Brianna tells Roger of her dream: Jemmy drowning, Stephen Bonnet; books and scattered papers on Frank’s desk.
• Jamie and Roger build a fence; Jamie shows Roger his scars
• Roger asks Jamie to teach him to fight
• Jamie agrees and they begin plans to hunt Stephen Bonnet

Chapter 87: EN GARDE
Fraser’s Ridge ~ October 1771
page 748

• Roger tells Brianna of learning to fight; Brianna sketches him as he falls asleep at the table from exhaustion.

Chapter 88: ROGER BUYS a SWORD
Cross Creek ~ November 1771
page 753

• Roger spars with Dr. Fentiman as he tests a sword.




Chapter 89: The MOONS of JUPITER
Fraser’s Ridge ~ late November 1771
page 759

• Roger is dying of sexual frustration when Jamie comes calling: there’s a herd of beasts over the hill.

Chapter 90: DANGER in the GRASS
Fraser’s Ridge ~ late November 1771
page 763

• The men go hunting, Roger thinks of Jamie and Claire: How was it done, this business of marriage?
• Jamie and Roger separate from the rest of the hunting party.
• Jamie is bit by a rattlesnake. He and Roger discuss predestination:
"Ye could be wrong. ... About the changing. Ye thought it wasna possible to change history, ye said. But what if ye’re wrong?”

Fraser’s Ridge ~ late November 1771
page 780

• Jamie is brought back to the Ridge in poor condition;
• Claire considers amputation but Jamie refuses.
• Claire and Brianna kill the buffalo.

Fraser’s Ridge ~ late November 1771
page 789

• Claire worries over Jamie; Brianna brings her maggots; Claire wonders what passed between Jamie and Roger on the mountain.

Chapter 93: CHOICES
Fraser’s Ridge ~ late November 1771
page 796

• Jamie has a near-death experience and chooses to stay with Claire and the family: because ye need me. He agrees to let Claire amputate his leg.
• Claire despairs over taking off his leg; Kezzie brings Jamie a rattlesnake; Brianna gets the idea to make a syringe out of the fangs, the Bugs collect moldy things for Claire to make penicillin.
• Claire injects Jamie’s leg

Chapter 94: NEW BLOOD
Fraser’s Ridge ~ late November 1771
page 809

• Thomas Christie arrives with his son, Allan (20), and daughter, Malva (17-18)
• Jamie reacts strangely to the news of Tom Christie’s tenancy

Chapter 95: The SUMMER DIM
Fraser’s Ridge ~ late November 1771
page 815

• Roger remembers his conversation with Jamie on the mountain: Ye should all go back, if the bairn can pass.
• Kenny Lindsay tells Roger of Thomas Christie in Arsdmuir Jamie becoming a Freemason.
• Jamie tells Claire of killing Sergeant Murchison at Ardsmuir with two witnesses: Duncan Innes and Tom Christie.





Chapter 96: AURUM
Fraser’s Ridge ~ winter 1772
page 833

• Claire, reading Dr. Rawling’s notes, discovers he treated Jocasta and Hector Cameron at River Run, some entries are in Latin.
• Jamie continues to feel troubled by his estrangement from Jenny over Young Ian, whom they’ve had not word
from since his note they received at the Gathering in October 1770, where he told them his wife was expecting in the Spring.
• The entries in Latin are about River Run, a fleur-de-lis, and Au for gold.

Chapter 97: CONDITIONS of the BLOOD
Fraser’s Ridge ~ winter 1772
page 844

• Claire checks Lizzie’s blood and talks to Roger about blood typing for paternity.
• Roger: “The blood doesn’t matter. He’s my son.”

Chapter 98: CLEVER LAD
Fraser’s Ridge ~ winter 1772
page 852

• Roger remembers his mother, and the night she and his grandmother were killed in the Blitz.

Chapter 99: BROTHER
Fraser’s Ridge ~ Spring 1772
page 864

• Jamie puts into play their plan for Bonnet
• Letter from Jenny in re her feelings for Jamie and Laoghaire’s hochmagandy
• the family enjoys time after dinner ...
• Jamie and Claire discuss Laoghaire and Frank ...

Chapter 100: DEAD WHALE
Wilmington, NC ~ spring 1772
page 878

• The family heads to Wilmington in anticipation of meeting Stephen Bonnet

"After which, presumably, Jamie and Roger, having located Mr. Bonnet, would drop round to his
place of business and take turns either shooting him dead or running him through with a sword,
before riding back into the mountains, congratulating themselves on a job well done.
Or so I understood the plan to be."

• Duff and his partner, Peter, take the family out to see the dead whale; they learn more of Bonnet’s activities and whereabouts.

Chapter 101: MONSTERS and HEROES
Wilmington, NC ~ Spring 1772
page 888

• Jamie and Roger make arrangements to meet Bonnet at Wylie’s Landing
• Roger tells of his time with Bonnet on the Gloriana.

Chapter 102: The BATTLE of WYLIE’S LANDING
near Wilmington, NC ~ spring 1772
page 890

• Jamie and Roger go to Wylie’s Landing to wait for Bonnet.
• The Russians; Lillywhite and Anstruther; Phillip Wylie and the boars;

Chapter 103: AMONG the MYRTLES
Wilmington, NC ~ spring 1772
page 910

• Claire and Brianna encounter Bonnet
• Bonnet tells them it was Lt. Wolfe’s doing to delay Jocasta’s marriage and it was he who attacked Duncan
and threatened Jocasta. Bonnet attempts to kidnap Jem to coerce Jocasta to tell him where the gold is located.
Lillywhite and Anstruther were to kill Roger and Jamie for Bonnet.
• Brianna shoots Bonnet in the crotch; he escapes.
• Jamie and Roger return.

Chapter 104: SLY AS FOXES
River Run ~ spring 1772
page 923

• Jamie and Claire rush to River Run to protect Jocasta from Bonnet.
• Lt. Wolfe attacked Duncan; Ulysses slashed his throat.
• Jamie opens the mausoleum to place Lt. Wolfe’s body in it and discovers the body of Dr. Rawlings and the gold.

Chapter 105: A THRUSH’S DREAM
Fraser’s Ridge ~ May 1772
page 932

• Roger admits to Brianna he has read her Dream Book

Chapter 106: The SURGEON’S BOOK II
Fraser’s Ridge ~ July 27th 1772
page 933

• Claire writes in her case book the death of Rosamund Lindsay from an allergic reaction to penicillin.
• Brianna comforts her mother

Chapter 107: ZUGUNRUHE
Fraser’s Ridge ~ September 1772
page 940

• Claire wakes with a hot flash; Jamie joins her in the room across the hall:
“Let go,” he said in my ear. “I’ll hold you.” I did let go, and leaned back on the air, safe in his hands.
• Zugenruhe: uneasiness before a long journey

Chapter 108: TULACH ARD
Fraser’s Ridge ~ October 1772
page 946

• Roger and Jamie take Jemmy with them to build a new hogpen
• A black boar bears down on Jem; Jamie and Roger try to kill it.
• Ian returns to the Ridge

Chapter 109: The VOICE of TIME
Fraser’s Ridge ~ October 1772
page 953

• Ian is welcomed home
• Ian gives Claire the notebook from Tewaktenyonh; Ian learns of Claire: "I knew ye weren’t a fairy, Auntie Claire!”
• Jamie and Claire read Otter Tooth’s book
• The opal explodes in Jemmy’s hand
• The tongue-test and genetics

Chapter 110: MAN of BLOOD
Fraser’s Ridge ~ October 1772
page 973

• The five of them ~ Ian, Claire, Jamie, Roger, and Brianna ~ pray over “the stranger’s” grave (Otter Tooth?)
• Roger tells Jamie they will stay and not return to the future. Roger: “I will stand by you. We will stay.”

Chapter 111: And YET GOT OUT TO MEET IT
Fraser’s Ridge ~ October 1772
page 977

• Three stones still in the candle, with the fourth, the big topaz, off to Edinburgh for Laoghaire and a
letter to Ned Gowan asking him to determine if Laoghaire is living in a relationship tantamount to marriage,
which would nullify the contract between she and Jamie.
• Jamie and Claire discuss the choices ahead and the choices they made in the past.

“When the day shall come, that we do part,” he said softly, and turned to look at me,
“if my last words are not ‘I love you’ – ye’ll ken it was because I didna have time.”

Chapter by chapter

1770, North Carolina. Exiled to the New World, the Fraser found their place there. Claire, now a healer, tries to help people with her remedies and her knowledge. For his part, Jamie won the governor's confidence. However, the War of Independence was fast approaching and riots broke out everywhere. 

Unaware of the danger that awaits them, Claire and Jamie are joined by their daughter Brianna. Together, will they manage to rewrite history? 

Book 5 

The fiery Cross 


First published 2001