Wilmington, NC ~ July 1776
page 1

• 18yo William chats with the MacKenzies; dines with his father and Captain Richardson at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bell, along with their daughters, Miriam and Lillian.
• Richardson offers William an intelligence mission, one of messenger
• LJ ponders his meeting with Jamie.
• LJG discovers a Mr. Beauchamp is Percy Wainwright.

Lallybroch, Inverness-shire, Scotland ~ September 1980
page 18

• The MacKenzies are living at Lallybroch, opening the first letter in a box from their parents written December 31, 1776. The letter explains the house was burned, but they are all fine.
• Fraser’s Ridge, 12/31/76: Claire is writing in their cabin while Jamie and Ian see who they think is Arch Bug removing the gold from under the foundation of the burned Big House. As the approach the figure, it shoots a pistol at Jamie, hitting him in the leg. Ian then shoots his arrow, striking Mrs. Bug in the throat

Chapter 3: LIFE FOR LIFE
Fraser’s Ridge ~ overnight into January 1, 1777
page 31

• Claire tends to Jamie
• Claire tends to Ian.

Fraser’s Ridge ~ the morning of January 1, 1777
page 36

• Jamie and Claire sit guard over the bodies of Murdina Bug and Grannie MacLeod speak of mortality
• Jamie and Claire later discuss their deaths
• The funeral for Mrs. Bug and Grannie McLeod. Ian offers his life in exchange from Mrs. Bug; Arch refuses. “When you’ve something worth taking, boy – you’ll see me again.”

Lallybroch, Sept 1980
page 46

• Roger begins writing the Practical Guide for Time Travelers.
• Reads the postscriptum of Jamie’s letter regarding “property held in trust by the Camerons for an Italian Gentleman.” Jemmy will know the hiding spot: the Spaniard guards it.
• Roger and Brianna wonder about the gold and what Jem might know.





Chapter 6: LONG ISLAND
Long Island – August 1776
page 57

• William joins with the British Army as they invade Long Island. The second day, he takes off across the camp in deep fog, only to get horribly lost, jumped and robbed, and they cut off his ponytail.
• Flashback discussion with Lord John regarding orders and choice: you always have a choice.
• Held hostage by two women as the Continental army retreats to Manhattan.
• Cassandra reference: greek mythology

Lallybroch – September 1980
page 76

• Brianna and Roger read another letter, written by Jamie
• Fraser’s Ridge, March 1777: Jamie, Claire and Ian are off to Scotland to retrieve printing press... and also to make contacts in France?
• After a push from Bree, Roger admits he doesn’t know anymore what he is meant to do. Bree is furious with this response.

Chapter 8: SPRING THAW
Fraser’s Ridge – March 1777
page 81

• Claire is packing, lamenting the loss of her medicine chest in the fire.
• Claire watches the men swim
• Intimate interlude between Jamie and Claire
• Claire watches Jamie pray at the White Spring: Let me be enough.
• Jamie shows Claire the Spaniard’s Cave – who killed the Spaniard?

Fraser’s Ridge - March 1777
page 96

• Ian and Jamie make shot from the gold
• Jamie gives Claire a knife he made for her.
• Gaelic custom: money for knife so it knows its owner, and blood so it knows its purpose.

Chapter 10: FIRESHIP
New York – August 1776
page 99

• General Howe moves into Beekman House (Manhattan, 15th Street at First Avenue).
• William reads letters from his cousin Dottie, Uncle Hal and his father.
• Uncle Hal’s letter tells him to not work for Richardson
• William, his cousin Adam and friends drink merrily then go the red light district where a young prostitute is burned to death because she is poxed (thus called a Fireship). William is aghast and fights with the gentleman who caused the death.

Fraser’s Ridge – March 1777
page 106

• Claire frets over the impending birth of Lizzie’s child, which is in a ‘transverse lie’ – wedged sideways.

Fraser’s Ridge ~ March 1777
page 122

• Claire takes leave of the Ridge.
• Jamie prays: “Lord, he’d said. Let me be enough.”

on the trail from Fraser’s Ridge, March 1777
page 124

• Ian thinks about his conversation with Jamie about Arch Bug. Is Jamie in danger?
• ponders Scotland ~ will he find a wife there?
• listens to Jamie and Claire make love ~ thinks of Brianna, Malva, and wee Mary (his first whore).

London, November 1776
page 127

• Grey visits the secretary of state, Lord George Germain,; relay’s Beauchamp’s message re French territory and that Percy is a spy.
• Grey goes to the Beefsteak, sees portrait of Joseph Brant (Indian supporting Britain). William’s letter asking for Dorothea’s hand, suggesting impropriety. Grey: “What the devil are you up to, Willie?”
• Will visit the Black Chamber in the morning.

London, November 1777
page 133

• Arthur Norrington. Only a few sheets of paper in Beauchamp’s file ~ where did they go? One paper: Fraser. Letters in re shipping contracts in West Indies, a baner in Edinburgh; the whereabouts of one Claudel Fraser. Amandine?
• Grey visits his brother, Hal.
• Grey confronts Dottie

Inverness, Scotland, October 1980
page 142

• Roger remembers fight with Brianna ~ she called him a coward ~ over his calling and her going to work.
• Brianna applies at the Hydro: “Would you care to explain to me exactly which aspects of plant inspection require a penis?”
• Roger goes to Oxford. Predestination? Does he believe it?
• Brianna misses Roger, reads another letter
New Bern, NC, April 12, 1777:
• Fergus and Marsali are happy.

on the trail to New Bern ~ April 1777
page 154
• Ian looks for kin of Hermione and Trudy; runs into Arch Bug
• Ian comforts the girls
• Ian takes the girls to Miss Sylvies in Cross Creek: “If we turns out to be whores, after all, you fucker, I’m gonna hunt you down, cut your balls off, and stuff ‘em up your arse.”

New Bern, North Carolina - April 1777
page 163

• Claire pulls teeth in New Bern, in the front of Fergus’s print shop; Percy Beauchamp pays a call looking for Claudel Fraser; Claire ponders if he is family.
• Mrs. Richard Bell (with Lillian and Miriam) visit the Frasers; curious looks abound (William). They ask for Jamie’s help in retrieving Mr. Bell from Scotland in exchange for them helping Jamie get passage.
• kinsman’s name is Archie Bell, who Jamie knows quite well
• Fergus and Jamie eye Beauchamp. Germain helps: he is not a Frenchman because he swears in English.
• Jamie speaks to Delancey Hall about passage. Remembers the name Amandine from his days at the French court.
• Fergus and Jamie: "I am the son of a great man."

Chapter 19: AE FOND KISS
Wilmington, NC – April 18, 1777
page 183

• Jamie and Claire try to find information on the death notice in the Wilmington Gazette. Claire, sitting alone at the quay, is embraced by Tom Christie, who kisses her.
• Claire and Tom are served at the ordinary by Phaedre. He admits to placing the notice, out of grief at Claire’s passing. He is still very much in love with Claire.
• Claire and Jamie talk about Tom Christie; Claire slaps Jamie
• Lying in bed after their lovemaking, Claire begins to see how she is affected, unconsciously, by her abduction and rape.

Chapter 20: I REGRET...
Long Island, colony of New York – September 1776
page 198

• William, finding himself banished to Long Island is approached by Captain Richardson offering him the opportunity to act as interpreter for Captain Randall-Isaacs to Canada where he will “meet with...a certain person who may provide the army with invaluable information." Willie chooses Canada as a way to further his career.
• Robert Rogers comes ashore and speaks to William looking for a rebel from Connecticut – Hale – with gunpowder explosions scars on his face. William’s sentry let him through the checkpoint the day previously. William goes to New York with Rogers ‘spy-catching’.
• Rogers warns William about Captain Richardson
• William is shocked to understand the message: Hale doesn’t look like a spy because he is too noticeable ~ just as William is immediately noticeable; his height makes him unmistakable.
• The city is burning as they return to General Howe’s headquarters at Beekman House, recognizing the British will be blamed for burning the city.
• Hale is hanged; William witnesses, seeing Hale “looked so surprised.” He sees Richardson, who looked up sharply at him; William looks away.

Lallybroch, October 1980
page 213

• Brianna at home while Roger off to Oxford. Thinking back: her alarm clock disassembled in the bathtub? Roger tells her about the Nuckalavee. Brianna finds Jem and Mandy in the kailyard. Jem shows her the ants.
• Jem tells Brianna about meeting the Nuckalavee, camping in the broch?
• Roger returns
• Roger inspects the broch ~ someone was there, but now gone.
• Roger shows Brianna the newspaper clipping: the dates changed.
• Roger tells Brianna about his conversation with Claire about his father.
• Roger’s father did not die over the English Channel; not going to look for his own father.

Chapter 22: FLUTTERBY
Wilmintong, NC ~ May 3, 1777
page 232

• Jamie tells Claire his dream: Jem and Mandy in the stones (spring?) on the hill behind Lallybroch (a blue flutterby). The kids went into the broch and Jamie didn’t want them going in: It .. felt as though there was something inside. Waiting. And I didna like it at all.”




New York - Quebec ~ October 1776
page 237

• October 3, 1776: William writes to Dottie
• October 3, 1776: William writes to Lord John: accepted Richardson’s proposal to accompany Randall-Issaacs to Quebec.
• Late October, 1776:
• Randall-Isaacs using William for his father’s connections; William is Randall-Isaacs “calling card”.
• Randall-Isaacs speaks admiringly of Benedict Arnold: he failed only because of a British spy (Samuel Goldwin) who gave him false information. Arnold’s men followed him, though ~ freezing, starving ~ they followed.

Chapter 24: JOYEUX NOEL
London, December 24, 1776
page 241

• Lord John visits Nessie, a madame and informant (married to Rab McNab)
• Beauchamp - Beaumarchais - Vergennes - Silas Dean - Rodriguez Hortalez et cie. Beauchamp did not come to her brothel, but another, not known for gay sex. Beuchamp watched Randall-Isaaccs have sex.
• William writes from a convent in Quebec telling Lord John all about Sir Guy and Arnold, and of the Aurora Borealis.

Chapter 25: The BOSOM of the DEEP
aboard Tranquil Teal, May 15, 1777
page 254

• Jamie and Claire write to Brianna and Roger of Fergus and Beauchamp. Both Claire and Jamie are missing and longing for Brianna, Roger, and the children.
• Carrying provisions for Benedict Arnold

Chapter 26: STAG at BAY
Lallybroch ~ October 1980
page 259

• Amanda smashes champagne bottle through the window
• Roger thinks about his future; looks at the books by Claire and Jamie
• Roger follows Jem to the Dunbonnet’s Cave; the red stag; Jem confesses to swearing in Gaelic.

Lallybroch, October 1980 (Friday)
page 280

• Roger goes to see the headmaster of Jem’s school, Lionel Menzies, over the incident with a teacher and Jem speaking Gaelic.

Aboard the Teal, May 17, 1777
page 284

• Jamie tells Claire the King of France is dead; Claire relieved
• The Teal is boarded.
• Captain presses Ian and Jamie (along with others), Claire goes overboard with them onto the new ship.
• Claire attacks, not quite having a flashback: You aren’t going to touch me. She believes she killed a man with knife Jamie made for her; Jamie tells her he killed him.
• Rollo is still on the Teal
• Jamie is now de facto captain of the Pitt.

Aboard ship, May? 1777
page 302

• Claire struggles; recalls Mrs. Bug’s chickens and Jem’s punishment
• o noez! Another ship!
• Ship attacks the Pitt. Jamie bares his back in an attempt to get the ship to stop its attack; it works.
• Taken aboard the Asp, whose captain is mortal enemies with the Teal’s Captain Stebbings.
• They meet up with the Teal, retrieve Rollo , etc etc etc





London ~ Spring, 1777
page 342

• Feb 4: LJ writes to Norrington in re Amandine, Beaumarchais, Rodrigue Hortalez et Cie.
• Feb 4: LJ writes to Hal ~ Saw Amandine, Percy lives at Tres Fleches with his wife, the baron’s sister. Also hope to get info on Richardson and Randall-Isaacs.
• March 6: Hal to LJ ~ Info on Randall-Iaacs, nothing on Richardson. Burgoyne.
• March 26: London ~ LJ meets with Harry Quarry looking for intel.

Chapter 33: The PLOT THICKENS
Aboard ship en route to America ~ April 4, 1777
page 346

• Lord John recounts his visit to Tres Fleches: Amandine and Franklin, who knows the name Beauchamp. Hm?
• May 3: William writes to LJ ~ returning to Canada with Burgoyne’s staff. Saw Richardson, who knew nothing of Randall-Isaacs. Richardson also asked Willie to run an errand for him while carrying a dispatch to Virginia.

Chapter 34: PSALMS, 30
Lallybroch ~ October 6, 1980
page 351

• Brianna hears Roger sing in preparation for directing the children’s choir. They discuss line singing/chanting.
• Roger working on the Hitchhiker’s Guide...mapping the ley lines.
• Roger goes to Lodge ~ Lyle Menzies, Rob Cameron. SNP?
• June 2, 1777 ~ Fort Ticonderoga . Letter from Jamie and Claire
• more letters: Claire, Claire, Claire, Jamie, Claire, Jamie, Jamie, Claire, Jamie... unknown.

Fort Ticonderoga ~ June 12, 1777
page 363

• Jamie and Claire at Ticonderoga
• Ian asks Claire about Emily’s inability to bear his children... RH problem?

Chapter 36: The GREAT DISMAL
Great Dismal Swamp, Virginia ~ June 21, 1777
page 369

• William on errand for Richardson ~ deliver message to Washington, Cartwright, Harrington, Carver. William loses trail; horse is spooked. Awful thunderstorm; arm hit by flying tree debris.
• Very foggy: remembers a day near Helwater ~ he heard voices (his mother’s) in the fog; Mac rescues him.

Chapter 37: PURGATORY
Great Dismal Swamp, June 24, 1777
page 379

• William finds the lake; chased by a snake, runs into Indians. Ian comes to the rescue.
• William discovers his trip may have been a ruse, but why? Ian is “no longer wed”, they discuss death songs.
• Ian calls William his kinsman when Glutton and his buddies arrive.
• the group walks out of the Swamp to find William medical help. Glutton and Ian discuss purgatory: Is Emily Ian’s purgatory?
• William, fevered, speaks to the cat.

Chapter 38: PLAIN SPEECH
somewhere near the Swamp, June 1777
• Ian takes William to Denzell and Rachel Hunter. Scene opens with Rachel clipping William’s red beard. He hates “that garish color”.
• William ponders Richardson: if he wasn’t mistaken in re names of Loyalists, “then he meant to send you to death or imprisonment.”
• Rachel thinks Willie is Catholic because wears a rosary.

near the Swam, June 1777
• Ian brings money, a horse, and the bear claw from Bear Killer for William
• William is breathing in Rachel’s speak and joke with each other.
• Rachel’s history
• William stutters while speaking of his father’s death and stutters.
• Rachel and William speak of women who “follow the drum”. Lord John spoke of them, mostly with pity, as it was not a life for a woman of refinement.

John Brant’s Indian encampment
page 412

• Ian visits Emily and he names her first-born son, Swiftest of Lizzards.
She said I was the child of your spirit....

somewhere along the road to New Jersey, June 1777

• William, Rachel and Denzell on the road north. William and Denzel discuss capital punishment and the Quaker stance on violence. William: “Or you rely on the willingness of someone else to commit violence for you.”
• Horror at the Johnson farmhouse: farmer Johnson attacks William in the night. William kills Johnson with his ax, his first kill.





Chapter 42: CROSSROAD
on the road to New Jersey, June 1777
page 433

• William takes leave of the Hunters
• the Hunters think William is a deserter from the British army.
• William looks forward to serving under Borgoyne;
• Encounters Arch Bug

Chapter 43: COUNTDOWN
Fort Ticonderoga, June 18, 1777
page 437

• Brianna and Roger read a letter from Claire describing the happenings at Fort Ticonderoga. There are 23 days more to go in Jamie’s enlistment. Claire met Dr. Denzel Hunter and his sister, Rachel. Denzell trained with Dr. John Hunter, who is beginning to understand germ theory, as he infected himself with gonnorhea. ick.
• Brianna and Roger consult a history book of Frank’s. Jamie’s enlistment is up July 10th; Borgoyne attacks Ticonderoga on July 6th.
• William reports to Borgoyne

Chapter 44: FRIENDS
Fort Ticonderoga, June 22, 1777
page 441

• Claire meets Denzell and Rachel Hunter as she amputates a leg.

Chapter 45: THREE ARROWS
Mottville, Pennsylvania June 10, 1777
page 446

• Lord John dreams of Tres Fleches and realizes there is a second sister, the third arrow.

Chapter 46: LEY LINES
Lallybroch, October 1980
page 451

• Rob Cameron talks in the Gaelic to Brianna
• Rogers works on writing The Hitchhiker’s Guide: Ley Lines
• Roger teaches a class in the Gaelic; Rob sees notebook.

Chapter 47: HIGH PLACES
Lallybroch, October 1980
page 461

• Archaeologist friend of Rob Cameron comes to look at ancient ‘high place’ at Lallybroch, near Dunbonnet’s Cave. Probably an old chapel
• Roger finds himself very jealous of Rob Cameron’s singing voice

Chapter 48: HENRY
Philadelphia, June 14, 1777
page 466

• Grey finds Henry very ill with 2 more shots in him
• Wonders about Mercy Woodcock, William's nurse.

Burgoyne’s camp, New York, July 1, 1777
page 470

• William is concerned about Burgoyne’s Indians. Burgoyne ‘believes he can use Indians as a tool, and I think he is wrong.’
• A drunk William: Indians don’t goeth; neither do Scots.

Chapter 50: EXODUS
Fort Ticonderoga, June 27, 1777
page 472

• Jaime and the militia plead to abandon Ticonderoga, but General will not listen.
• Jamie and Claire rendezvous in garden
• Ian near large army camp

Thee Mile Point, New York July 3, 1777
page 479

• William aids Brigadier general Fraser. Brigadier General Fraser speaks of his time with Lord John.

Fort Ticonderoga, July 1, 1777
page 482

• Evacuation of Fort Ticonderoga
• Jamie refuses to leave Claire; they escape with 18 invalids and Jonah Marsden

mid-afternoon, July 6, 1777
page 489

• Williams troops advance on Mt. Independence only to find it hastily deserted.
• Dawn of July 7: British now hold Ticonderoga. Some troops will stay hold fort while others go after rebels.

Chapter 54: RETURN of the NATIVE
Night, July 7th
page 491

• Ian returns to Ticonderoga to see in the hands of the British
• If he found Auntie Claire again – but he wasn’t much worried, really. Uncle Jamie would see her safe, come hell, wildfire, or the entire British army.
• Wonders if he will see Rachel Hunter: he would like to see Rachel Hunter again sometime.

Chapter 55: RETREAT
July 8, 1777
page 493

• William watched Burgoyne’s Indians enter camp with a long pole of fresh scalps, one of which is a long-flowing mane of blond women’s hair: Jane, the fiancé of a Welsh lieutenant.
• Burgoyne had sent Indians to pillage and plunder retreating rebels.

retreating from Ticonderoga
page 495

• Claire and Lt. Stacktoe come across small group attacked and scalped by Indians
• Mrs. Raven commits suicide
• Claire is terrified; she is taken by the British and “Jamie had vanished.”
• After walking overnight into mid-day, the prisoners (women, children, invalids) are left in a field. Claire takes charge. Walter Woodcock is on verge of death; prays for Jamie: Dear God, let him be all right.
• William is one of the soldiers guarding field. Claire talks to him and asks for water, food, shelter, rags. Introducing herself and saying she knows him from his visit to Fraser’s Ridge.
• “William Ranson, bless his soul, had filled his canteen with brandy.”
• Willliam comes across the field toward Claire ~ she thinks of Brianna, Roger, Jem, and Mandy safe ~ as Ian out of the woods for her. Ian and William fight over Claire. Jamie sends flaming arrows into camp, William releases Claire, Ian and Claire run. Claire is reunited with Jamie; they drink from the canteen of brandy: “Your son gave it to me.”
• Later, at camp Claire tells Jamie about William.

Chapter 57: The DESERTER GAME
Continental Camp
page 505

• Stranger demands Claire give him her medicines; Jamie kills him.
• Denzell Hunter played “deserter game” and almost gets killed
• Jamie and Claire talk. A woman takes life with her when she goes. A woman is ... infinite possibility.

Philadelphia, July 4, 1777
page 514

• Grey hides thoughts of Claire as his tendresse under a teacup.
• Seeking Dr. Rush (via Dr. Franklin), Grey finds himself in a tavern with rebels. Watching a riot outside of the tavern, Grey sees Percy.
• Three Arrows: Amelie - Claude - Cecile (Percy’s wife)
• Percy tells story of Amelie: pregnant, marries Comte de St. Germain, but is taken to brothel where she gives birth then dies a year later of influenza. Fergus is son of Amelie and St. Germain.
• Grey asks about Denys Randall-Isaacs; Percy’s eyes give him away as a lover?

General Burgoyne’s camp, September 11, 1777
page 522

• Burgoyne receives news Gen. Howe is not coming to assist, but is instead going to march on Philadelphia, leaving Burgoyne’s troops stranded.
• William, leading a group, gets ambushed; he finds himself playing role of Cassandra once again, reporting the debacle at Bennington to Burgoyne.

Continental Camp
page 527

• Jamie befriends Polish engineer Kosciuszko, who makes him miss Brianna ‘almost unbearably’.
• Jamie and Ian rescue Denny Hunter from Burgoyne’s camp; Jamie sees William... William helps Ian rescue Denny.

Near Saratoga, September 15, 1777
page 535

• Claire and Jamie both need spectacles
• Jamie recruited into Daniel Morgan’s sniper corp.
• Ian gets caught in British camp – runs into Sun Elk (and pummels him); William follows, asks after Rachel, says he and Ian are even: life for a life. Ian calls him 'the Englishman'.

Chapter 62: ONE JUST MAN
near Saratoga, September 19, 1777
page 543

• Arnold argues vehemently for Americans to make the first move; Arnold wins. Battle begins.
• Claire finds Jamie splayed on battlefield; fights for his life with his sword. Jamie injured: his hand is severed.
• Jamie asks Claire to remove his fourth finger; Claire agrees.
• Claire talks to Jamie before surgery, while the laudanum takes effect.
• Claire performs surgery to remove the finger.

page 558

• The days following the siege; William finally killed a rebel, attends burial detail, rations cut; waiting for Gen. Clinton’s supporting force.
• Ian meets his Uncle Hamish
• Jamie explores his new hand
• Jamie and Claire discuss what to do with his finger
• Jamie and Hamish reunite, discuss their places in Continental Army.

Continental Camp
page 565

• Benedict Arnold pays a visit to Claire.
• Jamie says he will watch Armold

Chapter 65: HAT TRICK
Continental Camp, October 7, 1777
page 568

• Matters between Gen. Gates and Arnold not going well.
• William with British reconnaissance team; ambushed; Brigadier General Fraser rides onto field.
• Jamie in the woods with Morgan’s men; sees Simon Fraser enter field. Arnold, going a little nuts, tells Jamie to shoot Fraser... Jamie shoots high and wide, only to knock off a junior officer’s hat: one William Ransom. Jamie will not shoot either Fraser or William. Jamie considers, briefly, shooting Arnold.
• The battle on the redoubt.

Chapter 66: DEATH BED
Burgoyne’s camp
page 575

• British ensign comes for Jamie to be with Simon Fraser on his deathbed.
• Claire worried while at Simon’s bed, as Jamie and William are on opposite sides.
• Claire meets Dr. David Rawlings, twin of Daniel Rawlings.
• As they leave camp, Jamie turns to give William his hat.

Continental Camp
page 583

• Dr. David Rawlings comes to talk to Claire about his brother. He shows her his jugum penis... ouch!
• The spooky visitor shows ... and spits in their soup.
• Claire visits the hospital; goes looking for grease. Someone gives her rendered possum fat: “greasier than grease”. Claire gets lost in the wood and has a flashback to her abduction and rape. Ian finds her.
• Ian thinks of Claire’s abduction - Bree and Roger - Rachel.
• Ian visits Rachel – almost kisses her; professes himself.
• Rachel speaks to Denny about Ian; goes to find Ian at Jamie’s camp

Chapter 68: DESPOILER
Continental camp
page 599

• Jamie brings Claire a present of the buffalo robe
• J/C talk about Ian being in love (with whom?) but caught earlier kissing Colonel Miller’s wife. Ian shows up at camp: he is in love with Rachel Hunter
• The Despoiler, the blackmailer, Mr. X shows. He knows of Willie Coulter’s last words. Willie witnessed Jamie killing Dougal on the eve of Culloden.
• Ian is witnessed murdering Mr. X and flees. Jamie, Claire, and Rachel pursue. Rollo is injured. Rachel: “I’ll mind the dog for thee,” she said, breathless but certain. “Run!”

Chapter 69: TERMS of SURRENDER
Continental Camp
page 609

• General Gates asks Jamie to escort the remains of Simon Fraser to Scotland. What?!
• October 17th: William laments the British surrender.
• Jamie and Claire watch William march out. Claire thinks of William: Thank God. He is safe.

Chapter 70: SANCTUARY
Lallybroch, October 1980
page 612

• Roger begins to rebuild the chapel.
• William Buccleigh MacKenzie shows up at the chapel seeking sanctuary.




Chapter 71: A STATE of CONFLICT
September 10, 1777
page 617

• Lord John sends letter to Fraser’s Ridge requesting Claire’s assistance for his nephew, Henry, but discovers she has left for Scotland.
• General Howe meets General Washington at Brandywine Creek on Sept. 11, 1777. Congress fled Philadelphia as Howe approached, along with prominent rebels,

Chapter 72: The FEAST of ALL SAINTS
Lallybroch, October 20, 1980
page 620

• Brianna reads another letter: New York, November 1, 1777
• Claire tells of the Battle of Saratoga, transporting Simon Fraser, Ian being in love with Rachel; sailing to Scotland on Nov. 2, 1777
• Jamie writes: Your brother is alive, and unwounded. ... It is the Feast of all Saints. Pray for me.
• Brianna told her father that by saying an Our Father, a Hail Mary, and a Glory Be on the Feast of All Saints, you can obtain the release of a soul from purgatory.
• Roger brings Buck home; Buck tells his story. Roger explains Buck is his 5+great grandfather; Buck is shocked.
• Buck’s a MacKenzie and Brianna notices mannerisms of her father. Buck was a lawyer in Scotland. Brianna and Roger show Buck the family tree. Morag pregnant when he left. Morag’s brother = Ephraim Gunn. The stones: near Midsummer’s Day.
• Rob Cameron comes and stays for dinner; Buck hides in the priest’s hole. Buck desperately wants to go back to Morag and his Jem. Buck is 38; the family tree shows he died at 38. Brianna: He won’t get back.
• Brainna shows Buck Loch Errochty. His auntie Ross’s farm now sits thirty feet below the surface of the loch.
• Why didn’t he go right back through? He waited several days, being fearful of the stones. When he did try next, he could hear the stones buzzing. With thoughts of Morag and Jem, he entered, but was thrown and was on fire; burn mark centered on his heart.
• Rob Cameron shows. Buck: “Yon man’s got a hot eye for you.”

Philadelphia, November 24, 1777
page 633

• Willie returns home to Lord John:
• What are Willie and Dottie up to? Willie proposes to go fetch Denny Hunter from Continental Army camp at Valley Forge to tend to Henry.

Edinburgh, December 20, 1777
page 637

• Both Claire and Jamie are fitted for spectacles.
• Jamie and Claire visit Andy Bell’s shop and deliver letters to Richard Bell; Andy’s been using “Bonnie”, Jamie’s press. Asks Richard to take his press to America for him.
• Meeting Arch Bell at Mowbray’s. Arch and Claire get along famously.
• Claire stunned to realize Jamie is not planning on going back to the Ridge right away, but settling in a city to print. Ian will not visit a whore until it is settled with Rachel.
• Jamie made arrangements for deposition o f the cache of letters we had accumulated since Fort Ticonderoga.
• Claire and Arch Bell attend to Simon Fraser’s remains with maggots.
• Madam Jeanne knows Percival Beauchamp: smuggling and spying - France.
• Arch Bell suggests Claire write a medical book; Claire begins writing.
• Percy speaks to Claire. Tells her of Fergus’s paternity: his father is the Comte St. Germain. Percy is a French intelligence agent; Comte’s holdings are extensive; can be used to help finance the revolution. Hortalez et Cie a facade for funneling money to the Americans without involving the French government.

The Scottish Highlands ~ winter 1778
page 654

• Jamie, Claire, and Ian bury Simon Fraser at Balnain. Ian chants Death Song in Mohawk, he in full Mohawk regalia or his return to Lallybroch.

Chapter 76: BY the WIND GRIEVED
The Scottish Highlands ~ winter 1778
page 658

• “...Jamie Fraser’s comin’ home with his English witch, and a red Indian, to boot” What will Jenny think of Claire? Will they be able to mend their fences? Jamie is worried, too.
• They arrive at Lallybroch. Would Brianna and Roger be there in their time? Jenny is thrilled to see Young Ian.
• Ian is deathly ill.
• Ian and Jenny straightforward about Ian’s impending death. Jenny and Claire wary of each other.
• Jamie awakens in the night

Chapter 77: MEMORARAE
Lallybroch ~ winter 1778
page 665

• Ian and Young Ian talk about dying; Young Ian tells his father of Emily , Iseabail, Swiftest of Lizards; about Arch and Murdina Bug; about Rachel.
• Ian advises Young Ian to go to Rachel: Ye needna wait for me to die. Ye need to go and find your young woman.

Chapter 78: OLD DEBTS
Lallybroch ~ winter 1778
page 669

• Jamie asks Jenny about Laoghaire
• Jamie remembers his wedding day to Laoghaire. Jenny tells him he can back out; he says no. Laoghaire looks at Jamie with gratitude and trust; he’d been grateful, too.
Jamie tells Claire he is going to see Laoghaire.
• Jamie visits Balriggan: he and Laoghaire fight.
• Jamie swims in the loch; recognizes he never did need Laoghaire.

Chapter 79: THE CAVE
Lallybroch ~ winter 1778
page 678

• Jamie to Claire: Have ye ever been I the slightest doubt that I need ye?
• Claire feels alone at Lallybroch; she feels as if she betrayed them.
• Jamie shows her his cave.
• Joan visits Claire and Jamie; asks them for assistance.
• Jamie and Claire talk about their early sex lives. Did Claire have men before Frank? Was Jamie a virgin at 23?

Chapter 80: OENOMANCY
Lallybroch ~ winter 1778
page 688

• Michael returns to Lallybroch in grief; his wife is dead. Michael addresses her as “Uncle Jamie’s faery-woman.” .... “I will be damned,” he said mildly. “They’re right.”
• The house comes to greet Michael, he goes to see his father.
• All the family around, Claire warns Michael of the upcoming French Revolutions and its horrors.
• Jenny approaches Claire. They talk of Laoghaire; and Claire’s abandonment after Culloden; asks her to heal Ian. Jenny: You have nay soul

Chapter 81: PURGATORY II
Lallybroch ~ winter 1778
page 694

• Jamie and Ian walk and talk. Will Ian be buried with Jamie’s finger?
• Jamie walks alone hunting deer, reminisces of time with Ian two days before: their blood oath. Would you have me hasten ye, Ian? Jamie finds Jenny in the woods. They argue over Claire not helping Ian.

Lallybroch, early spring 1778
page 700

• Laoghaire negotiates with Claire to go to America to operate on Henri-Christian. Marsali’s letter: February 15, 1777, Philadephia
• Jamie and Claire distraught over her leaving; but he must stay.
• Ned Gowan draws up contract in re Laoghaire.

Lallybroch, early spring 1778
page 707

• Young Ian and Jenny talk; she shows him the grave marker for his daughter, Yeks’a - Iseabail. Jenny tells Ian to “Go to your young woman. Ye’ll always be here wi’ us.”

Chapter 84: THE RIGHT OF IT
Lallybroch, March 10th 1778
page 709

• Ian’s last words are to Jamie; he dies.
• Jamie finds Jenny in the arbor of the kailyard; she wants to leave Lallybroch. Jenny tells him of his father’s death; his last word was “Jamie”.
• Where is Ian? “On your right, man.”





Chapter 85: SON of a WITCH
Lallybroch, October 1980 ~ Friday night
page 715

• Brianna and Roger wonder if they trust Buck and think about how to get him back to 1770s.
• Jem spending the night with best friend Bobby then spend Saturday fishing with Rob.
• In the night, Roger and Brianna make love. Roger is restless, discovers the letters tampered with and the first one missing.
• Mandy freaks out: Jem is gone, Rob took him and the wocks ate him!
• Roger and Buck go to the rocks, see Rob’s truck. Roger is trapped; Buck pulls him to safety. They have 36 hours to prepare until Beltane. (?)

Chapter 86: VALLEY FORGE
Valley Forge, PA ~ just before Christmas 1777
page 727

• William goes to fetch Denzell Hunter to operate on Henry.
• Rachel flies across the clearing and embraces him;
• Henry’s surgery ~ Christmas Day
• Denzel knows Mrs. Fraser, but she is in Scotland.
• Rachel and Denzel discuss Ian and William.
• Dorothea visits Denzel
• Denzel asks Dorothea to marry him

Philadephia ~ April 20, 1778
page 738

• Claire and Ian aboard ship; discus/think about Ian, Jamie, Jenny, and Rachel.
• Claire arrives in Philadelphia ~ ponders being a spy? ~ goes to print shop. Fergus in hiding.
• Next day, Claire goes in search of ether and other supplies, discovers Lord John is in Philly. She goes to visit Lord John and is asked to operate on Henry.
• Rachel and Denzel reunited with Claire; will assist with the surgery.

Chapter 88: RATHER MESSY
Philadelphia, April ? 1778
page 749

• Henri-Christian’s surgery
• Henry’s surgery: Lord John admires Claire preparing her surgical field.
• William, Rachel, and Dorothea discuss telling Hal about impending marriage. Rollo eyes Arch Bug. They discuss being enemies of war, yet related. William takes Rachel’s hand.

Philadelphia, April?? 1778
page 754

• On her way home, Claire thinks of her potential new career as a spy.
• At home after Henry’s surgery, Claire receives two letters from Jamie:
• Lallybroch, March 20, 1778: Ian is dead.
• Paris, April 1st: tells tales of exploits in Paris including showing his scars to gather support of the American cause. Will sail upon the Euterpe in 2 weeks’ time.

Chapter 90: ARMED with DIAMONDS and STEEL
Lallybroch, October 1980
page 761

• Brianna, Roger, and Buck prepare their trip through the stones; discuss Rob Cameron. Could he have known Gailie Duncan?
• Brianna leaves Roger and Buck at the bottom of Craig na Dun. The sun was still high ~ she had to be back before Mandy got home.

Chapter 91: FOOTSTEPS
Lallybroch, later that evening
page 764

• Brianna in the study at home ~ late that night ~ prowling Roger’s study. Picks up Willie’s snake and looks to her father’s books. She asks her father for help. Finds a draft of a letter to her in one of Frank's books. Written the day after they went clay pigeon shooting. Very cryptic.
• Rob Cameron: I came for you, hen.... and the gold. Tell him where the gold is to keep Jem alive.

Brest ~ April 1778
pag 767

• Jamie watches Jenny dealing with the loss of Ian; exploring her new world outside of Lallybroch.
• Jamie and Jenny miss sailing on the Euterpe.
• Jaime finds passage for them on the Philomene. Jenny apologizes for Laoghaire.

Philadelphia ~ late April 1778
page 768

• John tells Claire of the sinking of the Euterpe: all hands drowned.
• John, in a daze, walking; approached by Richardson: Claire to be arrested as a spy.
• John tells Claire she must marry him; she agrees to protect the family
• John and Claire marry
• John gives Claire the medical chest; she faints

Chapter 94: The PATHS of DEATH
Philadelphia ~ late April/early May 1778
page 773

• Claire contemplates how to commit suicide. Not if, how.
• Jamie thinks about death ~ the unknown girl in France? Geneva?
• Claire exposes her wrist to commit suicide, then, thinking of Brianna: I sat motionless for what seemed a long time, then sighed and put the knife back on the table carefully.

Chapter 95: NUMBNESS
Philadelphia ~ late April/early May 1778
page 776

• At least a week after their marriage, Claire is drunk on brandy, having a very vivid sexual flashback of Jamie, pulling her from her numbness. John, equally drunk, comes to her room: “I will not mourn him alone tonight,” he said roughly, and closed the door.
• John and Claire share quite a bit the next morning.

Chapter 96: FIREFLY
Lallybroch ~ October 1980
page 784

• Jem is trapped in the dark tunnel. Mr. Cameron took him to the rocks. Hears the hum of the machines, not like the rocks.

Chapter 97: NEXUS
Philadelphia ~ early May 1778
page 786

• Rollo runs away from Rachel ~ toward Ian. Arch Bug attacks.
• Ian and Rollo are reunited.
• Large Scottish man looks for Fergus ~ Jamie?
• William saves Rachel from Arch Bug
• “Mother Claire” tends to William’s injured head
• Claire tells Rachel about Ian and Arch Bug.

Chapter 98: MISCHIANZA
Walnut Grove, Pennsylvania ~ May 18, 1778
page 793

• Fuirich agus chi thu: wait and see
• Claire eyes the diamonds in the peacocks ~ When the time came for me to leave...

Philadelphia ~ late May 1778
page 797

• Ian and Rollo go to look for Rachel

Chapter 100: LADY IN WAITING
Philadelphia ~ late May 1778
page 798

• Claire ~ having lived in John’s house for nearly a month ~ still wakes looking for Jamie. She cannot believe he is dead.
• John, knowing her loneliness, comes to offer her comfort; she offers some to him.
• Arch Bug attacks Rachel in the print shop; Ian wrestles with Arch... Willilam shoots Arch.

Chapter 101: REDVIVUS
Philadelphia ~ late May? 1778
page 802

• Jamie comes for Claire; he is being pursued
• William confronts Jamie
• Jamie escapes with Grey: pro forma. Grey commends his soul to God and tells Jamie about Claire.

Chapter 102: BRED in the BONE
Philadelphia ~ late May 1778?
Page 807

• Claire talks with Willie
• Willie goes off like a Fraser!
• Jenny: “Like father, like son, I see,” she remarked. “God help us all.”

Chapter 103: The HOUR of the WOLF
Philadelphia ~ June 18th, 1778
page 812

• The British abandon Philadelphia and return to NY on June 18, 1778.
• Rachel accepts Ian: “What I say to thee now is that I do love thee. And if thee hunts at night, thee will come home.”


July 1776 - The thirteen secessionist colonies signed their declaration of independence, but the war against the British Empire continued. Instead of enlisting in the army of George Washington, Jamie Fraser decides to return to Scotland in order to find his printing press. 

Meanwhile, William, adopted son of Lord John Gray, landed in the colonies with the armies sent by His Majesty to crush the insurrection. It is far from suspecting that it will find in America the secret of its origins ... 



While the War of Independence is in full swing in the American secessionist colonies, Jamie Fraser and Claire, his nursing wife, decide to return to Scotland in order to recover their printing press. Indeed, rather than enlisting in the army of George Washington, the couple wanted to fight alongside the rebels with pamphlets. After many adventures, they finally manage to return to the country. But, restrained by family problems, Jamie must regretfully let Claire go back to the colonies, where her patients need her. Separated by circumstances, will Jamie and Claire manage to find themselves in a country where war is raging? During this time, in the 20th century, their daughter Brianna and her husband Roger bought and renovated the manor of Lallybroch, owned by the Fraser. They follow the adventures of Claire and Jamie thanks to the letters that the latter left them in a chest ... 

Book 7 

An echo in the bone 


First published 2009