Even if it is indisputable that the only love of Jamie is and was always Clear, it is well necessary to suppose that our valorous Scottish does not leave uninterested the persons whom he is next. Men or women, young persons or old, definitely - intentionnés or malicious persons And if we made a small analysis of the feelings which it provokes?

Laoghaire (pronounce Lyrie) 


Let us begin with every young person Laoghaire who, she confesses it herself during the concert given by the bard Gwyllyn, fell under the spell of Jamie while she was only a child. Living in the castle of Leoch under the control of an authoritarian father and under a loving but very occupied grandmother, they can easily understand that the girl is allowed to entice by this big fellow in chivalrous paces. All the more so as his distance during several years allowed him to sublimate its picture to nourish its romantic imagination. 

That's why the heart springs up when Jamie comes back from France. She is not any more a child and she is entitled to hope that finally he will point it out, all the more so as she is not ugly the bougresse! 

And it is true that Jamie is not insensible! Certainly, it is little gougeât how it ignores it when it am in the presence of Clear, but it has nothing against some kissings in the course of a hall after all, he is not monk, is not it? And they can easily imagine the stir of Laoghaire at this instant. That's it, she is the elected representative, this makes no doubt for her.

But it is to count without the presence of Clear certainly. Nice, educated, bright and woman, as the pointing out so precisely Murtagh Comment could a bit simple girl compete?

It would have been necessary that Jamie is more definite on this subject, and leaves him no hope by expressing his love for the one which became his wife, that they that are the first reasons of these nuptials. But let us not forget that he is in full conjugal stagnation and that he must make a choice which will be preponderant for the rest of its life. Tenons count also due to the fact that it is still very young, without experience, a bit clumsy and due to the fact that he is afraid to hurt this very girl who perhaps, at some point made beat the heart.

And it is what it makes however by refusing its advances, it is going to hurt it beyond words, transforming what had perhaps been a pure love, in a destructive jealousy.

History shows us then a hurt and revanchist girl. Love was transformed into hate and rather than to shed tears over Jamie's indifference and recover being discussed, it is going to reject all its resentment on this woman that she is not, this woman who stole from him his love. This woman who is out of necessity an enchantress, otherwise, how to explain Jamie's turnaround.

Remain to know now if Laoghaire indeed had love as Jamie and not a righteous man need to be loved by him. Would it have differred if it had chosen it? Would she have been able to bloom and reject far from her this aggression and this blackness which encouraged it to want the death of Clear on the stake?


They can settle question when they note that, 20 years afterwards, while finally she became the spouse of Jamie, more full of hatred than ever, she is unable finally to like it and to make like of him. No, undoubtedly, There is few wife capable to deserve a man such as him.

Jonathan Wolverton Randall says Twenty-one Randall 


The love most tormented by history is undoubtedly the one what carries named well Twenty-one Randall to Jamie.

Some people, on social networks, rise up when they speak about love in its purpose, preferring him terms, sadism, possession, madness But I think that it is not incompatible. Question settles besides, is Jack Randal able of liking? We learn, in one of the all last episodes where it apparait, that yes, he loves his young brother Alex. It is the only one who seems to be sheltered his aggression and of its sadism. Must they conclude, a bit fast perhaps, that Alex is all that he is not? And that the first person whom Jonathan Randall detests it is itself, having already put for a long time, all its hope of humanity in the other member of his family?

What is remarkable, it is to what extent Randall is aware of his own blackness.

He announces it in Clear again and again, as though he needed to confide on this subject, not to beg forgiveness, but so that nobody makes a mistake there and expects from him for the slightest plot of goodness. It enjoys detailed descriptions of its acts of atrocity, as a murderer who would come back on scenes of the murder to relive the intensity of its act partly.

His report to Jamie is terrifically complex and powerful. More than once I was made point it out that Jamie was probably the only person of her circle which had made felt it in life. And it is this feeling of life that is going to contrast with the space which it feels. Is it the reason which encourages it to ruin it? Is it what justifies rise in potency of acts of violence towards the man whom he loves, or at least, that it wish?

But to destroy this feeling, it is necessary to take possession of Jamie's reality and, in some way, to dispossess it of its power of resistance, even if it means inventing a relation which does not exist.

Again and again, in the tale which it makes in Clear of the various torments which he inflicted on him, Randall insinuates that, in some way, Jamie was actor, even if it was in its defending body. Notably when he relates flogging, it recalls a public ignoramus of the leader of writings whom they were spirit to accomplish, as though it was possible that Jamie can share any intention with his torturer.

In the same way, than having planted him a nail in the hand while pointing out to him none of them would forget this instant, or then by asking him if it is present in its nightmares, Randall lets receive his wish to be as present in Jamie's life as this last is him in his. Is not it a form of love finally, is so lecherous? Is not it proof that Randall gave her soul dark and tormented to Jamie?

The stage of rape is in this title very evocative of the frame of mind of Randall. He does not delude himself of phantasms, and knows very well that it not there no chance that Jamie feels the slightest wish or feeling for him. How could he ask that they like it, him who hates himself with so much application?

What he wants, it is not therefore the love of Jamie, but to be at the origin of his pleasure. It is, its only win there. It for sale besides to Clear: ' I know the death rattle which it pushes to the summit of its glow ' …

And it is besides there that Jamie's true traumatism is situated.


Finally, on the wasteland covered with blood by Culloden, in a dance of almost absurd death, Randall will be able to die in the arms of the one who gave a sense in its life and by the same, a sense in its death. A sense which takes root in madness certainly but madman is it aware of the being?

Lord John Grey 


In opposition to Jonathan Randall, the love which lord John Grey carries to Jamie is very certainly the purest and the most emotional who is. It nait without shouting railway station in the coldness of a Scottish prison where none of two would like to be, without other reason than common feelings and a past pain which exacerbates their feelings.

For John, Jamie is this courage and this uprightness which he would have liked to have to say goodbye to his lover on the battlefield of Culloden, and it, in spite of the disapprobation of his brother; it is the beauty of a body which no deprivation would be minimize; it is the admission without fright of a missing love which it takes.

For lord John, in the narrow in his British duty, put the index because of his difference, Jamie is the symbol of a splendid resistance to which, perhaps he aspires.

Anyhow, because it is a right man, he does not lie, and even if it brings back him to, one time, the contempt of this sudden love, it doesn't much matter, he touches, he fondles, he feels all that without waiting whatever it is.

It is what characterizes the love of John. An impossible love which does not make it bitter, that it does not try to make disparaitre. It agrees to suffer to keep this love in him.

Does lord John lose a personal life so?

John's private history is represented in another way in pounds or in series.

In pounds, that it is saga in itself where news which are devoted to him, lord John has an unbridled life and knew how to find means to satisfy his dangerous wishes (let us not forget that in this epoch, homosexuality was punished for death) while coping his public commitments.

In series, lord John is shown to us solitarier and we do not know about him that what belongs in report to Jamie and to his family, what can be misleading certainly.

But they can really stop on the fact that it agreed to marry lady Isobel Dunsany to get closer to William! As an ellipse which would allow him to be the father of the child of the man whom he loves, without these last having to force himself! Besides what a splendid instant, when Jamie offers him in payment for his commitment towards his son! Especially when one connait the traumatism been subjected with Randal!

Having said that, versions differ greatly from the book and from series there still.

In series, they can wonder if Jamie wish also lord John. There is not enough chance, but at this instant of the life, it has nothing else to give. Nothing else of value. Then, with lord John, it would be tolerable.

To the opposite, in the book, Jamie presents himself to John only to test his moral uprightness to be sure that he can entrust him William, because he fears that John puts back his wish on his son who resembles him terrifically. It is sure that deal is not the same, on the one hand it is the absolute trust, of other one it is distrust.

Years pass, John finds Jamie in Jamaïque, Clear am back.

In the film, both friends meet with emotion in front of Clear. In the book, they embrace each other under eyes dumbfounded of clear who looks at them secretly. There still, difference is of size, what returns difficult a consistent analysis of situation and real report which maintain both men.


But whatever is version, there is a constancy which nothing comes to minimize. The insatiable feelings of John do not prevent its friendship and its fidelity, and it is its moral uprightness which allows this rickety love to continue.

Lady Geneva Dunsany 


It will have made cast some ink on social networks devoted to saga this young English lady!

Some people think it is capricious, others too much led a debauched life to be credible, others else speak about rape (and they do not know too much who are considered as violated in this affair). In brief, they have a feeling apparently that the fans (female, are just) would have preferred seeing Jamie remaining virtuous the rest of its life until the return of Clear and certainly not enjoying in the arms of a nice youth as a heart.

Happily, others appreciated this figure whom it is necessary, in my sense, absolutely necessary to delay in his historical context and family.

Every girl of the 18th century, given in feed to an old pervert, as they would give a bone to a dog to make a friend. It is foul, even if it was apparently norm in epoch.

She's nice, clever, audacious also, but all this does not count either for its family or for promised sound. It is, by fact, reduced to the name which she carries and in the domain which goes with. They see in his defeated mine which nothing in this affair admits him, and it is not difficult to put on on its place. As put out, she obviously left the idea of being herself.

And then and then she sees Jamie who is all the opposite. A man of light, nice, big, strong, and, mysteriously, while he is a prisoner jacobite in the service of a nobleman, it is immensely more free than it. In one second, she knows that it will be its only possibility of being another woman in full measure. It will be perhaps the only choice of its life. Then nothing more of other one counts.

Certainly it is badly taken there, certainly its blackmail is unbearable, but that did they teach to him until then? In what bath was it raised? Then it launches. She plays with Jamie. It tests it, takes it of top while it is nothing more, or then just during some days finally that remains it. Then she will be only the wife of an old grumpy.

It uses these last instants of semi-power to hang a man whom she will never have as her. It is painful and it is very much probable that Jamie not is not immediately aware of it, too much attained in his own suffering.

Anyhow, he joins it in his room and, detached, tribe gets ready to pay his to keep its relative freedom and to preserve its family. Jamie what!

I do not think that the fact that it is particularly nice changes affair for him. Therefore, they cannot help pointing out likeness between Geneva and Claire (in any case in television form). But nothing is said thereupon.

What counts, it is the inversion of situation.

In this room, Geneva becomes again immediately girl. Lost, timid almost, hanging on to her decision as to water wings and receiving Jamie's goodness then, she removes her mask of small middle-class person. It lowers her nurse. Finally, she can take the liberty of being herself. It is moving at this instant there and they bless the sky that she falls on Jamie and not a lout who would not have known how to reassure it and to look after her.

They make love, it with all fervour with which it is able, shameless, shone with all softness and respect that one it connait, without resentment.

And then then, she announces him that she likes it. It tries unsuccessfully to say that it is not love, that it is just the feelings which he triggered off in her I think that he makes a mistake and that Geneva was then, at this instant there in any case, completely capable to like it, even if this love is not the same that the one that it feels for Clear.

Because what it gave him that night, it is much more than a carnal instant! What it gave him, it is attention and respect, it is what it has never had and what she never knows how not to have with the man to whom his father sold it. And with a man who shone offer this, while it compelled it under threat, she can only fall in love.

Mary MacNab 


If there is definitely a female figure sharing momentarily Jamie's coat which made unanimity among the fans, it is definitely Mary MacNab among whom kindness, cordiality and sense of duty allowed a little of softness in the life of our highlander which was then in lowest.

It is important however to be clear as for the feelings that it felt for him. I think that she was not loving him, but that she liked what it represented and that she had a very particular disease as him as for her sister, as for all inhabitants of Lallybroch.

It is not specified in television version, but each can easily imagine what his life was when they remember that it was married to Ronald MacNab, the one who beat his child and what Clear then Jamie delayed on his place during the first season. Raw one thick that they easily imagine cross his nerves on his wife.

What is not explained in series and that is it in the novel it is that it is the same Ronald who reported Jamie in English (and not Horrocks as it is suggested in series), what was worth him his stay in Wentworth. People of Lallybroch having consisted of it finally carried it out, then burned its home and that's why Spinning jenny received Mary to her.


During a debate with one of my sons, fan also of saga, I pointed out to him that I found the attitude of very maternal Mary in relation to Jamie, but it do not see it just like that and find her rather amicable attitude. « It is two friends who find consolation to the one it other one » he said to me.

Yes, surely. Perhaps a few two.


From a symbolic point of view, I find this very important that it helps it first of all to wash himself, to shave himself, then allows him to cry. In some way, she cleans it of body and mind before allowing him to become again a man so that it is as man that he joins this prison and not as a deposed being. She says to him that he is a free man inside him, it doesn't much matter where he is. Besides, and it is not a detail, it rapelle that she is a woman.

« You have the right to look at me », she says to him as she could say to him, you have the right to be which you want.


In brief, a splendid stage with a splendid woman.

The duke of Sandringham 


Some people wonder perhaps why the duke of Sandringham appears on this list. In effect, which was not my surprise during dialogues on the groups of fans, to note that many people had not watched out by the way that, on one hand, the duke of Sandringham was attracted by the young boys, and, on the other hand, that he was him particularly by nice Jamie.

Certainly, in version television, it is only there little mentioned. Jamie speaks about it in Clear with a cheerful estrangement while Murtagh has just announced him the visit of the Duke in the area around Leoch: « The Duke loves the men, I know. It came when I was 16 years old and puts down me to a heap of question, but it was everything » …

In pounds, Diana is more definite certainly. They teach it that the Duke even tried to violate the teenager (let us not forget that the Scottish carry nothing under their kilts) and that the only means which found Jamie to protect himself of untimely infamy of the duke during a following exit was to take a laxative! (I love Diana's humour).

Therefore, it seems to me rather obvious that the Duke would not say name in some somersaults with a little older Jamie and who seems rather comfortable with emotions which he provokes. And that I fondle you the cheek, and that I throw you of languorous looks, and that I make you compliments, they never know...

In brief even if it is little present in history, it seemed to me legitimate and the same, important, to name the Duke because it shows us well to what extent Jamie has habit to draw attention of misters.

As for the Duke, difficult to know what it feels for Jamie. It seems to appreciate just as much its enthusiasm as its physical beauty, what he says in one's own way when he asks him to back it up during his duel with McDonald: « I choose my helps as their beauty, not as their fighting spirit, you certainly, you represent sublime one alloy of two ».

And it is not so much its languorous caress on Jamie's cheek which says the longest about it during this stage, that the look of this last, with a perfect conscience of power it has on the Duke and what this one has in mind exactly.


Naturally it is not at all about feeling. The Duke likes only it! But of wish and desire.

Madame Jeanne  


Sacred Madame Jeanne, who discovers feelings for the only man in all of Edinburgh ready to refuse her services, even free, as well as those of his employees!

Brothel owner a bit authoritarian but not mean, she is a client, and a maid !! But she obviously failed to overcome the morals and impeccable morals of Alexander Malcom, aka our wonderful survivor, Jamie Fraser, to our great relief!

First stage of very waited episode recalling Jamie's finds and Clear after 20 years of forced separation. We discover Jamie to be allowed to dress, pomponner, mollycoddle even, by a very nice woman in énamouré look.

The stage is there to make us quiver not to doubt it! We have just crossed the previous episode to follow preparations and doubts of Clear: « And if he more didn't feel like me? » has ended up itself wondering! But, very as Brianna, and even if we knew nothing of him since its departure of Helwater, we had no doubt on the fact that Jamie still liked it in madness.

Nothing prepares us therefore for this stage of smiling Jamie, being allowed to make a fuss by a woman who could very well be his!

And then, always smiling, what contrasts at least with Jamie whom we had left some years before, leaving Helwater and by there - even his illicit son, it walks up to its printing where Clear joins it some time afterwards, for finds as high as our wait.

We forget madam Jeanne immediately.


The evening came, we are surprised, at least as much as Clear, to see it coming back to the brothel where we understand situation little by little. What we also understand, and it is envisaged for, it is that madam Jeanne, under his bravaches air, pinches it for our Scottish and that the visit of Clear, stamped spouse furthermore puts in him a blow in morale.

No doubt is possible on the fact that Jamie is aware of this attachment and it is very much probable that it made easier for him negotiations as for his participation in her illicit affair of trade of alcohol. Therefore its answer and its position leaves no doubt on subject: No, it did not have relation with the teacher of places.

Phew! we here is reassured just as much as Clear (even if certainly, future is going to promise to be more complicated than to be envisaged, with the revelation of the second spouse).


As for madam Jeanne, it disparait Jamie's life in less than time which it is needed to say: Lallybroch and it is not forbidden to have a little of commiseration, because definitely, Jamie's heart had not place as her.

Annalise of Marillac 


The feature of Annalise de Marillac, is that it is a past love of Jamie.

It is not so much the feelings that it has, or that she has, during their finds in Paris, only that she letsoresee of a party of Jamie's life that w fe do not know.

The history of Outlander, which likes to play in due time, had already a bit narrated us Jamie's past history within its family: his mother, his elder brother, his uncles and aunts. They tell us his trip in Paris, they recall her childhood beside Ian then a little of its serviceman's status. Less far in the past, they recall its meeting certainly with Twenty-one Randall, its resistance and its uprightness; his moral and physical force.

But what teaches us Annalise, it is that Jamie, his wild baby, could be aggressive and ready to unstitch it for the love of a woman. Besides, on this subject, the reading of pounds teaches it to us much more and it proves to be that Jamie was terrifically being in love with of the girl that he found be the nicest of the world. Perhaps it was, the very first sound love there.

Then, by confiding in Clear, Annalise teach us that Jamie was not always this fine diplomatist whom we know, this immensely politicking man. « Jamie was not interested by intrigues he was direct, honest, and simple » she says.

And they are disposed to believe it, because of obviousness, the intrigues of the clan McKenzie then those of the prince Charles which it is going to try to deceive by causing to fail the rebellion, forged quite other character and show it to us under different day, tactician and manipulative bite (that he will be even more installed in America once).

They can understand that it invite to the young person Annalise who, under her air of young French noblewoman a superficial tiny bit (but much less than Louise de Rohan) not is not less particularly fine there and clever.


They can then wonder if it would have fallen loving it this new personality the one who delights us and which invite so well in Clear. It is unlikely. Besides, it allows him to be completely comfortable with Clear, without any resentment, without any jealousy. Almost amicable.

A very nice personality.

Claire Beauchamp-Randall-Fraser 


Without laughing? You really thought that I was going to add Clear to this list?

Fans of not enough creed!

Clear deserves a page her all alone and perhaps q' one day I shall have a go at a try of analysis of its feelings for Jamie.

But at present, I leave you in the charming vision of this pure face and this look envoutant.


PS : Finally I tried a focu on clear, here
Claire, from Randall to Fraser in 7 episodes 

Jamie's love affairs 

By Valérie Gay-Corajoud