Indien camp
Fraser's Ridge
River Run
Forest - 2
Tryon's residence
Forest - 1


Seen in episode 4, 'Living together', the 'control trees'. 

These are the two large trees on the edge of Jamie and Claire's field, one of which Jamie scores with a 'FR' sculpture for Fraser Ridge. 

Located just over 10 miles north of Perth, Kinclaven Bluebell Wood is one of the sites used in Outlander Season 4, including Frasers' Ridge. It is also known as Ballathie Bluebell Wood. 

Fraser' s Ridge

Saison 4

Kinclaven Bluebell 

Located near Outlander Studios, the Cumbernauld Glen Stadium is a good place to take pictures of the forêt of Caroline 

Northern carolina forest

Season 4

Cumbernauld Glen

Faskally Forest was used for some scenes involving Native Americans. 

It has a varied range of tree types and is known for its beautiful fall colors. It is just north of Pitlochry and is not far from Kinloch Rannoch, the site used for Craigh na Dun. 

Indian camp

Season 4

Faskally Forest

The Beecraigs Country Park has been used for many scenes in the forest, including the storm, when clear meets the ghost of 'otter tooth'. 

The park is located 3 km south of Linlithgow, seat of Linlithgow Palace (Wentworth Prison) 

North Carolina Forest

Season 4

Beecraigs Country Park

Newhailes House, in Musselburgh, near Edinburgh, was used as the residence of Governor Tryon. This is where Claire and Jamie attend the concert and where Claire performs a surgery on the buffet table in front of a stunned audience 

Governor's Residence Tryon

Season 4

Newhailes House

The Abercairny Estates were used to fully create Jocasta Cameron's home: River Run. 

Only the facade was built, the rest is digital add-on. 

The design team also had to add the pier and the walkway to the house. 

The blue screen allowed a second floor to be added to the house in digital. Similarly, the width of the house has been extended on both sides to make it more impressive. 

River Run 

Saison 4

Abercairny Estates

Although throughout season 4, the Fraser family and their companions immigrated to the American colonies, including North Carolina, filming took place entirely in Scotland. 

Hayes Cemetery

Season 4

Gray Buchanan Park, Polmont

Also known as Parkhill, Gray Buchanan Park is located on the west side of Polmont. The park includes wooded areas, which may have contributed to his choice to recreate the atmosphere of the cemetery where Hayes was buried. 

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