The big house
Brianna rescue
The Regulator's camp
The 60's
Forets of north Caroline
Bonnet's fight scene
Wardpark Studios


The exterior shots of the Boston building were filmed on Dowanhill Street in Glasgow.

All the scenes supposed to take place in Boston in the 60s and which are presented in the form of flashbacks were in truth all made in Glasgow.  

Boston in the 60s
Season 5 


Brianna Kidnapping and Rescue Beach
Season 5
Tyninghame Beach 

The fight scene Stephen Bonnet's fight scene was filmed at the Mart in East Linton. The actors shot the scenes in East Lothian's unique location, a historic building that has been carefully renovated into an event venue and farm shop.

Fight by Stephen Bonnet
Season 5
Mart in East Linton in East Lothian

One of the most picturesque places of the fifth century is actually Braan Falls, Scotland. The river from this point runs through the Perthshire Hermitage Forest, which we see in the last two episodes.


"I took some pictures in North Carolina and I took pictures here, and I'm playing a little game on Instagram where I'll say, where am I? And many of our fans in North Carolina will say you're absolutely in North Carolina, and I'll be somewhere in the Scottish forests. »

-Matthew B Roberts

Woods Mine, Brige of Allan
Season 5
Braan Falls and the Perthshire Hermitage

The camp scenes in season five with Murtagh and the rebels were filmed at Mine Woods on the Allan Bridge. The place was perfect for production, as it offers good tree cover for a hidden place.

Regulators's Base Camp  

Season 5 

Woods Mine, Brige of Allan 

The Cambusmore estate is based around the town of the same name, in the Trossachs and Loch Lomond National Park in Scotland. The estate hosts many activities, including agriculture, chariot driving and gin distillation. It is also home to the clan chief of Buchanan.

The big house
Season 5

Cambusmore Estate, Callander.

The fifth season was filmed in Scotland, mainly at Wardpark Studios in Cumbernaud near Glasgow. Over the years, the series has built an impressive base, with huge sets and an extensive warehouse for costumes and props. 

Executive producer Matthew B Roberts said: "We have our crew, our big studio here, so it was better to base ourselves here and stay here. And believe it or not, Scotland plays its role as "North Carolina" very well. 

Filming in the Wardpark studio in Cumbernaud

Located halfway between Glasgow and Edinburgh, near the Scottish town of Cumbernauld, Wardpark Film & TV studios were used throughout the filming of Oultlander.

In truth, this place could have been mentioned in each of the Outlander seasons.

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kidnapping and rescue scene These two scenes, which were seen in episode 10, were filmed on the beach between Dunbar and North Berwick. At the end of 2019, Sophie Skelton, Ed Speleers and Richard Rankin filmed on the beach of East Lothian, in addition, they took the opportunity to take pictures in a place where you do not see the city.

One of the scenes took place in Queen's Park.

Built in the 19th century, this park is a popular recreational area. Named after Mary Queen of Scots, it stands on the site of Mary's final battle, the Battle of Langside, where, on 13 May 1568, her forces fought those of her half-brother James, Earl of Moray and Regent of Scotland.

The church scenes in episode 5 were filmed in Paisley, Glasgow. Thomas Coats Memorial Baptist Church is known for its Gothic architecture and with its appearance, it fits the series.

Seasons 5 

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