By  Céline Liaudet

On the set ablaze lands 

My friend on these set ablaze lands we made cast blood.
With our country streaming of atrocity we remained combat.
From the hope of protecting our fatherland we were benevolent.
There remain our attacks this booming Scotland.
There remain our stocks this aglow love. 


Ô Shell, maitresse our souls, your flamboyant nature transported us
And our hurt bodies we forgot
Of your infinity beauty, our dreams of conquests, we hung on. 

For ever we shall keep the love of our meadows
And under our sprawling bodies will always be united to us.
Our coats of arms and other tartans will be the memory of all living beings
And our applauded beings there will have us, leaving... 

Spasms and muttering 

Let us come back to the caress of a curl on a face,
underlining a spellbinding look.
Thereafter you will not be wise any more,
and you are going to lose your tartan.
His kilt will be of good usage
to fulfil your impulse.
As you is enthralled!
Greedy for fantasies faced with so much beauty
Spasms and muttering will be your allies... 


(Illustration: Floflette Pellegrin) 



Lost in time and imprisoned
Encircled with these violent and conquering beings.
It was there robust as these men and fragile as a child.
I went up to his suffering body.
From my benevolence, I treated on it, in my body defending I enthralled it. 



Our looks crossed, of his charm it bewitched me.
So different and far from being predatory he knew how to reassure me.
Confident and passionate, for my frightened heart, the skyline been clear. 

Sublimated by so much beauty and immediately adopted. 



Having filled with drunkenness me was married!
Our bodies full of finally issued wishes.
Surprise in sensuousness we enjoyed
And of our rising love we wrote. 

Of adventure in capture, our souls yielded.
Courage and assistance we crossed
Of instinct in destiny our alchemy was sealed 


As it is soft to imagine since when I met it
That our passion is endless and that our lives are as wings
By getting old will be us freedom and our love story will be engraved for ever. 

Dark dusk 


Floflette Pellegrin 

Dark dusk, dark shadow,
On the curled floor, the body weight
Locked in the meanders of the torturer spirit
Prisoner of madness, in his contempt I lose myself 


I call you my love, my eternal, my joy
I am looking for my values, my modesty, my faith
It's yours so strong, so fragile that at this moment I think 


Spirit, sadistic domination
From this rejected lover, this British soldier
I implore absolution, I guide it to my hope 


The flames of the candles dance on macabre rhythms
Resist or succumb, he wheel me his palaver
Under the shreds of my body, he reigns as a sneaky monster 


I cling to you, alive, remove my distress 


It takes so much pleasure to see me belong to him
Unhealthy obsession, cruel hours, I would like to die
He separates our souls and bleeds our hearts. 


I'm looking for you my love, my happiness 


Deviance and satisfaction, will he win?
Jubilation, perversion, power and resentment
Claire, Come extinguish my blood, rescue me
Let's meet together to enjoy it 


Between sadism and influence, it burns our letters
So cruel, almost delicate, it violates all my being
I abandon myself to this ecstasy without haste, to this suffering 


Claire, come to me,
Dress up my naked body with your hands, your fragrance 


His seed is his seal on my body
But you alone will remain my only treasure
Beyond sorrow, martyrdom it is you that my spirit implores 


Repeated assault, painkiller
I fly to your beauty, forget the fear
At dawn, my love ... I'm dying ....