Are you unbeatable on Scottish clans?




-1- What is tartan?

An overskirt worn over the Kilt
A plaid thrown on the shoulder
Checked woolen cloth

-2- What is the name of the little knife that the Scots generally carried in their socks?

a sgian dubh
a skin doigt
a kirk sue

-3- What is the mandatory condition to be part of a clan?

You must be of the same blood as the Laird
You have to swear allegiance to Laird
You have to live on the land of Laird

-4- Who owns the land on which the clans live?

To the kingdom
To Laird
To clan

-5- What dominates in a clan system it is

The individual

-6- When welcomed into a clan, the member must:

Wear the tartan color of your new clan
Keep the color of your old clan
He can choose to wear both

-7- Why is the leather purse worn on the front of the kilt?

To display the colors and currency of the clan
To make it easier to take something inside
To prevent the kilt from lifting

-8- What is the meaning of the prefix: Mac?

It means: From
It means: Son of
It means that we belong to a clan

-9- How did the Scottish clans operate?

Internal trade
import and export

-10- What happened to the clans after the defeat of Culloden?

Only the clans which rose up against the English were punishe
Only clans who openly refused to rebel were spared.
All the clans were dismissed of their rights.

the number of correct answers is : sur 10