Diana Gabaldon 

-1- In what year did Diana Gabaldon write the first volume of the outlander saga?


-2- How does Diana Gabaldon carry out her historical research?

Diana hires people who do research for her
She invents and improvises
She manages on her own, with the help of volunteers

-3- What is the origin of Diana Gabaldon?

Native American
Mexican American

-4- What was the initial name of the first volume of the saga?

Thistle and tartan
The circle of 7 stones

-5- What was Diana Gabaldon's relationship with Scotland before she wrote the Outlander saga?

She didn't know scotland
She had often traveled to Scotland
She had lived a few years in Scotland

-6- What small role does Diana Gabaldon play in the first season of the television series?

Gathering guest
A servant of the castle of Leoch
A resident of Cranesmuir

-7- What was Diana Gabaldon's job before writing the saga?


-8- Why did Diana Gabaldon choose Jamie's first name?

Recalling a Scottish character from a television series which inspired her
In memory of a family member
Randomly based on consonances

-9- Why did Diana Gabaldon set her story in Scotland?

She has always had a passion for this country.
By chance, you had to choose well
She likes men in kilts

-10- Did Diana Gabaldon choose Sam Heughan to perform Jamie Fraser?

Yes, she already knew him and imagined him very well in the role
No, she did not know him but immediately accepted. He was perfect
No, she didn't know him and had a hard time imagining him in the role.

the number of correct answers is : sur 10