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Part 1

-1- Why can't Frank go back to the stones with Claire?

He don't want to go
He meets a client for lunch
Il a rendez-vous avec le révérend

-2-What is the color of the dress Claire wears when Colum MacKenzie enters into an argument with a tailor about his coat?


-3-What is the license plate number of the car Claire took to get to the standing stones?

RCV 970
CRS 448
SXZ 299

-4-What part of Angus does Jamie describe as oddly large?

his headhis feet
his feet
his Ego

-5- What color is Jamie's horse when he and Claire say goodbye to Janny in season 2 ?


-6- Which of these elements does Claire not use when creating symptoms of smallpox in Jamie?

Rosemary essence
Bitter cascara
Lavender extract

-7- Who does Jenny describe as still young enough to have bairns?

Glenna FitzGibblons
Mary MacNab
Fiona Graham

-8- How does Joe know that the skeleton that was sent to him belonged to a white woman rather than a black one?

The length of the femur
The length of the shin
The length of the humerus

-9- How much is Murtagh asking young Ian to fix the broken bit?

20 cents
21 cents
25 cents

-10- What does Claire say she will use when she thinks Lord John Gray has measles?

Willow bark
Artemisia extracts
An infusion of lemon balm

the number of correct answers is : sur 10