What do you know about Celtic legends?




-1- What are changelings?

Sick babies that their parents put in the fairies
The children of the fairies whom they exchange for human babies
Human babies turned into fairies

-2- What are the Selkies

Men living with seals
Seals turned human
Seals that have taken on human appearance

-3- How can you tame a Kelpie (or water horse)?

Throwing him a bridle over the neck
Hiding his eyes with a blanket
Singing a song to him

-4- What other name is given to the White Lady? (Many possible responses)


-5- What are the two pivotal periods of Celtic time

Bahain and Beltaine
Beltaine and Samhain
Samhain and bahain

-6- Which Celtic period corresponds to Hallowen?


-7- According to legend, by whom can the unicorn be tamed?

By a fearless knight
By a virgin
By a mythological being

-8- Why is thistle the emblem of Scotland?

Because it is a common plant in this country
Because it was William 1er's favorite flower
Because the thorns of this plant scared away the invader

-9- What is a silky?

a Selkie
a Kelpie
a elfe

-10- What must be done to prevent a Selkie from returning to the seal state?

Forcing him to marry and have children
Tell him we know he's a Selkie
Steal his seal skin which he hid when he came out of the water

the number of correct answers is : sur 10