The music - Part 2 

-1- This music is linked to a very particular passage that refers to the past and the future.

1 - Murtagh's oath to Jamie as a child, after the death of his mother.
2 - The flashback to Arsmuir Prison, when Jamie first meets Christie.
3 - Bree crosses the stones in order to warn her parents of the future fire which must kill them as well as their family.

-2- This music accompanies a charge of men armed to the teeth.

1 - Finally, the Highlanders troops will be able to attack the British at Prestonpans by passing through the swamps, sheltered from the thick fog.
2 - The Battle of Alamance begins and the colonial militia stand in line behind the British army, ready to fire.
3 - The Brown militia is formed to dislodge the Frasers from their estate, even if it means burning down their house.

-3- Behind these drums, an Indian appears

1 - Young Ian eventually returns to the Ridge, saving Claire, Jamie, and baby Jemmie from a boar's charge.
2 - As he accompanies his uncle to the Cherokees to hand over the weapons entrusted to them by the British government, Ian is confronted with the presence of Kaheroton whom he accuses of having stolen the love of his life.
3 - After Jamie kills Tskili yona, the chief of the Cherokee tribe comes to visit him to get to know him better, thus sealing an agreement of peaceful cohabitation.

-4- Behind this music hides a tragedy narrowly avoided.

1 - As Lizzie hangs the washing on a line, little Jemmie at her feet, a buffalo appears, threatening. Bree then arises in order to draw attention to her.
2 - At the end of his rope, Fergus decides that those he loves will live better without him. He decides to open his veins in order to end it. Fortunately, Jamie sees him and runs to him in order to save him.
3 - The children of the ridge placed little Henri-Christian in a basket which they then threw into the river. Alerted by their cries, Roger arrives in time to save him from drowning.

-5- Music that accompanies a disturbing appearance.

1 - An animal stole their food, injured their horse, and nearly killed their friend John Quincy Myers. It's too much, Jamie decides to go hunting, without knowing that he will come across the famous Tskili yona.
2 - Going in search of the donkey Clarence, Claire gets lost in the forest. In the middle of the night, she sees the ghost of Dent de Loutre appear.
3 - While Jamie leaves to meet Philip Wylie in Wilmington in order to trap Bonnet, the latter, more threatening than ever, appears on the beach where Claire and Bree are.

-6- This music is about a complicated love story

1 - When they have finally come to find each other across time and the ocean, Bree and Roger have an argument and it seems irreparable.
2 - Ian opens up to Jamie about what he went through with his love, Wahionhaweh, whom he named Emilie.
3 - a) Lizzie is undoubtedly in love as much with Josiah and Keziah, yet propriety forces her to choose, which she is incapable of, since for her they are only one person.

-7- This music speaks to us of a courageous action.

1 - The Battle of Alamance is about to begin. Bree knows the plight of the Regulators. The only way to avoid this carnage is to warn Murtagh...which Roger will do by crossing enemy lines.
2 - Although there is a bounty on his head in Brownsville, young Isaiah Morton disobeys Jamie to return to the one he loves, Alicia, Lionel's daughter.
3 - While Bree is talking to Bonnet in the back of his cell, Fergus, accompanied by some regulators, organizes Murtagh's escape.

-8- This music illustrates a gathering.

1 - Claire and Jamie now know that it was the Bakra who kidnapped Ian. They run through the Jamaican jungle and come across the gathering of free slaves dancing around a fire like the druidesses of Craigh Na Dun.
2 - Season 4 opens. We find prehistoric men and women building a circle of stones equivalent to the one Claire walked through. We are being prepared to admit that there may be some everywhere in the world, especially on the American continent.
3 - Herr Mueller, convinced that the Indians have cast a spell on his family, murdered their healer, Adawehi. At nightfall, they gather near their cabin to repair this affront.

-9- This music is associated with a couple.

1 - Bree and Roger
2 - Marsali and Fergus
3 - Jocasta and Murtagh

-10- This music illustrates an unscrupulous man.

1 - Lionel Brown
2 - Gérald Forbes
3 - Stephen Bonnet

the number of correct answers is : sur 10