-1- Beneath the lights of home - Geraldo & his orchestra

-2- That lovely weekend - Geraldo & His Orchestra, Dorothy Carless

-3- Milkman, keep those bottles quiet - Ella Mae Morse

-4- Variations Goldberg - Bach

-5- Baby come on home - Solomon Burke

-6- Ballin' from day to day - Buddy Tate

-7- Show me - Joe Tex

-8- I wanna testify - The Parliaments

-9- Mairi Bhan

-10- The River Kwai March-Colonel Bogey March - Mitch Miller

The number of correct answers is : out of 10


Music in pictures / 2 


Choose the image that matches the music.

These are the additional music of the saga that sometimes come to interpose with the original music of Bear McCreary.

Often offbeat, they highlight the overlap of the two eras.