Season 3

-1- Whilst invited to Harvard, which President of the United States does Frank's director describe as incapable ?


-2- When he was about to be shot, what did Jamie say to Lord Melton when the latter asked him if he knew his brother John Grey?

Damn you
Shoot me or go away
I don't know him, leave me alone

-3- What newspaper does Claire read when she and Frank are in Boston?

The Boston gazette
The globe
The New-York times

-4- 1956- Franck cooks a typical English breakfast for his family. What does he propose that makes Claire happy?

Black pouding
Boudin noir

-5- What plant does Jamie suggest John Grey pick up to avoid scurvy?


-6- What is the very first document Claire, Brianna and Roger discover during their research about Jamie ?

An act of condemnation
Arrest report
A prison register

-7- What is the tax collector looking for in Jamie's room before Claire accidentally kills him?

Les livres de compte
Purchase orders
The registers

-8- Why did Yi Tien Cho flee the imperial city?

Because he was sentenced to death
To avoid marrying the emperor's daughter
To avoid being castrated

-9- While Claire discovers the presence of Geillis Duncan at the palace of the governor of Jamaica, she has changed her name. How is it called then?

Gillian Edgars
Geillis Edgars
Geillis Abernathy

-10- In what state of America, Claire and Jamie fail after the sinking of their boat?

south carolina

the number of correct answers is : sur 10