Season 5 

-1- Why Lionel Brown doesn't want Isaiah Morton to marry his daughter

Because he betrayed the clan by joining Jamie’s militia
Because he is already married
Because Alicia is promised to another man who owns a large plot of land

-2- Who is the real Doctor Rawlings?

The doctor who owned the medicine kit Jamie gave Claire
A doctor whose name appeared in the local newspaper
A name chosen at random by Claire to write her medical advice

-3- Why is Jamie killing Lieutenant Knox?

Knox finds Murtagh's hiding place and asks Jamie to find him
Knox is aware of the family ties between Jamie and Murtagh
Knox wants to execute all those who will not join the militia against the regulators

-4- What did Philip Wylie lose to Whist against Jamie?

A large sum of money
The promise to betray Steven Bonnet
His horse

-5- Why is Roger taking the risk of visiting regulators on the eve of battle?

He wants to see his grandmother, Morąg MacKenzie so as to shelter her
He wants to warn Murtagh of the inevitable defeat of the regulators
He wants to warn Murtagh of the presence of cannons in the British army

-6- What is the trigger that allows Roger to find speech?

He wants to prevent Ian from committing suicide
He wants to be able to sing a song to Brianna
He remembers that it was the image of his wife that helped him survive the hanging

-7- What is Steven Bonnet's new fraudulent activity?

Tobacco smuggling
Milking white
Sale of weapons to militiamen

-8- Why must Lord John go back to England?

He doesn't want to have to take sides against Jamie during the coming war
He must help William succeed Helwater
He no longer supports rural life in his field in Virginia

-9- Why does Jocasta refuse to marry Murtagh?

She is already promised to Duncan Innes and cannot get away
She does not want to marry a man considered to be outside the law
She refuses to live with a man who puts politics before love

-10- Where does Lionel Brown plan to take Claire after he has removed her?

In Brownsville to discredit it with the locals
Far from Fraser’s Ridge to force Jamie to follow them and leave his house unattended
Going into the forest to make her suffer the worst torture before killing her

the number of correct answers is : sur 10