The mill
Dougal to Prestonpans
The lookout
Geillis crosses the stones
The eye of the cyclone
Beautiful America
The death of Galvin Hayes
Jamie and the crazy bear
Vengeance of the Cherokees



Illustration de M J Collin

Two artists offer their storyboards on the web:


M J Collin, freelance illustrator, animator,

designer and screenwriter


David Newbigging, Artist and live storyboard

director, located in Glasgow

But first, what is a Storyboard?  


In a way, this is the illustrated version of the scenario.

The term storyboard is used to visually explain and stage a story. This term is widely used in the world of advertising, film and animation.

It allows you to cut a temporal sequence or sequence plane by synthesizing the main keyframes and planes that compose it.

Once these keyframes are defined, they are assembled on a board composed of 4, 6 or 8 frames as needed. This is an essential step to format an animated concept or a movie. This allows you to precisely define and share your idea, while testing its pace and effectiveness over a given period of time.

The storyboard allows you to define a frame, an intention, a movement, determining the main elements and actions that make up each scene. Using comments and annotations, it allows you to specify details about an action, movement, or state change with easy-to-understand arrows or guides.

You don't have to be a good cartoonist to create an effective storyboard, although it can help, anyone can indulge in it if only to share an intention or idea.
Throughout a project, the storyboard goes through several versions; he is refined little by little, with simplistic drawings, then with volumes to sketch and shape the idea. Then little by little, he tends towards a sharp resemblance of the final project with drawings and representations more and more precise.





1 / First season, episode 12: Lallybroche  

The mill scene, by M J Collin . 



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2 / Second Season, Episode 10: Prestonpan   

Dougal tests the marshy terrain that separates them from the English troops.   



3 / second season, episode 11: Settling scores    by MJ Collin 

The English troops attacked the highlanders who had retreated. Rupert is injured in the eye. 





4 / Second Season, Episode 13: The Talisman  

1968. Geillis crosses the stones of Craig Na Dunn under the gaze of Claire, Brianna and Roger.  



5 / third season, episode 13: The Eye of the Cyclone   

As a cyclone batters their ship, Claire falls into the water and Jamie dives to save her.  



6 / Fourth Season, Episode 1: Beautiful America  By  M J Collin  

Pre-generic. The installation of standing stones in pre-history  

7 / Fourth Season, Episode 1: Beautiful America   

The pandaison by Galvin Ayes   

8 / Fourth Season, Episode 4: Commonalities  

Fight between Jamie and the Crazy Bear   

9 / Fourth Season, Episode 5: Savages  

The Cherokees take revenge for Adawehi's death and kill the Müller family