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403 : The false Bridge - Bree and Roger go to a Scottish festival in which Roger will sing a ballad, accompanied by his guitar.
507 : The ballad of Roger Mac – The Battle of Alamance will eventually take place. Before joining the troops, Roger sings My darling clementine to his son.
502 : Between two fires - Little Jemmie will soon take his first steps. While Brianna does the laundry, Roger sings her songs from the 20th century.

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409 : The Birds and the Bees - Bree knows she's pregnant, but still hides it from her parents. In an attempt to bond with her, Jamie takes her on a bee hunt.
506 : Better to Mary than to Burn - While Claire and Jamie attend Jocasta and Duncan Innes' wedding, Bree and Roger struggle with an invasion of locusts.
410 : The deep heart's core - When life seemed to go by as usual at Fraser's Ridge, Bree realizes that Roger was beaten and then sold to the Indians

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208 : The fox's lair - Claire and Jamie arrive at Lord Lovat's where Colum is already waiting for them, near the large fireplace.
302 : Surrender - While Jenny tends to the wound of Fergus who has just had his hand cut, Jamie waits downstairs, more desperate than ever.
112 : Lallybroch - Claire and Jamie finally arrive at Lallybroch where they will have to explain themselves to Jenny and Ian.

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116 : To ransom a man's soul - In the shelter of the abbey, Jamie puts his life in the hands of Claire, Murtagh and Father Anselme. But the memories of the tortures he suffered still torment him.
206 : Best laids schemes - While Fergus accompanies Jamie to the Élise house, he sees in a room, the vial filled with lavender belonging to Black Jack Randall.
509 : Monsters and Heroes - Jamie is on the verge of death, because Claire can no longer afford to inject him with penicillin. She will have to amputate him and offers him to give his soul to God.

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312 : The Bakra - Desperate not to have found little Ian, Claire and Jamie will once again have to put on their best clothes in order to go to the party organized by the new governor of Jamaica.
408 : Wilmington -Even though they feel better in their little outback shack, Claire and Jamie have no choice but to join in the pranks of the British rulers, because Tryon's threats are clear .
211 : Vengeance is mine - As cunning as he is, Sandringham will have to pay for his multiple betrayals, whether against the crown as much as against the Jacobites. He will lose his mind, literally and figuratively.

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301 : The battle joined - While Jamie tries to survive after Culloden, Claire raises her daughter as best she can in this restrained and bitter life. Only his daughter gives meaning to this ordeal.
308 : First Wife - Jamie tells Claire how he met Laoghaire and his daughters at a Christmas in Lallybroch.
305 : Freedom and Whisky - During Christmas time, Claire, Bree and Roger try to find Jamie's trace through the past. Roger yearns for new traditions.

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210 : Prestonpans - None of the generals can agree on how to defeat the British troops sheltering behind the swamps.
108 : Both sides now - When Claire has just married Jamie, Frank is desperately looking for her in his own century. Drives are organized around Craigh Na Dun.
212 : The hail Mary - In the end, nothing stood in the way of Culloden. Claire, Jamie and Murtagh finally come to terms with this final battle.

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406 : Blood of my blood - In the books (excerpt removed from the series) young William comes face to face with a snake in the outhouse of the Fraser cabin.
509 : Monsters and Heroes - While alongside Roger, Jamie finally stumbles upon a herd of Bison, he is bitten by a snake that nearly took his skin.
311 : Uncharted - Lost in the Jamaican jungle, Claire, exhausted, wakes up with a snake crawling on her.

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501 : The fiery cross - In order to fulfill Tryon's injunction, Jamie puts on his kilt before reuniting the clan in a new version of the oath of allegiance.
104 : The gathering - Finally, Jamie has no choice, he must pledge allegiance to Colum. But to do this, he will wear the colors of his clan.
303 : Hall debts paid - While locked up in Arsmuir, Highlanders are forbidden to own any tartan. But Murtagh keeps a piece of it to remember.

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115 : Wentworth - Deep in Jamie's cell, Black Jack Randall prepares for some abuse of his own.
210 : Prestonpans - In anticipation of the battle, Claire and the women who assist her prepare the tools necessary for the care to come.
603 — Temperance - The children of the ridge almost drowned little Henri-Christian. Jamie gives them the choice of touching the kid or the hot poker.

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