Outlander, his heroes and their religions 


By Françoise Rochet and Gratianne Garcia 

1. Colonial society just before the war.


In this very first chapter, discover the American colonial society which, for two centuries, took possession of the New World and contributed to the wealth of England.
Already a wind of protest is blowing. Soon the Patriots will take up arms.

2. Spiritual causes: the Great Awakening or New Light.


The “Great Awakening” is often evoked by Diana when she speaks to us of “New Light”. This renovating movement helps to understand that at one time, for these Settlers, the only way to live together was to accept religious freedom and to unite to create a new and independent society.

3.1. Regulators.


The Regulator movement is often seen as a grassroots insurgency movement and not a revolutionary movement seeking to overthrow power. Most history books give little information on this subject.

However, historians still associate it with the beginnings of the Revolutionary War.

3.2. Regulators. 


William Tryon's order was:
“Three cannon shots will signal the troops to line up, five cannon shots will signal the assault. »


To which regulators responded: “Fire and be damned”

4. The causes.


1763 consecrates the common victory of England and its colonies over the French enemy. Yet what should have strengthened the ties is the source of tensions that will culminate in the American Revolution. The Crown is therefore the first architect of American independence.

5. Tea Time.


Tea was not the essential cause of the American revolt, but it unwittingly contributed to it. Too many taxes and injustices got the better of this drink.
Coffee found its place....