13 Man of Worth

12 Providence

11 If Not For Hope

10 The Deep Heart's Core

09 The Birds & The Bees

08 Wilmington

07 Down the Rabbit Hole

06 Blood of My Blood

05 Savages

04 Common Ground

03 The False Bride

02 Do No Harm

01 America the Beautiful

Following a sinking at sea, Claire and Jamie have failed in the American colonies where they will try to rebuild their lives. 

Again and again confronted with a conflicting political reality, they will have to make a deal with the British invader to benefit from fertile land on which to build their home. 

But the revolt is booming and Claire, of course, knows the outcome. Once again, they will have to choose between written history and their dream of tranquility. 

In the twentieth century, their daughter Brianna learns terrible news about her parents and will also be faced with choices that are impossible to make. 

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Saison 4


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