12 The Hail Mary

11 Vengeance is Mine

10 Prestonpans

09 Je Suis Prest

08 The Fox's Lair

07 Faith

06 Best Laid Schemes...

05 Untimely Resurrection

04 La Dame Blanche

03 Useful Occupations and Deceptions" 

02 Not in Scotland Anymore

01 Through a Glass

Claire and Jamie Fraser, now settled in Paris, infiltrate the Court of King Louis XV to try to wreck the Jacobite Rebellion, which, the future has predicted, will cause the loss of Scottish clans ... 

Helped by Fergus, a young orphan with nimble fingers, Mother Hildegard, a kind-hearted nun and the always faithful Murtagh FitzGibbons, they will conspire until they lose their reason. 

In the end, Paris will steal far more than their dream of a free Scotland. 

They have no choice but to reach the highlands where the rebellion must take place in order to take their place in the history of the march. 

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13 Dragonfly in Amber




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